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Bewitched by Tarot I looked to the centre of the room and saw a woman proudly displaying a clay vagina she had just made. He Never was my Brother… It was during this time that we discovered “The Gingerbread House”. It stood in a woody thicket on the south banks of the river. There’s a Hole in My Heart There’s a hole in my heart / the sunlight shines through / and sometimes the moon does too. Secrets of Samhain A double sonnet for Hallowe’en, celebrating the power of women witches and ravens. Rook Hill Spell 2008 (from painting) Dear Gaia / I, Cathie daughter of Dawn call upon you Goddess Invoke Pressing my fingertips to the soft curve of your mouth, / i call you out from darkness, willing you to me / In dreams i move silent to seek… Witchcraft for Dummies “After meeting on every full moon for a year, Miranda and her coven decided to pool their knowledge and write a “How To” manual for w… Tether i dreamed i had a sister, / once- / when the trees were still young and the days fell into candle light. 3~ Scry The moon is high and full, the sky strewn with stars. The basin is half filled with water and at the moment is perfectly still, reflecting… There’s a Hole in My Heart Part II There’s a hole in my heart / and that’s fine / no it’s better than that / it’s all mine. Heresy Old women cackling, crackling like worn bone- / stir that cauldron up with gossip, day old truths. Have You Ever Believed In Ghost or Witchcraft? HAVE YOU EVER BELIEVED IN GHOST OR WITCHCRAFT? / By / Oscar Elizondo / Even though I am an adult now and don’t believe in ghost or wi… The Reckoning His eyes were a cruel, cold blue set deep beneath bushy eyebrows. His pale face was set in an expression of triumph. Widdershins as magic will / and magic does, / i reverted back / to before the flood Babel what lies beneath each word…a blessing of sound…a rapture of the tongue…an orgasm of the mind~ Grigori with what fruit we might produce / is my womb, / is my love of you, / is my desperate language, / tongues we speak in secrecy- “You have witchcraft in your lips” The blessed ones. / The wicked ones. / The ones who shall not die alone. The Girl-Witch (In a Graveyard of Sand) She had caught my attention as I was strolling past, some distance away from her. I had glanced across to my left and seen her dark form, a… The Fenland Witches (an extract) The full version of this story is published in my book ‘Beyond Twilight’ which is available here:… The Book of Witchcraft (an extract) The full version of this story is published in my book ‘Beyond Twilight’ which is available here:… Witchcraft vs. Love Choice vs. control / Miracle vs. magic / Truth vs. half-truth / Risk vs. assumed security / Unfamiliar vs. familiar Fiction: What We Make Happen The tilted cup had become a pregnant cauldron that bubbled out the word: DIE / “Oh, my,” she was saying “Oh, my God!” Witchcraft 2.0 Throw all the trash out into the sea / And watch our collective feces grow infinitely. From Witchcraft to Christ series Indigenous / Earth religion society, who walked with Artemis, who took ecstacy at midnight, and gave messages till morning, who went to the… The Trial They had found her grimoire still dirty from the earth that she had blessed to keep the site and her spells safe. The Sin of Rebellion is as Witchcraft They, the corporations have bled this nation dry with the fangs of a vampire, with the spider venom they continue their brainwashing propag… A taste of whats to come Soft mist clung to the ground, it swirled and bared the earth below it as the small procession pushed their way forwards toward the dais. /… The Witch of Erice: A Cautionary Tale In this way the villagers knew that she was a strega, a witch, most likely one who specialized in the domestic magick of love and fertility… The Curse with eyeless worm / and words cut short / i spit into the dye / i spread the sign / upon your door

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of witchcraft writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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