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The world stopped 2009 03 22

The world stopped in place when I saw myself over my shoulder and I could have touched that which I saw, but I was backwards and my hand di…

“We’re Only Human”

Think about it…If we have enough power to destroy the world / Why don’t we have enough power to save the world / But yet We…


ALWAYS HERE / i am here – i am there / sometimes i feel like i am everywhere / for him, for her, and her, and them / i am always here…

The Artist

Two streets down from broken: / his eyes are / all the bread he needs; / his mind all the fire / he breathes; his hands, / but a thimble of…

Not Today

Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo…

An idiosyncrasy- raw energy

why don’t we learn from past!

Close my eyes

If I close my eyes will I dream a world…

The Human Race

We need to open up our eyes / And stop seeing static / And get the picture / That we are the picture


I remember attending / my first teaching on Emptiness / A professor of Philosophy attempting to explain / using a glass as a metaphor…

resurrection- relinquish control

world divided in the many ideologies / where I find myself! / I tried to retrospective / I tried to retaliate / relinquish control!!

In a grown up world…..

Like a child / lost in a grown up world / I wander / in amazement / and bewilderment / searching / for something lost / something close / …

Never Forget

Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries

Prom Sunday

We can’t stop Time; He races with the sun and always wins, / but we can be immersed, afloat, surrounded / in His generous embrace.

I Give You My All

I was traveling down the dark and lonely halls in my life / with the glimpe of Paradise flickering far in front of me

The Way Home

You took a flight down the dark road / To fullfill your dreams of silver and gold


“Power” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

You and I

I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in…

Slut Slut Sweet World

Slut, slut / sweet world / you hold / goddess-like / in your palm

“Fools Rush In”

“Fools Rush In” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

Merry Christmas To The World

And we’re filled with joy / Like every girl and boy / Yes it’s time for Christmas cheer

Wisewoman’s World

It’s not an easy gift, / this mantle of magick


Why / oh why ?

All the Voids the World Has Left

Touch the candle and receive it’s light / Close your eyes / Listen to the silence / Sense the beauty that abo…


“Fire” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

Whatever Is Found In this World

Whatever is found in this world / We shelter / We bend the strained hunch of our backs / And discover / We search / Through the litter / S…

tattered rag

i had a satin dress / all the colors of the rainbow

This Life I Love

As short and transitory as this life is, it’s long enough for making love.

Life within the living

To rock aware why / we rise to human matters

“I Am”

“I Am” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

~ Biscuit & Blue ~

Biscuit & blue / I see you / left over from centuries ago

An Eye for An Eye

Because we traded our eyes with the root of all evil / So now we ….. / see / hear / speak / … / and / do / EVIL / THINGS……


I want to deepen my soul / with words which weave through the remembrances / of those old women who felt the essences / of master men;

When He’s Chiming, When He’s Chiming,…

Touches Heart & Nation / Silence falls throughout London / Hope You Enjoy Big Ben / Please visit the pics too:-)

The World Beyond the Window

Beyond the window glass / The world begins moving / The same repetitive movements


“Thunderstorm” a poem by Mariam Muradian

If The World

If the world / Torn asunder / Knew / The beauty / That a simple name could provide / The gentleness / The syllables could teach / It would…

“With Joy”

“With Joy” a poem by Mariam Muradian.


“Swallow” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

Art & Poetry.

And you listen to those words that make you sick / And gaze upon the art that makes you cry

in dreams (poem)

the girl / who / woke with a vision / of a sky blue with clouds / that went on forever


the time is more than out of joint / it’s shattered / fractured into orthogonal fragments

put it all down

whatcha’ gonna say to your children as they grow / here’s a dying planet your all on your own / raise your fear now and bury yo…

I hope

anywhere of u / makes my life / happness

The World That Matters

I shouted ’cross the chasm / yet there was no answer. / Your name dying on my lips. / No stone deemed your sacrifice / worthy of consecrat…


“Attempt” a poem by Mariam Muradian

The World Needs Poets

We are as much bound to our art / As it is bound to us, within us, ingrained into us.

Welcome to my world….

I’m not the same person. / I once was before. / Pain has changed me. / For the worst. / And your ignorance of understanding, / Leaves…

Reality Check

It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’…

“Magic Carpet Ride”

“Magic Carpet Ride” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

“Glory Be”

“Glory Be” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Falling World

Rising away from the falling world / Turn as one, as nobody / At all, away / To think and plan / And possibly scheme / To wait and see / Be…


“Passion” a poem by Mariam Muradian

“Such A Time….”

