“Win some…learn some” “I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some” / Jason Mraz Who will win – You or Me? (Mature) Real Strength We all have our Demons / Some in this life / Real to the touch, / Some grew from the past / Gaining strength through our worries. / Some l… WindSong She who walks with the Wind, the name Spirit given / allowing a knowing of pasts and futures forgiven; / A kinship with life and whirlwind … Challenge win I have had a challenge win for “Eyes Looking Down” in the Mood & Ambience group for my photograph of Kanchanaburi Melancholy girl / K… Come One, Come All… In the ghastly spirit of celebrating All Hallow’s Eve the Domestic Art Group is hosting a Masquerade… Come join us by entering … ‘Special raindrop recognition award’ … I would like to give big warm thank you to Vanessa Barklay for making me featured member and giving me / THE SPECIAL RAINDROPS RECOGNITION… Survive the Fall to Rock Bottom The burning inside my clenched fists / is screaming at me to let go. / My mind is distorted by hatred / of a thousand voices / spoken by th… You Can Win Reach for the skies / Break off the ties / of doubt and hesitation Twiddling my thumbs so thought I would share some… Wonderful high quality images of the Northern Territory and its “Gorgeous Gorges” Sorry Barack cannot win America is still too racist Not sure how this happened… but stop and ta… wonderful images, and flavours of the Vineyard and Wineries group. fallen beauty queen “light breaks” (Mature) A challenge win top 10s and features (263) won the Cups and Mug’s challenge in the "Simply White Artwork Gallery – 90% White " and was was featured in Happy Hav… First challenge win Thanks to Jason Connolly I have just found out that I have won my first challenge event in the Historic Churches group. / Thank you to all … Challenge win I have just been informed that I have had a challenge win in the Which Way group? for my entry of Matin Mere Harrier Hide / I took the pho… A win in the historic churches group challenge !!… win a challenge won the challenge Objects of Desire…Watermedia Only.. Thank You For Voting Hi Guys, / Just a quick thank you for voting for my picture of Louth church for the challenge / “Lincolnshire Landmarks” The winning entr… Avatar win and features (161) Is the new avatar of the All about Flowers Thank thank you so much for that honour . / was featured in the group Butterflies, Skippers, … … MAKE MONEY Contest Group is a new group for artist to try to win some money every month. Check it out. Experimentally Orange Win!!!! Experimentally Orange Win Note for the Prodigal Snow’s storming / Door’s still open / Lamp on the windowsill / Burned out long ago. / The note’s been waiting / For all this time / I wor… Avatar win! Thanks to all those who voted for Tiger,tiger burning bright… Appreciate all the feedback. Cheers Thank You, Featured Works and Top Ten!!! I just wanted to thank everyone for leaving wonderful comments, supporting and encouraging me in my work, big thank you to all hosts and mo… Win and Featured YYYYYPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks! / What a surprise! / My cat won a challenge in Tabby Time group.Thanks all who have given voice to this work. / I… A successful week!!! We enjoyed the wonderful spring weather here in Switzerland… / warm and marvelously in bloom :)) / I had the opportunity to shoot som… Just Can’t Win You make my heart bleed, each time you plant a seed. You did your deed, have Impatient Men Never Win Big Oh, darling… / You are so eager / Much like my… (ha ha) / I think you should wait / A few minutes longer / Making it stronger /… The Boxer Enter backstage / As muscle of rage / The life I fight / Is on live tonight; / This is a rematch / You want to catch. / Hype on the news / … Challenge Win: Balancing Act Woo Hoo!! I’m so friggen excited! My photo ‘Balancing Act’ won the ‘Urban Wildlife’ challenge in the group ‘#12 Great Features’ !!! This i… to win to win a love / one must lose / deliberately / deny / pride the voice / sit with humility / as a best friend / deflate / let the other sit… First Challenge Win @ Magnificent Minnesota WOW – A first for me and I’m really pleased that the folks voting in the Love, Love, Love Minnesota