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Pretty as You Feel (art, poem & a song) by Rhonda Strickland A FEELING OF NOTHINGNESS by Mugsy Worthless by grubbanax numb by Rosemary Scott Stalin' On You! (Already Ol' Skool Edition) by shadeprint Destitute by Gwoeii The Worthless Peons by disasterink MAN ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS ON A DAY THAT EVERYTHING IS TOO LATE AND WORTHLESS by Alvaro Sánchez Pretty as You Feel She caught herself this morning, / Cursing at herself. / She said you’re ugly, you’re so fat, / She said I hate myself. Time to Die I have this pain far inside, / And I continue to ask, why? / There is a voice calling to me, / I feel its’ time to die. . . . You Are a Worthless, No Good Bum!!! by barnsis Butterflies fantasy garden very colourful textured by natalyborissov worthless lives by Loui  Jover 1986 (or "A bad day to remember") by Scott Mitchell A Worthless Moment Put it in a box and bury it deep / There’s no more time to sit and weep / About a moment that holds no worth / It’s time for an… Worthless- NSFW The Soul Raper an evil look, / but I don’t think you care! / my soul isn’t destroyed? "Politicians' worthless cracks" by darkvampire worthless trinkets . . . precious to me by evon ski Spite by Visceral Creations Helsinki - afterwinter bike around Kamppi by Michal Tokarczuk worthless trinkets . . . precious to me 2 by evon ski Worthless Race Feeding, breathing, multiplying. / Existing, not living i matter My wants and needs Exist… / They are not a figment of my overactive imagination, / My thoughts and feelings Real… / Not some co… LONDON: VIEWS FROM THE TOP DECK PT 14: BECAUSE I'M WORTHLESS by Redtempa drawing by Ronan Crowley Worthless Money by oddoutlet Self-abuse There are many forms self-abuse can take, / But bending or bruised, we refuse to break. A certain romance I / You wriggle and turn / You bubble and fizz / Because you finally / See / You, / Without the distractions of the day / You see / You. / … Fools Gold Roll up a cigarette, sugar rush, better yet, better still, get your fill from the caffeine, maybe stay in, maybe TV, keep it easy, whiskey … ~ Woman, Thou Worthless Fluff, Creature Of Air! ~ by Alexanðra  Lexx Norðóttir Walking in the Rain is being a woman synonymous with being a slab of prime cut to be cut up with their greedy teeth and eaten whenever they have the appetite t… Worthless by EHutchison A poem called Enough Never good enough. / Never good enough. / Never good enough. all the others to hope for something beautiful worthless i ripped off my wings / decent into the lonliness / to see what bliss it brings / life has taught me / that its full of shit / shut my eyes… Worthless by tasing To He Who Pissed Me Off Rest the quill and stay your hand, / For your work is soft like shit. Worthless Dollars by dakota1955 Worthless Words Cages packed with worthless words; / locked up with no meaninful cause to release themselves. / How could I let them go / How can I let yo… Life We need to take a stand for ourselves believe in ourselves that we are not worth less pieces of crap Original painting trees forest flowers girls -Fairies secret gossip in the woods  by natalyborissov The Bullet v’s Life. If i had a bullet…. anything worthless by nymPhoto Poetry: Worthless How cold such cold, cruel words come into existence? / Worthless, just the thought brings ice to my veins. / Worthless, in a dark shadow a … untitled #1 Give up and Give in, Let’s become real again Worthless I know I am not perfect and I have not lived my life by the most honorable of / means, but I also know that no one deserves to be called th… Left overs. Sometimes I wish he would die. / I embody that horse that got ran over / Someone should shoot me / So i wouldn’t be in pain anymore. … Worthless $100 dollar bills by dakota1955 Golden stone by Arve Bettum Nothing. You tell me I’m nothing, I feel I have no purpose, / Wandering the Earth broken, worthless, / I have forgotten about the things that … Worthless She’s not worth / your time / they said to me / leave her alone / and let her be / But I kept going back / yeah I kept going back / … Dance - blue pink abstract painting by natalyborissov Worthless and Illusions This world is full of deception, lies, broken hearts, / Murder, death,sadness, anger, beatings, Drinking, depression, no money, / and only… Once Worth Gold, Now WORTHLESS!" by dakota1955 worthless stuff by hkavmode Worthless earnest You Are Worthless, Love by Bradley Nichol Dark October  by ch-apparrel 4 Ways White Tee by ch-apparrel Sea of Poison by Toradellin Fantasy garden original painting by natalyborissov Woods of Sorrow  by ch-apparrel WL Logo Black by ch-apparrel Worthless Storm by SE22 Ball game - child playing in room original painting by natalyborissov Swimming lesson by natalyborissov WL Logo White by ch-apparrel 4 Ways Black tee by ch-apparrel Water game - metamorphosis - original figurative painting by Nataly by natalyborissov Out Then the pull, that evil tug, / struggle with yourself again. Into the Darkness by Vihang Money is Worthless-When you have this.  by Amber Haines Take me to the future by natalyborissov Summer vacation in the village - children play game horses by natalyborissov Abstract garden spring blossom trees forest by natalyborissov Tangible  by Sarah Annesley Count It All Garbage by EarsToHear old and tattered by kirby anderson Worthless Koopa Junk! by javajohnart Cubicle Catastrophe by SteveOramA homeless by lesslessmore Hole In Me by Visceral Creations Ineffective by Visceral Creations NOPPARATRUE DETECTIVE by cheatdathz Written in running water by Fernando Fidalgo worthless by Jay Fassett Everything seems so worthless.. And then the sun shines through by HideAndSeek

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