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I wish I was a window. I’d like to be your window, open like a mind. / The air that you breathe, supplied through me. Radio Red Bubble – I Wanna Be 2 I wanna pretend I am only 2 / And say and do whatever I please / I wanna talk about things like green snot / And things people think you sh… wish a relic joy and life as it is a dancing queen bestowed the honour of guarding her family heirloom / while she sang to the restless night / the seeds of apple angels /… l wish with all my heart l didn’t have to t… Yesterday was exactly 1 month since my mum’s funeral & I have had much to deal with since coming home from Brisbane. For those who don’… Unravel My future / Your wish / Our magic A Single Wish If you had just a single wish / Do you wonder what might transpire / In the granting of that single wish / Would it be a fulfillment of you… Be Careful What You Wish For… Why is it often that which / we long for is just out of reach? / Our internal conversation / How much should I reveal? / How much should … My northern star Should I be unheard and unseen? free falling and I wish you happiness would you like me to tell you about / the sugar cane / becoming the candy apple / a sweet / nemesis eating your grass skirt / the / ech… Snow White – Or be careful what you wish fo… Wherever did it all go so wrong? / Did it begin / With a wife’s fondest desire / To become mother to a daughter When you wish upon a star We’d let these cities burn / just to prove / we can strip you of the night time sky / then watch the embers die out with your kind ~ Faraway Eyes – my Christmas wish ~ ☼ PLEASE ALL OF YOU WHO READ MY WORDS / GIVE ME THIS CHRISTMAS WISH / PLEASE HELP ME HELP THEM! ♥ A Jealous Love When love red hot hurts so much you can’t breathe, / That’s how you survive. / When the green of jealousy consumes your soul, / That’s h… a purple crown of possibilities grows within my l… my eyes are nearly closed / as they grow pregnant / from the visions that he has planted The Origami Girl The origami girl does not live her own life, / others live it for her. / Others choose what color paper she’ll have. / Indigo for moo… Goodbye Ivan Stan Retail therapy was the remedy I sought as I did the ’ shop to you drop’ along the shopping mall. / I bought the usual returnable stu… i wish. i close my eyes… Wish I were Wish I were the petals / That lay upon your skin / dappling their beauty / That shines from within. / Wish I were the waters / Clear crys… ♥ Be the change you wish to see ♥ Healing the world begins with healing yourself. Christmas Wish Heaven has no hold upon our hearts / Greater than love freely given / From the soul of our being / Resting upon our dreams / In sweet surre… breath for dandelion this garden is a jungle One Wish If I could have just one wish / I would wish to wake up everyday / to the sound of your breath on my neck. / the warmth of your lips on my … To Wish Impossible Things This was the day they all loved best. / All year long the children would sing. / For this day gave them the power / To wish impossible thin… Be Careful What You Wish For That all in life is what you create / That comes into illusion / You cannot blame another / For your own confusion The tears of the moon I want to lick them / from my palms / suck the sweetness / from my fingers I wish I look for that button and I still can’t find it. WISH IT WAS ME I watch you as you paint / As you squeeze paint out of the tube / and wish it was me you were squeezing / I see you holding your brush / a… Poem 7 of The Alchemy Series: Don’t look at me, I… You know those people who make sure to tell you— / the writer of life’s beautiful sewage and its repugnant cherries on top— / “I don’t want… Longing Purple scented fragrance / Wafting by on a lilac breeze / Glow of a dimming fire / Through a frosted window My wish for 2013…. I wish I could see like an artist does / Who might see the inner beauty in all of us / I wish I were a poet who could put into words / The… Turning The Tassel Tonight becomes your night / As you turn your tassel. / A new door now opens / As you leave high school hassles. / There’s a wonderin… Wish-woven net Let me bathe in the sunlight of your spirit / In the woody hinterland of your soul / Where springtime resides / Within the promise of