This Thing Inside Me

I am a monster and pity all who undertake the notion they can run because it only fuels my lust and I love the animal I have become.

Water Haiku

The water is light

that room in my head

in my head there is a room / and only I have the key / there’s a deep wood in there / and a wide open desert too / embraced by the bi…

The Pine Wood Collection

A collection of images from the old Pencil Pine forest at the Mt. Field N.P ~ Tasmania ~ Australia..

“Dank sadness smoking dead wood” he a…

I will kiss the hand of the restless soul


There is a special place / Where Angels show their face / They dance as they should / In the Bluebell Wood / When in the soft breeze / The …

I Want to Be

A tree in the woods, / branches swaying in the stormy wind / roots digging in the soft moist earth

Tree Spirits

Oh Come my spirits of the tree / And be a vision unto me / Show yourselves, I want to know / Are you friend, or are you foe. / I caught a g…


he was the gatekeeper / she was his muse / he wrote poetry / while she danced in the blue / she wore lace and satin / chenille and silk / …



The Change


Grandpa’s Saw

As it ripped into the grain the saw wailed a new and satisfied song. With no hint of strain it sliced through the grain like a shark fin kn…

Reinventing a Life

I must be clear-eyed now in this new life; / I must sew together these ragtag scraps / of my life’s crazy-quilt into something / that wil…

The dark wood – The concrete stream

And so i creep through the darkened forest, treading carefully, / Tree branches lay on mulchy earth, leaves above like a sea of green,

The Heart of Wood (story)

“This is shot. Totally dead,” the man in the mint green coat confirms. “Nothing I can do.” / The woman shakes her head sadly and pokes with…

i just want to curl up and die

i just want to curl up and die / aye that old familar saying / we all recognise it we all know it / we all feel it / and we all say it at …

just a piece of wood

I’ve had a long life ’twas all of it good

Prayer House In The Wood

To whoever lies below / I pray there was no pain / For angels now watch over you / Through sun and gentle rain / You’re resting under flowe…

Split The Wood

Wood chips shot into the air, / Like all those promises made, / He hoists another Iron Bark log, / To stand beneath the blade

3 for kenneth patchen and miles davis : ’ b…

3 for kenneth patchen and miles davis / ‘blue eyed yellow bird on a downtown bus’ / ‘question answer touching stone tou…

Bluebell Wood – written by Penny V-P –…

The blue of the bluebell is a luminous blue, like the blue part of a flame when it ignites and illuminates… / * Feratured in the Gorg…

Morning Wood

But its grandeur, it dominates…in all its hard glory

Drift Wood 2

… I’ve decided / I don’t want / To be Water / He never gets to rest …



Our Bodies Were Both Made of Wood

He experienced life through images rather than words and carried a virtual pet in his pocket for companionship, as there was no one else to…

~ Keep an Eye on the Wood! ~

The trees close in thick reaching high to the sky / careful the copses that entrap you


Yes we all love jim

How to…

Drop Ceiling / Crowd Cheering Cheescake / Color A Mural / Make a ‘Church’ egg / Pork loin in a basket / Awesome gift package / …


Welcome to the Fall; / of Autumnal reverie-overloads / like power spikes / and psychotropic nightmares / (…)

Heart of Wood

Yesterday I carved a heart / from dark Rowan wood. / Today I painted it deep red / with blood from a paper cut.

Form a visual Image in your mind !

forest, trees, wood and paper

feathers and bones wood and stone

there’s an old sigh / that’s older than the trees / that’s older than breath / that’s older than the dissonant harm…

Songs of the Wild Wood

Rain drops like glistening / Tears on a glass skin / Rainbows refracting in the light / Turning to blood

to watch is such a treat

how they tease.when they are alone.through my window

What Chopping Wood Has Taught Me About Life

What Chopping Wood Has Taught Me About Life:


I hear the rustling of leaves, / As I walk the halls of nature. / Barefoot I feel the cold and damp, / Of the fallen leaves around me. / I …

On A Cross of Wood

On a cross of wood, / Stained with blood Divine, / Hung a spotless Lamb, / For all mankind. / The soap of that cross, / Does wash away the…

Chapter One of Something Unnamed for Now

Paul wandered into his shop. His frustration with his own loneliness made him angry. Letting out a large cry, he grabbed an axe.

Drift Wood

I wish I were water / So I could evaporate


…A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /…

In The Wild Wood



Holy Week. / A quiet time in church. / Time for contemplation. / We had heard the story; / Sung hymns; / Prayed. / Such a lot to consider, …

Spirits of Nature

We are spirits of nature running wild, running free; / Only the chosen few will see us travelling at speed from beth to nion, from fearn to…

Dark Dweller

What’s that smell? Fresh meat.


for so long she was blind / then their bodies intertwined / for him, over and over again she pined…

The Cupboard

The strong oak, encumbered with the enchanting whispers and shadows of time, stands tall yet burdened.



Ilana in between

Ilana in between / My name was Ilana and I lived in a small house hidden in the woods, near the swamp. My father was a wood cutter, our onl…

Christmas Wood

Is mother nature taking vengance for what we destroy?

In The Night

Yes / The owl watches over me / As / I float pass the trees / And / My faerie friends are near / Just / To greet me at the clear / No / Th…

deep in the dark, dark wood

deep in the dark, dark wood there is a tree / and in the tree there is a door / and inside the door there is a dark, dark room / and in t…

the wood


Dented Wood

We sat around and told stories, / Ones we’ve heard a million times, / And laughed over a million times. / I was with family.


