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The Human Condition For you and me and everyone we know. This is my outlook as a 23 year old woman trying to make sense of the world and knowing it’s no… MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life …I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live… In The Midst of Grace I have one hope when my world caves in, / that my God will never forsake me. / For He walks with me in the valley of shadows, / wraps me … Merry Christmas To The World And we’re filled with joy / Like every girl and boy / Yes it’s time for Christmas cheer A soppy wet death in living waters: My spirit exi… Cold granite / under naked toes, gripping a stark cliff / in black-robed air that fills the pores of Your canvas / Her hair / long and tang… A new world I will create Solidified the world is, but a liquid of desire and greed thins the morals and purpose of the precious little good left in it. He was sent to us… A song about Christ’s birth The act of birth…. Blood between the legs, / Blood from the womb, / Blood from living The Girl Who Changed My World You took my cold, stony heart / And turned it back to flesh / You ventured through the darkness / To pull me from the brink of Death World Situation What’s going to happen when / the world stops sowing seeds / and trees stop growing tall / and God stops bestowing Grace / sufficient fo… Joyous Noise Of Grace Surrender God Light and Love and Sweet Grace A Prayer of Peace for The Sherman Brothers (Today Robert B. Sherman died on March 5, 2012.) / A Prayer of Peace for the Sherman Brothers / Chim Chim Cheree / such a light and breezy … If the world ends tomorrow precious jewels of sapphire,emeralds, and topaz stones God’s World Too many buttered palms and backs scratched by others. / Too much hostility and God so many possibilities. / What is the solution to this p… In the courtyard stood a smallish statue In the courtyard stood a smallish statue, roughly of just the right size to be best abused by children and dogs, which had, at one time, b… HOPE- C 1989, By Dennis L. Knecht “Oh Giver of Dreams- We ask for your help now….” magic “What about Jesus and eternal salvation and the tooth fairy and Bigfoot?” He bit into his apple and squirt juice all down his shirt. He cus… Still a light hovers over Still a light hovers over / above the still / silent and dark / abandoned and forsaken / the church without a heart The Day the light went out of the world. I believe you are in the brightest of lights, in the greatest levels of heaven where you belong out of this God forsaken place. We are holy in our own skin first The Holy Spirit beckons us / to come die / to lay down and be slain / be slain from this world World of Wonder! What worth comes to life if you hide away, the precious gift that God has given…? / What sight would be lessened if only you see, what make… My Unaltering View of the World There are many people in the world. / They all live in different places. / All of these people are animals, and yet there are also other an… sounds of piano-editedA. but, but, but now… / the formatted sounds of piano / are flowing …to me:) Weight of the World. Upon his shoulders rested the world, / And he held it so dear. / He who stood for a million years, / Invisible to those so near. Tear Your World Asunder I said do your worst, / I said do your best, / But is this truly all that you could muster? Perfect World In a perfect world / There would just be me and you / Minus the me / In a perfect world / God wouldn’t have made us / But he chose to crea… GOD BLESS a FREE WORLD [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] / [Video] ~ I want the world to know ~ I want to write a love song / for I want the world to know / how deeply I love you / Lover of my soul amen I found a hole in the hole of the world Buried Alive© The debt is piling up, the pay going down. / People always ask me why I’m wearing a frown. A Sign of Our Time© Lord, if it be Your will, / Bless me with Your grace and fill / Me with food and drink until / Your child isn’t hungry enough to kill. My Reflection of the Supreme Being… Reflections are subject to change at a moment’s notice… God so loved the world In the Garden, he suffered that we, / always through Him, might ransomed be. Curiosity Killed The World He screams to his creator, he can’t stop falling / Neglect and torture teaches him, the way to live / The peace and love turns to a trait a… If I Could Change the World I’d wave a magic wand and change the world, / Imprison Satan for a thousand years. / I’d mend the evil hurts maligning man. Endless Unknown Stars in black peer so curious / Its melted heart still pumps so deep A World With Out God A breaking news around the world, God is dead! It has been broad casted over and over again,in the media,in the market place. God so loved the world He suffered in the Garden that we might live again Another Conversation with Norman You once told me that, “Our conversations are our prayers.” We slip through the cracks of the world If Jesus is not Lord / we slip into the cracks of a world that is passing / to live out eternity with the devil and his demons shake the world i woke up so suddenly not knowing where i was / half the night was spent thinking and i have no recollection / things unsettled and thought… World Furor’s and Their Temporary Pacifiers That false destiny. The pain there is real. / The hell, you’ve witnessed in my dwelling’s. Keep going. Do Not Love The World The Holy Spirit rejects this culture, has no part in this world, He certainly has no stake in it.* I WANT TO GO VIRAL Could you follow the link and help me go viral…? And be sure to share with others… Workers and artist of the world, unite! (Пролета… Is It Time To Negotiate Your Next Purchase? / We must strengthen RB folks to fight the recession" / + *GOD BLEES ARTISTS a The Absolute Demigod from the stars aligned / Evolved from the fires designed the blue world, a saintly whore with many a whore singing wildly / whistling for the dogs / to come and eat the little remnants / that their hunger left intact The Dark Offer Take another shot at me and make sure this one counts Kneel before the Cross Lord you are the light that warms my skin, / you are the blood that washes away my sin. / When I live the way you to tell me to be, / By yo…

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