your … My Wish For You I wish for you to feel my presence when I’m not there, like a blanket that wraps you up in a sweet heat. / I wish you dreams of joy t… The gypsy has stopped running In a time of hot and cold, of sweet and sour, a young and hesitant swig, a hated taste of bitterness, a desire to annihilate the pain, the … The Wishing Now I know when we wish / why we close our eyes / like a part of us knows / that to wish is not wise / that with every hello / comes eventu… Creature comfort Tragic as an abbatoir I will catch you when you fall I wish you were still my baby / I rushed that part / not knowing what to do / or how to cope / I wish you were still my two year old / When… Beyond a Wish a reversal of charm / is a simple thing / when directed purely / an outcome will bring Season’s Wish Throughout the ages and the 7 seas / Stood the wandering soul of Winter / With shoulder length hair / And a big, bushy beard greyed with ag… careful what you wish for…. love denied, / silent screams, / permeates, / the subconscious, / searching the boundaries, / within the safe haven, / where there is no pa… By the timeline… By the time I was a day old / the memories of heaven were still quite fresh / God, at his throne, held and shone a star on his hand / blew … Photographer’s Wish Golden Light / f eight / Be there. I wish we didn’t Somewhere between the white hills of your bed sheets / And the unadulterated pound of a lonely heartbeat Suspended in Time my wish tumbles through space / where material mysteriously melds with magic I wish I may, I wish you might Have the wish you wish I Wish I May, I Wish I Might….. I wish I may, / I wish I might, / have the dream, / I dreamt last night. / Deep, deep sleep, / which carries me over…. / to a place o… a wish (for the lonely) compassion for the lonely ones A Yellow Butterfly I made a wish upon the wings / Of a yellow butterfly… A Visit From Penny…..Ghost or Wish Dream? I woke and saw her…Penny…..Nothing different to show that she was dead…it was just ………….her…… Oh how I wish……….. some folk talk of love and such / many talk of I know tooooo much / I truly sit here / with no clear idea / of ink that flows from within t… one last wish She smiled at the world through her salty lips Oh How I Wish I Had An Imaginary Friend Oh, how I wish I had an imaginary friend / to play with me once more. / We could pretend that I was a customer / that came to her store. … Oh, How I Wish It Would Rain Oh, How I Wish It Would Rain / Looking out from my old car’s window I see the rain coming down, / And I let the glass roll down so th… Whippoorwill Sometimes I think I’ll die alone, / Sometimes I think I won’t. / Sometimes I ache down to the bone, / Sometimes I simply don’t. 11:11 If there is one place / I wish to be . . . / Then it’s in your arms, / tightly loving me. A Heart Wish for Love A love to wear as armour, / In the battles against the world. I wish this was a song I should’ve asked you to stay / I should’ve said I was sorry / I should’ve not let you walk out the door / Now you are go… I should have worn my mask Vulnerable / Unclenching my fists / I was able to breathe, what seemed like the first time in years / The knots from the ropes were looseni… For Madworld. I wish I could offer more… Helpless in my helpnessness / I think of tattooed hearts / and gentleness / and so it starts… / But, he built boats and sailed the se… wish you were here Vocal chords raw from screaming, fingernails split and bloodied, finally the boy fell silent. He listened to the spade slicing into the gro… THE WISH It’s easy to lose track of time out here. / Hours into years / Uptown there’s a bank / It’s sign flashes the day and time… I wish I may, I wish I might A tribute to someone special that graced my space once upon a time. I WISH I HAD A HOME A HOME OF MY OWN / has always eluded me / I have lived so many places in so many houses in so many countries / I lived in my car for 2 y… I wish I was a Caterpillar Oh I wish I was a caterpillar / Wouldn’t it be a farce / To climb right up an apple tree / Then tumble on me arse Play me a new note For each person counts in the sound they make / All are instrumental in shaping the future Death Wish – Foiled Again Invisible / she walked into the building / stood by the elevator patiently. / The doors opened… she entered