Delusional He knew he was in trouble the day he started seeing fairies in the garden. A Vision from the Ocean Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf. baskerville old face I like your font. The Functional Forest (Story) ‘I knew it, I just fricken’ knew it,’ Ron muttered, and flicked on an additional bank of lights. The scene revealed itself, and his mouth g… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… In delving into the past of the fair land of Ordine, we must necessarily fall deep into the wellspring of both mystery and legend. It woul… one green word That’s all I need. There’s an elephant in my story I have never liked her. IMPORTANT! READ AND ACT NOW!!! Important! Read and Act now! Love’s not Fuckin Pink. (Slam Poetry Versio… It’s a treacherous frenemy who will raise you up in a choke hold / And slap you to the wall / And it will ram you to that wall so fast you … WRITERS ARE ARTISTS! An artist of words Mud in your bucket I just knew the clouds today were saying "Ahhhhh that’s better”. / ………….. / “Move out of the way…… Fleeting Fascinations Once upon a quiet evening / Careful planning / Completely damned / Beyond the usual recourse, of course / And the normal circumstance / Cam… Another Blonde Chapter: A beach too far independent springing on a Triumph Herald convertible is one thing, but having to come across suspender belt and stockings on a Trinity Col… 12-12-12 12-12-12 and I have writers block. I so wanted to write a masterpiece for this special day. As in previous years such as 11-11-11 and 10-1… Bitter Sweet Yet linger on / the end of the tongue / tasted off the lip Poets, Send Your Words Great rewards easily gained often rarely yield / Opulent finances lasting after handed expecting return to you Words, Where oh Where Can You Be ? So, / I sit with pen in hand, / trying to write something magical. / But, the words elude me right now, / though my brain wants to play / w… EYES WITHOUT A FACE I lie in bed / Like I’m lying in a coffin instead  / My head spinning  / My mind deconstructing When Darkness Falls For my heart is lonely, and my eyes begin to sting / for regardless of all my crying, I still find the time to sing. The Gene Machine, part 1 (Story) Gene designing and hacking can be fun and profitable! Story – Lost in Time I can feel their thoughts. They reach out to me like ribbons of smoke and light, slowly gaining substance. I can hold them and feel them. A… Francine & Francesca -Francine and Francesca- / adored Casablanca / -fed on fish in Alaska- / became hippy backpackers / -exploring Australia- / they toured Sri… The Gene Machine, part 2 (Story) His simulations had been unable to predict a lifespan for this body design, and the software instead called it ‘non-viable’. He hadn’t want… Paper Snow A magical event in my life; a magical man in my life; a memoir to keep the memory safe forever. Write the Good Write A soldier reads a sad letter that starts… / “Dear John” through tears that are blurring his sight. Your Silence Today is a Pond where Drowned things… In the shallow reefs / Are hard coral edges / Sharp with the white foam / That dances / With a cruelty to topple / Your toes walk around th… You can only have writers block if you are a writ… I’m quite new at this writing stuff / Some people have told me / They believe it may even be a type of poetry / My writings that is / I’m … Writers (Artists)… … are in the ‘moving’ business. / :) Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Foreword: / This is the first book of a series that seeks to answer some most important questions of life, such as: What is truth? Are ther… awake now my soul I cry like the gull, in it’s haunting archaic language / from the depths of my soul, like the ocean in mourning / the blue swell carr… DEAR WRITER’S BLOCK I now concentrate on my backside, and have developed a wonderful case of “Scratchus Myassus”. Objectification in art – Pink Panther Magaz… Art is in many ways a mirror. MY PERVERTED MIND SOME PEOPLE JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND daily bread every day the journal fills / much of it dross / some of it workable / occasionally a flash of inspiration Honour among writers You search / You share / You wait / You read / You ponder / You listen / You consider / You cry / You feel / You laugh / You are silent / Y… With The Setting Of The Sun The hosts come a running / And find guests lacking / To satisfy hungry cravings / The long night keeps a- falling / Bringing darkness and d… WW Exercise #11: Prologue Folger rises from the desk in his study and stares from the window; it is mid January and snowing. Which Memories? (Story) It was painful long before the flames actually touched her. People stood and watched and beyond the smoke they appeared to waver in a heat … Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… Examples of other mysteries abound, of the sort that are of much more import to the masses of common folk which litter the various worlds i… Torment Stirring within a dream she finds herself stumbling and falling through a stifling fog unable to foresee her inevitable fate. With arms ou… The Iowa Young Writers Studio Belief Will Bid You Lifeless / Chapter 1 / The anamnesis reads as follows: / CHRISTOPHER L. BRINKMAN, MALE / DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSIS: PARANOID … WRITER’S BLOCK “With unsteady hands Marshall pulled out the top drawer of his desk and rolled up his sleeves. There was a razor blade in the pencil… Away from Harm And she has sat here many times before, watching the sun eclipsed. Its dying rays hollow and cold like metal scraping stone. How to relax in 4 steps (The writers cut) Step two tell the children that the only way to stay alive is to hide in a closet for at least five hours or maybe even until morning, don’… An Evening In Time The wind flows gently through the leaves of fall / as the ebbing day dwindles to a silent end. / The peaceful sound of the cricket’s … Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… From all over this fair planet of ours come reports made by persons of very different walks