Long, spindly legs splayed out before him in a casual manner. He was entirely relaxed and unfocused. Half closed eyes, combined with a far …

Creation’s Home

Knots of wood with waves, and small dark places. / Places where the mind tells you that the world is fearsome.

Night Wood

I feel my sleeping cells leap alive, scramble ferociously in surprise / primordial pleadings seep on tepid breath

The Witch of Brambley Wood

It was a long time ago but the impression remains strong and I remember it quite well. The gang had been talking about her for some time. B…

Waging Wars behind Wood Desks

Write for me a story, O mighty fountain pen, / Of tales of myths and legends, Of War’s infernal din. / Write with me a poem, pen, a confes…

Caught in between

Caught in between / I’ve always loved our little house, so close to those enchanted mountains; and we were a joyful family at the beginning…

Wet Wood

Now I wander, earthbound, / in my garden

I’ll Write As Many Six Word Stories As I Fu…

Dues overpaid to find myself, lost

the wood

i looked over the top / and there you were / but it wasn’t the you / i remembered…..

Wooooo ho ! my photo of Danbury Wood in Sepia fe…

Work Featured Oct, 2008 in Prize Challenges Group ! / My photo / DANBURY WOODS IN SEPIA / has been featrued in the prize challenges group !…

Dinosaur Bone

‘Quick, nearly there!’

It’s Not Even Wood

It’s not / Of wood / Or plastic / Or cardboard / Or / It has no place / You can’t touch it / You can’t see it / But I ca…

Featured in ‘’ National Parks Of The …

I would like to thank National parks of the world for the feature of The Red Woods Forrest, this is so very much appreciated

Freedlawna the Puppet Doll

She had to be puppet-ed by someone, but when they played and pulled her strings she danced beautifully and walked gracefully…

The Wood At Dusk

The radiant orange sun dips beneath the horizon / welcoming the nightI lay in a blanket of leaves / staring at the towering trees above / a…

Shadows in the wood

Taking a stroll in the woods, I feel an unease come across, / a spinal shiver, the hairs on my nape, I turn, / you are not there, I carr…

Bewitcher of the wood

Softly ever so, craving the subtleties of her flesh on his fingertips / he reaches out to her but a ghost in the mist drabbed in a blue shi…

“Wood and Rock” FEATURED in :Bits an…

Thankyou so much to all those concerned for selecting “Wood and Rock” in Bits and Pieces. / Made my day!!!!! Woohoo.

Wood Walker

Wood Walker / I. / Where does a soul go to die / When the world becomes too magnanimous for aching eyes? / When breath becomes arduous and …

A note left to rot with the wood

A note left to rot with the wood / I’m young enough to understand I don’t know this life. / I’ve always seen the world by…


Featured Work / “DANBURY WOODS – - ESSEX – 1” / was featured in the group Eastern England / Thank you so much East of Enlgand G…

The Knight of the Wood

Hey, ho, my lad have you yet heard?

Would or Wood?

His crinkled,knolled eyes, distant, as he makes his masterpiece. / CHIP-CHOP, SSSCRAPE andsnap. / Hands gnarled from years bent, curledcar…

I, Wood…

I / would / be / petrified / if / I / were / not / already / petrified / wood. / L.Kaye

Haiku 89

twilight stretches / above swaying pine boughs - / applewood smoke


She drinks from the streams of love, flowing from the mountains of the Mel. / She sleeps soundly at night, warm in her bed,

Poem: On Waking Alone.

plastic flowers drenched / in expensive French perfume / I never asked for.

bend wood

no hat tricks, dude / pull no punches / no scarves or rabbits / show me, instead / how you can bend time / how you can bend light / how you…

wood path

i will be with you / in it / soon after / for the first time / when our paths / lead to / how right we are / on our wood path / to us / © r…

Wisest wood

Wisest Wood / The tree limb reaches / In silence it teaches / Some lessons told by peaches / It gives somber knowing / All the while it…

Thoughts on The Photograph Titled “Wood Duc…

Young children love to roam woods and fields, ponds and streams finding things—flowers, pine cones, beetles, frogs, yes, even snakes.

The Workshop

crunch crunch metal bones / snap and tear and rend / release

Wood Box Mutiny

Why should I assume control? / To heed my heart & free my soul / I am captain of my life you see / Why should I lead a mutiny?

the wood

all the wood squeeks / and all the wood groans / like it’s trying to speak / as the wind blows / I sit under listening / to these ear…

Knock On Wood

if life was staged / and we’ve all been played / it may haven’t mattered a damn / what the therapists had to say

In the Wood

She shall whittle / little creatures / from this chunky / piece of wood. / Woodland dwellers / fragile critters / eyes won’t glitter …

“Broken Wood”

“Broken Wood” / Sit / Yes, you…. / Sit… take a piece of cordial / I’d like you to look at a…… …

Opium Curls


My Thoughts Exactly

buy a placebo, and receive your complimentary american flag. no return policy on your obese lease

Business Mistakes Other People Make – How T…

ZAll too often, when you’ve identified a mistake in your Empower Network business, it’s too late to do anything about it. Not a…

In January

I feel much like a bear, / think it is my right to sleep, / there are no berries to pick after all / and the honey supply is dwindling. Let…



Wooden Door

…Quiet this waiting…
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