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Whole sweetheart, you’re only a burden to yourself Never Date a Writer Never date a writer because she’ll fictionalize everything. She’ll write about things you have done to her, or things you never did for he… if my poems could fly I wrote my first poem on a paper airplane / Because I had no idea how else to give it wings / I was once to afraid to share them with other… I fell in love with her 2 I wake up to a sunrise impression / Looking down at this body I once knew / My eyes glide over an unfamiliar inspection / I remember the … Girls and Women A girl is stories, A woman is truth untitled. sometimes i take a Shower / with the lights off. / but before i even finish showering, i turn the lights back On, / because i remember how … “There is still freedom in you” I think I was 16, old enough to know better / But young enough to not care / I ran up a down escalator… / Something about not backing do… To Touch Someone… You don’t have / to touch someone… / to touch someone. The two hands we were given to create I hear voices that are struggling with hate / They say why allow people to profit off of rape? / And because we are protective of our homes… LUST or LOVE ? If you could only pick ONE…which would it be ? / Knowing at the end, you are left alone to just BE.. / Alone with your Thoughts, Drea… songs of spine & salt brush my hair aside / & read the stories in my bones life after love A story of love… lust… stars… spacedust… life…death… lies… trust… man… god… and us Because You’re Not A Poet Don’t forget dear, / that I am a poet / I could slaughter you with words like razor blades every soul is a star Every star is a soul / And every soul is a star / You simply look me up / And I’m no longer far / I enter your tongue when you read me / … THEFT OF YOUR WORK! IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING NOTICE, YOU SHOULD BE AWARE THAT “VILI VITSKA” / HAS BEEN STEALING WORK, PUBLISHING IT ON PHOTOBUCKET,… Without love… I breathe in and think in oxygenation / Tied to living by chains of alpha globulin and desperation / Heme binding my blood and DNA unwindin… The value of your own worth I thought she was a perfect match / So striking the way she lit up my face that fast / The spark was brilliant, but the flame didn’t last … submerging I feel you / I guess you can blame words / I sense you / In a whisper / I can tell you feel the same urge / You came for me / You became… Help!! I Need an Intervention! I’m sitting here with an affliction / Seems I caught myself an addiction / Can tell I’m in real big trouble / Got a monkey on my back…calle… AN INTERVIEW WITH YOU! Your Turn to answer some questions. Today I take responsibility for tomorrow At the beginning of the day we wake to a world of endless possibility / And as the day progresses we go through obstacles that challenge o… Surgery of a Soul. Surgery of a soul In need of repair. / Tiny little instruments used with such care. / A spirit mechanic with a look of despair. A flame inside a frame I see a picture and in an instant instantly I seem to obsess over her and what she used to mean / Constantly stressing me when I think abou… Lee’s Paradox… If light came from darkness, / then it’s the shadow that / casts the light. Hey Dad, I’m 40 You embed your trust into an anvil and tie it to my guts. Legal Copyright Infringment Form Check to see if your images have been posted on another site…. deep breath do you know what its like / to live dead / to wake up each day / to not get out of bed / to stumble to the bathroom / pass the mirror from … Shortcuts to the best tutorials & tools I been getting email with help questions, so I decided to create this page with my favor shortcuts to RB articles, I will grow this list a… mercy her alabaster lip / pouted / seductively / her tangled spirit / rolled / achingly / her desire for touch / spilled / into waiting hand… Lust I want to be / consumed / by you / my body leaks / anticipation / as I pant / and hiss / in frustration / I want to / devour you / slowly /… I wrote this first in long hand in the dark I wrote this first in long hand in the dark / to feel the words take me innocently upon the page / the distractions of the colour of life … fuck you (Mature) Wrap me around you What were we? …Seeds / Lost in our own worlds floating free / And honestly / That’s just how I wanted to be… / But whenever I think of yo… SON For just one day A strange affair She was not beautiful / In a classical sense / More round than straight / Her pale skin’s / Luminous alabaster / Was strangely different / … The cracks in my skin let your light in Running barefoot to you I feel my feet get cut from the pavement / You said give it your best shot and then took everything as I gave it / … Closed I would like to thank ahead of time for all the support and well wishes from all my friends and wonderful people here on RB. I appeciate a… Love me endlessly Look in my eye / Baby don’t cry / I don’t want to leave this place by your side / I belong here…. where your heart resides / You fill my i… Open Book in the privacy of a solitary moment / you will find me / thumbing her spine / methodically tracing each embossed letter / savouring her … red sugar Some girls just stick in your throat, and you can’t wash them down. The world stopped 2009 03 22 The world stopped in place when I saw myself over my shoulder and I could have touched that which I saw, but I was backwards and my hand di… Nostalgia I miss seeing the reds and yellows of the rugs / the women washed along the riverbank, / feel the splashes of cool crystal water / running… scorpio Today you will dream in Russian and wake with the smell of vanilla. the kohl girl & her lime pips I’m allergic to purple and terrifying to Virgos. How you too can be Gay (Mature) Cloud covered day 2009 10 31 poetry a cloud covered day / whispered quietly / the first snowflakes / not touching the ground / gazed at me … / translated by Tadas Klimas / CL… Madness Oh no, you can’t come out. / Go back inside and wait. / You’ll make me say or do / something, I am going to hate. / Please don’t come out /… the poems you’ll never read… I had a thought from a dream / But it was stolen from me / Before I could put it into