and rode it to the top fl… Wish of your Muse Run to the ocean, feel the chill of the water / Discard every spiteful word you hear / Follow your soul to a beautiful place / Where truth … Wish I didnt know If there was a time that my heart was broke / Its lately / If there was a time my heart would hurt / Its daily / I miss my son more than y… Wish upon a plane As far back as I can remember I can never recall that I have ever wished upon a star. Ivan Stan’s Last Wish Here was me a female in thought within the body of man hitting a bulls-eye my first launch of ovum seeking genetic coded wrigglers. One Wish The blue, vacant stare, / That kills the life alive, / Inside, like gentle suffocation, / Searches the faces of passers-by. START EACH DAY AS YOU WISH TO END IT AS YOU END EACH DAY SEEK TO RECALL SOMETHING POSITIVE TO SAY ABOUT IT – SLEEP ON IT…. love in a breath… (G) love in a breath…. Useful 2012 Links for a Better World… Here are a couple of 2012 links – for a better world: / Sign The CHANGE THE WORLD Petition / Join the EARTH CHANGES FORUM I Wish I Was A Caterpillar I wish I was a Caterpillar / Wouldn’t it be a farce / To climb right up an apple tree / Then tumble on me arse I wish… How I wish / that I could lead you / out, into the / fresh morning / of a countryside / lay you down in / tall dewy grass I Wish I Was There The suns rays baked them gave them their power. / Daisy chains they wore on their heads it was the Woodstock flower. / Janis Joplin wailed … If You Should Ever Give Me Flowers Spend your time, not your money. / Gather what you find according to the season / and I will treasure what you bring me, always. Nora’s Wish …each time she drank tequila, she woke up pregnant. I Wish, I Wrote… I wish I wrote / so i could write you and tell you I love you. / you were the writer and you’ve gone and left me… / I wish I wr… I wish (for things I can’t have) I wish the snow was warmer / I wish I had your hands to hold / I wish you would understand / that my “I’m fine” is a com… I wish there were fish in the creek dark purple black MY FERVENT WISH Come see me sometime. / I miss you. / Come see what I have done with my life. / I blew it. / Come hold me like you did so many times / To c… Wish I wish to be a writer, / To tell the stories / Of love, life and worries / I wish to be a fighter, / To stand for my believes / Beat the de… What I wish to accomplish in my writings. I wish to bring a mental ecstasy that no materil thing can bring, I want endorphins to bounce within your skull intill you become addicted&… I Wish I Could Have Known You Better I wished I could have known you better / Although I think I knew you at your best / That year you left me was way too early / So much of yo… i sure wish i could provide for my family trying to find a job in america these days / has my head spinning in a foggy haze December Eve The first night it was cold enough / To see my breath / Rhythmically exhaled from the emptiness / Suspended before me / And then / Gone Wish For when I die, / my corpse cold and blue, / I have a favor / to ask of you. / If there’s no need in this world / for the thing you c… I wish I`d chosen marijuana and biscuits over rea… no matter what your spiritual condition is, / no matter where you find yourself in the universe, / your choice is always the same: / to exp… wish wish wish Like a slow burrowing bullet. Soaked earth with roots twisted through it and a scattering of calluses. In the corner an arrangement of huma… I Wish In Vein I got collision vision, mutation elation and dishonestly nothing either side. Waving at fleeting foreign girls who pretend to gain my atten… I Wish You Well From this moment on I wish you well, / No need to see your face as far as I can tell. / You could never see through those beautiful eyes, /… My Christmas Wish Since we are near to the jolly ol’ holiday / I think I might have something to say / I have a wish that may make no sense / No, I can… I wish I was a nervous wreck….. not! I’m calmer than I’ve ever been / since you took up and left / and found the next lady friend / to be your nervous wreck I wish i were a song. I wish i were a song. / Maybe then i could flow with the melody and my life would last just 3 minutes and 23 seconds. / But i would exist f…
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