Either You Love Bacon by Buleste Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin by jackthewebber I'm Not Living I'm Just Killing Time - Radiohead Quote by cbazoe Love Me Some Pie by BuffySussed Everything Inside, It Never Comes Out Right. by JustK The Wrong Fit by Teo Zirinis Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. by cucumberpatchx jebus by greatbritton99 Marijuana Lies by Rev. Shakes Spear I Heart Horror by poorlydesigns surrealism Surreal image / a very strange dream of love / more like a dream than reality / surreal love / images mixed together in a strange way Prove The Haters Wrong by LifeDesigned end of life as i know it… i like you, i love you, i hate you even more… I'M YOUR ANGEL by haya1812 You think you were my first love, but you're wrong by Amber Gregory Wait baby, you have me all wrong, it wasn’t me by Heather King You're Wrong by MOC2 I Heart Horror Movies by poorlydesigns Wrong side of the fence by Heather King We're in love. We just want to be together. What's wrong with that? by Bantambb More Wrong Than Right I don’t know why, / Nothing ever goes as planned, / It’s a disaster, / I built with my own two hands. X Marks the Spot by MiniMumma Its' wrong for me to love you by haya1812 ANO HANA by nextgeneration BUi Xuan Phai by Beo Lo Every Night In My Dreams by haya1812 Love gone wrong by i l d i    l a z a r Peace, Love & Relativity A wondering So You Win Again by haya1812 Gold Finger by haya1812 Looking for Love ... In all the wrong places by madcowgirl Calendar Love in all the wrong places? by emilegraphics Inside i’ll show you the pain give into your game / when you’re down so low above you only shines The Wrong Bed. by Philip Elliott Pies - a culture, a religion, my first second and third love (is that wrong)? by darkhorseaustralia I knew something was wrong... by shandab3ar A MOTHER The moment she feels the child within / She knows her life will not be as it has been / She now knows and always thinks / Her heart and her… Princess I meant to turn her away, / now I have nothing left to say, / how can I say I’m sorry, / or look her in the eye, / a touch would ask … Mistake I don’t know why I punish myself, / Why I let you infect me, / Dissect me, EVER than better …because forever must be better……….. Something somewhere went terribly wrong by RobertKShaw ROMANTIC LOVE GONE WRONG Resounding through the darkness / Like a knife in the heart / Certainly not the words he used at the start Love in All the Wrong Places by David M Scott One Petal at a Time Don’t ask me / if I love you / Don’t ask me / if I care Cupcake Love...Is It Ever Wrong? (w/ black text) by themagpieprince Cupcake Love...Is It Ever Wrong? (w/ white text) by themagpieprince One Lifetime Our tomorrrows, the dreams we live by…Many dreams…Many paths…Many loves LIGHTNING BOLT THOUGHT FOR THE DAY……Z… I woke up this morning at two am…..with a lightning bolt thought I don’t think I’ve ever thought before…. / You kno… conscious essence to hear the call (Mature) How I Hate Thee… I do not hate you for who you are / That would be wrong of me / When I take what is rightfully mine / I don’t want you to think ill of me /… Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet? by jokebreugelmans Wired all Wrong And the wine has gone all cloudy / Not red not pink not blue / Im wired all wrong when it comes to you Lonely Lonely, waiting / Longing to be home / Wishing i could hold you in my arms / I don’t feel like / i belong right here / The only one i… So so so I’ve been into you / So long / I’ve been caught in your web / So strong / You can leave like I’m nothing / So wrong / You… And She Done Him Wrong by Norman Kelley looking for love in all the wrong places by Clare Colins Aint noth'en wrong with a little bluez by flipteez The Wedding “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” / I see you standing there, the other side of the hall, / See you look at her, knowing … Gone Wrong…Again What goes on behind these eyes / Will explain why what I have to do is no surprise "The Sky wrong color" by Norma-jean Morrison you don’t hate me…. right? do you totally and completely hate me? / is that it? / do you just prentend not to notice? / or is it a lie. / you don’t hate me righ… Anna Karenin Indigo kisses, / From lily white lips, / From the grave, it insists. Making it right When you were velvet: tatoo by Top Fashion and Brands “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether Love In All The Wrong Places by Joe Misrasi Two trapped in addiction Thriving towards the missionary / Captivated by your passing beggary / Turning oceans alive with you’re thrashing passion / Into stone / … I knew something was wrong! by shandab3ar Ruins I beg of you to forgive me as my life is in ruins. PONDERING There are so many things I just don’t understand / I need a full explanation of a woman and a man / Love so complicated..why give it … Wrong I didn’t think I was wrong / Or at least I didn’t want to be / But you are trying to prove otherwise / And I am an idiot to keep believing … Unlawful Love so wrong are we to delve uncaring / into this unlawful love / … WORLDS APART in different realms / worlds apart / although i love you / you cannot have my heart / wanting to run / i always return / wanting someone el… The Wrong Side of the Stained Glass Smoke floating up the ceiling / Begging, Teach me the science / The physics of believing Jailbait. “I could go to jail for this”. / He smiled, his braces flashing against the moonlight through the window. / “I know,̶… Is something Wrong by antonio Doubt Doubt Walk up to the club like whaddup i got a oh no oh god wrong building i'm so sorry continue with your funeral god bless. by King84 Foreign Body Enthralled and meeker in your presence / I trust you fully with my life and future Confessions to the Wrong Man by Blasian It Happens Don’t kiss me that way,
 / Or how can I say goodbye?
 / Don’t kiss me at all—
 / I’m going away.
 / Don’t look at me with those eyes,
 / Wi… Looking for Love in all the wrong places by Dareimages Love is never wrong by firefly14 Forgotten by Adrena87 Is it wrong? Is it wrong that the fact your my best friend kills me inside? / Is it wrong that I am more in love with you now that your not mine? She-wrong-she (Mature) Love gone Wrong…. A moment of weakness that cripples our mind / A search for happiness, although totally blind / A crippling emotion that binds you inside / … Wrong into Rights I lie awake wondering when you’ll come knocking at my door / Why in my own world it seemed like I’m always at war / Thinking t… TALK TO ME!!! by Darryl Bartlett  Wrong Kind of Love  by Regina Wamba Wrong Kind of Love by Regina Wamba Hidden Beneath the Willow Mirasetta recalled basking in the late afternoon sun, covered in a passon-induced dew. Her lover, Tehrran, heald her in a embrace that clea…  ABOVE ALL by Norma-jean Morrison Decisions No matter what I do… Poem: Perfect Love Gone Wrong For all those who are nursing a broken heart. Sins Please forgive me for my sins.
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