of life, of strange objects seen flitting throu… Chance, Be My Friend Now two must eat and one must die A BIG WOW! I got into the Writers Market Group Blogazine! New Dawn Will this feeling linger past the morning light? / Will he still care when passion is spent / or does he just love me for tonight? / These … The Writers No one blames the great writers of the past / For being the bastards that they were. Long to Wander in my minds eye remains the memory / of soft green velvet blankets / covering the hills and valley of my home / the sun is shining a brilli… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Another legend says that, if you were to, instead, turn right at the / gates of Piccolo Rancido and were then to travel for twenty miles o… “FEATURED” Embraced By the Sea while frothy white suds dance about me on emerald green waters / they draw from me the tension and pain of a hassled world / what unkn… Stillborn I had a thought, but lost it / Gone before its first breath / Hope it grew wings and learned to fly / Shared secrets with angels / Before s… Ho hum pigs bum! Ho hum, / Pigs bum! / Was going to write a nice lil poem, / Then my mind just went POP! / And now i’ve got nothing exciting to say bu… Writers Block “What’s she want?” / “Who?” / “That bloody teacher.” / “1000 word story using prolepsis technique.” / “What? I’m not here from 6 to 9 eve… Lost A lone traveller. / Flailing in a sea of my own words. Writers Are Like Moths… … ceaselessly searching for / the light (of the Truth). There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Blo… There’s no such thing as writer’s block. / Don’t let the ink get dry. / Write, write, write, write. / March the rhythm by… beloved immortals one by one reborn beloved immortals one by one reborn…love found love lost joys and sorrows Holding On leaning sedately back in the solid wooden rocker she / stares through the rain spotted window The Writer’s Butterfly “A GLISTENING CREATURE EMERGES / STRETCHING ITS WINGS / TREMBLING ON THE CUSP….” Little bit of muse-less nonesense Please come back wor … “FEATURED” Ground Zero – Rememb… Peering through a veil of red, white and blue, consciousness resurfaces… Then… it was easy loving you… A Shock out of writers block… I’m holding on to the roots on the ground, / as the wind blows the cliff away, / bit by bit sand spins towards space, / and all I can thin… Homage to writers of the romantic era Through time I now roam, as I wander the page….. How I feel about my name! My first name is Rebecca, and although it is pretty name, I personally am not a fan of it. Mainly because I found out what it means in Hebr… Desiccated Do words ride my architecture / like finials and crockets / gracing the great house? / Do my fevered fingers search / with instruments of c… My Hearts True Love My heart pounded loudly, quickening by the second………..It beat faster and faster as if it were a humming birds wing, stinging so… Writer’s Block The flow in life / ain’t quite right. / Dis-joints the perspective – Tea Parties “Oh, that’s perfectly alright. Here, let me pour you some tea. You simply must try a drop.” He poured the content of a teapot into a large … For Writers Everywhere I like the way you write, / tumbling lose-like / on the carpet screen, / tossed bones / in some ritual of foreseeing, / some conjurati… Writer’s Block Leaves Much to be Desired She was put out… On Trying To Catch Poetic Muse So march thee down yon vile scrap, / Love thee as a thorn in mine eye! A writers love The writers love / They share with so many / Words for you! / Expression / Feelings of love for another / Created by the writers dye / W… Shell breaking in / breaking out Writers Paint… … with strokes of inspiration. WRITERS WANTED MORE ON COLLABERATIONS / Hey I just had a BIG THOUGHT. / I’m planning to do a Book On My Work this year. / If you are a writer and yo… Writers Are Musicians… Why do you think it’s called a / keyboard ?! :) Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: C… The girl woke to the sound of nagging voices: / “Oh, Angela! Where are my socks? I put them up to dry last night,and, / they aren’t there!… to the writers: why? / because they are ideas, / they are our ideas; The writers block © The writers block © / By: Hector A. Encinas ADDICTION a wide longing hunger / feeds from all these fibres / emasculates my being / until that holy harlot / of a word is uttered Dr. Who What is writing if not internalising … your impressions? Material comes from inspiration and letting yourself getting stuck in the mu… Contrasts… …..Gift of Warmth / A rising globe in the dusty dawn / vivaciously glows against the powdery / blue sky, while it rises on a majestic… Writers Block Write! for you cannot lose where passion reigns / Write! for you cannot still the ink in your veins Downward and Upward! frantic, helpless, wondrous madness! What If? What if sunshine went away? What if rain clouds came to stay? / What if romance was no fun? What if passion came undone? / What if friendsh… Flying On A Monsoon Day This languid movement / One of few they experience / As eternal they stand / Unmoving For You Bathing me in sensual divine awakening / with the look from their smiling / dancing eyes, looking in appreciation / of my full Goddess beau… a passenger in life ~ please finish it A passenger in life, / my journey takes me / I have no say where I go / or where I will be to writers have you tried not to write? / with all your might / fight fight fight / and then you see an inspiring sight / remember the pain- forgettin… Dogs Barking What kind of crazy chaos is this a.gain? / Dogs are barking to the wind / howling crazy songs to a Siren… / Admittedly this pauses my… writers and writings Why do we write? / The question popped up as I visited our virtual library, the RB collection of all the writings that we have posted her… Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: … Many an environmentalist came to Piccolo Rancido, hoping to shed / a little light in a very unenlightened community. They spoke of soft, …
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