Passion of Love Cahpter 16 “Haert’s D… “You want a woman, I’ll give you a woman… Passion of love: “Mother Russia” chap… Logan thinks this is because the time for the birth is nearing and Jean lets him think so, all the while knowing that Scott is the man on… Passion of Love Chapter 17 “Sparkles like … “I didn’t count on a certain naughty little girl keeping me awake in the twilight hours.” Passion of Love:Chapter 3 “My Dream is My N… “Oh, NO. No Charles, I can’t tell Logan I am dreaming of Scott while sleeping next to him! THAT would just kill him. Passion of Love , Chapter 21"Black Blood Flo… Nope, can’t have a worthless piece of gutter trash like you gumming up my mission." Passion of Love:Chapter 12 “The Visions of … “Yes you are like the bear who can not turn his back from the hunter’s gun, even if he is shot in the head. He will strike out … Passion of love chapter 14 “Dark Shadows… “Let it out boy, let it all out. it’s OK. I understand.” Logan said as Scott sobbed like a small child who just lost it&#… Passion of Love ,chapter 18"Challenged Souls… “The child isn’t yours, she belongs to Jean and Logan!’ Scott challenged Passion of Love: chapter 10"Reap What you S… “Don’t worry little sweetheart, Daddy’s not gonna leave you behind.” he promises with a smile Passion of Love, Chapter 22"Embracing the Wh… “I know who you are. WOLF!” You will get NOTHING out of me child of Lucifer!" Barton said, his sound muffled as he spoke. Passion of Love: chapter 13 “The Crossroad&… Late the next evening a taxi arrives in front of the Mansion and Logan stepped out. Passion of Love: Cahpter 6 “Living With Lie… now that you know this is a fact will you now tell Logan the truth?" he inquired Passion of Love, chapter 20 “Special Delive… “Very impressive, but I could cut diamonds with these babies too.” Logan added popping all three claws on his fisted right han… Passion of Love, chapter 19"Embers Burn Hot&… I’m gonna store it all up and unleash the beast on this Deliver guy’s ASS. Passion of Love: Chapter 5 “Eye of the Hurr… “Oh my gosh, what if he found out about Scott? What if Logan found out he’s alive and won’t tell me because we are togeth… Passion of Love: Chapter 11"Ripped Scars&quo… Jean was speechless, She held him closely and cried even harder. “It doesn’t mean your not a man, it wasn’t your fault Sc… Passion of Love, chapter 24 “Into the Spide… “No Need” Logan informed as he gathered his gear , opened the helicopter’s door and jumped out without a parachute someth… Passion of Love Chapter 8 “The Home Coming&… Just then Scott Summers walks into the door. He has returned. Passion of Love, chapter 25 “POP Goes the W… Suddenly a massive black hand with razor claws was swiped before his brethren’s eyes… Passion of Love Cahpter 7 “Winds of Change… “Oh Charles, she started in between sobs, What am I going to do?” She asked Passion of Love, Chapter 28 “Loose EndsR… I said BE ON YOUR WAY stinky human, while you still have a HEAD!" Baytan warned

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