I am / an agnostic gnostic / with zen principles.

Seeking – The Zen Koan!!

The answer may lie in the acceptance of the mystery of it all – the acceptance of the unanswerable. Can the mind who yearns for logic…


In truth I am a young soul, / infant, / trying to learn the way of this world

I looked up

I looked up… / … and saw a huge cloud spread across the centre of the sky and within the white I saw a delicate feminine face looking…

Its what you dont hear that counts

It begins with a silence. / The kind of non-sound you dont hear only in the most spectacular of occasions. / Where the very lack of noise l…



The Zen of Dragonfly Watching

About the time we are sure it will never come, the Carolina Jessamine flings its yellow ribbons over the fences and woodlands of northwest …

Zen Woodchopping

When I use the axe well / There is a spot on the log / The axe and the outcome / When I use the axe well

power greater

If a inexhaustible treasure were buried in the ground beneath a poor man’s house, the man would not know of it , and the treasure wou…

恬静- Tianjing

I am suiting myself in / like a tongue / brisk in motions / yet it’s fond of being / calm / relaxing / ready to a tune


I am present in your presence / ALL of me is turned ON.


I sit as a spec on my mountain; surrounding thunderheads roil on a deep blue sky as the earth slides slowly round again.


A purposeful imperfection / Inviting and Warm.


….. Alphabet in order to be…..

haiku 132

on the road / to enlightenment… / a flat tire

Photography Haiku

On it I focus

Fro Zen in the Ottawa Valley (a Canadian meditati…

It’s as if some primordial Canadian authority figure has pulled a gun and hollered, "Freeze!’…

Zen Like

I breathe in slow and deep / Smelling the Earth / And the herbs I planted / In her belly / I feel at one


I stop a moment / Inspecting / Expecting / The Glimmer / Not a glimmer / An illusion

Zen Philosophy

It’s not where you are / but where you’re going. / It’s not what you know / but what you do with it. / It’s not what you like but / why you…

The Kensho Stream

I often commit flowercide / the cosmos elapses into insanity… / “enlightenment, and participation in Mystical Consciousness rep…

Raw manifesto – no Zen

I need anger, life, change, and the chase


..calm, stressed, complete….

There’s A Tyrannosurus Rex In My Zen Garden

The Christmas before / this one that just passed / A friend gave me a gift / and slipped away fast. / She made me a zen garden / with sand…

a slow count, from one to zen

close your eyes / open your mind / know nothing… / know nothing / see everything… / perfectly centred / within it all / but wit…


He was here, at the place were the worlds merged, where the winds are born and to where they return, at the Castle of the Winds.

Performances for Praising and Insulting Trees

Performance for Praising Trees / Stand in the forest next to a redwood. / Invite participants to praise the redwood. / Notice the redwood&#…

In This Moment, Conspiracy Parable

To cut overhead, NASA replaced liquid bread with cat jerky. The hormone-and-preservative-injected jerky caused widespread lactation among …

Breathing Exercises 1 and 2

Breathing Exercise 1 / Breathe in, / breathe out. / Breathe in, / breathe out. / Or don’t. / Breathing Exercise 2 / Breathe out. / Breathe …

Zen Kat A

I thought this whole thing was about crop circles man


Every now and then / We are graced / With Zen

Big Sur Serenity

The earth and roots next to the river were cool and smooth and the sand mixed with dirt felt delicious on my bare feet.

Zen Teaching

Never put makeup on when crying.

Retro Magnolias

this bliss will be the end of me…utter annihilation / the scent of a melody is ripe in my nostrils breathe it in…draw deep̷…

zen libido

juicy jubilee claret cinnamon cinnabar flora and fauna / florescence and iridescence / scarlet and silhouette / aurora and aura / Aeolia…

Zen Say

save our soul, oh, son of Satan / lone star, lost in space / fly Emirates, be naughty / with a Singapore girl / tame your temptation with a…

When this tree

Shoot, you could about read the whole thing by the time you got here.

the zen of shooting …..

concentration / on breath / inhale / exhale …. / raising the arm, / focusing on the sights / a barely perceptible pressure on the…

Fifteen Ways of Looking at a Zen Garden

A pond, an ocean, / strangely still, strangely serene, / no water, dry waves. / The yellow koi leaps, / slipping splash off the lotus. / Da…

More Than This

I heard a voice / so low it came / a whisper almost / then a sigh ~


Looking at the world / Through the eyes of a child / Renews the wonder and excitement / Of the things we take for granted / Its a…

Performance: Back Yard Sweeping

Set the kitchen timer for two hours. / Sweep the back patio until the timer goes off.

