QUIETLY I SIT. quietly I sit / listening to the wind Odor and Wind 2009 04 13 poetry Odor and Wind / Stopped short and stare / one at the other, slowly / and wished to touch / Kvapas ir vėjas / sutrikę žiūrėjo / viens kitą i… memories in the wind shhhhhhhh / It’ll be the only sound heard after I’ve left / Funny… all these possessions I’ve kept / Separate my … Blow Wind Blow……..(POEM) When I was looking at this old house the wind was blowing about 40 miles an hour,with gust way over 50 miles an hour. / I couldn`t help but… «Grand-Anse New-Brunswick» I’m always there / In the swirl of life / St-GraäL,why not / Uncontrolable but delighted / Pictures,hapiness,souvenirs / Inexaustibl… Heaven Is A Flower … because I love flowers Crystal Vision- By Keith Williams & Ushna Sa… across the universe / against the wind & dust / away from reality / under the burning mortal sun And Yet Your Voice And yet your voice / taps and threads through wires / along midnight lanes / like bells ever rounding / their countless changes. / And … Soul Substance The simplest things in creation are blessings and I hope that I always see them this way Meeting the Devil Did I ever tell you about the time / I saw the devil? / penetrating the shadowy darkness / I don’t believe in the Devil / this horrif… THE BONES OF POETRY (part2) parched throat / peeling skin / final cries Into the Wind deleting the pages / of you / in my heart / retreating to safety / where I’m loved / from the start / do not engage me, / again, I implor… STEP BY STEP A man must answer / to himself pyrotechny I lazily toss / my legs over the moon / hanging, waiting WHO IS IT? Who is it / that calls my name / in the whisper of the wind, / writes my name / across the sky / in wispy ink? my own butterfly effect is the color of blue really lost forever / or did I just lose track of the sky? The segregated fields of Aran The sky turned blue again after the murdering famine, and gorged itself with the peace it was allowed to shadow ~ When the wee tin cock did spin! ~ tis the funniest sight I’ve ever seen / When the wee tin cock did spin! Historic Toora Unfortunately for us, the weather meant long walks on the beach or adventures through the bush were off the agenda. Instead we set about f… ashes to the wind don’t bury me / beneath the ground / in an ornate box / with silk lining / where my bones / will remain inhibited / cremate me / brin… bare trees gray is the day / icey barren fingers / ache to touch the sun / shadows quiver / from work undone / breathless winds hover / reticent to b… A Whispering Wind hush now …listen to the gentle breeze / breath in… breath out / inhale …exhale… / a gentle whispering of the wind /… DEMON SPAWN [Video] / Howlin’ wind, oh howlin’ wind! / Surely you are Demon spawn! / No earthly power can compare. / You batter, blast and tear! / You … The wind 2009 01 15 Vėjas duris išlaužęs / atėjo išėjo neklausęs / šauksmas save išgirdęs / nutilo save išvydęs / The wind blew the doors in / And came in unbi… Elysium Change is inevitable in the eye of the knowing. my house of wind-chiming reed bones is becoming&#… I can finally see myself / think. / The sucker-punch to the gut / bickering, / dwindling. / The crumbling walls shudder less— / floorboard… of wind and leaves tiny sails in the trees / sparkle the blue / with sounds of distant seas / caught in the breeze / white caps drift / leaving lazy trails /… Lace Tattoo More I should say more but the paint is drying me a different hue…. It Falls a Gift of Inspiration Parent the arts Linaji writes to Linaji in response to SinnerR… Here we are again Linaji, / You and trust issues yes? / Why this or that or Why at all this temptation to believe / We are killers of our o… dirt words a bitter taste has crawled out of the garden and into her mouth Heart of Ice Crystal heart of the frozen wastes / tempered by the vagaries of never-winter / moored in flakes of ice white beauty “Write Like The Wind”… (Mature) blow me into the wind Hearts burn / with fire. / Then pain. / And then with poison. / You played the role. / But I allowed it. / I created the dirty illusion, / … The you I knew Will your sparkle ever return / And smile the way, where my heart burns blowing kisses to a goodbye wind i tore you out of my heart / this brisk september morn / with trembling hands / while fall kissed flush against / my moist cheek / like a… Elemental that charcoal night of / dusky vines / and earth swallowing earth, wings of love Wind whispers empty words / air lies / tragic melody .. The Shadow in the Wind “Yeh he must be so lonely for a mate” The Wind Blows The wind blows. / The leaves like snow / Blend the roads and woods, / Obscuring boundaries. / Trees again naked / Nonetheless cling / To d… Ode to Wonder Dont know what i was thinking..i think its an analogy to something! / Featured in the Waves group!!! WindSong She who walks with the Wind, the name Spirit given / allowing a knowing of pasts and futures forgiven; / A kinship with life and whirlwind … And the Wind Blew She built a web / As a she could do / And the wind blew / And the wind blew / She gobbled some flies / Grasshoppers too / And the wind blew… Nina’s Shoes When we talk about school her crystal eyes go hazy. I call that Nina’s smoke screen; because I know she lies when her eyes cloud over that … Something For Certain Another of my top favourites. I just scribbled this down one day, but only when I came back to it months later did I realize just how true … THE SOMETHING OF ITSELF…..