challenge contest thought m… This weeks features and a challenge win!!! (155) 4 th place in the with / And A challenge winn (first ever) in the buyeR Us Group with / was featured in the group Flowers in macro (ver… Our First Contest Win -“Tigger” WE WON! Challenge win and featured works 15.03.’09 Few thing which made me smile in last weeks: / I won with my “Atmosphere” in the Sepia challenge of Mood&Ambience-Strictly… Challenge win and featured works 23.10.’09 Wow,what a big surprise,I won with my favourite fungi picture in the Fungi and moss challenge of “Fungilicious” group.Many tha… Challenge win in Nature’s Macro Canvas Group Yippeee – another challenge win! / Thank you to all who voted for ‘Moss Forest’ in the Gorgeous Green Macro Challenge in … Challenge Win – Also A Feature My photo “Sunflower Fractalius” won TPW Group’s “Art Challenge” / Thank you so much. / Also my photo “A… Win An Original Painting!! Win a Painting!! Challenge Win and Featured Artist Heartburn won the Candle Light Challenge in the Mood and Ambiance Group. / Yay for people that vote! May the best car win the race it is not about ‘winning the race’ / it’s about HOW you won the race / all the little things you did along the way / to s… Can’t Win they’ve taken most from me. / thin dreams and memories of sunlight and / windows and / lust; they’re gone / underneath the she… the vault Rushing,spinning all to the top,the vault in my head has opened,pain,torture,horror oh how could this be? / Locked up for years how’d… A feature and A WIN!!! This is a nice day! What a nice day! It won’t get any better than right now, so I should just call it a wrap. / “Country girl” was featured in the… First Challenge Win/ Feature… is this the p… Check Check Check…one two one two…Check… / anybody out there?…Helllllloooooooo…sibilance / So I suppose this … Challenge win and 2 features ! A good week its been and i would like to thank ‘’ MOOD AND AMBIENCE ’’ for my challenge win of The Stars / Also th… IN THIS WAY WE WIN then comes down to the sacred duty / of being naked… of being pure innocence / in flesh, of trembling with sensitivities; / of knowing anot… win a hmmmbates t-shirt also a hmmmbates goody bag win a hmmmbates t-shirt Callenge Win… I won my first challenge in the group “Statues & Such”. / Dragon was the theme. / Thanks to all who voted for my Capture &a… A Challenge Win…. thanks to everyone who voted for the Bridge..and to Lisa and Nancy for being great Host…..Happy New Year Guys and Gals……S… I’ve Won My First Challenge!!! Animal Photography Challenge – Vibrant Colour / Oh, woweeee, I’ve won my very first challenge and I’m thrilled to bits! /… Let the stress win Was it good for you? Challenge win and Featured artist What a great start to Friday.. A Challenge win in the Pacific Northwest Group and made a Featured artist in " The Woman Photographer&… Just a Little Light – Challenge Win So thrilled – my image ‘Sunkissed’ has won the ‘Just a Little Light’ challenge in the Mood & Ambience Gro… A Challenge Win….A Feature and A Good Day I am truly Honored to have won the Autumn Glory challenge in the Nikon DSLR GRoup…thanks to everyone who voted for this Photo and con… Inspiration Time is important Emo poetry for the win!! Nothing’s healed! / That’s / how I feel / that / is / what’s real to / me. / I’m so tired of unsacred things. / my… Stop and Smell the Roses Challenge Win! Thank you to all who voted for ‘Ice Maiden’ in the Purest White Rose Challenge. What Path What Path did you choose / Did you win or did you lose / Was The Path broken or was it cracked / Did you leave and then go back / What did … Challenge Win: Vibrant (Woo Hoo!!!) My all time favorite photo ‘Vibrant’ won the challenge “Follow the Challenge Rules” in the Macro Untouched group!!!… Challenge Win! 11.10.’08 Huge thank you to everyone who voted for my image “Ethereal mood” in the Beautiful Blur challenge.Wow,this was a very nice surp… Airs and Graces (Mature) win me overpower me with love / defuse all my will to fight you / let me be your prize / © siki dlanga / 15 april 2011 Love Is Not A Card Game Love is not a card game / Hearts are not a plaything / It’s not something that you tame / Or something that you win / It’s som… First Challenge win! ::does a little dance:: / 1. 