Do you want me? See me / Sense me / Feel me / Like me / Know me / Want me / Yes? / Take me / Thrill me / Seek me / Find me / Lose me / Tease me / Ohh…… What is it to be a woman? Is it the size of your breasts? / Or the breadth of your heart? This is Me It all started one night while I was sitting and thinking on my balcony. / The balcony of my great, little apartment. / It had been buildin… Inhale! I’m going / to die now, / just / to become wind / And become ,,, Sometimes we meet the wrong people. Sometimes we meet the wrong people. / And have the wrong conversations. / And help the wrong strangers. / And go into the wrong places. / … I Stand Here Naked I stand here naked / Looking in the mirror / Sad because / My body is not what it used to be / It was once so tough / A dancer’s body bot… The Holding Spell In her spare time / she practices magic / but not the kind / you see on TV. / To the best of my knowledge / she can’t do card tricks,… My Lust …your fingers draw masterpieces on my body, / wetting my skin and my apetite, … WHOS THE SEXIEST OF THEM ALL MEN & WOMAN? Just for fun, who do you think is the Sexiest man and the sexiest woman who has ever graced the planet? / My Fave Female would have to be R… Meeting the Mad Woman She is nice / She is kind / She is subtle / She is compliant / She is nurturing / She loves so much / She is sweet… / Oh the feminine… The Cliff and the Ocean The rough rugged cliff dwells with the soft flowing ocean. They are opposites but together always. mark of a free woman a friend told me / that / she had a friend who / never left home / without two things: / … Blue Eyed Gypsy Woman Her crystal blue eyes sparkle / with the verve of life / reflecting the gentle rawness / of her journey that has / sculptured the woman … A Knight In Shining Armour – A True Story man thumped a pregnant women in the face / she fell onto the floor / just going to give her another kick. Real women vs barbie Found this awhile ago while working on a paper for one of my classes and decided to share this little tidbit with you. / things you never … You Make Me Melt I always think of you. / I think of your energy. / I think of your mind. / I think about the way you make me feel. / I think about you in m… Strong, confident woman Strong, confident woman / Why do you cower She She rhymes with ‘he’ ‘tree’ and ‘me’ / She is real and she is raw / She is beauty at the core / She is … SENSUAL AWAKENING BEATING HEART / WHEN DID IT START / HOT DESIRES / FEELS THE FIRE / YEARNING FOR A MAN / SWEATING HANDS / PULSATING / SCINTILLATING / NO PR… Behind the Curtain The curtains were heavy as she drew them closed she remained still / and waited / Turing once again toward her enemy/friend / (Mirror Mirr… Maria + Me – M = Aria I find myself bemused that I have reached my own Noesis; / A secret study of the dichotomy that exists within me A Model Woman “Do you know the time of love?” She spoke / To move to my mind with breathing’s way Yay, I won a challenge!!!! Reclining female nude, charcoal pencil drawing on gesso was just voted No. 1 in the Creative Drawing challenge of the Fine Arts group! I&#… AndaDa JaNEEN (Attention READERS: This social &am… “Don’t move. I’ll shot / every detail .” / She stood there naked / with only her gear Curl of a Woman We are humbled in the love curl of her charms / An essence of innocence and redeemable truth / slow the days dance to feel the luxury of w… My Confessions: Here Am I, The Man Who Said I Am;… I am the dead rose, I am your grief / I am the ravaged garden, I am your belief / I am the pangs of the jealous, your cruel chain / I am t… woman of straw She thought about the mysteries of life as often as man thought about sex. On a wet Saturday afternoon the tin of her heart wondered if the… For any woman who has ever felt (or been) broken freedom is my burning right / in opposition to your strings / i still breathe / you cannot take my skin / and stretch it further than its b… The Tigress I can be like an angel / from heaven sent from above / but don’t try to hurt me / or you’ll feel the sting of my claws. The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Died Today The most beautiful woman / in the world die today / The world will never know / You quietly cast among us all / your love and peace in a s… MASTURBATION STATION: Chapter Two. MASTURBATION STATION / At the small desk in her bedroom she tried to focus, Stay positive, use