“Such A Time….” a poem by Mariam Muradian

And the world fell down

So now when you ask me how i am / with that mocking concern in your eyes / I paste on a smile / And tell you i’m fine

World Situation

What’s going to happen when / the world stops sowing seeds / and trees stop growing tall / and God stops bestowing Grace / sufficient fo…


“Intentions” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Untitled Good-bye

we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be

In recognition of Wilfred Owen – 1893-1918 …

A-A British soldier and poet, published posthumously Wilfred Edward Salter Owen / R-Realistic writer of war poetry on the horrors of trench…


The land that I live upon / And feast from / In her natural beauty


“Evidence” a poem by Mariam Muradian

“How Can It Be?”

“How Can It Be?” a poem by Mariam Muradian.

When It All Ends

I once knew a boy named Tony, he was a little boney, tried to put up a front that was phony,. Now this is his story. He was abused at home,…

The Conscientious Objector

Not knowing at what cost / To their own innocent souls


I’m sitting here alone, waiting for the bus to take me home. Headphones plugged into my ears, sunglasses hide all my fears. I take a …

“I Remember Well”

“I Remember Well” a poem by Mariam Muradian

Dear Mr. Bush

Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday.


Getting the outside inside; / transforming the inside / with imaginative, crazy wisdom;


Dream beautiful things now, / forget the dying shadows / of a worn out world. / This is a new time now. / It is Now, and has begun:

My Demeanor

The writings on the wall, wrote in bold black print, / Will you rise up to the call? NO, you’ll roll backwards, / According to the la…


…A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /…


sitting half in the sunshine / and half in the night, / half naked in shadows, / half blinded by light .


Remember this moment / cherrish the fruits of life / harvest them / reap what is sown / do not let it go to waste / for you are worthy, / y…


What is this God-designed drug that makes our insides / a paradise of soft pleasures, that makes our bodies move to some / music of motion…

~ On top of the World! ~

Oh to be on top of the world / To breathe the air so pure / To feel the warmth of the sun on my back / Have the freedom of life to endure

It’s Not Me It’s You

Am I doing what’s best for me? This is not how it’s supposed to be! Nothing’s good that I can see. I no longer feel free.


Perhaps, we truly are free, / dreaming this spell — / trauma born and bruised — / weeping our grief / that we are weeping our grief / …

The Problem

To pay the piper I must barter freedom / to follow Pan and all his woodnotes wild. / I steal the time to hang my world with beauty, / I try…

Amongst the Stars

I sit amongst the stars above, / Watching the world go by. / I sit amongst the stars above, / Never knowing why. / And yet as I watch the w…

Best Days Of My Life

Throughout my days, I’ve never felt this way. In all my time, This is the prime. I’ve never felt better, then the day I got her.

It’s mad world…

I hear the echoing… / I hear the voice’s… / I hear the screaming… / ‘We have no choice’s!’ / In t…

Revolving Door

Sometimes life can seem so meaningless, we fight for freedom which no longer exists, we work towards a life which will never be fulfilled,

In A Menagerie

For without love where would we be / But animals in this world’s menagerie.


She’s still lovely. / Can we yet / learn to love her?

It’s Over

A Distant dream, I once had. It felt so good, but it all went so bad! I thought it would last. Instead,

Story Of Love

Seems as Though the Gap in time brought us closer together. We lead different lives, different friends, different relationships,

The Corporate World

Foccacia, flat white, ignite / Tucked away in dark alleys aside dumpsters, nicotine hits are sucked in / Before returning through spinning …

American Ignorance

He’s too lazy to work. He stands on a busy intersection, holding a sign,


She brings joy to all around. / Satisfying all my inner needs. / As long as she is here

The Power Of The People

The Power Of The People is back, / Hovering over the track,

‘Lost (Still Connected)’

Cut away and shaped for change, / with slight of hand as I turn the page; / marching upon providence. / One leg over the beds edge, / as I …

Music is a Window To the Soul

Sing to me your insides. / Reach deep inside / Until you touch / The song of the heavens / That lives / Inside you. / Bring the essence / T…

Amidst this World

She stands amidst the battle won, / She stands amidst the men now hung. / Her face unseen, her thoughts unknown, / She stands amidst this l…

Dynamic world

the sunsets oVer the dinoSaur world / a t-reX drinks from the lake / a raptor plays as a spinosaurus cares for her yoUng / a long-neck eats…

Wheel of the World

We are never alone, never unloved. The World sings to us always, and we are One with all Creation.

I Saw Myself Smile

I saw in a dewdrop / The hope and the joy…


I tried to be discreet
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