words / It was already drifting out to sea / Gone fr… a little help wi photoshop (the scottish version) 50 things tae help ye wi photyshop / I have recently become an expert oan photyshop an wid like tae help ye understand whit the tools are a… complete with teenage longing, cool grass, and fi… waking up with you Sarah Sarah was always the driver. / Her car. / Her rules. / Her gut clenching gear changes. / Her red bra on the seat that someone always hande… song singing sing me songs / from your shadows / let them hang in the air / cool white linens / in the hot wind / of silken melodies / to share / mom… Heart-Core Close your eyes because a blink is all it takes / Like a weak link you break through me like a chain / It’s crazy like schizo I feel like … Insane or Wired or Brilliant? Brilliant Plath disappeared in her Bell Jar / Intense Vincent Van Gogh was labelled insane / And when he cut off his ear they cried he had … QUIETLY I SIT. quietly I sit / listening to the wind Fuck this shit to death (Mature) A collection of Favorites I thought I’d put together a random collection of some of my favorite images, mostly taken in the last 3 years or so of “search… dripping (Mature) Substantial Sustenance He places a chopping block and knife / on the cedar kitchen bench / places his heart upon it / and slices into juliette strips / into a m… no one like a tree / that never fully opens / I am / unable / to reach for the sky / some days / the winds / sing to me / begging.. / let go / co… A Very Wet Dream (Mature) Damaged Goods I breathe. I bathe. Hot water because I’m cold; so cold, alone, and afraid / Relieved that I lived. Retreat into my mind, I was told… I sho… Immerse and Surrender My eyes without you are forlorn, / I bequeath you with all that I am. Dream Do you say reality is your refuge? / I say paint flowers in the sky / Pick the sky and plant beneath your feet / Run amuck in thunderstorm… RB tutourials – How to write Poetry on Red … How to write poetry on Red Bubble / Great tips for new players Empower Curiosity Today, I walked right back to a conversation I had with my mother. / I was young again. Full of curious questions about everything, such… when you’re calm, you’re home when you’re calm, you’re home fishbowl eyes her mascara streams down her face, like leaking octopus ink and I wonder what it tastes like a love story like a fairy tale love roses nor chocolates / cast talismans for love / all happened to me like that goes with the territory.— / half told and half untold / like … my knight, my sculptor, my slayer I beg of you with quiet whispers / do not abandon this blade, my lover The things we lost in the fire Today I sung horribly in my car / At the top of my lungs and while some looked scoffing / I thought of a memory when I was young / A re… The Door And on the path is a gorgeous little boy / His golden hair is mussed in the wind / And he is laughter rings out to you across the field Sunrise till Sunset sunrise / Sunrise to a new day and my brown eyes are wide for the hope of finding a new way / Pray that today isn’t like yesterday; a burnt… self pity happens don’t fight it write it out i know what is wrong; i can measure it by the length my brethren have walked. there is a sound i hear just before i close my eyes. i often… explosions in the sky… Will there be explosions in the sky / The day I say goodbye? / Or will the shadows have their way / And rejoice that I’m not alive? /… pieces fall Pieces / Fall like it’s their time to go / Renewal / Every 8 years like bones… / It starts with one thing / And grows / A fractured rib… Just words. Twist the vowels and spit them out.. Color Me Magenta, Color Me Pink Upon a fuzzy vista / Of Polychromatic Flames / Vision is blurred / Eyes trying to focus / Blinking as blurry turned / To a solid view / Und… Vending Machine All her stock is neatly placed / inside a vending machine / (1) A heart, buoyantly beautiful / (2) A brain of curious questions / (3) A b… the book of blood and snow She dotted her i’s with little circles. / I fucking hate that. Liquid Love If I pour out my heart / Into your glass / Will you sip slowly / Or gulp me up fast? / If I’m what you crave / For your powerful thir… Dominate My Dreams Make that sound again. / You know, the sound. / The one between a / purr and a scream / that dominates my dreams. / A sound that lets me k… Confessing to the Order to move into the disorder… Gathering her lunar thoughts into a linear blueprint required the utmost personal strength. Her Durendal strength had been forged from the… Passion Chase the emotion / around my heart / until it crystallises / A butterfly landing / on an open flower / Beauty upon beauty / My eyes water … lost sometimes a spirit breaks little by little / hurtful words, bad decisions, reckless actions… / the down side of daily life / my soul is wea… I never could pull off a good poker face There is no pretence in being contradictory. If I travel from the east then shift course and hitch a ride on the back of the west wind, am… Tonight I want it like this….. You talk / And I pretend to listen. / I take another sip of my drink / And I smile at you. / I lean back / And lift my skirt / Just a littl… THE NEVER-ENDING ADVENTURES OF OUR TWO CATS, MAO … Mao will eventually realise that Mitch is just a loveable little pest who means him no harm. Today (5th January 2009) we had a rare glimps… Harry, my Stepfather His mother told our mom when they met, that Harry was insane. THE CURTAINS TO THE WINDOWS DEDICATED / Have you ever wondered why it’s years since we have not the curtains at the window? / His face upset from anger looms me… Fuck (Mature) I’m not Homicidal “I got me the prettiest little fucked up bitch in America, and it’s all my fault. Guess that means I gotta fix you, huh?”… The Birth of An Idea… (Mature) THE WARRIOR’S LAMENT In the solitude of my grieving heart I Just Want To Sleep I knew then, I was choosing the wrong path / But I was so young, and all I wanted to do was to laugh / I wanted to believe in love and hap… JESUS WAS A BROWN SKINNED JEW! WORDS OF HATE AND IGNORANCE FLOW FROM YOUR RACIST LIPS / LIKE SO MUCH DIARRHETIC SHIT! / I HEAR YOUR ARGUMENTS SO OFTEN, / HOPING FOR A STA…
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