from inside the steel cage,i see the world ,cover…

When I am old / and the grayness of / the world, / colors my mind, / nibbles at my brittle bones, / toys with my vanquished heart, / I will…

put it all down

whatcha’ gonna say to your children as they grow / here’s a dying planet your all on your own / raise your fear now and bury yo…


i sweep my feelings away / since they have all turned to dust / my heart broken so many times / it is now tin and filled with rust / my sou…

Got Featured In hummingbirds of the world

Woo Got featured with { A little sip }

LENA THE LION.=the other side of the world..

she heard a low growl..

Rebirthing the World.

a redefining / of what it is / to be / human


Just a couple of months away, to be exact July the 1st me and my girlfriend will be flying from Brussels to London to Calgary, Canada! We&#…

The Great Depression

What you gonna do in the morning / What you gonna do when they take your car / And welcome to the great depression / Somehow it doesn’t se…

Write Me A Poem

Write me a poem that’s meant from the heart / one for all mankind to understand / to take note of our lost land / for the wounds that…

Another World.

Spewing dreams to wandering souls

The World That Matters

I shouted ’cross the chasm / yet there was no answer. / Your name dying on my lips. / No stone deemed your sacrifice / worthy of consecrat…

A Ring of Masters

The underworld of this world where desires are embraced, / Unleashed in a playground where madness runs beneath the race.


“Attempt” a poem by Mariam Muradian


The Saddest Face in the World


He watches her stumble / With pain in his eyes / Wanting to reach out / To tell her / He’ll hold her steady / But he cannot / She begins to…


I need the place where there’s no pain / to live and breathe again / I can’t stay and hold your hand


Courtesy of C.N.N the horror will never end. / Those images indelibly etched in our minds eye. / The endless repeats of that plane slamming…

Where Darkness Befell World Falls

I fain close the door, it overts to find despair ever more.

I’m ‘So Fucked Up’ gotta love w…


That Place Next To You

I only have this. Just this one memory.

The World Needs Poets

We are as much bound to our art / As it is bound to us, within us, ingrained into us.

alter-world of whimsy

take away the world from me / let me float free / in my alter-land of whimsy / where my man’s musk lingers on my fingers / and I̵…

World times

Found this site which is good for showing what time it is around the world - /

Deep Blue Tuesday: A First-Hand Account of the Ev…

People were screaming. People were crying. People were livid with anger. People were running.

Before the World was Made

From Indian silk traders lines / They travelled through weather / Of high cheek bones / To cut off the cold / The nose wide, flat, / Not po…

Welcome to my world….

I’m not the same person. / I once was before. / Pain has changed me. / For the worst. / And your ignorance of understanding, / Leaves…

Governments of The World…

… put your money where our mouths are.


Shards of hope / they blister and break


Don’t look back now, it’s far too late / Don’t want your Hello’s or Goodbyes / just close the gate. / No more cryin…

Happy Birthday Martin

Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what …

The Weight of the World

When the weight of the world, / Breaks your back…

Different People aren’t meant to lead norma…

Must not lose my focus amidst this numb routine of / riding amonst the expressionless to work on the Sydney System. / My novel still calls.…

Reality Check

It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’…

The Song of the World

I sip my tea.

LITERACY or Love of Reading

The United Nations defines illiteracy as the inability to read and write a simple sentence in any language. So, these literacy rates refer …

Never the rose

Pale, beautiful, sad eyes / See the world / But never the rose.

Relapsed, But I Still Got You, And It Makes Me St…

things are starting to tear me down again / the sorrow creeps back in / and things begin to fall apart / i’m am no longer immune to t…

A Tree and The World

Have you ever looked at a tree? / Not just look at it, but really look, / Watching the leaves as they flow and flutter / Gently in the bree…

Welcome to the End- Lily’s View

The world had changed since then. It had changed in the sense that it was going to end.

Envy of A World

It is frost / Outside the season / Biting deeper / The heart / Of man— / Sun deprived of warmth / By hard-time / When a land judges / Addi…


blood soaked away / through pavement cracks / zigged zagged to the gutter / his body sprawled / life taken too easily / no rhyme enough / n…

“Magic Carpet Ride”

“Magic Carpet Ride” a poem by Mariam Muradian.


Your lungs continue to require air / and / so / you / breathe

The Girl Who Changed My World

You took my cold, stony heart / And turned it back to flesh / You ventured through the darkness / To pull me from the brink of Death

Africa can

The struggle has been long / Too much has been said of Africa / Now ’tis time to shine! / © siki dlanga / 09.06.2010

Dare to believe- ‘A new world is born’…

Magician, Man and Beast by Daniel Williamson / *To read more chapters visit / Prologue: The Cycle of Life / Armo…

What a Wonderful World

No one really wants to feed the hungry or help the poor / Life means nothing to the youth and to take one makes them hardcore

“Glory Be”

“Glory Be” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Words for World

These are the words I want 2 be heard.

The End

The short email asked me if I could find a solution to the attached problem.

