“There is still freedom in you” I think I was 16, old enough to know better / But young enough to not care / I ran up a down escalator… / Something about not backing do… AN INTERVIEW WITH YOU! Your Turn to answer some questions. fuck you (Mature) Wrap me around you What were we? …Seeds / Lost in our own worlds floating free / And honestly / That’s just how I wanted to be… / But whenever I think of yo… How you too can be Gay (Mature) extinct, i won’t forget you Dinosaur, I still miss you. Spider legs I flicked something out from in between my teeth this morning and there it was; another thought, another piece of you Do you want me? See me / Sense me / Feel me / Like me / Know me / Want me / Yes? / Take me / Thrill me / Seek me / Find me / Lose me / Tease me / Ohh…… Ignition: I’ll see you in space Lie back and bend like a lilac / Illuminate this black space like a gamma ray blast / We say that we need a place that won’t fade fast / Ye… Faded Blue Jeans it’s about coffee first thing in the morning / it’s about the sunset’s red hue / It’s about the smell of a lavender candle / and it’s you i will miss you when you’re gone To my Guardian Angel, she will know who she is Hi Daddy, Will You Please Give Me Back My Hands? This is the story that I won’t hesitate to tell / even if with a heavy heart I have to / and if this is a way to get to an abuserR… You Ask – I lie (The Truth) You Ask; how I am? / I lie; I am happy / To preclude your concern / The truth; I feel crappy / You ask; what I’m doing? / I lie; keeping bu… “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If… Dear Clementia, / A man newly fashioned out of catcher in the rye driftwood, nurses a stoic solider lip, quivering. His name is known by a… Leaving you gets harder but loving you gets me th… I don’t want to let go of this / Your hands are on my hips / So I stand like your tree / Beautiful seed; I planted a one on your tw… When you pass the light 2008 09 08 When yo u pass the light, you meet the dark / And in the dark you encounter fear / And the fear begins to speak to you, / And you with it; … You Clever, Clever Thing Have you ever noticed shapes in the clouds? / Faces in your cereal? / Characters in the rose print bathroom tiles? / A parsnip that looks l… You know you are Puerto Rican IF……… this one is for ALL OF MY COUSINS WHO ARE OUT THERE.. / AND for all of my bubblishus friends.. / ( Part of this was from an email I recei… There’s not a person in the world… . baby you’re autumn cool, end of summer roma… Baby you’re autumn cool / End of summer romance – I fall for you / Kissing you is an Arbor Day in June / I plant the seeds that make … For a girl with a heavy heart, I love you I don’t know what to say, / so I feel, / I wanna say something is brewing / but what? / climbing vines / nostalgic need / stranglin… Even When You Feel Alone Your state of mind is tenuous / As balanced on a knife / And even efforts strenuous / To take control of life / May in the end just miss th… If you do not look 2008 05 11 If you do not look, you will not find. / And you can love anyone at all, / and even pet them— / but to smile? / Without love, never. / Neie… IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SHOCKED DO NOT SEE … WHAT DOES THE EU SAY ABOUT THIS? / DENMARK: WHAT A SHAME! / This happens in Denmark. / Also see here for more information. / Pass it on to … And you call me coloured..?? I found this a week or so ago and just had to ‘share it’…lol How true is this…lol / Written by an African child an… I miss you Mom Mom, can you here my cry for you, can you feel the need I hold, my desperate need to talk to you. / I know you had to go, I know it’s… I will love you the length of love’s imagination I’d cut my strings for you I had a wish… as all young boys do / It was my desire to be real to someone like you…. / It started when I was on my way to school / I go… Do You Want To? Well… do you want to? / Come here… / No, not yet… sit down. / Tell me where you want to… / Yeah, tell me… / O… You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside During my adolescent years, one of my favorite bands was “Jefferson Airplane”. Grace Slick, their female vocalist, sang a beautiful song c… for you, love the night is myrrh lush and oh so frankincense painted pretty / my shoe laces are undone / and the strap of my thinking has snapped free / … You Make Me Melt I always think of you. / I think of your energy. / I think of your mind. / I think about the way you make me feel. / I think about you in m… I Love you… in 100 different languages I Love you… in 100 different languages / English – I love you / Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief / Albanian – Te dua / A… what he has (that you don’t have) You were the rainbow without / the pot of gold, / a dropped call, / a firefly’s glow. / You were the small / sample of ice cream, / w… climbed a hundred times. they know that special place… Layers of Masks – Who are you really? About the time I learned to slip this complex mask on….I got dumped….now I need a don’t give a shit mask….ok, so fa… DO YOU NEED A RIDE? The Earth is / hungry to play alive with you / She draws you into her wave and b… You are… You are so sweet / without actually tasting you. / Even the rain knows that… Can you love, like this? The rain never tells the earth / “you cannot live without me”. 50 things to do before you die in India 1. See the Taj Mahal / 2. Eat at the highway Punjabi dhaba / 3.Watch an Indian movie in the theatre i heard you take your coffee black now remember the / milk and sugar days / we’d chase each other up the stairs / picking up dust on our bare feet / and / run till our lungs begg… In Case You Don’t Hear It Today…. In case you don’t hear it today / I love you / In case someone was too busy / I love you / In case you have wondered if anyone did /… You start dying slowly You start dying slowly / You start dying slowly / if you do not travel, / if you do not read, / If you do not listen to the sounds of li… now you might think differently there is a story that walks with me / if I was normal / you would see my underneath / and the brush of my heart / would invite a Parisia… Cold Feet, Flashing Lights: The Men You Shouldn&… Cold Feet, Flashing Lights: The Men You Shouldn’t Marry / “To my wonderful husband – / and the motley