WHO IS IT? Who is it / that calls my name / in the whisper of the wind, / writes my name / across the sky / in wispy ink? Not Asking for Much… Not asking for diamonds and pearls. / Just want to be happy in this world. / Not asking for roses every day. / Not asking for a knight to s… Whisper my Name I’m so in love with you / I came to you from within / I’m a slave to you / and all the world can be sin / because I’m s… Like roping a whisper speak to me in brutal truth / but riddled tongue / of dark driving labyrinth rains / avenues and urban turns / like alleyways and hunger / … wishing on a star I have been waiting for a moment like this / you snuggled your head onto my shoulder / snogging on the shore / one special kiss / under th… in the womb in the womb / safely tucked away / beneath a mother’s beating heart / his infant body is formed / he is nourished / he is loved / sw… When Fog Sets Down So He whispers gently in our ear / Peace be still / open your ears and eyes to Me / I will guide you back to safety Will you come to me If I were to call out / from the edge of the / glowing horizon at sunset / would you follow your heart / leave your treasures behind / and… LOST IN THE MIST I couldn’t had will to resist / i drifted away with the mist / i lost myself in the mist Duplicity I am the voice in your deepest mind / I whisper dark things you cannot ignore / My laughter is there when you sleep / between the visions … Whisper It is easy to say good bye / when you know it isn’t for long. / But what happens when you’re the only one / who hears the Heart… Not Even A Whisper so quiet no sound ….not even a whisper Begun as a Whisper The wind’s whisper shown as an etching in the stone facing / Constant, incessant, roiling, carrying the dust of the day while / The water’s… After Rain- A Love Story She couldn’t say anything more, but she saw the same obsession and love in his eyes. “Liza it will be lost without you, I realised th… Only Whisper Only / W h i s p e r / My name / When you awake. / I will f-o-l-l-o-w / Your voice. / I shall meet you where you are / Surrounded /… murmur “my love will never escape” / your voice dropped to a whisper / I could hear the whispering of the sea / you were murmuring in … ONE STEP AT A TIME every time I step out / I’m stepping in Lovesong Hear the song within Dad I miss you I hear him his breath whispering wrapped in his body / lying in the emerald garden / between the roses / and the liliacs / the air filled / with the mixed scents / so swe… “MOTHERS WHISPER” DO NOT THINK OF ME AS GONE, / OR EVEN SAY I HAVE DIED. / PLEASE SAY MY SOULS SET FREE, / CAUSE ANGELS NEED TO FLY. / MY SADDEN CHILD, / GO… Black Dog Whisper pacing, porn and info commercials Love Me Kiss me gently as I may linger there / wanting to be your oxygen Whisper I heard a whisper long ago / Though noise around distracted me / A disembodied echo / Carried on the roaming breeze / It floated between yo… The Weight of Memory And did you not think / when you expanded / the centre of my holiness Touch (Mature) Whisper To breath words voicelessly: / ( To speak or say so very softly.) whisper words don’t / refuse to whisper words The Sisters’ Whisper She found herself beneath the snow-dressed limbs of the Sisters. Tears already welling in her eyes, her jaws were clenched tight, resistin… Sweet Nothings Your words / Are addictive “Whisper” (reflections on a painting… “Enveloped in beauty and trust, it listens / Revealed by sight and sound, gently / In whispers of hushed tones, to us, this day…̶… Spoken in a Whisper her hair is falling in my face / like a sunset dipping low to tantalize An unexpected Visit She appeared unexpectedly, came through the door without knocking. Despite her old age she moved swiftly; the turquoise full-length gown hi… Whisper it’s only a whisper Waiting. I’m waiting. i believe you, your innuendo to you i respond, i believe you / my secret: / your innuendo… A Trusted Whisper An echo whispers through the wind / It calms the fears we feel within / It soothes the wounds within us deep / It brings us peace throughou… HBS /part two…. (Mature) GHOSTS? In the silence of the night / Do you feel eyes upon your face / Perhaps breathing / You cannot trace / Do you hear a heart beating / When … I See You…… The sweetest sound to the ears of a child of God… must be the sound of God’s most precious voice, calling them away from this old wor… BEAUTY IS A WHISPER Beauty Is A Whisper / With no boundaries to control / It is in one’s heart / And their very soul / Beauty in the flowers / That grow … The Whisper of Dreams Creamy hues embrace / A pony of such grandeur / With quietude / Creating a magical sight / Grazing on grasses / His ears can hear / The … Drowning In Black Lace Choke upon your filthy soul. Rustles ………whisper wings ! Chhalleya O akalleya / Abaad tu / abaad tanhaai : / O’ lover ring O’ eternal loner / Flourishes in you The Status / Loner lonel… The Leaves Whisper Revenge Nothing but his boots on the ice-guilt leaves below. Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow Shhhh, The Whisper of A Rainbow / Peace and serenity / Let me just watch / In love and harmony / Don’t say a word / Breathe in the… Not even a whisper I listen to his soft breathing / as beside me , he lies / in the still of the night / so quiet , no sound / not even a whisper / but the g… Yard Dog Blues She was the meanest one of the bunch. To tell the truth, I was a might bit embarassed at how easy she cowed down, and it unnerved me somet… i’m listening with my heart you are weak and need me now most / i’m afraid to say so / you want to be in control and the one who decides / not the invisible hand… Whispered Comb my silver hair / With the slant upon the grass-lands A Heart’s Whisper Stagnant noise extends the reality of the distance between them. His large hands clutch the phone…. Winter Shore The wind is dropping / slowed to a whisper / muted / by a lacy veil of snow SCRAWL OUT THE NAME OF JESUS ! If you believe / even the faintest whisper / lifted up to Heaven / will erode hell dreams dreams fall / like rose petals / cloaked in darkness / shrouds of the dead / walk through / asking questions / for which there are no ans… a whisper of me there is a whisper of me / deep inside of you / no matter where you go / no matter what you do / though we are not together / the whisper i… he for her… In whispered breath he calls her / she listened to the breeze… / With eyes meant just for her / she saw his wish to please… / … golden lying in the golden sea / the sun danced / the harps played / songs of love / she lay in the warm water / her golden hair flowing / today… The Whisper The whisper came / And called a / Truce / Thrice calling now / It’s juice / Renaged / On what it once / Did promise; / It qu… Love whisper For it was a long stare / as though they dare / it’s the beginning of two / now some how they knew / by searching they had found / what th… Where have you been! The soft caress of her hand and passion grows from within… golden love we were golden, we too / in the sunset of love / my body fit so well into yours / pressed against you / heart against heart / we danced / … I Dream You. Can you feel me dream you / when i fall asleep each night. / Can you feel it when i kiss you / and when i hold you tight… Just your whore… Your private whore waits for you now just outside your front door. Another night and she’s knocking, almost begging “let me in please. You… Still Small Voice Into the dark of the night my seeking carried me… / At the feet of the Almighty my fears I did lay. / Seeking refuge for my restless … I heard a whisper On this full moon night / I heard a whisper of sadness / In the world some where / I felt the loneliness that lingers / The hand of time i… Whisper… Yes Come Closer To Me… / I Whisper My Seduction… / Filling Rooms With It’s / Sweet Energy, Come… / Come Closer, Ye… No Getting Over You Late at night I still find myself whispering your name whispers. There is a quiet / a hush amongst the trees / as shadows fall / like whispering voices / calling to my ears / distant in after thought / gi… ~ Whisper it All to Me ~ And I shall sing it to the stars / Harmony of Pluto and Mars / The beauty of Earth has no pars / To compare with your whispers to me Whisper to me Whisper to me, sensual words when we’re both alone / Let my mind escape to a far-off, distant zone “A Whisper in The Breeze” Today… / I hear the rustling of the leaves, / as the wind dances through the trees. / Blending with the symphony of wild-bird song. /… This evenings night. The cresent moon, / A crooked smile, / As if the joke’s on me. / The stars that shine, / Like eyes of light, / I wonder what they see… I’LL WHISPER WORDS You’ll never know me / Don’t ever ask me questions / Just kiss me / Don’t make suggestions / I’m filled with secret… Departure busying ourselves / with trivial dates and plans - / in sudden quiet / we pretend not to hear it… / the whisper of your good –… SHHHH…WHISPER shhhh…whisper / don’t let anyone hear / our secret words / just hold me near / the scent of your skin / your fingertips / my b… practice i like the way / you float in my mind / don’t move / while i practice my whisper mandarin whisper the pattern ne’er complains / it’s a small world after all / is forgiven / but not forgotten / but(t) will the children of the corn / or in… are you a dream come true? close your eyes now / remember the time when / i last whispered in your ear / and held you tight / remember me that way Whimsical Windsong Whisper …singling me out to the single. whisper My left breast says / hello, my right one says / goodbye. I wear a bit of jasmine upon / my inner thigh. The breeze that makes my / skin in… Where Life Is Still Find that place / where life is still / a whisper of solace then be heard / a gentle voice / who knows your fear / silencing the noise of t… tribute to morning bended knees on a family of sitting rocks / and debate the virtue of bravery with Virgil / as autumn oaks look on with curiosity and / whi… When The Dawn Claim The Night A poetry I’d like to share. Light and whisper I woke up missing / you. / Wishing your hands would / slide up my / ribs / as the sun / slides over the city / like a big / yellow canopy… together against the waves of life only because i whispered it / only because i asked you They Are My Rules You think my heart nothing but a gourd / A simple vessel for you to store your love / Only there for you to slake your thirst / When you w… Hanging The nobles by the noble tree, / Sat or stood and watched as he… a desperate whisper of a plead i never got that loop-de-loop, bunny shit. / i just made two hoops / and then i tied them together. Harvest Moon Under this moon tonight, / for you lover, I wait for tonight Whisper ~ Her heart spills daily to the floor~~ / She has all, she will ever want. / Love surrounds her every day. / More than one will ever need. / … Constant whisper The moon happily shines on the tears in our house / He holds her with his strength Heaven’s Rays Heaven’s Rays shining / bright / Bringing forth the most / loving light / Warmth that is beyond / compare / Letting everyone know / y… Nostalgia I still hear your voice in the sweet air of spring. tell me yours ……………just around the bend, you whisper / ………………i’ll fly to you My heart is home Almost gone / But not forgotten, it would seem / A faint whisper, the echo of a memory……….. the most silent whisper But being, and moving, maybe,…but knowing, / needing, and seeding, ideas that are,….me!
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