Shabby, Appalling and Disrespectful … Share…

long term unemployed survivors have described paternalistic and malicious job service staff in exactly the same words.

World at my feet

You showed me the world: / it lay at my feet. / You told me the key / was clasped in my heart. / You said go and see / what was out there. …

Looking glass

A world I cannot touch / Yet, it is my world, I see.


LA LALALALA LA LA / a safe place at the end of the world,

World Peace? No Chance

I’am Right your wrong / End off.

I can’t fight the world today

soon marketing will be a secondary year school subject / forget English, forget Math / we measure success from the price of your autograph


there was a day when the sun shone in a delightful way, / long before the darkness / there was a day when laughter welled inside / now it&…

Falling World

Rising away from the falling world / Turn as one, as nobody / At all, away / To think and plan / And possibly scheme / To wait and see / Be…

Wonderful English from Around the World

In a Bangkok temple: / IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER A WOMAN, EVEN A FOREIGNER, IF DRESSED AS A MAN. / Cocktail lounge , Norway : / LADIES ARE …

Something bigger than the world.

The waxing gibbous moon bathed the warm December evening in silver pearlescent light. There was not a single cloud in the sky, just a blan…


“Passion” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Dead To The World

As I watched him he was barely moving. Much in the same way as some poor person who has been in a horrific accident conserves every ounce o…

Semi-gloss the world

I want to paint this world white / To make it clean and make it bright / Semi gloss it smooth and let it shine / Paint what’s glum and hope…

New World

Evolution happens in such baby steps. It is hardly detectable in a lifetime. / Susan found her gift early. Some would say it’s been a…

A world of my own

I look to the world and what do I see…..

Lament Of The World

In a world of injustice and inequality, in a world full of suffering and pain, how can one busy oneself with their own comfort and easeR…

“Such A Time….”

“Such A Time….” a poem by Mariam Muradian

And the world fell down

So now when you ask me how i am / with that mocking concern in your eyes / I paste on a smile / And tell you i’m fine

wittle archies call for help ( save the world )

hi my name is wittle archie im just a wittle boy of shevan years of age im from a small village in scotland called sauchie in clackmannanhi…


_I am become death, the destroyer of worlds… / J. Robert Oppenheimer’s thoughts on the first atomic bomb,referencing the Bhagav…

World Situation

What’s going to happen when / the world stops sowing seeds / and trees stop growing tall / and God stops bestowing Grace / sufficient fo…

a moldy old world

in a place of no gods / sitting silently / in a moldy old cavern / a vision of a hand in red dust / we`re eyes were made of thunder / torch…


Pray for sunshine…


“Intentions” a poem by Mariam Muradian


imagine the unthinkable / where the red rain burns through / and the scarlet clouds brighten the sky / the seduction of women / destroy all…

White Christmas

writing white christmas in all black clothes

Where Are We?

This planet is inhabited by very strange creatures…

Untitled Good-bye

we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be

In recognition of Wilfred Owen – 1893-1918 …

A-A British soldier and poet, published posthumously Wilfred Edward Salter Owen / R-Realistic writer of war poetry on the horrors of trench…

The Secret in the Wall (Part VI) and

The giant and his son sit by a fire in the dark wood. They have been waiting patiently all day, hoping for the Secret Keeper to appear.

i want to exhale

i felt the gravitational pull / couldn’t exhale / a surge of fire consumed me / your blue eyes told a story / of desire…pain…


The land that I live upon / And feast from / In her natural beauty

Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: …

No matter the reason for their existence, legends have been a part / of our history from the dawn of mankind, as they will assuredly be a …

“How Can It Be?”

“How Can It Be?” a poem by Mariam Muradian.


“Evidence” a poem by Mariam Muradian

The New World

I circled the world in a point of time / And I discovered the story / Of Christopher Columbus’s lifetime / You know, he was born in Italy …

Enter a World of Magic

Take the ultimate leap of imagination and enter a world beyond time… / ‘For in the shadow of death, the seed of a new soul shall fall. / A…

Another Feature ‘’Bears of the World&…

I’m having a good week. / Thanks so much to Nic Relton and Marleia Main / Thanks so much guy’s its greatly appreciated.

Next up!

with all the 2012 talk, I thought I would throw in my own 2 cents….For whatever it’s worth.

Dear World ………………

It made me sad to see him this way……….

Gazing out the window of my world

Walk in steps of wonder / Bubbles of pure ecstasy

Tonight I Stopped….

Tonight I stopped saving the world

The shadow woman/ Dedicated to those ,forttogen t…

Shadow, / Through the life of many."*

A world of dreams

I realise that I’d rather live in a world of dreams / Where the song of the butterfly wings can be heard / Where rain is diamond liqu…


Rivers of newlyweds, / Falling gently to the ground. / Old homes where once I slept, / Now burn low across the sky.

When It All Ends

I once knew a boy named Tony, he was a little boney, tried to put up a front that was phony,. Now this is his story. He was abused at home,…
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