Nightmare at Rapido River

The roar of explosions and the screams of dying men filled the chill night air and quickly plunged the assault force into chaos.

Audrey Hepburn was elegant

women skeletons made themselves my heroes, naked and charred skins, piled one over the other, all were noble, having the task of living and…

Not Today

Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo…

" My Boyhood Memories in the War"

4 March 2009 / Accessibility help / Text only / BBC Homepage / BBC History / WW2 People’s War Homepage / Archive List / Timeline / Ab…

roses on the fire – children has killed by …

let stop that fire / stop the War please!

Never Forget

Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries

Wasted Lives

Like many before him, / and many more will follow,


the immediate future is clear, but it’s hard to tell what lies beyond / is revolution is near around us? / the world still bears the …

The Bullet and the Trigger

Tick tock like a clock / Digging my own grave / And every time I look / I see we’re getting more depraved

Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love …

Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti…


I had my first tattoo at 13 years of age. Reason being, to emulate my father who had tattoos. / In the early 60s’, in the Outback of …

living on the edge

Sovereignty / Poverty / Territories / Subsidy / Testament / Humanity / Ramification / Peace / Disconsolate / Bewilderment / Development / O…

To Men of War

You keep running, but what are you running for? / You fight, but who are you fighting for? / You died, but who did you die for?

Lest We Forget 11-11-2011

Useful 2012 Links for a Better World…

Here are a couple of 2012 links – for a better world: / Sign The CHANGE THE WORLD Petition / Join the EARTH CHANGES FORUM

The Life and Death of an African Eagle

Hurtling toward the enemy at well over 300 knots, he dove beneath the formation, threw his aircraft into a violent, gut-wrenching, brain-nu…

My Father’s Arnhem Experience

I was vaguely surprised to find myself sitting in the cockpit of a glider in Broadwell on 18th September 1944

At war with the world

Damage done, great loss / Entities so close but still so far / A family of strangers, a family at war

World’s Quick Scenario

Institutions / Constitutions / Liberation / Relations / Revolutions / Reincarnation / Rejuvenation / Rehabilitation / Relaxation / Dominati…

Happy Birthday Martin

Happy Birthday Martin / (Martin Luther King January 15th 1929 – April 4th / 1968 / If you were here today on your birthday / what …

Words for World

These are the words I want 2 be heard.

Thinking Small is Killing Us

Thinking Small is Killing Us / In this turbulent time, in this pain filled time, we are the seers of our generation.


_I am become death, the destroyer of worlds… / J. Robert Oppenheimer’s thoughts on the first atomic bomb,referencing the Bhagav…


Pray for sunshine…

In recognition of Wilfred Owen – 1893-1918 …

A-A British soldier and poet, published posthumously Wilfred Edward Salter Owen / R-Realistic writer of war poetry on the horrors of trench…

The Conscientious Objector

Not knowing at what cost / To their own innocent souls

The Iraq War.

people accepted what others believe from every side. If people did not kill, if governments were not so focused on their own needs and show…

Butterflies And Bombs

So the butterfly whispered to me, / I know your not like them

HOPE- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht

“Oh Giver of Dreams- We ask for your help now….”

A New Day!

For the day is now ending and the clouds reappear. / They will never forgive you for dropping it here.

No Perfect World Today

Grenades were detonating in splashes of radiant orange. Claps of thunder came from dark guns, looming over everything with their demons for…

In Our World ©

“Pain and suffering surround us all,/People push people until they fall,/Hate and destruction lead to war,/We’ll soon have to b…

Green Fields of France

The sunlight streams down through the tall eucalyptus trees in the forest, illuminating my path of childhood discovery. I am eight years ol…

War in the World

War can not be justified! War is a major problem.

Untimely Heroes

Pearl Harbor Memorial

Lest I Forget


The World At War

Welcome to the world at war making victims of the poor, killingpeople oh so fast easier then in the past / politicians say “cant̵…

Guilty Conscience

That yellow star of David, / That she hugged to her chest. / That label which we gave them, / So I could shoot, her pure white dress.

Aren’t you? Me too—See we are so much…

Now I am in my garden / I’m singing this song / Made a list this evening / It’s important…

A article 2012, God’s Or Man’s View .

Most of these false prophet are predicting that the sun or a meter is going to change life on Earth as we know it.


“Or will those who kill in the name of God, / Be condemned to speak only to like souls.”

This World

Find me, see me, feel me breathe. I am a myth, a fantasy, made to deceive…

Ironic Prayers

I can hear them trampling up the stairs in their big black combat boots. The cold steel shifting in their hands makes an exceptionally poi…

Messiah – Part 1

With that simple motion, his body shattered like glass being hit with a sledgehammer.

Lying Down on the Job ~ Reflecting on Bondi

They too soaked up the sun / let it beat on their worried brows, / erasing the fears and the tears


You can say what you want / Of religion and faith / The contentment it provides / The truth-relief to pray

World War Three

It’s man versus the brush fire.


Men would fight and die over and over like the endless turning of a wheel until only one man remained

The world that will be?

The war that had been threatening the world since just after the turn of the century had finally broken out and the world hierarchy had tak…

World War II

It was the war for our democracy / they’ll tell you, and the just side just came through. / It was the old crusade ‘gainst here…

In memory of those who died in the 1st world war l

Across the years their story echos / And emotion still runs red and raw / Those men who fought in no mans land / Yet never again their ho…


Don’t we all wish there could be world peace?

Contemplating Our War…

pain in my soul, the empathy and frustration and also my feelings of respect, pride

the animals

and the water runs red

The gods are at war.

The gods are at war. Fighting in the sky, the lowly people cry. Not understanding what is going on, what is happening, or why. No one can e…

In Flanders Fields

At this site, no larger than the house where I now live, there’s a plaque indicating that they have unearthed 155 bodies. Sharon said that…

World War 2

There a films / that draw our attention / to a complacent people / worked up into a fever / given the ideal architecture without restraint …

World War Three

Bombs will be all over the world, / The sound of death is in the air. / Children will cry when everything will unfold, / And not a soul wil…


Further up the road a burning horse momentarily causes the cars to slow down. The Fuhrer does not feel sick. Not a bit of it.

Women from all around the world

I hope for their strength just as I am reminded of the women from the U.S. had strength to make so many changes-had to face many obstacles …

Kasia from Honey Street

Her hands, those big hands, had pleaded with him. He remembered her hands and her beautiful blue eyes. He remembered those things about h…


Das Leben schenkt Ungewissheit , / nie genug Wissen, / Der Suche bereit, / verdammt zu vermissen. / Das leben lässt träumen, / von einem Tr…

Messiah – Part 2

I realized all too quickly that I am the same exact person that they were when they decided to murder each other to oblivion.

People Don’t Forget

For how many more years our Department of “Offense” will continue its campaign of Military Intervention and Wars with the sole …

Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy

They stand, / For those who stand no more, / Tears and flowers fall at their feet, / For those who went to war, / In God’s hand, / Th…

2013 – 50th Anniversary of Indo-China War-…

2013 – World Peace & Turbulence – Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours . Affected countri…

The world is a war!

People asking to compete, should be avoided! / They do so with a knowledge!

I am free

We con each other / We rob each other of our reality / It’s sad to see so many believe / That this world is going to change

The World Today

So, here we travel through the year 2003 / And still it seems like the last thing that we’re aiming for is peace

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