Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry

Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR…



thinking disguised her beauty

Younger less tired in her living skin / before days of folding many clothes / cooking and cleaning for her young / soothing the needs…

When I was Blond

I watched him head to toe / So that I could see his face. / He saw me do it but didn’t care. / He loved my love for him.

At 38

and at 38 I crash landed into this aging body / and the years spiraling out of control / I rushed through the atmosphere, a meteor / too fa…


My story finally told in some form of truth.


watch you pass / in Time’s dim light / like petals of a dream

When the juice flows

When it is warm / And the wind blows / The trees creak / The roses speak / When the watermelon is deep galah pink / And greener than a tre…

Thoughts in an exam

I am so effing tired / God why did I stay up all night watching Sex and the city / Damn you Sarah Jessica Parker and your hilarious mishaps…

= Starlight Starbright =

Looking up into the darkening sky Alison looked for the tiny star again, feint on the edge of the golden sunset. ‘Starlight star bright, fi…

The Supersonic Symphony of Youth

We think with our hearts / Not with my brains / Our universe is not built on logic / There is no reason for logic / There is a reason for c…

Valentine’s Kiss

Down the path my love was led….

the rescue knot

People with depression don’t need the rope to be given to them – they just need to know the right knot to tie!

Mid-Life Meeting

She moves like a thoroughbred horse at the races; / The bumps and the curves are in all the right places.

that cider scowl

That’s me with my arms crossed.

The Exuberance of Youth

The kids were coming. The sun hadn’t even set and he could see them filling the street, eager and excited, bouncing at the idea of bags of …

Everlasting Love

You only get a clean slate once / When everything’s fresh and new / The sun shines every single day / There are roses blooming everyw…

That Summer Long Ago

Childhood at the banks of a river, back when we didn’t mind getting dirty but were oh-so-innocent …

“The Bay Of Morgan”

“Water glistened in sunlight, on the Bay Of Morgan, revealing secrets of it’s bowels from the shore.”


I hear the music of bygone years

Allll That!



Caught in the earths pulse , merging with my tomorrows, / adrift on the tide of my dreaming


In the forum we slept / In the Coliseum we wept / A pair of star crossed lovers / Shivering under the daily news covers

Without Permission…..

Like stirred coffee they stole your light / They took from you / You gave to them without permission

A White Rose For Peter Pan

Sketches peaked surreptitiously from under notes on Peter Pan.

The Race

In my neighborhood I could win a race around the block or to a tree, but my home was on the wrong side of the tracks.


My sense of smell was strong enough to note the pungent aroma of a young woman who didn’t wash often enough. She looked like the living dea…

thirteen divided by forty

I wanted to knock on the wooden box and make certain he was safely gone.

Sweet breezes

In the youthful spring of sweet breezes, when nothing seems to matter much and life is like a brightly painted carousel; the impetuous hear…

Juergen’s done it again! Sometimes you feel…

He’s showing bits of the Netherlands in a beautiful way, making the very best use of the quirky weather there

“Gentle on my Mind”…

Is it possible I could have seen this sunset with my father so many years ago?

A Girl Again

The day was a gift of vernal beauty, / the open sky powdered with the cottonfluff of clouds / so voluptuously sculpted they surely / serve…


Mr Duffy…lived at a little distance from his own body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances. He had an odd autobiographical h…

Aged Youth

A youthful vigor trapped in an aged body / Must endure the hardships of being old / Where new beginnings become old habits / Too afraid to …


We strive to provide questions as well as answers to real life questions and conditions. The proposition is that you, the reader, will thin…

A Regress Into Hell

If I can’t stand the heat, / You begin to lick the childhood tears / away from my face.

Some Dance to Forget

Faith twirled and swayed across the polished floorboards in time to the music. The tune was familiar but Faith couldn’t remember why. The o…

Fountain of Youth

Quiet waters soothe / Heated from Mother Earth’s womb / A child like comfort

old in amerika

no one ever tells you / the truth of getting old / and it’s just as well

Youth of Today

Groups of adolescents hung back watching the mass moving in syncopated unison. Girls portraying an air of processed sophistication, lorry t…


Too young, not wise nor brave, with no forethought, / That Time could steal away the dreams we sought.

" The World won’t listen

A fascination with their thigh muscles in their practice shorts

Cottonwood Camp

and I picture myself / before the age of cell phones and laptops / and colonoscopies.

The Discordancy of Wisdom

The arrogance of us when we are young! / We are immortal, death a distant dream.


Through the center of everything

a red bow for your salt

Balloons full of paper

Intermezzo With The Punkazoid

At 14 I thought my life was over, / When everyone wanted to be a butterfly / I was happy to stay in my cocoon.

Fuck it

Fuck the darkness / Fuck the rain / Fuck the shadows / Fuck the pain / Fuck the emptiness / Fuck the tears / Fuck reality / Fuck the years …

The First Time

you lay me down in the field holdin’ me close / kissin’ my neck whisperin’ softly in my ear / i love you babe will you give me your love


no yelling…

Yaddles in Deadly Dodgem Cars

BIG & DEADLY Dodgem Cars! / We have to be serious about our youth driving / so that they understand the seriousness of driving / and ar…

Feeling Large in a Land of Giants

I was very proud and grateful that I had such clever parents who knew the proper way to act around little girls and small animals.

