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The world stopped 2009 03 22 The world stopped in place when I saw myself over my shoulder and I could have touched that which I saw, but I was backwards and my hand di… “We’re Only Human” Think about it…If we have enough power to destroy the world / Why don’t we have enough power to save the world / But yet We… Not Today Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo… World In his Arms She is to him the most precious gift / She is the beat of his heart, / the beam of his moon, / the shine of his stars / and the ignite of h… Open Your Eyes What do you see, world, what do you see? / Are you thinking when you are looking at me / A crabby old woman, not very wise / Uncertain of h… Never Forget Till justice is tried / And the world’s gavel cries Where I lay Life is like a glass hand / Never moving, often sharp / A solid crest on which I spin / Directionless and fast / Holding back deep-seeded f… Salvador’s dream world You fell into the dream when you woke in Madrid, / And at you fingers, your identity, time, and reality melted. / The world watches an immo… Prom Sunday We can’t stop Time; He races with the sun and always wins, / but we can be immersed, afloat, surrounded / in His generous embrace. Your World, Your Life Your dreams will become reality if you believe it / Thoughts are the second most powerful force in the universe / Love is the first Slut Slut Sweet World Slut, slut / sweet world / you hold / goddess-like / in your palm Doublethinking (an Orwellian ordeal) What a beautiful world! / Eyes raised, toes uncurled, / a sweet place of laughter and love, / filled with goodness and easy swerve. / Beaut… Joy to the world? Joy to the world? / If only it was that simple Wisewoman’s World It’s not an easy gift, / this mantle of magick American Gypsy World, fuck me in my eyes so that I can see your real color! Push your songs into my ear so hard that the melody comes out on the other sid… All the Voids the World Has Left Touch the candle and receive it’s light / Close your eyes / Listen to the silence / Sense the beauty that abo… My World of Colour BLUE IS THE SKY, AND THAT OF THE SEA / GREEN ARE THE HILLS, AND THAT OF THE TREE / YELLOW THE SUN, AND THAT OF THE SAND / RED IS THE SUNSET… tattered rag i had a satin dress / all the colors of the rainbow Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters Questions Our world can burst free / Of closed-minded thinking, / Embrace individuality. To Men of War You keep running, but what are you running for? / You fight, but who are you fighting for? / You died, but who did you die for? When He’s Chiming, When He’s Chiming,… Touches Heart & Nation / Silence falls throughout London / Hope You Enjoy Big Ben / Please visit the pics too:-) This world is only temporary So many people of this world strive to achieve such unimportant goals. Fame, Wealth, Power, just to name a few. Those who achieve these goa… THE ROOF OF THE WORLD There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / … in dreams (poem) the girl / who / woke with a vision / of a sky blue with clouds / that went on forever The Edge of the World Come with me to the edge of the world / where dust that once lay on a pterodactyl’s wings / intersperses with ash from a hole-inb-the… THE REAL WORLD IS COMING TO TOWN The sun shown brightly that fantasy night / And we flew among the clouds a dreamy flight / And we were in love and all was all right Spring Has Sprung (for one half of the world,any… I’ve seen it, too, in fresh green grass, and awkward baby birds. / With short-tailed hops, they flutter down, and stumble on the grou… atemporality the time is more than out of joint / it’s shattered / fractured into orthogonal fragments A Commercial World. White powder lines these suburban streets Write Me A Poem Write me a poem that’s meant from the heart / one for all mankind to understand / to take note of our lost land / for the wounds that… The World That Matters I shouted ’cross the chasm / yet there was no answer. / Your name dying on my lips. / No stone deemed your sacrifice / worthy of consecrat… A Ring of Masters The underworld of this world where desires are embraced, / Unleashed in a playground where madness runs beneath the race. The Weight of the World When the weight of the world, / Breaks your back… Falling World Rising away from the falling world / Turn as one, as nobody / At all, away / To think and plan / And possibly scheme / To wait and see / Be… A world of my own I look to the world and what do I see….. Untitled Good-bye we the people of the planet earth / in order to form be In recognition of Wilfred Owen – 1893-1918 … A-A British soldier and poet, published posthumously Wilfred Edward Salter Owen / R-Realistic writer of war poetry on the horrors of trench… The New World I circled the world in a point of time / And I discovered the story / Of Christopher Columbus’s lifetime / You know, he was born in Italy … Tonight I Stopped…. Tonight I stopped saving the world Forgetting World I could write about forgiveness, / and mans chosen wars, / I could write about sickness, / suspend man in my pause, Waste Not always, just today, I’m irate. / I despise the weakness of our human race. My Demeanor The writings on the wall, wrote in bold black print, / Will you rise up to the call? NO, you’ll roll backwards, / According to the la… God’s World Too many buttered palms and backs scratched by others. / Too much hostility and God so many possibilities. / What is the solution to this p… Waves …A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /… Grace Humanity and Join the World Poem Come here to go and Join the world poem everything that the world hurled from the hollow of her being / she wrung her heart / devoid and dry of tears / a lonely bruised thing UPON BODILY PLEASURE OPENING INTO SOME HUGE SPIR… What is this God-designed drug that makes our insides / a paradise of soft pleasures, that makes our bodies move to some / music of motion… The Edge O f The World, written by Brian