Shhh Little Girl, Don’t Cry Shhh little girl, don’t cry / Cover your ears and block out the sounds, / Of Mamma’s screams and Papa`‘s shouts. / ItR… Young Nudes not so Black and White. In writing Child Pornography my motivation was not so much about Bill Henson and his photos as it was about beauty, freedom and innocence. … Caution! I’m 40, you know? Is that too old to regain some measure of health, regain some measure of my former figure, and go out and do the t… My One and Only Chance Before you came into my life / I thought I’d set my ways. / I did not need a little one / To clutter up my days. / I did not have the… Have you ever watched a young person die? Have you ever watched a young person die? / Watched them go by inches? / Way before their time? A young Godling My knowledge was boundless within the cage of what it knew. aaahhh young love. Suzy liked Bobby / but Bobby was an apple / Her parents told her to just eat it and forget about it. / but she was strong willed and in lov… All The Young Poets No accent, no derelict, no language / Translating the voice of the birds. the sky above (poem) the sky above and / the world at your feet / a miracle in one hand / and doom in the other Journey Driftwood / Once you were green and full of life / Now just a smooth impression / They could not smash you when in strife / And you’ve beco… On The Road A young girl in rebellion / and / an old tire Braille on the Inside Plastic Placement, Knives Turned Clockwise / Legs trapped in gelatin, / in an OH so plastic sanctuary / A place where I thought you’… Sunilism TM : My Life’s Purpose: My Soul Code … What are my Life’s priorities and direction ? Do I have a steady course of my life? ………Yes , you can have it NOW ! Young wolves Sometimes the fear of the life grabs one; / a fluttering in the body, like the first wing strokes of soft young birds. Mask of Living Flesh Mask of living flesh / oiled cloth keeping eclectic breath warm The Duo Hello sun through city windows Oh how we laughed when we were young! My beautiful friend, we are still laughing / as our shoes get lower, and clothing more flowing / with more wrinkles and lines / Giving away… THE CHILDREN WILL REMEMBER A million lost children / are frantically trying to fix their tricked minds, / having been diagnosed and tranquilized / because they dream… Lady Of The Night Hair long draping her breasts She Hardley Knew Him Jordon turned back to the Paul. Luther was still staring at Ruby, causing her to be distracted, his eyes were so intense. I WANT SPRINGTIME TO LEAP OUT OF YOUNG PEOPLER… I want springtime to leap / out of all young people’s eyes, / something fresh / something implacably joyous! Even the Stars Fall And Cry Dedicated to Shoaib and Raven Ice / And to all of the Toms in the World Innocent Love found sweet one heart shared by two HIS LOVE OVERFLOWS Likened to the height of mountains / The majestic sea / The greatest waterfalls / His Love Overflows for you and me / Jesus loves everyone… blinded by young love We survived a car crash / A hockey player I knew / Dropped into the shop today / Or should I say work / Will he was almost a hockey player … First Love Did she really smile at me / A storm to stir my ocean Answering A Young Heart There is a part of me that wants to answer my heart’s own questions. / Like, / ” What will happen when I beat for the last time?” / I want … BUTTERFLYS DANCE her words fell / upon his deaf ears / he never really listened / yet she vibrated / when he walked in the room / he listened to everyone /… THE QUEEN OF LOVE I am The Queen of Love and Romance / I will make your heart dance / The feathers on my headress / Represent happiness / I can give you unk… young love Why for me does beauty melt to tears / instead of bubbling over / in childlike glee? /          &… The Magic in Me I feel so young sometimes / Wandering through imagination / Waiting to grow up His Intentions were Honorable.. the old west, lovers, saloon, gun fighter, sheriff, lady, For a heartbroken boy Your Heart has been broken / Your Spirit has been crushed / Listen to me now boy, listen to my Words: / From this Day onward / For the rest… It rings a bell! It connects. It’s not only… That means that a lot of people who take the time to visit the Old Fitzroy Theatre are having a laugh and spending a few hours, in our busy… Young Lovers. I notice how she touches her hair, almost without thought. Twirling a thin strand around her finger as she speaks. I notice the curl of her… White Picket Fence Angela never thought her life would end this way. Nice, dull people like Angela don’t usually draw their last breath in the midst of viole… “When we were Young” “Come let us Play” / It is Sunday morning no homework / No housework / No one wants to play Mama / Why? Because they own a TV / And they wa… young,drunk and very stupid Im not scared to die, / Under silver skies, / The wish of death, / Reverberated through the night, / The moon closed its eyes, / For death… HOLDING ME YOUNG There is an island / that holds me young / in its ancient memories. The Good Die young Debra by Yvonca WOW! – TWO MORE SALES!! – GREETING CA… Thank you so much Victoria Sheldon for buying my 2 cards! It really means the world to me that you would like my work enough to buy it. SMI… On a Lazy Afternoon I Came Home From School And the way we remember is the way we forget, / The day with the bike, the sword, the world at our feet. The Tragic Death Of One So Young It is now a long, long way from Fairlight Glen / But I have not forgotten how, that day Why do old men catalogue young 20 something nude … perhaps a more artistic mind could find joy pleasure and beauty in something else from the myriad of beauty things seen in the true artisti… Savannah in Kigali, Rwanda – Link To Websit… She lives and works in Kigali, Rwanda…The website is new … SavannahKeith How to stay young!!!! Hi everyone, / Found out about this on the weekend at a seminar that each time you have a piece of toast, eat meat that is grilled, fried, … Memory with Cruelty The smell and the sound of it. Hot in