Girls and Women A girl is stories, A woman is truth Color Me Magenta, Color Me Pink Upon a fuzzy vista / Of Polychromatic Flames / Vision is blurred / Eyes trying to focus / Blinking as blurry turned / To a solid view / Und… Oppression This is a poem every one thinks about but few are brave enough to write. Real women vs barbie Found this awhile ago while working on a paper for one of my classes and decided to share this little tidbit with you. / things you never … Caution! I’m 40, you know? Is that too old to regain some measure of health, regain some measure of my former figure, and go out and do the t… With jasmine flowers on my lips, I know that I ha… Walk with me through gardens of roses and magnolias, / We will wash our faces in orange blossom water. / Listen to the women chant and pray… Strong, confident woman Strong, confident woman / Why do you cower Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And… Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments. Eligible Bachelor Today I went online to see / If there’s a good used gal for me / I saw a bunch of dating sites. / But which one’s wrong and whi… Audrey Hepburn was elegant women skeletons made themselves my heroes, naked and charred skins, piled one over the other, all were noble, having the task of living and… Women Who Fuck Like Men: An Essay Concerning the … (Mature) no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … Sunilism : Valentines 6x Calenders 2014- Message … Message from Love Goddess Aphrodite and Saint Valentine – Lovers in Heaven : by Sunil Sharma . !* Every day will be as loving as a … brigit with the peppermint hands harlot, hooker, hussy, jade, jezebel, minx, mistress, scrubber, slag, slattern, slut, strumpet, succubus, tail, tart, tramp, trollop, wanto… Sexual Edification My hubby he thinks it’s cute how I close my eyes when those tampon adds come on the telly so I thought “right had enough of my shy and V… Lost in the Ruins of our World Can’t think straight / And when I do / It leads straight to you / Endless figure eights / You skate / On my brain Sisters Not related by flesh, / By hearts we enmesh. . . / In friendship we endeavor / As Soul Sisters forever. . . May 19th 1976 @ 2:18pm 34 years ago, I was 18 years old / naive / dumb / scared / i had been feeling contractions and a lot of pain for days now / back and forth … PUT AN END TO THIS NONSENSE. This has been my last comment of a discussion at about the Conflict in GAZA, I’m so pissed with peoples inability to realize … YOU’RE JUST ANOTHER PRICK IN THE WALL Thirteen Fourteen we just couldn’t wait, / Fifteen Sixteen, you went inside me. Truth to Power You will not drag us back / to servitude or own our bodies. / Those chains have long been melted, / forged into the strength of unity. ’ They don’t make bras with a single … Infiltrate, penetrate and radiate these cells / Everyday with this is like living in hell / Can’t eat because my food taste like meta… Act as one (Mature) Close my eyes If I close my eyes will I dream a world… Whatever you focus your attention on will GROW 21 years ago I ran away from home, and never stopped running. Little did I know I was running from myself and what I later realized to be P… The Woman See the woman. / See the face behind its age. / See the beauty of her form. / See the way her way becomes her. / See past her once taught s… Women rise Memory is an oddity / As I fall to a half-sleep slumber. / I feel my brain condense, / Converge, around an elusive number. / When millennia… lola, what a beautiful women! as age becomes irrelivant / and time far less generous / desperate times call for devious actions / “the whore just wont stop bleedi… Grieving For Mom by Ellen Hecht © 2011 All R… “I’d never gotten the last word in with that woman, ever. Here was my opportunity.” Feminine Intent Now I feel… Jealousy I could feel her jealousy creeping towards me like an oil spill. IN HER HEART IS A CHILD When she drinks / rose petal tea / her mind caresses light / and moves with ease to open her heart, / to drop her clothes, If Only They Really Knew Me. . . I smile, I pretend / To my own end. / I play their game / They think I bend. The Mirror Lies The mirror lies / The me I see / Is not the me / I think I be / I try to squish / I hope and wish / But still I see / Another me / Than wh… Lolita I remember Lolita / when she lived at my house… This is a share thing, for all the women on RB wi… and Men should read it too, so you understand women better. / Why women cry!!! / A little boy asked his mother, ‘Why are you crying?… A Poem – Half Lit Room But kamikaze princess not content with happy ending, / Like a deer in the headlights; relationship pending. Southern Women Somewhere in Alabama a woman is frying up some / chicken using a recipe that has been passed down / for three gnerations in her f… WHY WE HAVE OLYMPIC GAMES The Olympic Games were invented as a technique to avoid violence. / This is how they got started.A Greek historian of long ago has told th… SEXY TATTOOS ON WOMEN? DO TATTS DO IT FOR YOU ON WOMAN? / MORE SEXY TATTS / EVEN SOME MORE / MORE AND MORE TATTS TOOOO SEEE / COLOR YOUR BUM IN ART / Does it mak… Women Warriors in Gossamer Sweat kicks in retrieving the moment and with a cruising song life resumes To all our military men and women I can’t explain why I like this picture. Something about it just grabbed me when I saw it through the viewfinder. I’m glad it turned out we… WOMEN From the Mother who bore / to the women who tore / The sisters that grew / the girls at the dances / taste the best thing on offer / I feel… Playboy Bunnies on LSD When i was a little girl, i was enthralled with the big Playboy sign, hanging in all its pink neon glory from the Drake Club Hotel off of … Some Women Written in my weird sense of me humor. It’s not easy being a woman! You men have no