18 seconds Poison is eating every part of my body. Can You See Me ? You touch me / still / with zombie fingers the love sick zombie no rescue for the poisoned heart / lost in oblivon steps out into a cold glare / sailing over rooftops pursued by memories / the night sk… Dead Harvey “I’m sorry I put you away, Harvey,” I whispered, and in that moment, faced with this sad, wrecked memory of a man, I mean… The Family Dead Man. He smelled. It was a stink that filled his nostrils and made him want to vomit whatever was in his stomach. He hurt all over too, his head … Not So Lovely Love Story A story of a necrophiliac searching for a body that resembles his dead wife. He finally finds such a body. However, there is something ver… Zombie Fuck (Mature) Embers of Another Crash – A comic script by… You don’t know what you’re dealing with my child. Don’t do anything stupid… ZOMBIE CSU: THE FORENSICS OF THE LIVING DEAD Zombies, non-fiction. Zombie The fire rose like a goddess Indeterminacy 372 (The Creator) From a hollow in the ground two pairs of eyes followed the silhouetted figures as they roamed the barren tundra. Lingering near the horizon… Zombie Alley, Arizona “He cried a single tear for he knew that today one masterpiece of facial proportions would lie mussed in the streets.” Narcotical Limerics Last year I was strung out on coke, / and soon after was terribly broke / I ran out of cash / and couldn’t buy hash / so now, I’m refusing … Please, Save My Soul It has to be a dream. No…I’m slipping again. All too real are the tragedies this world, Kismet, faces since The Ending. Henry Foghart – A Man of Few Words A surveillance video plays… / A man stands at the back of the store, staring at the cans of spaghetti on the shelf. / A woman enters,… Rain of Zombies We cross now to Annie Cropley, reporting live from Yorkshire, where the local residents are apparently experiencing some unusual weather. A… A Passing Thought on the Odd Zombie Phenomenon I write political commentary and have been accused of harboring a conspiracy theorist’s bent. The fact is, the deeper I dig the more … The WWZ diary…Day 1 the Mass of Undead roaming the streets that had taken my family from me.My mom,my brother,my sisters,everyone but me…. Mr. Floopy. Once, a long time ago, there was nothing much you could do to stay alive. Most were already dead, even if they were moving. Oh yeah you thi… Passion of the Zombie I am Lydia, and I am on the nearly impossible quest for Zombie romance. 21st Century Pulp Blending genre fiction to create a new form from old styles, creating stories of wonder and terror. A must-read for all fans of science fic… Resurrecting Sally I’ll tell you, I admit it, I did wonder at first. I wondered if I was crazy. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. But it hit me… The Priest (Mature) The Infest – 2012 Part 1: Prologue. / August 10th, 2012 / The barrier was finished around 5:00pm, should hold them for the night… our supplies are runn… The Jetty Journals Ch1-3 Uncertain as to what to do, I turned on the radio, and flipped channels, in growing horror. It was all about the American plague and itR… The Virus – Story Stillness engulfed the small room. A dark figure of a man shivered, twitched and finally dropped the blood coated knife to the adhesive car… Ode To The Fire A morgue temptress to suck the soul / Straight from the pen that quills these ills / A mark of Cain cursed The Infection – Story With a howl of agony she stumbled to the ground, holding her bleeding head in her hands. / The infection had begun. Meat, Friend Ring around the table / These numbers are not able / To kill them all, we’d rise and fall / An epic, failing, fable The WWZ diary…….Day 3 I was on my first scouting trip today,and saw one of my team-mates get killed…..We were doing a scavanging run,trying to see if we co… They’re Still Here subtitled Zombie Att… The raging mob was angry. Their numbers far outweighed the dozen or so who were fleeing. They made it into the empty shopping centre and ba… Troll What’s that creeping, sneaking, / Through the grove of angry trees? / The taint of evil visions, / Painting shadows on the breezeR… Zombie I have something to tell. It’s hard to admit but here it is. I am a zombie. Play Dead. You doin awright? / Yeah / You don look so good chum / I’m fine / How long doya think you can fool yeself / As long as it takes / Ha!