What It Is

You know, at last, love is a fire in the heart, the soul, the loins, the mind.

Ballad to November

In time it comes together / The echoes from youth’s hill / Bound now and forever / A youthful promise to instill / The seasons blend togeth…

Youth in Her Eyes

Who took her youth and beauty, / Committing such a crime?



Lessons Learned

Today in particular. I`m not a young spry chicken anymore. In the past things I did may have caused me discomfort and I could easily recove…

World Rehab (Sown Their Seeds)

*I think I’m gonna take Rihanna’s advice / Little Miss Sunshine, you know she got it right / You know she keeps it tight / And …

Back to the Land

Those men! / So tired, disillusioned, unromantic: / no juice to their marrow, / no fire in their loins

fading yellow (the youth of Lady Gray)

Sometimes realizing your reality is liberating!

one more day one more night you pay the price

what once was glorious incorruptibility…my youth / my beauty beyond words and alluring radiance / picture perfect my very being invincible……


There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / …

harp of youth

in the summer / of our youth / we drank the wine / of the grapes / that grew around us / we danced on the / green carpet of grass / and…

Little One

Your life is just beginning / you have yet to take your first breath / but still I know you hear me / If my voice can soothe you / then let…

Youth of Today

The youth of yesterday / stands in my way / the path, I think to be / right, or at least to me. / The youth of today has changed. / They&#…

Grand Da

Beyond the distant fence, beyond that field / Are imagined places; I’d hoped to be real. / Not now, but someday I’ll go and fin…


Lavender / night / and lightning / bright / and brutish / illuminate / what’s left of sanity / in a room / both bare and sullen / …

Early Days

My mum, bless her heart, had really wanted a girl, and when I popped into the world, I was hardly welcome…

A Visit To Mars

Try a visit to Mars.


She Danced around the issues / Each and every day / She Danced around the issues / Thinking they’d go away / She Danced around the is…




At first there was the beginning / and we took into our hands / our faces our expressions / and placed in our memories / no words at all / …


Passion / Passion / oh how you do put questions in my mind / you make me rake the depths of my soul / to determine whether I am a / weak …


as we look back from the sun / and weep for the crowning joy of youth / can we maintain our morals? / we have been sculpted / from nothin…

Youth Reacts to Discouraging Words

concerned by the words said aloud / tears are no longer allowed / wrists, “pane-less” windows, / exposed / flow like rivers / …

New eyes

I see the world in a way that makes it unique and special, / so much of it is new and undiscovered to me. / I wish to turn over every leaf,…


What’s one more crease / In a fist full of face flesh? / It’s one more wrinkle / In a pink pruney brain. / Tick, Talk. / Knock, Knock, Fath…

77 rpm.

It was summer 1977. / Queens Silver Jubilee year, I was eleven years old, my life was about to change: / Up until that moment in June 1977 …

Riting pottery (note to a younger self)

I used to rite some pottery / I fink thats what its cawled / about lifes blinking lottery / yes pen in hand I scrawled / I laffed at all th…

The Scoffing Sun

Analise was the youngest of her sisters. She never knew what that made her: the foolish one? The naïve one? The one with the heart of go…

Let Me Be Me

I’m not a child any more, I’m growing up too fast, / Want to go back and make the early days last. / Feel so lost, don’t …

The dust settles

“Barely seen and then it’s gone / Into the membrane of mentality / The core of philosophy / Sucking at the teat of my inventive soul&…

Burns the light

Burns the light

The Accepted Mask of Youth

Being a child, / Is a difficult task. / When you won’t be accepted, / If you don’t wear a mask.

Hollywood’s Own

Here we go again, same old movie, just different lines and the usual “A” listers. YAWN. I’ve got a spare 10 minutes before I start –…

Observations. Reservations. Hesitations

Observations of a / Fucked up world / Observations of a / Fucked up youth

Making a Difference and Affecting Change

I’ve knocked knots on my head from beating it against the wall trying to wake people up. 99% of the population actually still believe…

A Weather Stripped Mountain and Caves under Trees…


I was a Labourers Youth Centre member…̷…

……to stay over-night, in hay lofts The smell made me nauseous. But our leaders, in their late teens, seemed to enjoy sleeping …

The Anthem of Youth

Drip drip drip / Another child dies / Another mother weeping / But the world turns a blind eye / Drip drip drip / Another child on the stre…

Silent Night

I wait for my heart / to echo / from your womb.

the power of youth



The stones of my youth

La Sagouine / Futility

There was just a hint of sorrow / Laced flavouring within the wisdom / Assumed of age, that age has seen / The myriad colours of life, and…

two halves of one (PG)

Of all and sundry no one expected this of you / Taken aback, disillusioned, bewildered we were. / No one now trusts you to be true.

the blush of youth

she wears the blush of youth / on her face / her eyes resemble almond / shaped emeralds / her lips are naturally crimson / and puffy / her …
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