crew of boyfriends / that prece… Let me take you on a journey. Let me take you on a journey. / It’s 2007 in the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali. / April; The month of mourning for the atrocities of the g… you you inspire me to be brave in my sadness / you have forged words to be my crossing bridge / you lean over like the willow to shade me whe… Love, Friendship and You so when you meet me don’t be surprised… / To find my love given freely… / To all those who come my way… / and to be… AMERICAN TRINITY Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one si… You Can I love you… You Yangs Regional Park Just a stone’s throw from Melbourne, the You Yangs is a great place to relax or run yourself ragged. The choice is yours. Just For Today Just for today I am nobody’s son, / Just for today I am nobody’s Brother / Just for today I am nobody’s Lover / Just for today I am away fr… When You Said Forever I languish now in this pool of sadness / Stuck in a frame that will not refresh. A Funny 50th birthday poem for you mom …. Mom…It’s ok I will help you up the stairs / Tuck you into bed and pluck ur chin hairs…. FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People… FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People’s Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet in 2016 : Sunilism / By Sunil Sharma You think you know me but all you see are your ow… Carry my body past the dead / hanging / from the hook in your eyes: / suck me all in— / my sun, my moon, / the silver sky fish in a s… a smile becomes you My dreamy eyes look with a far away love toward peace. / For within this visioned dream, / where my heart stars, / I am free to see my trut… Strange thinking will get you to places you would… Strange thinking wrapped in newspaper just landed in the middle of my kitchen table. My first thought was fish and chips: not that I have … Werewolves – Are You One of Them? What would you do if you learned that you or one of your relatives is a Werewolf? Read this to find out how to distinguish human from Werew… You You are that most remarkable of things / One tiny part of the universe that knows itself / And can even know others / And can even love them Hello, I am Kimberly… please to meet you Please call me Kimberly Did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years pai… Red Bubble asks, “did you know Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa’s lips?” / No I didn’t…… You Are Releasing creation What Would You Give? “What wouldn’t you give…?” said a quiet murmuring voice. “What wouldn’t you give for silken skin like this?” You cry then you smile then at last you see He told me about the demon shadows playing inside his mind. He cried asking me why he felt things he was certain he should not. / A neck ve… i’ve got to see you it is not the same way every time i close my eyes / oh but the runaway / calls me to safety / there is a budding haven / a / i knew you… Only Kiss Me If You Mean It “Only kiss me if you mean it,” she whispered and lowered her head again giving him permission to let her go. You Get That… Do you ever feel glum / Like the world’s closing in VOICE: What Will You Spread Today? Have you ever noticed how strange / the human voice is? / Be it spoken, written / or drawn— / rendered as any medium meant / to car… for you Because of you / I am running out of reasons / to hide / Because of you / I want to know that all of me / has tried / to get you / to bet o… that little storm was you The verdict of a tequila woman. Fuck you… with a smile upon my dial… (Mature) THE MANY PARTS OF YOU It / starts with a thought / that brushes my face / and radiates the body through FUCK YOU! (Mature) Have you Ever ? Have you Ever?… I’d like to tell you a little story I killed someone… Question Your Faith Find out if you are following the Truth, / or is someone trying to scam you ! A Tiny Second Tangled metal, / Baby cries, / Forever changed. MY GARDEN, MY LEGACY, I LEAVE TO YOU—DEDICA… I have written poems for as long as I can remember, but lately, I don’t know where has my Poetry Muse gone to. I have been looking everywhe… Seeing You something gave way in his heart to me / today / I admit, / I had been waiting / I want him to know I love him / like a sister / a lover eve… Transpire Our legs intertwine, ever so slightly, and soft purple feathers glide over and over. I love that the most. Where were you??? When I thought / I could cry no more / I am proven wrong / They say God is loving and merciful / but where was God / When I lost the two Ir… …and then the light of dappled hue embodied… we shake our cloth / upon the breeze / in earth shine now / a heart appease. / friendship’s left / our night is done / count the emp… The secret things you know This is the story I won’t tell you. I couldn’t make you love me I cannot make you love me. / I can’t make you love me. / I couldn’t make you love me. / Lionel has a new mantra. / He felt like he was livi… Once you dance with the devil you want to dance a… (Mature) …. THEN YOU"LL FIND US 10,000 heart beats / away from solitude, / 10,000 resigned sighs / away from insignificance If Life asked you to dance, would you say yes? I want to know…..what do you ache for? / What is it that your heart longs for and desires? / Do you ever let your mind float away lik… “If you never did you should. These things are fu… on desk / on floor / against the wall / it’s true / it’s true / I have a few / it is not here / or over there / my word! / my word / is eve… When I meet you When I meet you / May it be with all the respect I have / Or might bestow upon some icon / Of wealth, or fame or power / For it is as sure… Now That I’ve Found You For someone… Long For You I long for you to be in a safest place- / a room with summer breeze, / vitrage flying whips on my legs and feet / melting the color … an ode to this office work dude i knew who worked… mr twovey in the office block held the award for nicest chap in the accountancy department. his ability to eat soup with a spoon was unsurp… would you know? If I died tomorrow, / would you know it? / Would you feel it in your gut, / see it in your visions, / my facebook status: / reading- DEAD… Promise Promise me we’ll never marry I so need you to…………̷… (Mature)
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