agenda, schedule and diary The world stalled on tracks / No turning back / it seems we lost all our diving gear when the boat turned turtle just off the shore / maybe… TURTLE SPEED The natural beauty oozes slowly / through form, through each beating heart, / the ecstatic reach of trees, / the melt of light into light, ACCUMULATION Hopes for the missing humanity is fading / there is little hope that they will be found alive / we have given up hope of finding any more… To see this world with different eyes To see this life with different eyes… / On a rainy day, / it happens to me, / that I start to complain. / There is no sun, there is just… /… LILLY IS STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD Pio looks at Lilly. He smiles. / His flute silkily celebrates her long legs / in a lilting melody of prayer. / His angel writes down its pa… Night #2 His shadow had a different voice beneath the moon. It was cold, like the light that cast it. / “What is it you want?” his shado… Salvador’s dream world You fell into the dream when you woke in Madrid, / And at you fingers, your identity, time, and reality melted. / The world watches an immo… Wasted Lives Like many before him, / and many more will follow, I want to skim around the world……. ca… I want to skim around the world, / missing so much in the years I am told / longing to see / more of me / skimming will bring out a victory… “It’s a Small World,Afterall..”… To see the curve of a smile,the glance of a eye… To see the beauty in a well made salad..A small smile at a silly thought.. Prom Sunday We can’t stop Time; He races with the sun and always wins, / but we can be immersed, afloat, surrounded / in His generous embrace. The Seductress conquer the world… Our World We walk among a world / were no one see’s the tragities that are among us / a little boy has lost his father / to a drive by shoting … I Give You My All I was traveling down the dark and lonely halls in my life / with the glimpe of Paradise flickering far in front of me a malignant world a malignant world we live in / pasty faces walking by / taking the breath from the weak ones / holding them down till they die / the stenc… Darling, stand by me Darling / Darling, / Hold my hand if you fall / Pull yourself from the dirt. / black earth, / and give in to an embrace The great big bubble world on the flutter of butterfly wings / we landed gently in this place / to be lifted …in awe / wearing smiles of familiar / and nods of … dormancy the rise in inhumanity was just one symptom of the poor state of the world / were we telling us that these symptoms were just figment of ou… Women of the World A poem I wrote What is it that rocks this world? Deep with in me is a feeling I can not explain / It’s a mixture of happiness, sadness and pain / It moves from with in me up through my hea… MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life …I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live… The Way Home You took a flight down the dark road / To fullfill your dreams of silver and gold “Power” “Power” a poem by Mariam Muradian. A Dream of a Rose There is Beach Morning Glory there / and you are Queen everywhere MOONDANCE 5 yet another moon one. Your World, Your Life Your dreams will become reality if you believe it / Thoughts are the second most powerful force in the universe / Love is the first scar the immediate future is clear, but it’s hard to tell what lies beyond / is revolution is near around us? / the world still bears the … You and I I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in… Slut Slut Sweet World Slut, slut / sweet world / you hold / goddess-like / in your palm “Fools Rush In” “Fools Rush In” a poem by Mariam Muradian. What Sort of World? In this world we bring our kids / This world of constant heaving / Life is just a series of bids / What sort of world are we leaving? With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… My World Welcome to my world / A lifetime of dreams made real / Explore their wonders The End Of The World Beyond the whys lies the moments of you / Secrets I stumbled to hide behind with a smile / Catching you dozing and stealing your dreams / F… What Does A Child Know About World Peace? child, peace on Earth. What does a child know? child of light. Precious night, precious moon. Stars. mother nature. rage dying EAT THE WORLD! TWO CHEESE BURGERS WITH THE LOT / AND SUPER SIZE EVERYTHING! / I WANT TO EAT THE WORLD! / I’LL BUILD A MANSION WITH 50 ROOMS / AND MARRY A … Doublethinking (an Orwellian ordeal) What a beautiful world! / Eyes raised, toes uncurled, / a sweet place of laughter and love, / filled with goodness and easy swerve. / Beaut… In The Midst of Grace I have one hope when my world caves in, / that my God will never forsake me. / For He walks with me in the valley of shadows, / wraps me … A Schizophrenic’s Dream World The dream started with me wanting to go have a cup of coffee. I’m driving down the road in a 1928 Rolls Royce with a beanie cap on looking … Joy to the world? Joy to the world? / If only it was that simple Woods #3 The woods were blacker than the space behind his eyes. The boy could not see his shadow, there was no light to cast it. / “Are you th… Merry Christmas To The World And we’re filled with joy / Like every girl and boy / Yes it’s time for Christmas cheer Not Of This World You understand the rejection and the scorn of this world / that has laid so much blame at my feet The Democratic Republic of Tibet" by 11 Marc… Welcome to His Holiness & Divine Grace Dalia Lama in Australia! The birth of “The Democratic Republic of Tibet” and “… Not of the World here i am / naked / more than the eye What do you do when you feel the whole world is a… I think the answer lies deep within you, buried in your subconscious waiting for you to discover it. The Flat lands we strayed a few blocks in the wrong direction and became hopelessly