Ingle, T… The far North of Tasmania can be a wild place, suring and unsettling, nature at her most belligerent. While you are there, it is not hard t… OUR NEW WORLD Perhaps, we truly are free, / dreaming this spell — / trauma born and bruised — / weeping our grief / that we are weeping our grief / … The Problem To pay the piper I must barter freedom / to follow Pan and all his woodnotes wild. / I steal the time to hang my world with beauty, / I try… Amongst the Stars I sit amongst the stars above, / Watching the world go by. / I sit amongst the stars above, / Never knowing why. / And yet as I watch the w… Move The World Never-the-less, love is beautiful. / After all, love can move the world. My World? My worlds of reality and fantasy collided / To create a supernova of creative bliss. / At what point / Did they merge? / I do not know / No… Imagine: A New World Order And it is us humans who madly scamper and seek refuge in the trees / Who face the consequences of global warming and introduced disease the world is going to hell I always struggle to believe; / I feel like a literal insanity, / I am cursed in my reality. Tomorrows World a place that has wonderful mysteries, / we got our heads straight / What a nice place Are you ok? I have starred down the barrel / Which is death / And ultimately refused it’s lead. / Surely mankind / Could do the same / Ensuing t… An ideal world Dressed in red, dressed in fear / Such anger I felt for you my dear Bring Me Into Your World His fangs sank deep and drew all light out My world of extremes I live in a world surrounded by dreams, surrounded by beauty, a world of extremes The World is crumbling The World is crumbling / To the ground / Broken lives,hearts spirits / Scattered all around…. / Where lies the hope / To set them fre… The World Belongs To Me Alone beneath the stars so high / The world is in my hand / With you the world is My world Standing alone among a crowd / Silence in a place so loud. / Detached from it all, im not real / just emptiness under the layers they peel.… hidden truth Hidden deep / behind those walls you seek / lives a life of fear, / full of painful memories, / where darkness always wins / and nothing ev… You Are Being Loved Don’t give up / The weights aren’t as bad as they seem / Your troubles are just a bad dream / They will soon blow away Nomads in No-Mans Land Home to the sanctuary / Which humbly captures / Weary travelers for days / Or years Amidst this World She stands amidst the battle won, / She stands amidst the men now hung. / Her face unseen, her thoughts unknown, / She stands amidst this l… Color Wonder I look at the world and wonder / at the color / and wonder if all of us see the SAME colors Makes the world turn (poem, kinda) It can embody almost any feeling / love / hate / lust / anger / depression / happiness / boredom / frustration Wheel of the World We are never alone, never unloved. The World sings to us always, and we are One with all Creation. I Saw Myself Smile I saw in a dewdrop / The hope and the joy… Just a Little World Away Look upon me with your fond smile / It’s been a long while / But I know it’s been worth the wait What the World Gave Us Once Eyes round, we excavated the pile of soft sand, and quarters surfaced one by one. My World What if the dream world is your world instead? / What if the truth is what lies in my head? / Think for a second of which you choose / With… Why should the world care about the environment i… “Thy may love to live, but forget not to live to love as it is the greatest achievement in live” / And the keyword “LOVE&… Fading Earth And as I stand, in calm / (So calm) with wind at my cheeks / And the world in my arms / The sea roars, its protests / Like thunder in my sk… sounds of piano-editedA. but, but, but now… / the formatted sounds of piano / are flowing …to me:) The world lives within me Walking through the darkened lanes / With you and all life in my veins / Turn my head to see your face / We all but dread the human race Mysteries of a New world What kind of man would / sail off the flat Earth? / Who ventures into the unknown mist / where your worst dreams can come true? If I Told You If I told you / I didn’t believe / In corruption / That blackens the soul of humanity Damn! Did I forget to mention, / The words were from my heart Fallen At home in bed, sick with the flu, / No longer made of steel, what’s a hero to do? OUR BUSINESS NOW We are being pampered by the starry Universe, / by the Light within light, the high, free Love / who is alive and makes flying, singing bei… Weight of the World. Upon his shoulders rested the world, / And he held it so dear. / He who stood for a million years, / Invisible to those so near. apart the fact is im not getting better, / im falling apart. third eye They say I am high off life, / But I never seem to levitate, This World Find me, see me, feel me breathe. I am a myth, a fantasy, made to deceive… Chaos in a Straight World the chips are down the bacon’s cooked / the sun is up and the plane is booked / the kettle’s boiled the eggs are raw / the engi… World We Know No longer brazen / No longer live / Singing sober tunes / To sober sighs The World My love is the ocean, / A shimmer in the sun, / Round you my world I nestle, / Gently rocking we are one. An Open Poem To The World I am no cockeyed optimist / I know the world is broken, / And thinking one can make it whole / Is nothing but a token. Sinister Sycophants for World Domination Transpose these words spit from tongues lashing. The prose conforms in an eloquent fashion. Framed in a forgotten subtext of silence, an es… rusty world then the lights flicker on and my thoughts are gone Something More Than Me Stop watching the News / of gangs getting together / Country to Country / lining up with their / bombs / and threats / and demands / Our w… Love poem #1 You make my days bright / As the silver moon does on a dark night / Every shadow moves to your presence / As a gift upon your beautiful ess…
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