The Alphabet Witch She’d eaten all the vowels, but everyone knows they’re the most delicious. My Lord Carpathian They will protect the painter of eyes. the little witches If there were ever a word I’d know, it would be that. Tales of the GGB #1 I knew the game was on in the hands of the volcano doll Crossed eyes and red lips. She Cries Your Name Come home to me my children / I am so lonely now. / I crave your sweet attention / Any time that you will allow. War on Wane Wayne, the wicked Wicca Witch of the West, Wasted a Wagon in a Ward….. HiDiHo Interview with Queen Dorothy Interviewer: Thank you so much for allowing us this interview, your Majesty. / Dorothy: The pleasure is all mine. Please ask your question… Medusa Angel… / Devil… / Virtuous… / Wicked… At The Heart Of Matter I had worked on an image called Veiled Nudity and was inspired by this thought … Just Don’t Don’t put me in a cage / Don’t slide me in a drawer / Don’t label me / Don’t shut me in a box. The Witching Hour My cauldron / sings / of love and wonder… The Devil’s Apprentice Here you’ll  meet a murderer on the way  / He will have cloak caked with blood and spray  / A charmer,with sex and money to spin / Wi… A SHOCKING SCARY TALE. ‘She appears to be dragging some kind of large tin tub into the middle of the yard.’ The Fledgling Witch ’I’m so excited, Mr Twinkles!’ Bronwyn exclaimed, scooping her tiny black kitten into her arms. Mr Twinkles purred deeply… Original Sin so, / i found the apple and just bit… / juice winding down my wrist Wisewoman’s World It’s not an easy gift, / this mantle of magick The I as mirror You sat in the conviction of my abstinence / squirming One – Peter The aroma was thick enough to be swallowed. An acquired taste: a roomful of old men, smoke, and a bottomless barrel of ale. Willow Queen I can show you the sights with power to stun / In the dense green benevolence where wild branches run. The Enchantress’s Confession This heart’s not meant for man / Nor beast, if truth be told Flash Review: Wicked Wicked: Religious fanaticism sweeps the land as rival forms vie for supremacy of the hearts and minds of the people of Oz. Secrets of Samhain A double sonnet for Hallowe’en, celebrating the power of women witches and ravens. The Timing of Love ‘But, Mark! I love you!’ she wailed. / ‘Of course you do, baby. And I admire your choice.’ Rook Hill Spell 2008 (from painting) Dear Gaia / I, Cathie daughter of Dawn call upon you Goddess Which Memories? (Story) It was painful long before the flames actually touched her. People stood and watched and beyond the smoke they appeared to waver in a heat … Invoke Pressing my fingertips to the soft curve of your mouth, / i call you out from darkness, willing you to me / In dreams i move silent to seek… Tether i dreamed i had a sister, / once- / when the trees were still young and the days fell into candle light. 3~ Scry The moon is high and full, the sky strewn with stars. The basin is half filled with water and at the moment is perfectly still, reflecting… Little China Girl The Witch told the old man that she would be happy to bring the Little China Girl to life if only he would sculpt an army for her, 1000 men… behead (M) cool sharp blade came heavy against her throat What Love Hath Wrought She gives no clue to what i was, / Only covets that which i have loved, / With harem smile and beguiling eye / Kisses that which once was m… just one kiss don’t be so greedy / maiden fair / give me a kiss / if you dare / you think i’m a frog / but you are so wrong / give me a kiss … Wave occassional within its reach / the wave Heresy Old women cackling, crackling like worn bone- / stir that cauldron up with gossip, day old truths. THE WITCH’S FAVOR She willed me to look into her eyes / Offering herself to me / As payment for discretion Witch for sale …wand made for you by Chinese men. 6~ Seun My mother nods a few times, she thinks he understands and then she says…" Men always take but seldom replenish or give back.&quo… Bush Burial Sculpture 2008 Let it be so. / Amen Taste of Immortal Love Slipping her black cloak from her shoulders, Lucinda stepped into the silver lake, her naked body as perfect and pearlescent as the full mo… If you think that wiki leaks is subject to a witc… Hell or High Water ‘Grant me absolution, Father.’ / Father Reynolds shook his head sadly, ‘I am sorry, Abigail. The damage has been done.’ / ‘I was falsely ac… The Witch In a small coastal town / is a legend told, if you can believe / of a witch who appears / on All Hallows’ Eve. / One night each year, / t… Indeterminacy 378 (A Halloween Story) “It’s so sensual when I laugh,” she giggled. SCRAWL OUT THE NAME OF JESUS ! If you believe / even the faintest whisper / lifted up to Heaven / will erode hell Ancient prayers The circle starts again. The moon shines, watching. Waiting. Skylar is a Morning Person. Skylar had been a morning person since the day she was born.. She had always felt wistful glee sitting in her garden as some of the days fi… Butterfingers and Secrets In The Arms of The Witch Once upon a time / at the bottom of the world / or the top – depending on which / way up you are standing, / There lived a little girl. Witch Eternal Born of the fury of midwinter snows, / forged in the passion of midwinter flame, / I stand, Queen of the Heavens of Winter. Watch Out! (There’s a Witch About!) “That black cat and your older sister / look so marvelously sinister - / I’m so glad I didn’t miss her! / Her face, that … The Reckoning His eyes were a cruel, cold blue set deep beneath bushy eyebrows. His pale face was set in an expression of triumph. The Two Existent Worlds You MUST Live In…. This second world is where the pure genius of music, art, writing, poetry, sculpture, etc., etc, ad infinitum, comes shining through like a… To be a Witch One that fights for those too weak, / One that knows no fear to speak! GARGOYLE Disappointment engulfed his heart / He thought he loved her from the start / She cheated on him with his best