Coder's block by zula Writer's Block by Matteo Pontonutti

baskerville old face

I like your font.

one green word

That’s all I need.
Danger - Writers Block by Ron Marton Write drunk; edit sober. - Hemingway by simplytextual writers block by Loui  Jover writer's block by natalie angus

Fleeting Fascinations

Once upon a quiet evening / Careful planning / Completely damned / Beyond the usual recourse, of course / And the normal circumstance / Cam…

Another Blonde Chapter: A beach too far

independent springing on a Triumph Herald convertible is one thing, but having to come across suspender belt and stockings on a Trinity Col…


12-12-12 and I have writers block. I so wanted to write a masterpiece for this special day. As in previous years such as 11-11-11 and 10-1…
Writers Block by sarah ward

Words, Where oh Where Can You Be ?

So, / I sit with pen in hand, / trying to write something magical. / But, the words elude me right now, / though my brain wants to play / w…
writers block by gemynd


I lie in bed / Like I’m lying in a coffin instead  / My head spinning  / My mind deconstructing

Your Silence Today is a Pond where Drowned things…

In the shallow reefs / Are hard coral edges / Sharp with the white foam / That dances / With a cruelty to topple / Your toes walk around th…
Cobwebs...Writers Block ?. by Joe Mortelliti COFFEE IS MY MUSE! by Blair Campbell Let It Snow by webgeekist

You can only have writers block if you are a writ…

I’m quite new at this writing stuff / Some people have told me / They believe it may even be a type of poetry / My writings that is / I’m …
Writers Block by ujeffx


I now concentrate on my backside, and have developed a wonderful case of “Scratchus Myassus”.
Writers' Block Panorama by phil hemsley


“With unsteady hands Marshall pulled out the top drawer of his desk and rolled up his sleeves. There was a razor blade in the pencil…
Clint Eastwood Tried to be reasonable by gustrafo


I had a thought, but lost it / Gone before its first breath / Hope it grew wings and learned to fly / Shared secrets with angels / Before s…

Ho hum pigs bum!

Ho hum, / Pigs bum! / Was going to write a nice lil poem, / Then my mind just went POP! / And now i’ve got nothing exciting to say bu…

Writers Block

“What’s she want?” / “Who?” / “That bloody teacher.” / “1000 word story using prolepsis technique.” / “What? I’m not here from 6 to 9 eve…


A lone traveller. / Flailing in a sea of my own words.

There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Blo…

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. / Don’t let the ink get dry. / Write, write, write, write. / March the rhythm by…

A Shock out of writers block…

I’m holding on to the roots on the ground, / as the wind blows the cliff away, / bit by bit sand spins towards space, / and all I can thin…


Do words ride my architecture / like finials and crockets / gracing the great house? / Do my fevered fingers search / with instruments of c…
About Blank by W. H. Dietrich

Writer’s Block

The flow in life / ain’t quite right. / Dis-joints the perspective –

Writer’s Block Leaves Much to be Desired

She was put out…

On Trying To Catch Poetic Muse

So march thee down yon vile scrap, / Love thee as a thorn in mine eye!


breaking in / breaking out
Writers Block by Kim Slater

The writers block ©

The writers block © / By: Hector A. Encinas


a wide longing hunger / feeds from all these fibres / emasculates my being / until that holy harlot / of a word is uttered

Writers Block

Write! for you cannot lose where passion reigns / Write! for you cannot still the ink in your veins

Downward and Upward!

frantic, helpless, wondrous madness!
Artist's block card by 1001cards Save Ink by Anne van Alkemade

a passenger in life ~ please finish it

A passenger in life, / my journey takes me / I have no say where I go / or where I will be
Writer's block by 1001cards

Writer’s Block

writers block by Absinthestare Writers Block by Shane Field Words Failed Her by DExPIX


I stood out on the balcony watching the black smoke billowing, thicker and thicker, the flames spreading, and it came to me just as though …


What you read is what I felt at that exact moment.

Motivation. + Writers Block + Red Wine Black Nail…

ELLO. Something Amazing is about to Happen. Can you Feel it? / Well We all need it from Time to Time / MOTIVATION. ( H( )( )K STUDIO WORD…

Has the ink run dry?

Has the ink run dry? / If not, why / Does the pen not write? / What reasons to cite / For a sudden lack of notions, / Thoughts lost in the …
Writers block! by johnnyknocks

Writers Block or Lovers Block

If I could only find the words

Writer’s Block

i need to get it down on paper / or on a computer screen of words / screeching thoughts / grab my mind / the urge / to let this flow / it&#…

Writers block

Confused and baffled I put to it to explain to me its plight, / But happens it couldn’t find the words try as it might,

You are perfect, I am not.

I prefer letters you see. Much more personal.


I smile wide like sun set to shine / and sunshine bled to sunsets inside, / and I smiled wide, / almost laughing, tasting the blue
Writers Block by moon light by Ry Bowie-Woodham

Writers Block

Picking at my thoughts like they were chicken wings
Writer's Block by Nebsy Writers Block illuminated by Ry Bowie-Woodham

Writer’s Block

It’s like there’s a rock in / The stream in my head


I felt suddenly permeated by the thought that we’re all crowded into the same instance; together, alone. / Staring ourselves blind in…

The Common Plight

I sit to write / And draw a blank / It frustrates
Hunt For Ideas by robertemerald The Writer - Writer's Block by Tucker Masten

Writers Block

So I twiddle my thumbs and tap my toes / I shake my head and pray for The Muse. / The fear that it will never come is unbearable / and I ev…

Beer and Ice Cream

I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea…


His Hand laid on the engine / and the fuel was endless, / inspiration overflowed into canals of the mind: / Ink of the pen.
My Personal Writer's Block by Judith Hayes Poet's Complaint by maggie-luvs2fly



Writers Block

And that’s when my brain said, “Enough!” / “I will not think of words and stuff, / Can’t make me do this thin…


Henmeyer sets out pen and paper. / He has put the typewriter away out / Of sight. He wants to write as others / Wrote in the past, the p…

Some direction

I never want to cease to exist but I wish for all the world to be anything less than solid.

writers block

tick.tick.tick. its driving him crazy. tick. tick. tick.
Writers Block by Madeline Antic Writers Block. by LittleBark

Writers Block and a Weird Day.

Everything was so blue. / I thought for a second there was snow. / Then we go closer. / The roofs of the houses were almost black. / Th…


…then I realized that I’m brain dead…

How to Not Write

…an area I am rapidly becoming an expert: how to avoid writing. As a person who has chosen to dedicate my life to putting words on pa…

Where have all the blowers gone?

You’ll wait some more for that relief / For which you never paid.

So we decided to work through our writers’ …

So we worked through our writers’ block / With permanent marker / And well-chosen words / And the bedroom wall.


The mind that holds fragile desire / So easily shattered / Like bits of ice

Slow minds make for slow work

The cogs of and wheels of her mind turn round and round as she thinks of what to write. For weeks now she has been stuck for interesting wo…

Doug and the Loaf of Bread

Douglas was asked by his mother / “Dougy boy would you be a good son and run to the store to get a loaf of bread?” / Doug shook…
Agatha Christie says write it your own way. by gustrafo

Well Then Write Something

I woke up this morning and said “I hate myself” / I heard something in my head say “well then write something”

Writing Wrong

He could not continue until he knew why Quinn hadn’t instead “turned over a dirty leaf of his little black book” instead …
Getting shit done? by who-is-lu


Gandhi inspires you to make a change. by gustrafo When your characters turn... by wrider
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