1 in Tree silhouette challenge in Silhouette group / Thanks to those who voted! It made my day :D A Challenge Win…All That Is Nature!!!!!!!!!… this is a great way to start my day …thanks to all those who voted for my Aurora photo in the Celestial Bodies challenge and congratu… Season of Autumn Challenge Win Thank you and staff for the time to look at my work,and thank for the votes A Challenge Win…..WOW thanks to the Freedom to Shine Group for the Shadows Challenge and thanks to all of you who voted for My entry…and to all of you who … Win or lose Try and call it what you want. / How long will you be able to keep denying it? / We all have had our turn of being bitten hard in the as… Five Features and a Challenge win within one day! Wow! I’m still amazed at the honour..I can only say THANK YOU to the hosts of Point and Shooters and COUNTRY ROADS / around the World… Sinning in the City You, jealous flirt, barbarian tease, / head to Hell, a star coyote with the small hours / snapping at your heels: you never miss your lions… Trying to Win You Over Will I ever hear your voice / Whisper love in my ear / Or will I stand alone / As you watch my tears / Why don’t you look into my eye… Belle does it again ‘’ Challenge Win … Well once again the cute and irresistible Belle has ONE the challenge of full body – fine art,t in the group ‘’ MANS BEST… The Prime Un Win Win . A Challenge Win…. Skyscapes…Green Skies Challenge …thanks to the 31 of you who voted for Come on Up-The Lights are on and a top ten finish..for A… For the Love of All To love is harder than to hate / But the greatest man wins / He who loves his neighbor / Is always loved from within. Challenge Win ,,and a Feature Wow Wow and double Wow …great way to start my day…thanks to all that voted for Northern Colors #3 in the Stars at Dusk or Dawn… Playing You’re playing hard to get / But still playing / I play right along / Trying to take the lead / But you won’t let me / Giving up would be e… nothing to say lately I’ve had nothing to say lately / Except complaints and bitching / It’s just the same old shit / Day after day / This routine is sickening /… My first challenge win! I just logged on to RB to find that I have won the “very fast challenge” in the Blooming Trees Group! I am stunned, happy, pro… i win i win My First Challenge Win What a surprise! My photo “Solitude” was the winner of the “Snowstorm of November 2010!” Challenge in the Group:Pac… Never play with feelings Never play with the feelings of others….. / Because you may win in the game / But the risk is that / you’ll surely lose the per… Challenge Win ,,and Three Features thanks to all of those who voted for my Auroras Borealis photo in PC Survivor’s Nothing but Sky challenge and congrats to the other e… Thank you Friends For The challenge Win And Ten … Thank you for the winner in Barns And Grist Mills And Covered Bridges “Autumn Barn” ! in the top tens 1. in Carousel Enchant… my first challenge win The Lie Triangular point at sticks end, / Wavering, dangling taunt, / To pained heart un-mend. / Stab, hack, pierce / The beholders violent trend … I’m going to win for biggest fucker I lay, eyes open, thinking about my life in discust and decisions. I look back to what I started out as and what i’ve become. / I ca… A Challenge Win a huge thank you to everyone who voted for the girls and congratulation to all the other entries in the Paws ’n Claws quarterly chall… Accomplish an inspiration to achieve TODAY I WANNA WIN LOTTO So Come on, Send me the first number that comes to your mind when you read this please. / I’m thinkin THIS / If your number assists … Hopeless You shake and tremble / But I won’t give in / To your feeble try. Born to win Because I AM! I am challenged by my circumstances / But my circumstances are not bigger than me. for all those who suffer and never win I travelled the longest inch / I was mocked for never finishing the race / I took a step to it / I was denied clearance / Disturbed / I was… You Light Up My Life Honored Me with A Feature An… Thank you Hosts in the light up my life group for featuring my photo “A Foggy Night” and thank you all you wonderful members wh…
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