(Part 3-final) not such a small world / climbing / a blade of grass Warm wind Just the warm wind / Like a kiss / From the childhood / Makes it all good Last High i won’t go quiet, but i’ll forever go unheard I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY … A Collaboration I will not go quietly… / by Richard George / I will Not Go Quietly / A poem by: / Richard George / and / LInaji / 2010 / I have been… When the gypsy wanted a fight and the wind blew u… …they were jumping through it while singing: Imme, heb jij je Jopie lief? (Imme. Do you love Jo?) And the answer was No. To Bough Your Head Long years ago / you were born, / From a seed / Deep in the ground. / You grew and stretched. / Your head rose / Above the others, / Until … Winter Solstice ..She breathes on me, and within my bones, / Whispering her evilities, and seducing my thoughts.. nature’s wind it’s a gust of light breeze waking up your saddened heart / it is a gentle kiss while you are secretly in love Testing Times Some trial come into our live like a hurricane that up roots trees Carried on the wind… I cry out into the darkness / praying to the god I thought I knew / hoping the wind delivers / these words my heart whispers to you. / Nig… Scattered dreams While the wind / blows my dreams / far away / scattering them / one by one To Feel The Wind Eagles and Owls survive on the wind / without them the world would be sad / So why let all the others decline in our midst / so let us stan… The Call of the Wind “Come, come” called the Wind. “Come with me / Across the lands and sea / To the softer lands in gentler times.” / &… She travels by wind I can live normally but why settle for the norm if she doubles the space in my soul / We take turns shineing in this glory She’ll be … ribbons in the wind as young adults we build our dreams / we test our limits and burst our seams / with thoughts we think will never die / of things that bring… like the wind 9-17-10 @8:30am / write like the wind, loud and strong, send the words off to some faraway ocean to fill the sails of souls that need a pu… the wind won’t blow to any tune but the mus… Forget about this past-tense bullcrap, / I know those eyes will forever see / Ways to make the world better, / To make every sound a melody. In the burning gills of wind and sky do we know what poor is? / though I have suffered poverty / on certain levels / and have known hunger / I am fed now…with a warm home / an… aurora borealis, whistling in the wind! to a friend….its all just words in the wind… A View In the Autumn Afternoon (Poetry) Through the narrow space between the leaves, / A tiny yellow butterfly can be seen / Dancing, flowing here and there casually / In the fore… You Can Kiss the Sky She moves in a contemplation of her soul presence still. Epidavros Someone is singing. A German woman is singing in the centre of the orchestra, the theatre’s acoustics carrying the sound to me despite the … ‘n Koue front Snerpend stoei die wind / bolwang straat-af. / Gekreukelde koerante / wapper en klou aan beton Survival The warm wind blows / As though it knows / The way I long for / Rain the black soot of her clit the cunt of her frame become tangled by the smack of fuck me, fuck me hard From the mires to the wind Those walls of yours / Are not invisible / You have graffitied / The contents of your baggage / In dried up blood colours THE INNOCENT WIND BLOWING And all over the world / people are growing more ecstatic at being human / and wondering where all this will lead. / And the wind keeps blo… Friction Field The wind, on this blue night, / is howling like a banshee, / sad voices carried on it. Source I awoke this morning, the sky was so clear / I gave a yawned stretch, and then a sneer; / I saw twin fawns aside the pond-lake / then a bla… In my Nightie I am catching up!! ALL IN FUN,, no way this is real life,, just imagination, pure imagination…………. SOUL IN THE WIND You always faught for what you believed / You were alot like me / Just like a soul in the wind Like A Cool And Fluttering Wind It was within moments of your arrival that I took notice, guarding myself from your infection. Wind Wind greeted us like staples. A door slammed. We stepped over broken brick steps. Down to concrete. / “There is a Thia restaurant jus… Eagle He looked down on the world below, / His heart was filled with fright. / Where could he go? Where could he fly? / When all seemed dark as n… DUST IN THE WIND We are all dust in the wind I Play for the Wind I had fine clothes made for a skintight fit. I found the roots and leaves to make my hair silken, my cheeks colored, and my lips look full… WIND CRAZY The wind / shakes her down to heartwood, / sends electric sparks through her / twigs, clatters her little round / leaves, makes her crazy w… Begun as a Whisper The wind’s whisper shown as an etching in the stone facing / Constant, incessant, roiling, carrying the dust of the day while / The water’s… it is my fault you caused my suffering and pain / yet I never have met you, what for? I Have Seen Her She Floats…effervescent, / Through the pale night air, / Silhoetted by the moon, / The wind in her hair… / Sheer wings glow lik… Lost windy weather Who knows where the wind blows / where it comes from / where it goes / where balloons and kites will drift ‘till gone / Planes will f… Woods of Confusion – (RB Gang) The dumbfounded looks may have put off a lesser mortal, but Explorer was not to be thwarted. / ‘There. That’s how we fly to where the sun r… how many dreammiles to where you are. the smell of olive leaves on the wind, of white linens baking on clay streets. i send you the sea mist with the memory of christ’s hands, … God Speaks God speaks to us all he say’s / See the children playing and laughing in the field see the smiles on there faces.feel how it makes yo… Unfurled…….. Open to the Wind Wishing that this never happened / Knowing there is sadness to yet feel / Hearts pleading in selfish requesting / Solutions / from whence d… Wind Traveling the Path of Pain… / i will be like the Air and Blow away in the Wind / Traveling the Path of Joy… / i will be like Wa… On the Wings of the Wind the grace to withhold that which isn’t divine Wind! A True Story Sunday 2.30pm / Burrrrp!! Pardon me. Wind. I wonder why they call it wind? The word itself conjures up other descriptive words like bre… TOMBSTONES IN MOONLIGHT tickling long shadows / creeping on hallowed ground Purnululu Wind The wind walks here. / She brushes past me / and runs her fingers through the feathery, sun-lit grasses / rustling the taffeta underskirts … NO SHIPS, NO SAILS I am empty now
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