I think I will sing close to yellow days are NOTORIOUS / As wire connects me to bird songs in yellow / I can’t sing them / I can’t really hear them / but somehow I can be th… The Wire A Man Without a Vision Will Always Return to his Past. Raging Skin Along a Tip of Barbed Wire a monolith of / cheekbone / incantations / of hot breath / inside the back of my mouth The sweet pea and the wire. Climb / Wrap your tendrils round me / Coil your thoughts through me / I will lend you strength / Let you grow / Become one with me / And I … Outback With The Wire Man (Humour) Outback With The Wire Man. / By Joe Mortelliti / Over a number of years of 4wd touring I have made a life long friend of the “Wire Man”…my … Dust Girl I built you a silver butterfly. Bitter The barbed wire keeps me here. / Trapped in my world / distorting all that is true. Wire Taste the stars as I sleep ~ two prickles ~ two prickles / either will hurt / neither gives / any alert Fly by Wire (s) The fisherman casts his daily bread; / But the fish resign to the bottom…. / Without appetites they tend to sleep. / Nevermore the en… barbed wire here i am stuck. / why was i so stupid?! / I knew i would get caught. / now i am hanging. / bleeding. / waiting. / how will i survive? / wi… Razor Wire Tattoo From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / gypsies and swirling… Trip Wire I’m really not one for talk Razor Wire Tattoo Razor Wire Tattoo / From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / g… Bird on a Wire. I’m like a single little bird sitting on a wire / Like a song bird who cant sing / Can’t flap my wings and fly away / A mocking… razor wire of separation how does he feel as he watches you suffer Ai tog! Doringdraad / Maak my kwaad / * / Barbed wire / Makes me angry Villa Gramaldi Hear a melody in truth / I’ll take you to a folding room FATAL WIRE When last, Therese / in Cavalese / went downhill skiing / - enjoying being / in sunny weather / with friends together, / in came a plane / … string and wire connections Shattered on the floor, a broken toy I peer up at your satisfied face. Your done now and I am left alone here, confined by your world. My h… Untitled 7 I am… Razor Wire Tattoo From a distance / she wore what looked / like a bangle / on her upper arm / which brought up thoughts / of the east / gypsies and swirling… beneath the wire a casual day slips by, / with a trail of words, / some heard, some unheard, / a lofty skylark sings, / he sees the world / differently to m… Alive Scantily clad / In an ever degrading layer of grey / She’s a little silver live wire / Living in spite of the spark in her eye. The birds on the Wire And though these notes burst forth / In signatures of feathered time / So that my ears can nearly grasp / I am unable to name their song Dark Wire Nigh A vampire lullaby Walking the wire . razor wire he thought it was safe to bring you here / he thought we would care Wire Little lady on the high wire / Why do you balance there? / It seems too dangerous to tread / The little line is growing bare / You seem una… Through The Wire “I know how graceful Tim is on the track. I don’t believe that he was on the track and just suddenly tripped.” / “Well he did.” / “No he … Wire Beatniks Hungry youths flock to wire beatniks / Capturing, mastering magnum street tricks Padlocks On The Iron-Wire Fence Is it sign ? / Or it’s only iron and steel / Without any meaning / And then, who’s going to believe ? / Is it love ? / Or it… BIRDS ON THE WIRE The electric lines are humming / Just after a fresh spring rain. / But I look up and then notice / The birds cover it again. / When one lea… Long Time Ago Minds all in quite the simple sign of back and forth. hello, as space alludes the filling of itself. a body waits and practices for coming days. Everyone Here Dies Alone Empty the buckets, the grain falls like snow. / Fill up the stores as it rains. / The storm winds outside are beginning to blow / As the Au… DOMINO ON THE WIRE. Domino on the wire, / Turn up the dark, / Take me higher, / Feeling this curse, / Turn and play in reverse, / Security and humble needs fir… Follow the slantings leading on to various other … A slanting slightly sideways of angles makes the edge between blades of grass and blades of weaponry. / This edge can be crossed. back and … Barbed Wire Thread in, thread out. / Stitch together my / tattered heart. / Thread in, thread out. / Use barbed wire a / mile long, still may / not be … CREATING WIRE TREES PRINTED BOOK MAILED TO YOU. / DOWNLOAD BOOK Sent as a PDF Attachment to Your email

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of wire writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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