idea the lengths we go to just for you to think… No longer a Maiden, Not yet a Crone……… No longer a maiden, / Not yet a crone, / I am a Mother, / Giver of Life. / With this energy, / I embrace my womanhood, / And I celebrate my… She Dreams of Cumming… She dreams of cumming / Sex is just an unpleasant rerun every night / Of a poor quality porn flick / IN & OUT / OUT & IN / IN &… Question time So sad the song / that no one hears. / As words of meant / fall on deaf ears. / And hearsay beats / unruly past / for those of mute / with … No Heroines Skinny girls in skinny skirts / Pouting for the camera / Showing off size zero figures / With not a word to say the 7 women of the mohawk man 1-22-11 @9:08am / first was the cheerleading beauty queen / with the rich father, and the flower unseen / she was sweet and tender and cut… Men Talk A sand fly, large and black, landed on Dylan’s red nose and stung him. He slapped his nose. ‘Ouch!’ He shook his white hair, the colour o… HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN Shout yes! yes! yes! to her. / Throw a fabric of wild soul-life over / her naked shoulders. / Let her run free like a colt! honey (Mature) “Hope” And she suffocates / As her mind is forced to give head to toilet-bowls / Forced into “shit” that is not of her own making The Age of Invisible This grace of a woman / Today is past her prime (so they say) / Seldom are the blue-green eyes / Dark hair (now streaked with gray) / Obje… NEVER AGAIN..SO THEY SAY!! ABUSE, OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN & MEN ALSO!!!! No Way! each hurtful word / each scalding criticism / each drop of vitriol / repelled COS I’M ALL WOMAN I aint no lady / I aint no girlie / I aint no baby / Cos I’m all Woman Women of the World A poem I wrote Mosquitos She called the other day. / She does that sometimes / Asks about my life / Tells me about hers / But I don’t care / I feign interest… Volunteer … all the others working, working, / whistling while they work, while you’re / at sea, adrift, about to weep. MEN (Signs At The Restrooms) Click here Men The other day my cousin, Isa, put out a photo she took of a Men’s sign in a restroom at an airport. It quickly caught … The Window. (Mature) When Will it End Can you hear the song of the guns / They serenade so loudly / As to be playing for the sun The Myth Of Beauty and The Ugly Truth.. where is HER peace? / She is not dead, nor does she sleep / She has awakened from the dream of life / And lost in stormy visions of strife Cinderella Ever After Little girls of a certain time and place / invariably dreamed of being princesses – / always beautiful, always loved. I Love My Pink Shoes!! Every girl feels / She needs Pink heels / To complete her glory / Her womans’ story. . . Homeless Not good enough for Heaven / or bad enough for Hell FROM REBECCA’S WORDS Into the silk and cherries, / a woman’s magic smells, / the feel of melting minds / in the hot and soft, abortion (Mature) A Mothers’ Pain, The Violence Again Like no other / He would deal out his shit / His tongue like a sword / Worse than any I have read Just Desserts The glorious crone is alone, alone! / No man to please, no children to own. / Why wouldn’t she be? I am the one I am the one you call / when nobody else will listen / I am the one you call when you wake / and dark surrounds you / in the middle of th… Mature & Beautiful! I want to tell all you suffering women out there, that a mature woman is as good-looking and beautiful as the day she was born. Selfish footsteps As the Earth turns… words (Mature) Art Explained Parenting WHO EVER REALIZED ? He started by being nice, / Then,slowly , / One reflection lead to an other, / She never did anything right, Ballad of an Abused Woman She clutched herself in the midday sun / while waiting for the train, / A slanted, shoulder, self-embrace / whose body spoke of pain. Mother (Mature) Authenticity If you must mask yourself or play pitiful to appear appealing, / acceptable, accessible, what happens, then, / when the authentic self app… when you say you love me (Mature) You Need To Know Whom Your True Friends Are You need to be careful whom your true friends are / At the time I did not know what he meant / He left this note on an Envelope / “Be… Spanish dream She weeps and claps / She feels too much / I am becoming / Dancing whirlwind / I am pouring everything / Into a Spanish Dream I’m an optimist A pessimist is a man who thinks The Story of a Disappointed Soul No one promised me / a LIFE without pain; / joy without sorrow; / sun without rain. WHOMSOEVER SAYS LOVE ISN’T BLIND HAS NEVER … “Eat life!” Guttural and with cheeks sore from smiles such smiles such wide cheshire smiles. If only my red red lips would stre… Older Woman Have you ever seen her? / She’s comfortable in her skin / She’s beautiful but unaware / She’s gracious and strong / She&#… From the High Walls Her eyes grew wide as she saw an Achaean lift his arms above the battlement edge, holding a tiny figure in his hands. It was a baby. Ida sh… CELIBACY love denied Trouble In Pussystan In Moscow, the trial of the activist-feminist group known as Pussy Riot continues into its second week She She’s the bag lady in several layers of clothing, toothless and greasy-haired, pushing her shopping cart like a silent wraith along t… Mothers Gems 131 VIEWS AS OF 04/19/10 / Then at the end of the day / She can gaze at her children and say I want to go back I want to experience the moments when / Men were men and / Women were women When Lovely Women… When Lovely Women Blossom to their Day / The moment stop / The rest just gaze / With Awe and Not / An Utter Word to Say. - the foggy pier - Tonight though, she had other things on her mind, so it came as a surprise to run into the very person she was thinking of.
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