friend / His love for her ca… The Secret Keeper – Part VI – Black O… Black Orchid sits very still in the lotus position on a small bit of dry ground in the midst of the wetland, calm and breathing evenly, ju… The Swaine Witch. An innocent story of life, love, grenades, anti-personnel mines and a child-eating grandmother. Widdershins as magic will / and magic does, / i reverted back / to before the flood Babel what lies beneath each word…a blessing of sound…a rapture of the tongue…an orgasm of the mind~ Baptism by Fire …for Joan For i have held council with angels and kissed the feet of Christ, / i’ve had my armor pounded smooth with the tears of virgin spirit… Molly the Lil Witch, Oscar and Ophelia. The night was stormy and rather bleak, / Molly was a little bored witchy freak. / She mulled over spells and warmed up her cauldron, / To c… How I met Brenna…..and what he means to me. life never goes as you imagine….or may be it really does! Not Easy Being a Witch Now Days Not easy being a witch now-days; / With tall towers, electrical wires, / Hell! (Pardon the language) I’ve ruined / More than one top-notch … Life As A Car all of us alone in the drivers seat Witch Bitch A nameless bird by name / Whose infamy is fame / Her flights of guiltless fantasy / Are free in dreams of anarchy The Visit. Welcome friend, / Thanks for stopping by… / So thankful you’re here, / Time sure does fly. / Here today, / Tommorrow gone. / L… Witch-Doctor Sought I must see the doctor soon / about my moles / and madness / ’bout nicotine replacement / and overwhelming sadness / I hope she has a … “The Curse” © 2010 All Rights R… " . . . as the sun went down on this “Dia de los Muertos,” Julio Ibarra Lopez de Montoya, the Third, shuddered. Could he dare to hope… A Halloween Feature! I’m happy to report that my ‘Collie Witch for Halloween’ is being featured in the Our K9 Friend group today! Thanks very … Milky Moonlight – Samhain …Sweet lark sings / Harvest brings / Tisane of rosehips / Evening chill nips / Lover’s bloom / Brightened gloom… Witch Hunter “Pardon me sir, but what are you doing?” asked the peace officer. / “I’m looking for a witch” replied the s… The Witch of Brambley Wood It was a long time ago but the impression remains strong and I remember it quite well. The gang had been talking about her for some time. B… Molly the Lil Witch, A Heidi for Oscar Well You have heard the tale of Molly the witch, / And the doll folk she made in a pinch. / The story doesn’t end quite there, / Caus… Medieval biscuits on the law of Witch practice. “Come on guys let’s Dunk her!!” Witchtrot Rd. Sub-Story 01 The passenger of a early 1980’s Camaro leans to read the wooden road sign, as the car turns left. She sees the white paint peeling o… Witch Lovely dammed blue / As he sees / I saw you…. I’m A Witch She met a man at a bar / While he played lead guitar / She thought that he was very hot / And flirted with him alot / He brought her a gla… That Mean Old Wicked Witch Of The West. Her green face / glowing with hate / ready to kill / ready to break / that poor young girl / with curly brown locks / and kill her dog too… The Girl-Witch (In a Graveyard of Sand) She had caught my attention as I was strolling past, some distance away from her. I had glanced across to my left and seen her dark form, a… Witch-Walking I saw my granddad strolling up ahead and tried to mimic his walk: the rhythm of his stride, the swing of arms – how he held his head,… Witch Switch And when I finally knew that / I would never have another lover / I looked inside and embraced my shadow… Up Helly Aa Witch They put a soul / in wood / they made me / I was named / and given my fate / to die / in flames / twelve months of creation / five minutes … Troubador and the witch ( written many years ago) Why did you keep the silence through the tear filled night / oh drunken troubador of mine / through the slowly strangled minutes and the mo… RED SPIKES i dress in black / wear a red patch / over one eye / i have been known / to make men cry / red spikes / are all i wear / in my heart / is a… Little witch that lost her wonders Little Witch was sitting on a branch of a big, cosy oak. She took off her pointed hat and put it beside her, hugged her knees and sighed sa… Witchy Orange Delights At the very edge of a deep dark forest, where the Oaks stand guard and the enchanted Elm and Beech tree limbs hang low, the Wicked Witch wh… Placement in Top Ten! My collie photo, Collie Witch for Halloween, has been voted in the Top Ten, Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge group for Holiday Fun photos! I am … the neighborhood watch/witch funny, / how she hated men / but made it a point / to parade / by the window / like clockwork / cuckoos / her torso / blinking through / t… Night Of The Witch A reclusive old woman had not be seen for over a year, / Undutiful was she when she lost all her senses to hear. / In seclusion she remaine… The Embers of Maria van Beckum They are the self appointed dictators of morality / Setting divine law and editing heavenly legislation to further benefit the lawless. / P… The Shocking Truth About Gender Equality When you buy into the illusion of separation, this leads to fear, misery and frustration. See past the illusion of gender and you are just… Witch Hunt Jealousy surrounded / A grounded young / Lady / Tall in stature / Full of grace / A smile that weakened / The hardest of face; / Her knowle… A Witch’s Tale Poem about the death of someone accused of witchcraft The Price of Kissing Morgan Le Fay The Templar, gawping at her woman’s sight / Flushed by emotions newly felt unfolding / And the world did spin the stars and moonlight… Witch or Not I pray that thee most faithfully relinquish all your power / Then I will give, entirely, upon this midnight hour Emily Why wasn’t she allowed to go to school or play with other children? And where was mummy and what happened to her sister Beatrice? She alway…
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