your time creatively, don’t become bitter, a… Woman without a face You pester me Listen to my Eyes… Remember you are beautiful / My eyes say so / Always listen to my eyes / They tell the secrets that my soul holds She is Woman (Warning…Graphic and suggestiv… She wasn’t sure how she got to his room. One moment she was sipping on her Caesar, the next she was standing in his room at the hotel. He s… Cum on a woman There’s more to a woman that I’m drawn to in a sense / It’s not just her beauty, her spirituality, or her innocence / Because I need a wo… Self esteem! Looking old today, / body’s very saggy. / You’ve covered it up well / with something dark and baggy. World In his Arms She is to him the most precious gift / She is the beat of his heart, / the beam of his moon, / the shine of his stars / and the ignite of h… “His Late Night Moon – Her Misunderst… For the Moon only shines from the light of Sun … / That x-rays from his lava lamp heart … Sisters Not related by flesh, / By hearts we enmesh. . . / In friendship we endeavor / As Soul Sisters forever. . . LUCKY IN LOVE Lucky is the person who walks amongst the bad in life Erotic Encounter With A Woman Undressing A Manneq… Nothing ventured nothing gained Passion I love the smell of her honey and the sweetness of her taste Forgetting Life She knows enough to ask; / connective tissue; blood litmus / combination of awareness and flesh / birthright sends her stars shining green … Fake Memoirs III Let me introduce myself. / I’m that girl the boys would take home to their Mum and then ravish at the drive in. That kid who worked h… god is not a woman there were many things / i learned in my youth / i realized a lie is a lie / words said can never be taken back / never judge anyone / you… My Way I have tried / so very hard / to be everything you wanted me to be / and still / I have / failed / ‘tho this time I know / it’… WendyL – haven’t heard from her for o… Wendy L / I am trying to get info on a special lady who has simply vanished, her name is Wendy, living in Florida area i think. / Can anyon… Forgiveness Who dares to walk this path? / Yet who dares to not? noticing my worn nails and lack of makeup Noticing my worn nails / and my lack of makeup / He saw I didn’t preen like other woman do / Nail polish and lip gloss it just ain’t… Lipstick Suck it in and take the punch, / cave my heart and steal my air, / crack these ribs and sink it in, “The Recovered Body” (“Woman is… *I was once there. / Mute. / I am still there. / Mute. / Velvet alive, without words / The tides of Life… / arousing desires / and depletin… She She somehow understands without being told why. She is mystery. She speaks and her children listen. She speaks and her husband listens. Sh… Unanswered questions We land on our bums or stand tall and proud / But at least if we’ve followed our dreams / Our lives will be full and not ruled by the… About you… I’m singing songs about you, / Yet I can’t hold a tune. / My guitar neck is stained with blood, / From anxious fingers yearning for a melod… The Other Half Of My Soul I’ve been keeping something for you, too / Waiting until you find me / So I can give you back the part of you that will make you / fe… The Calling From far away without your knowledge / it is you who I contemplate / and a thousand things go through my mind / that will decide my fate. /… Angel An Angel / she appeared to me / and I was caught. / Shamelessly, I claimed her mine. The blue woman The walls and the roof of her house cling tightly to each other. Groaning from the gaps and squeaking from the corners. The woman roams the… Prettier Than Me I war against the mirror / My reflection staring back in fear… / They’re all so pretty, / Prettier than me Botticelli Woman I stand naked / In front of the mirror. / I lean my head to one side. / And then the other. / I squint my eyes. / I’m sure my hips ar… boys who’d be girls, who’d be boys, w… For every girl who throws out her e-z bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. The Sacred Land of Woman: Pt1: Daggy Underwear I feel sorry for any woman who is pressured by her man to wear sexy lacey nothings all day everyday. Thats not living. Apology to the Woman on the Phone in the Airport … Your conversation was inane, but you were so determined / To speak with your friend that second, about some recorded sermon Within a Woman uninhibited, so very free a bird flying on her own / two strong