lost / the time spoke in a brusque tone / do we got the drift of what … Wisewoman’s World It’s not an easy gift, / this mantle of magick It’s World Mental Health Day!! wish that more people will understand about mental health, and hopefully dampen the annoying stigma the society tend to paste on us. World Peace Isn’t The Issue… … People Peace is. / :) A World Apart Passions swallowed into the dismal swamp / Waiting for the bearer to discover its truths / That love may be captured within the very heart … asynaisthita “Listen Sarah, generally speaking I meant the ancient fables, in the Greek mythology where the souls stood in an order of waiting in … Undefined Innocence …A ballad to you across the prairies… Manuscript messages in lonely glass bottles… I’m feeling a bit envious Don’t tell birds but I’m little bit envious / They don’t follow rules / Don’t having any kind of Law / They donR… World of Bullshit We live in a world of bullshit. / Sit-com lives fed a daily dose / Of homogenised, pasteurised, / Sterilised bullshit! / We vote for miscre… my world 1-2-11 @12:14pm / i’ve gone toe to toe with men twice my size / had my head held on a car by a loaded, cocked .45 / with knives to m… Lefties DON’T BE ALARMED ! / Look to the right and the left and back again.. / The person you didn’t see / Is a Leftie ! / The person y… The world according to Red Bubble because we can uplift each other and make the spirits soar / with these nice and simple words-“your art I just adore”! American Gypsy World, fuck me in my eyes so that I can see your real color! Push your songs into my ear so hard that the melody comes out on the other sid… The Bullet and the Trigger Tick tock like a clock / Digging my own grave / And every time I look / I see we’re getting more depraved A World Apart Two worlds unite in a common distress / Linking elements of light over darkened groves / Whispering wind sings the songs of laughter / Brin… High Why / oh why ? The end of the world, or something like it It’s cloudy, and windy, like too cloudy and windy for a day in June. It’s supposed to be warm and it’s not really warm a… Playing for Change…. CHANGE…..what a concept All the Voids the World Has Left Touch the candle and receive it’s light / Close your eyes / Listen to the silence / Sense the beauty that abo… THE CONTINUING STORY OF MAN (Mature) I Hear A Strange Sound Could it be from another world? “Fire” “Fire” a poem by Mariam Muradian. Michael’s World The ceiling fan agonised him with its constant rhythmic squeak, a grating cry which kept perfect time with its desultory rotation. He had … Whatever Is Found In this World Whatever is found in this world / We shelter / We bend the strained hunch of our backs / And discover / We search / Through the litter / S… Golden Lion A golden lion once crossed my path, / With hypnotic eyes – he held my stare. / He moved so gracefully with natures songs: Woozy Being washed away one bottle at a time, sinking see the world today leave it till tomorrow / wonjt be no more today Fastest Spiders In The World We’ve some Spiders in our car, / They come with us both near and far. / One web hangs up in the corner, / A spidery version of Lil… The World As Is And so a tiny / Notion grows / It flows down / And down / To you / And gathering / Speed / It drops a / Certain / Wee / Seed / O… Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love … Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti… My World of Colour BLUE IS THE SKY, AND THAT OF THE SEA / GREEN ARE THE HILLS, AND THAT OF THE TREE / YELLOW THE SUN, AND THAT OF THE SAND / RED IS THE SUNSET… tattered rag i had a satin dress / all the colors of the rainbow I STARTED A SONG THAT STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD CRY… Shaking and fumbling as she left she didn’t look back; she smoothed her hair, and noticed she had lost a shoe; she started to run 2000 DC Touch down in speechless space sensor to sensor in a senseless stare. WORLD WAR 3 I had my first tattoo at 13 years of age. Reason being, to emulate my father who had tattoos. / In the early 60s’, in the Outback of … A soppy wet death in living waters: My spirit exi… Cold granite / under naked toes, gripping a stark cliff / in black-robed air that fills the pores of Your canvas / Her hair / long and tang… A new world I will create Solidified the world is, but a liquid of desire and greed thins the morals and purpose of the precious little good left in it. This Life I Love As short and transitory as this life is, it’s long enough for making love. Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters Third World The Third World is not only a reality but also an ideology…. and a way to perceive the world around… / Being born in it and accepting it, m… Capturing the World from Above Tips for Aerial Photography – Article in September Edition of “Wildlife, Nature and Landscape Photography Online Magazine” she so wanted to change the world Short and bitter read. Tattered Dreams Tattered dreams, falling as stars / Toward the ocean of his inner world Your World Build with passions deep / To abide in what you love / It’s your world, live it T.R.A.P.S It’s a miserable state for pigs / For the love of mud they dig / We cook their pork and fry their bacon / But it’s we who are mistaken! Lost in an Alien World I dropped from who knows where into this land of aliens who share their foreign world with me. / A weed seed dropped in amongst the roses … “I Am” “I Am” a poem by Mariam Muradian. change the world Its the age of innovation / Who is up the challenge and who is up to challenge? / The song alone can change the world / If it comes from so… The broken places I find my strength in the broken places The End Of The World!!! !Don’t know about you guys but I’m getting ready for the apocalypse by backing up everything on my exterior hard drive includin…
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