… Zombieland Fact- Strange but True… Zombieland the movie, tells their version of how everyone went Zombie. Trouble is- This disease, ACTUALLY EXISTS!!! T’was the Night of the Living Dead (or The … T’was the night of the living dead / On the eve before Christmas day, / The streets were stirring with creatures / That had crawled u… Zombie’s Rye Savagely ripping the innocent / Not a limb left to spare. / Those days of sheer magnificence / Are those of no repair. Fallen, Fallen, Fallen I was a punk with a twisted soul / that housed the conscience of a zombie / glitter, carousing, boozing myself into / unconsciousness and o… He is Back. The Campaign – Extras “What’s ‘Friends’ about?” he asked. / “How do you reach the age of of of?” / “Twenty four.” He obliged. / “Twenty four and not know F… Hungry (chapter 11) I put my hand over her mouth. Don’t worry, I say, I won’t hurt you. Look Past It can you look past it? / …do you want to see the zombie’s harsh, cold, and stark reality / that is hidden, burried deep within? … Ghost inside me to the part of me that died / there are days I want to crawl / into that hole with you / when I lay in bed looking up / wondering, “… zombie heart from end poles / opposite / deep clouds / preside / ready hairs / wanting / to stand up / these eyes readily take on a welcome smile / warm… Mother is Restless Take mother / to another / tomb Hungry (chapter 13) I wake up in a puddle of blood. At this point I’m not sure if its mine or not. / When I look around me I am surrounded by bodies and for a … Spring Clean Your Soul Taking to the streets / Awake the zombie / Crowds / With manic laughter / Don’t hesitate to manifest / Creation’s what you… Hungry (chapter 12) The first thing I hear is Emily screaming. Its coming from behind the door, so at a guess, I’d say she’s found the priest. / I lumber up th… Zombie Funk (Mature) EVERY MORNING THERE’S A ZOMBIE IN MY BED zombie, drugs, angst, frustration, fatigue, ritual, pain “Dream Story-” Rough Copy. Unfinished. Her mouth twists into a smile then, and totally changes her face into some horrible, leering thing. In that moment, I realize, she looks ba… Zombie-Love Will Tear Us Apart When the world is turned upside down, people show who they really are. “Zombie” I cant feel the wind / I cant taste the rain / Only the blood i can sense in you veins / I cant feel love / I cant feel hate / Only the hun… Zombie I miss the sun, it warms my past away / I cringe the snow, it told my past to stay. / Now I slumber all over the day. / .. .. / I miss my z… zombie like a zombie / blood steadily flowing / such agonizing pain / you robbed me of my self-being / you were all it took / every inch i walk i… “for a zombie” september 18, 2009 while i stand here and see / love refueled and redeemed / i feel dead, i still breathe / like a zombie Celia In delicate skin that bursts at the seams / It’s the ghastliest dead girl that you’ve ever seen Dead Man’s Disguise Suicide can do terrible things to people. Just your average nightmare -chapter 2- But the oddness of the way my father had acted worried me. What could be wrong, and what was with the stillness of my little town i resided… Victus Mortuus Yum-Yum dancing wildly, eating excitedly / swimming in a jelly of brain and fat Just Your Average Nightmare Filled with curiosity i moved to the kitchen to discover what had frightened my mom so much. Odd… Zombie Story To Yet Be Named Of course he was flailing his arms at me and managed to make me bleed a little by digging his nails into my skin. I made a smirk, and stuck… Margot’s Window She hadn’t cried, even when she saw her Daddy lying in his coffin—wearing the brown, patched suit that had been his best—his fa… Post Apocalyptic Zombie Blues Is a shotgun blast / A kick in the ass Robot Population Explosion A cyber robot race has always been a risk in this game. / I’d say we’re heading for destruction but you’ll call me insane… TV (Teaching Violence) Your mind is controlled by the TV. / They tell you what to do, they tell you what to think. / They tell you not to blink so you dont miss a…

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