wings bound up blue skies for miles A day at the Beach Her smile expanded, a welcome to her admirers, an invitation to stay – a taut, blood red mouth. Her eyes glistened, the crows feet enhanced… The Woman See the woman. / See the face behind its age. / See the beauty of her form. / See the way her way becomes her. / See past her once taught s… When You Were Born The moment that my eyes laid claim / to every atom that makes you / beheld upon your ancient face— / each pore, each crease, each shining t… Sixty Days and Nights… heart break, finding oneself, heal, healing, peace, reflecting, strength, woman, women, wife, friend, soulmate, mother, nurturer, lover, nu… Grieving For Mom by Ellen Hecht © 2011 All R… “I’d never gotten the last word in with that woman, ever. Here was my opportunity.” Thing’s woman do to get their man (caveat i… Some dress like fly catchers / seduce us with their perfumed smell / but once we are inside / they stir things up to create a living hell. … “The Little Old Wise Woman” …and there was that poem / which once rocked her head / Frightened by words / that collide with the ends. Black Magic Woman You tricked me into believing / And now my soul is consumed / By this Black Magic Woman. / My heart can never be exhumed. Are you charismatic leader and good with the medi… Are you a charismatic leader and good with people and the media? HOW TO BE A WOMAN I find / that the best source of information / RE: HOW TO BE A WOMAN / is in glossy magazines. / Why, / If it wasn’t for / Folly, Le… Fallen Woman I saw him / as the answer / to all my questions / But I was wrong… Aung San Suu Kyi : A Tribute to a Beautiful Woman A woman’s beauty can be seen in her eyes / They show kindness when children are hurting / They shed tears to bond with those of broke… Goddess She comes to water like a prairie road— / all open legs of journey yet to see, / her heart, a fish beneath a moonlit sea, / silently … Longing and Forgetting Here between sky and sea / what we’ve known / is gradually erased. / The familiar becomes / fuzzy, distant / until what is bird / a… Fools get the best discounts at the soul sales find a little child eating far too much chocolate Trapped words, just words kissing long…lips with cherry sap / i scan my shivering sensations from the left, / printing heat waves into your excited pulse to the right If Only They Really Knew Me. . . I smile, I pretend / To my own end. / I play their game / They think I bend. Wild Woman Wild woman / Running free / No one claim her / Let her be / She will not answer / When you call / You cannot leash her / To the wall / She … The Other Woman I hold your face close to / my neck while you come; / Your lips, your breath, / my hairs on end; / Over your shoulder, from / her picture… I Just Want Her… Take the heart that bleeds for them / And squeeze it dry to the last drop / To show the love you have for them is nonstop The Potential of a Kiss Love, love, love ? ? ? My Hot-Wired Heart No split ends / Just splitting headaches / That pounds like a thousand racing hearts MachineGun against The Moon Shoot their essence.. / as they would shoot… the moon. / Without fences of ignorance.. / they spill Life.. / as if it were an excess.… a woman she closed the door / gently behind her / descended to the bottom / of the staircase / one glance back / she was gone / with bags in hand /… Poem 5 in The Alchemy Series: HOPE Why is it / when I look at you / you frown, / expecting the worst? / Why not dance / between my eyes / instead?— / holding the face… The Mirror Lies The mirror lies / The me I see / Is not the me / I think I be / I try to squish / I hope and wish / But still I see / Another me / Than wh… Lingering Smoke I dance where the wolves dance / lingering in the moonlight wishing on stars. At The Heart Of Matter I had worked on an image called Veiled Nudity and was inspired by this thought … Why is it there? Imagine why it’s there or what went wrong? / Now does it symbolise a friendship lost / A weakened love’s lament, a farewell son… Woman’s diary v Man’s diary After about ten minutes of silence I said that I was going upstairs to bed. / I put my arms around him and told him that I loved him deepl… Meet the devil at a crossroads A little box contains my heart, / I bury it amongst the long dead grass, / Hurried movements, this isn’t art / I fell silly, nervous, I fee…
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