NEVER AGAIN!...Thank you! to all that have commented on the sad topic!!. by Sherri     Nicholas STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN by Yago REGARDS DE FEMME #2: HOMAGE TO THE SURVIVORS OF ABUSE by Karo / Caroline Evans (Caux-Evans) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by DALE CRUM Stop Abuse Against Women! "Real Men Don't Hit Women" by MJD Photography  Portraits and Abandoned Ruins SPEAK OUT by Yago Queens of Heart - Advocacy for women's rights by Lentamente A Speaking Wall by Danilo Lejardi You Can't Beat a Woman by incurablehippie NO MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ,NO MORE MISOGYNY by Yago Only cowards abuse women by -Lilith- WOMEN ABUSE  by Cindy Coverly Haunted by LoveringArts no more hiding under the bed Tears flow / from a pain / that is still / raw. / How do I / protect and cradle / that which no longer / fits in my arms? / It burns / in … Venus, 2008 by Rabi Khan LOVE?  by Yago LOVE? by Yago JOY OF ART by Sherri     Nicholas Calendar THE EVE COMPLEX by Tammera Streetwalker by Seth  Weaver Who Won, the Queen of Hearts? by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell Her First Lesson by darkvampire If we lived in a world without tears by crystaldreams One Minute's Silence by Marion  Cullen honey (Mature) NEVER AGAIN..SO THEY SAY!! ABUSE, OF CHILDREN AND WOMEN & MEN ALSO!!!! Abuse Kills by Cindy Coverly Rape tears you apart by Gili Orr Battered by Jim Phillips Quod Me Nutrit, Me Destruit by Cindy Coverly abortion (Mature) FASHIONISTA AND THE DEATH OF REAL WOMEN by Tammera Rape ruins lives! by Gili Orr Ballad of an Abused Woman She clutched herself in the midday sun / while waiting for the train, / A slanted, shoulder, self-embrace / whose body spoke of pain. She She’s the bag lady in several layers of clothing, toothless and greasy-haired, pushing her shopping cart like a silent wraith along t… you hurt me (Mature) Woman, Know Thy Place. by darkvampire Tiara by ArtistByDesign labyrinth you come to me at / dusk / with the faces of old / lovers / tattooed on your / breasts Small Insignifigant Animal by RPGesus the morning after your mouth exhaling / golden / ampersands you left me your old underwear (Mature) Small Insignifigant Animal by RPGesus I put weight on I put weight on / You ever put weight on? / I never put weight on / When I was a kid / No matter what I did / Never put weight on / When d… Study for Llagrimas  by Reynaldo life (Mature) true love (Mature) It’s happened again (Mature) The Woman Who Was Afraid to Breathe, or As the Ti… “Here we go again”, I thought out loud, "that’s on page 3 of the SPOUSE ABUSERS’ MANUAL, right after ‘Ge… stir (Mature) when you surrendered to / me early on, your body / pale and / shaking. Not a Dog …begging forgiveness for sins I don’t remember… Rope It was my fault you lost your job; / I must have been some pointy-hatted / Sorcerer who had bewitched you, fish (Mature) twigs (Mature) Expensive Gloves Caress Deadly Expensive gloves / Caress deadly / With commandments” Puppet Dance” / in this defilement that pierces bones / And creates silent lips / He … you (Mature) I remember my dress (Mature) A Sonnet to “Love” (Mature) My Daughters My Daughters / Woman, wife, girlfriend, / other half, better half, / piece, bit, whore, keeper, baby mother, / I have watched you suffer,… Little Green Machine by ArtistByDesign The World (Mature) again (Mature) everlasting love (Mature) rags the ragged girl / walks up the steps / of the / theatre with dirt-stained / feet, her bare / flesh / on the stone / like the slap of we… In the Dim Light of Hell by Michael James Toomy Pandora’s Box But behind the façade lies a blackened core, void of emotion. What women want by suzanblac Acid and Frost Cold black and white tile rise up to meet her. / A chair, thrown and broken / serves as her audience. hooker II (Mature) last night (Mature) Behind bars & curtains by Fran Webster Battered Women’s Revenge9 by LadyRm Up, Up and Away Pray / Pray for a miscarriage / Pray it away / Fuck this week / Fuck this day WOMEN'S REALITY by Yago Left for the Wolves_ print 1 by grafficjunkie ‘She Holds Within Her, The Strength Of Lions’ by Ashley Christudason Notice Me! by Lindsay Zervopoulos Love Don't Live Here Anymore by BeYouShirts You Shouldn't Have Provoked Him by ClaireNobles Human Being Shipping Label by Samuel Sheats

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