ALL IN ONE LIFE it takes heart / to see / love / in an agitated world, How Far Can A Hug Travel How far can a hug travel? / Can its strength endure the miles? / At the speed of light over five thousand k’s / Can you feel my smiles? … Audrey Hepburn was elegant women skeletons made themselves my heroes, naked and charred skins, piled one over the other, all were noble, having the task of living and… There is an earth attached to my feet Even when / I lift them up, / there are still invisible roots— / like gum on a shoe / on a day when the sun / is most high / like diamond … World In his Arms She is to him the most precious gift / She is the beat of his heart, / the beam of his moon, / the shine of his stars / and the ignite of h… Lost in the Ruins of our World Can’t think straight / And when I do / It leads straight to you / Endless figure eights / You skate / On my brain LUCKY IN LOVE Lucky is the person who walks amongst the bad in life Storm Eye I am always / trying / to picture it: / this self-body all / alone / within all of the other / self-bodies / empty; / tired; / alone / in… The Human Condition For you and me and everyone we know. This is my outlook as a 23 year old woman trying to make sense of the world and knowing it’s no… A world of wondering It feels fitting today to wonder / the docks are full of slumber / sails are resting on the boats that keep / waiting to engage once more /… 911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) up… Ten years have past, as we all remember through ceremonies, mentions, art and writing the victims and events of that specific day of the en… What if… What if the world was different? / I mean, what if we listened to each other? / What if I wasn’t too scared to fly? / What if I wasn’t too … It Falls a Gift of Inspiration Parent the arts Love From a Leper It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba… hallucination Colour of my dream / eyes.. / hallucinations start to fade / there are many dreams / but there’s no sound / I can feel the wind / Un… The world As rude and honest as death loves you One brown the other smokey blue… My world is still spinning, each day never to be the same / for I looked into his eyes… Map folding without blinking Love doesn’t count anybody out of the equation. 3 x Love & Romance Calendars 2010 : Dr Sunil … These 3x Motivational and inspirational Calendars give you and your partner Love, Romance, Happiness and Energy. / You can order you’re yo… THE ANIMAL US There are birds in our blood; the trees are kissing us with every breath. Great beings watch over us from realms where a thousand earth yea… DominicSavio Well now, aren’t we just making a scene? The bottom dropped out of her world tonight There was a shoulder shudder and a hiccup. ACCUMULATION Hopes for the missing humanity is fading / there is little hope that they will be found alive / we have given up hope of finding any more… LILLY IS STANDING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD Pio looks at Lilly. He smiles. / His flute silkily celebrates her long legs / in a lilting melody of prayer. / His angel writes down its pa… Darling, stand by me Darling / Darling, / Hold my hand if you fall / Pull yourself from the dirt. / black earth, / and give in to an embrace The Way Home You took a flight down the dark road / To fullfill your dreams of silver and gold Your World, Your Life Your dreams will become reality if you believe it / Thoughts are the second most powerful force in the universe / Love is the first scar the immediate future is clear, but it’s hard to tell what lies beyond / is revolution is near around us? / the world still bears the … You and I I used to think you were funny. Now I find you annoying. I used to say, “You’re so sweet.” Now I feel that we’re in… With whom did I dance unawares…. As raw as the stain of a ripe midnight mulberry / a sometimes sleepless conference with my darker shadow / Were you ever there, somewhere i… Merry Christmas To The World And we’re filled with joy / Like every girl and boy / Yes it’s time for Christmas cheer Undefined Innocence …A ballad to you across the prairies… Manuscript messages in lonely glass bottles… American Gypsy World, fuck me in my eyes so that I can see your real color! Push your songs into my ear so hard that the melody comes out on the other sid… Playing for Change…. CHANGE…..what a concept Return of Heaven on Earth – Celebrate Love … Princess Diana can see us all even if we can’t see her as a human and she loves us all and misses at times but she is enjoying her ti… I STARTED A SONG THAT STARTED THE WHOLE WORLD CRY… Shaking and fumbling as she left she didn’t look back; she smoothed her hair, and noticed she had lost a shoe; she started to run This Life I Love As short and transitory as this life is, it’s long enough for making love. Life within the living To rock aware why / we rise to human matters Questions Our world can burst free / Of closed-minded thinking, / Embrace individuality. Useful 2012 Links for a Better World… Here are a couple of 2012 links – for a better world: / Sign The CHANGE THE WORLD Petition / Join the EARTH CHANGES FORUM If I could love the world, I would I pass it to you Even …Even when my enemies have come / To devour my very skin, / And the odds are stacked against me / So that I could never win… Our healing world To touch / to soothe - / to heal / to respect / to play / to be there / to be part of / to be loved / to feel wanted / to feel emot… Alina Claims the World Alina closed her eyes and watched golden days play out vividly, as if they had happened yesterday and were not distant ghosts reaching out … little boy blue within a world of grey unbeknown-st to him, he was surrounded with / invisible wings of love. About The Artwork: I paint with sprays and work with a method that I have developed myself, which has to do with layers of colors, masking, and creating textu… The act of birth…. Blood between the legs, / Blood from the womb, / Blood from living My World Is Yours Just allow me to enjoy you for a second longer. THE ROOF OF THE WORLD There you are, as I was at your age, / A solitary child in your