Zen question…

If a man speaks in a forest but no woman hears him………. is he still wrong?

a dialogue . . .

Though they were strangers to each other, / he once travelled with her to a faraway place. / Reaching the centre of that hamlet, / he fi…

Zen of the Father

Trails of incense smoke curled about our heads. Mimicking my father’s motions, I rolled the juzu, the prayer beads, between my palms. . .

The Attic

Who will I be / without trying to manipulate / even the smallest grain of sand?

The Hawk Builds Her Nest

The Hawk Builds Her Nest / The hawk building her nest over the Zen garden, / does she hear the slow slap of gravel on the wall? / Does she …


If it t’were done, said the man, / then / get the fuck on with it.

Haiku 133

dawn strikes / temple bell stillness… / cherry blossoms!


this plum blossom roof / on the verge of unfurling / captures the dying sun - / held in cup-like petals of twilight shade / rising songs o…

Haiku 101

There’s a study of mountains hidden in hiddenness. ~Dogan: Mountains and Rivers Sutra / hiding / in spring’s noonday shadows… / a mou…

Hit the road hit the sky hit the welcome mat

Beat the drum / Hit the mat / Leap on the road


we sleep together / she sighs / and turns away / this day of hope / I fight despair / the blackbird / warns encroachers / in a song / fad…

The Zen Snake

lacking presence / I am there / lacking air / I breathe / reptilian words / speak volumes / in a single run-on hiss / delight in / the serp…

Return to Zen-der

you / only / wash / your / clothes / just so / you / can / get / ’em / dirty / a / g / a / i / n

Haiku 130

It is too clear and so it is hard to see. / A dunce once searched for a fire / with a lighted lantern. / Had he known what fire was, / He …

of paperwhites and zu za zen

loud dog stars on fire in heaven / out on a run seppin clouds / baying at the sun and moon . . . . .


Sunrise – rising in me. / I feel birds begin to twitter / in the tingling spell of energy, / I feel the spread of stillness / and the…

Club Dead: Opening Act

Few people see this place. Fewer still come in. / Perhaps you are curious? Or feel like you want to be in here?

One With Everything

Make me one with everything…

Club Dead: Main Performance

Me? Well. Everyone knows me. / No idea where they met me but everyone seems to remember me from somewhere.


you are a postcard / from a land of sin / that i dont belong in / but i would love to visit. / when i dance around your despair / you are l…

Club Dead: Closing Act

After a while, we talk. His story is like mine, just a little later and much faster. / The piano plays a while.

in the lower atmosphere at the troposphere where …

split by forces that force me to fly / torn, I think, therefore I am / flying like a gemini / with what is what & what is not / on a mi…

As a Zen Monk

As a zen monk / begging for food / - the stray cat.

zen peaches

leave me alone / while I’m / eating / my zen / peaches / sitcky delicious / fuzzy wuzzy / juices / unto / the core

Snow Blanket

“Snow blanket”…pureness

floating above the world

then i close my eyes, / hear a whisper slipping through / and then it rests on my palm

SEEING really quite BLIND

If there is danger going on all around me…; / And, I am feeling, well and truly, SCARED!!!

100% Zen !!!

Once again, I am so thankful to the hosts of the excellent 100% group for featuring Morning Zen… / Please join me in the appropriate …

Zen Chick

Zen Chick / Rosies on the phone it’s not past eleven / sleepily asking for her childhood friend / it’s early for her they stay …

Peace in Zen

Although life can be more than a challenge at times there will always be possitivity.

Zen and Loving your Son : A Climb to Mt Ngungun

“Life is good. Life is beautiful,” they’re my thoughts as I drive into the heart of the flame before us and into our own very special place…

the middle path . . .

Being in a ‘total destruction’ mood, / our friend was on / with his morning walk. / On the way he saw a troubled person / wande…

“mind, soul & zen”

I’m just a simple minded girl / with good intentions hoping / that there’s more to this. / We are all insignificant specks, / s…


take me back to square one / i want to be at piece, in the / center. to be zen again. / the music brings me back / to every emotion and per…

10 Tips to Flow with the Energy of Spring

1. Wake a little earlier then usual…. / 2. Drink lemon water on waking…. / 3. Engage in more dynamic movement….

Alpha and Omega

I swear I can fall in love with a picture just as much as the real person. / I can fall in love with a flower as much as a movie star. / I …


cloud and sun

Dharma values wait for no one

Dharma values will be with you as you press the key. / Just do not try. / Try not to. / Try.


Buddhism & Zazen is the Practice of No-Mindnessness / a kind of Mindlessness / so this modern word Mindfulness / should be Mindempty…


Freedom is…

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