the sunshine. Serve Chilled I could swim for a lifetime / in the hazel ocean of those eyes. / Windows filled with the same warmth / the last days of summer cling / to… do you believe in ghosts? I turned around and my grandfather was standing right behind me. I was startled but not scared. I was calm. Youth in Her Eyes Who took her youth and beauty, / Committing such a crime? Dark attic. Me, as a very young boy and Vitalis. My mother read me ’Alleen Op De Wereld" ( Dutch version of Sans Famille) from when I was a bit too young. / My bedroom was the … Why did i die so young? Why did I die so young? / It’s been a long time, / Since I’ve been me, / Born in a house battered by the sea, / I was only me, / I seem to … one more day one more night you pay the price what once was glorious incorruptibility…my youth / my beauty beyond words and alluring radiance / picture perfect my very being invincible…… old man – young man …and i think of all the joy i left behind / for the next big thing that seemed to catch my eye… Bridge Yes, I had wings, but so what? Are human beings so conceited now that they think there are no mysteries left in the world? A Young Old Street Girl 29/1/91 Streetwise and cunning she uses her wiles / To make the money that makes her smile Heaven & Co. to all the sweethearts out there The Iowa Young Writers Studio Belief Will Bid You Lifeless / Chapter 1 / The anamnesis reads as follows: / CHRISTOPHER L. BRINKMAN, MALE / DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS: PARANOID … IN THE WOODS IN THE WOODS, where few tread / Is where two lovers met / Afraid of family and of ties / They met together, amid many lies / They kissed as… REFUGEE CAMPS Yes, I could, feel the land, / I had left as a child! / The earth under my feet, / And the fragrances escaping from the gardens. / The ra… Two young magpies on my front lawn 5-03-2010 / Two young magpies watched me step out of the car. One of them was busy pecking at something in the grass. The other eyed me and… An Angels Voice An infant girl is abandoned by her mother; she seeks her mother throughout her life. Wondering why she was left alone. We Were Soldiers Once, And Young To live as soldiers was our pride / To fight for freedom or Poem: The Modern Woman Keep looking younger The Locket Many, many years ago, when I was a very young boy in Texas, we lived in this old haunted house. The first of many haunted houses I lived … Windows Past pours through shattered glass, One More Minute It’s a lesson thats never new, nor never old. / Always preached, never practiced. a response to young red with love Being a grannie is such great fun / I get to do things I haven’t done / In previous years when I missed out / I catch up quick of that no … They were so young The crisis of todays vision and / the folly of a universal value is that / even the most imaginative, tortured / beautiful souls could neve… Cold, like Butter The time stops and the moment stands still, / The night is young, but eager Young to Old Darting through moments when / Time had no worries or cares / Doing what just came your way / Doing anything if anyone should dare / Workin… In the night. Never. Ever. Look. Back. Dream to Fly. Once upon a time there lived a boy who wanted to fly. He spent his days imagining ways to leave the ground and soar in the clouds. He thoug… Are you one of them Are you one of them !! / CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE / 1920’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s !! / First, we survi… I Feel A Young Man Coming On The bronzed torso / Made of steel / Hands the size of frying pans / He held me aloft / Legs so long and full of muscle / Defined muscles / … The Violinist Knows For standing there on stage / Is a man of tender age / Yet, his music tells his story / As if a man of many years You were Too Young………… Your red hair, / I shall never forget. / Now your ten feet under. / You had it bad, baby. / No one understood……… / the cr… There’s a Song in My Heart There’s a song in my heart / Let me sing / Let my voice tell the story of my pain / Let my words explain / the way I’ve loved and lost / L… Dyno the DynoSawRus – for young at heart Dyno the DynoSawRus was having a bad hair day well at least he was struggling to get some sticky toffee pudding off his face and feet. He … Heavens Charm To test your love you must approach the judgment gate. If your love is pure, you will cross together, opportunities for young and emerging artists 18 -… young and emerging artists Stained Bones I still have urges, wants, needs. / My age tells a tale, but my / mind is still young, and desires. To be young…. We’re young and / stupid, / reckless without a cause / Ashes dance and nicotine clings to / lips that long for more than lust. / W… Young Artist Red determination plunges spatulatic bristles / Into your jar of paint; Outside the lines Much like our life / Lines are the law / Care to stay in / Segment’s kolor SAM Sam was a hunter / In the night / Young ladies / His delight / He charmed them / With gifts of gold / Charming smiles / And tickled their … An Old Man’s Farewell To Young Friends For I have sojourned / far too long when my old bones / are anxious for their dark repose. A Weather Stripped Mountain and Caves under Trees… (Mature) Young Ladies- “Beware.” A serpent lies coiled in the lees of that cup……….. Naturalistic Observation © Emma Young 2014 The happiness you know with her / Is different to that which you knew with me, Powderfinger “Look out Mama, there’s a white boat coming up the river!” Chelse Kerwath Everyone …check out this young ladies art and her musical website………..she is loaded with talent.a real pleasure for… The Baby Bird That Tries To Fly Too Soon Is Sure … she met him in one night / in a moment of heat and passion / flashing lights and pounding music / swaying bodies that caged bleeding hearts… Occurrence © Emma Young 2014 Poem We knew. It was there. / Elevated. Dilated. Young&Duo At Heart “i’m just trying to keep up” Butterfingers and Secrets
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