Words like gold dust / sounds like snow flakes / just a feather touch / no reason / no rhyme

Yellow Love Story

She was boring. / Why not stay in bed this morning? Her blond hair on the yellow pillow. The ceiling had a pale white color. Maybe she migh…

Go ask Alice, but don’t expect her to have …

Broken. / Battered. / my shell- / cracked & hollow. / I don’t trust time or space anymore. / “Get the fuck out of here!!!!&…

Alice In Murderland

“You’re nothing but a pack of cards!” / At this the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her: she g…

Once Upon a Memory

But I was never Juliet, / and you weren’t Romeo, / Our love was true “Until death do we part”But I was never Juliet, / an…

Virtue’s Casualty

Stepping over the line means no return; / Relationships bring with them inevitable maturity / As well as sensations that can’t be unlea…

Indeterminacy 377 (Sara in Wonderland)

“You can’t catch me” Sara teased.


…Slipping down Alice’s rabbit hole / plunging into Wonderland - / A parallel universe…

Perspectives. Everybody needs good neighbours. Ru…

I have no reason to think that the rabbit, if caught, will come to any harm. Hopefully, I’ll see an ad., in the local paper: Found: …


“I’m not mad. Not anymore. I recognize madness and that makes me happy. Madness is doing what you hate for little bits of paper…

That Place Next To You

I only have this. Just this one memory.


she floats and smiles listlessly / with a quizzical stare

Alice’s theme- Wonderland

“White rabbit! White rabbit! Where are you?” I call / “I tried to chase you and now here I fall!”

Death takes no Holidays

Death takes no holidays / The phone rings / and time stands still at the words / Death takes no holidays. / Christmas is a time to celebrat…

follow me

as soon as / we become comfortable / with one another / something grabs her / and pulls her away

Man of Nowhere-ville

What is the space that is between places? / Why, It is surely not empty. / It is the place where see-through hedges / And all the crystal-l…

The reason for Alice’s Wonderland.

“Ah! My dear Doormouse, the wonder is no more. Poor Alice is gone and my heart… it is sore.”

Canadian Winter

The snow crunches beneath my feet as I trudge through the forest.

Inspired by ‘Frosty Forest’

a blanket of ice / covering all / as far as the eye could see / in a night, he said, transformation / crystal wonderland / and dangerous…

A Breathe Of Untainted Air

My eyes lock on hers / Cornflour stars / In the depths of her universe / I see myself


There is a place with streets lined in gold / Where you’re always young and never old / There is no pain and no distress / Where the …

“Ballerina Snowflake”

“In a stillness of a clouded sky, you make the long decent, from pinnacles of rooms aloft, to give to earth it’s tent.”

The Path

There is The Path of the unknown / Where I walked all alone / No one there by my side / Afraid to run wanting to hide / But as I walked the…

Took Me

Not a professional robber could steal my worn wallet / But her caress / Gently stole my heart / And into a magical land / She took me

Nocturnal Wonderland

Have you ever been to a place where beauty cannot be described?

Wonderland (Living on a dream!)

Where it never rains

{WonderLand 2}

‘…Alice, dear Alice. You must come back within Wonderland / The Hatter is back – with his friend, the March Hare. / And …

Release these doves

We can scrawl our miseries on these paper boats / But the ocean just brings them back.

Masked emotions

Echoed thoughts inside our minds, as the wonderland starts to fade. / But true to ourselves, we hold our own and play the masquerade.


Run! Run! Quick as a bunny-bun, time is a-wastin’ now…

Metropolitan Wonderland

Shower me in the sharp shards of lost emotion / It will not pierce, it will not bleed

Alice abandoned

poem inspired by alice in wonderland

Time is frozen, forever. / If that makes any sense. / It will always be 1865. / It will always be October. / And it will always be 6 o’cloc…

“Wonderland” 1986-04-19

The way I feel right now / The way U look tonight / I know that somehow / We’ve finally got it right / As we touch for the 1st time /…


Brought into her room / in a state of deep shock / Still clutching a rabbit / that she held like a lock.

{WonderLand 3}

’…Alice, dear Alice. / Alice, dear child. / Alice dear Alice / stay with me awhile.


winterwonderland..in Chicago!! / first time I tried this, will see what happens..lol

The Dormouse

Here I sit, in my pot. / My little pot of tea. / It’s really good, I think it’s Chai, / Care to share some with me? / Oh, but please, don’t…

“Alice in Wonderland”…Tim Burto…


Mind full of Memories

When I open the door it is Wonderland I face. / Have I lost my already broken mind?

Magic Bunny

Poem about my magic bunny

Alice’s Wonderland

A dazzling world laid out to blow Alice’s mind. She is held to a challenge. How should one as her respond?

Acumen’s Long, Dark Tea Time

One of my fav poems I have written.

the current wonderland of alice

alice / come on hatter give us a line o’craze / madhatter / i feel ah home, al… must turn sane should i potest now / alice …

I’m From

I am from Wonderland / From hearts and souls…


I can feel the hate raining down / Smearing the make up on the face of a clown / Stars will turn to teardrops / As your disappointment fall…


If i could show you my world, / I would show you my mind / So you could see how i tick / and all would be fine / There are colors that don&…


“that’s the cost of living on land full of wonder, of living in an environment where every where is a wonderland.”

Alice in Wonderland

I feel lonely and scared, / Trapped in this endless maze. / I´m like Alice in Wonderland, / In a crowded room where nobody hears me, / In a…

the marched hare the muse of wonderland

the shining hare why art thou sad / be glad in this day and age / be not likened to those who are mad / though think in their rage / the sh…

current wonderland of alice 2

alice / do you speak true things or do you talk dreams for the couldbe/ future? / madhatter / they decide after things happen or want to la…

Scrunced Up Wonderland (poem)

the peace within turns to rubble / then arises t-t-trouble / troubled minds on a trip through a dark sky / then a thought you had jumped up…

Misadventure in Wonderland


Alice’s theme- My return to Wonderland!

It was the white rabbit I saw and soon gave chase, / After falling down a rabbit hole, / It was wonderland I faced.


Goodness me, / It’s snow I see, / The cold has come to stay, / I think I might, / Use it just right, / Outside I will go play,

Al in Wonderland

Who els do you think gave the Red Queen the idea to try and take control freedom the White Queen? Yes, it was I. You didnt posibly think t…

alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland

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