teeming realm / Far from the shimmering torpor that I see – this / … Goldrot It’s quiet. / My thoughts go unguided. / I’m as free as a riot, / I’m free to you. / There’s peace in the airwaves,… WHAT IF LOVE? What if people start realizing that Love is the higher law and potential of Life… How the World Works , The Beauty of Love Love is such a difficult thing to understand and obtain, as most people cannot seam to even bear what the conditions are of such a powerful… in dreams (poem) the girl / who / woke with a vision / of a sky blue with clouds / that went on forever THE REAL WORLD IS COMING TO TOWN The sun shown brightly that fantasy night / And we flew among the clouds a dreamy flight / And we were in love and all was all right love and world (valentine IX) we seemed to lose all reason / as the day approached, / we exchanged vows / and forgot our own minds. / this darkening grew in us, / fed ou… I’d Cross The World For You Eyes trace delicate silken lines. / Kiss you in my beaten mind. / Long for so much more than a… / Blank. / Page. / And / Blanker. / … I hope anywhere of u / makes my life / happness DUST i sweep my feelings away / since they have all turned to dust / my heart broken so many times / it is now tin and filled with rust / my sou… I’m ‘So Fucked Up’ gotta love w… (Mature) That Place Next To You I only have this. Just this one memory. WHOEVER LISTENS Don’t look back now, it’s far too late / Don’t want your Hello’s or Goodbyes / just close the gate. / No more cryin… Reality Check It’s time for you to get a reality check! Your day will eventually come. Spreading like a disease, you infect. In the end, you’… LITERACY or Love of Reading The United Nations defines illiteracy as the inability to read and write a simple sentence in any language. So, these literacy rates refer … Relapsed, But I Still Got You, And It Makes Me St… things are starting to tear me down again / the sorrow creeps back in / and things begin to fall apart / i’m am no longer immune to t… Welcome to the End- Lily’s View The world had changed since then. It had changed in the sense that it was going to end. The Girl Who Changed My World You took my cold, stony heart / And turned it back to flesh / You ventured through the darkness / To pull me from the brink of Death Thinking Small is Killing Us Thinking Small is Killing Us / In this turbulent time, in this pain filled time, we are the seers of our generation. Lament Of The World In a world of injustice and inequality, in a world full of suffering and pain, how can one busy oneself with their own comfort and easeR… A world of my own I look to the world and what do I see….. Where Are We? This planet is inhabited by very strange creatures… When It All Ends I once knew a boy named Tony, he was a little boney, tried to put up a front that was phony,. Now this is his story. He was abused at home,… To A Free People They will succeed because the stars are shifting for them, the winds beckoning them with freedom, the birds singing out their names, A Prayer of Peace for The Sherman Brothers (Today Robert B. Sherman died on March 5, 2012.) / A Prayer of Peace for the Sherman Brothers / Chim Chim Cheree / such a light and breezy … Alone I’m sitting here alone, waiting for the bus to take me home. Headphones plugged into my ears, sunglasses hide all my fears. I take a … Waiting waiting to be found, or to fade away into darkness. / in the light of the moon i stare and wait. / a glimering of hope lingers in my heart,… If the world ends tomorrow precious jewels of sapphire,emeralds, and topaz stones Dear Mr. Bush Every time I see you on the television, / More and more people in this country, / Really begin to hate you everyday. Escape the World Her heart beats in my body. / Mine—always so distant from me—feels / It has no beat. / Maybe she feels mine equally close to her— / And her… Sometimes We Forget There’s a girl taking a picture of the boy she’s in love with. A climber 15 minutes from the top of a mountain. CHANGE THE WORLD : LOVE A WOMAN [Video] DREAM BEAUTIFUL THINGS Dream beautiful things now, / forget the dying shadows / of a worn out world. / This is a new time now. / It is Now, and has begun: You Are You are the sunlight, you are the darkness / You are the world inside of me / You are the words, you are the songs / You are the dreams I … The Truth Heart’s pounding, well what’s left of it. / I want it, but can’t have it. The Itch That Can’t Be Scratched can you bear the truth? The Last Kiss Her hair danced across her face from another zephyr zipping by, her lips curving into the slightest smile, microscopic if you hadn’t … a universal prayer let us pray as one / that the good Lord / look down upon this earth / keeping us safe from all adversities / that we shall be one people / … In Our World The secret worlds we so well keep / They come alive when fast we sleep Will You Be There When all that’s left is love, will you still be there? UPON BODILY PLEASURE OPENING INTO SOME HUGE SPIR… What is this God-designed drug that makes our insides / a paradise of soft pleasures, that makes our bodies move to some / music of motion… HOPE- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht “Oh Giver of Dreams- We ask for your help now….” LOVE – romantics have claimed it makes the … i am a romantic andso i must agree Pivot Point My world is spinning ‘round / You, the pivot point / Holding me together / Holding me from spinning into oblivion / Lost in space without y… It’s Not Me It’s You Am I doing what’s best for me? This is not how it’s supposed to be! Nothing’s good that I can see. I no longer feel free. My World According to you….. My World According to you…. / I left the edge / Ready to fly, in my minds eye / But ‘cause I let someone in / So they could see / They grou… OUR NEW WORLD Perhaps, we truly are free, / dreaming this spell — / trauma born and bruised — / weeping our grief / that we are weeping our grief / … Let The Sky’s Tears Blend With My Own In Th… all i want to do is stand in the rain and let every tear in my body pour out as if it belonged with the sky’s tears.
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