DAVE’S COLOUR CLOCK Bear in mind when you’re painting a landscape that whichever blue you have selected as the base colour for your sky should be used fo… Story of the wheel turns oddly Snooping wind circled around my head. I felt my head move from side to side. At one point I had a vision of my head toppling into the bas… the wheel sunrise / civilized man / sees the shadow / and the wheel keeps turning / watch it run / rabbit from the snare / unaware / the trap lies a… Sunism ® Philosophy Sunism ®,a spiritual belief founded in Australia. People united with love, worshipping the sun as the centre and higher power of our solar … War on Wane Wayne, the wicked Wicca Witch of the West, Wasted a Wagon in a Ward….. Donum Dei Her love is a wheel set in motion / with hands / that were never / her own. / Each spoke speaks / with regardless clear eyes / and black /… Geriatrics and the Wheel of Fortune times to reme… prose and fun memories about times spent with Great Grandma in her 90s Sir Isaac Newton’s color wheel Hi All, / To add to the trivia that appears at the top of our pages, the latest question was: / Hi Lensman2008, did you know Sir Isaac Newt… They Never Saw It Coming They never saw it coming, the happy people at the fair War Between The Worlds The noise, the deafening noise. / A battle rages to my north. / Armies of ships fall to my side, / weighing on my heart for those inside. don’t wanna What do I say to my bairn. / How do I love them, without bitterness from the loss of my man? The Tumble Wheel The universe is a kaleidoscope. / One cosmic turn of the wheel, / one small shift, / and the design changes. Quartet in Moonlight~ Tracking Wisdom Around the … Glowing Moon, White as Bone, Sails o’er Waters… O’er Hills, o’er time-darkened Stone. Gnawing the Moon down to a cr… You’re The Wheel Thing… … you turn me (on). / ;D The Clown Wobbling around on his unicycle, / like he is wearing a blindfold. / Pedal after pedal he pushes on, / over the bumpy circus floor. Spinning Wheel Dreams What a mantle of wonder one could weave / if the gift of Rumpelstiltskin were so easily mastered! Staying Alive Will we ever learn? / Will we ever know? / Will we ever get there? Prayer Wheel She returns to the front yard, passing by my window, and climbs a tree in the neighbor’s yard. She descends, and in her mouth is a pu… One Hand on the Wheel (Adult Content) No silk worn to block his path / They had not traveled far Spinning Wheel Her life was like a Spinning Wheel / Out of control / Spinning webs of lies / That she told / She lied so much / She started to believe / A… College Days i can’t perform live Baby Steps The air feels heavy. The smell of the musty carpet mixed with cheap cologne and body odor remind me of a crowded Vegas lounge. Into this Dark and Ancient Chamber I will not rush into the leafy embrace of greening fields. I will not dance naked like a child into the warming sun. Not yet. Not yet. The Beautiful We’re out of ice / and satan is holding the wheel Steering Whilst Texting? 1/423OR / 10224APC / YGUD4U2? The Old Bullock Drey. when lightning bolts a flash Hearts Of Clay Relationships spin round and round, / some time emotions are up, / some times there down. / A potter’s wheel never spins perfectly l… Yeat’s Wheel -“pleasure’s a sin, and sometimes sin’s a pleasure” Yeats- / you shed tears during ecstasy / the spirit turning mer… Call from the wheel of prayer The ancient landscape summoned / With the complicit aid of an eagle / Come rustle your feathers / And summon the spirits / The wheel of pra… Epiphany 2008 (Sunism does not endorse this poem.) Wheel of the World We are never alone, never unloved. The World sings to us always, and we are One with all Creation. The Goddess Fortune Many of today’s literary concepts are adaptations of ideas originated by Boethius ’ widely popular (in the middle ages) De Cons… Industrial Music The Iron age of Kali is a testing time in lore / The densest of the vibratory fields / When ignorance upon the earth / Shall often rule the… Wheel of Terror she raked the blade across her wrist… / watched the blood fade from red fingertips… / how she had failed herself… / them … Wheel of Fate Shadows lurking / Instincts working A Weal Wheel After fire / Found a hand / A hominid stared / Deep / Into space / And realised / A wheel could / Turn / Labourious chores / Into a wheeze… leather interior. i’m not really sure why i sit for hours on end in this stark white room, staring blankly at a screen with whatever music playing in t… the wheel What if life wasn’t really life at all? / How many of us here can honestly say that we’ve never thought that? ;o) / I thought, … The Wheel The light eternal The Wheel The sum of good or bad luck Another Turn of the Wheel (Mature) Ferris Wheel Circling around me is the kitchen. My head isn’t quite right so that explains the whirling room. By “isn’t quite right… The colour wheel of life no1 So awaken Little One / And see for yourself. / Life is many colours / Not just blue. Gaza 2009…….and all we get is “… View here Impressive big wheel featured in January 2010 I’m very glad to see that my picture “Impressive big wheel” is featured in the great group : European every day life. / … The brink of Being [Video] / The Brink of being / Staying low and dark / Away from the babble of markets / And the gossip of the streets / Listening to the sp… The Wheel One heartbeat weakens, / while another grows strong. / One life filled with joy, / while another goes wrong. / All part of a plan, / that… The Bus Stop The fare gripped by a sweaty palm; / The wages held by the crave of the drink. The EKKA Poem Well it’s EKKA time again / Fun and rides for all Wheel of Time It is dawn again, / But not / The world over— / My light / Another’s darkness; / Into your dreams / My passing of shadows— / The Wheel of T… throwing a cog into the wheel of pitiful lennie came / walking out of / his closet / with a shotgun / in his hand. / “that’s it” / he said. / “that damn bitch / has gone out on me … The colour wheel of life no3 Red The colour of life / Of anger / And passion. / It is the heat / Of the moment / And of the heart. The Ferris Wheel The ferris wheel of life Spinning Wheel Spinning Wheel / Spinnning wheel round and round it goes / Where it stops in life no one knows / The family wheel never ends / Round and ro… Loop-de-loop a spinning top on a tilted table cloth; like a wave that never fully takes off. The colour wheel of life No 1 Blue Down I go / Again and again. / You surround me / With your angst / Transfix me with your hue. / You take my weight / And if I’m not … Wheel of time Today is painful, / Yet every Tomorrow, I think Yesterday was better! Wheel of Fortune Caressing the number / gently, rhythmically, / as a lover. Ferris Wheel For One Round and round the ferris wheel / on a cold and cloudy day / A strong wind begins to blow / my cart begins to sway / I see them down below… The turning of the wheel Close-minded men outstretch open hands / and grasp undeserved at an undue reward… The Spinning Wheel Don’t come over for a while / Give me some space / My life is upside down / And I think I’ve lost my space / I’m spinning in endless circle… Ferris Wheel Ride What to do with all these emotions? / How do I manage them? / Love, happiness, sadness, anger, pain. / Sometimes I feel that I am going ins… Forever in a Dream When we seek, what isn’t real… / Our dreams become a spinning wheel. / Turning as the nights go by… / As we sore within t… Iliana is blind and has lost her driving wheel I need to regurgitate that orange sun I swallowed / having and loving -a pure heart / covered with a sheath of cynicism is depressing / I… The Real Circle Game Jump, and you smash yourself on unforgiving ground. / Stuck at the top, no one hears you scream for surcease. The colour wheel of life no2 yellow Feel the tickle? / That is the blood / Through your veins. / That swelling / In your breast / Yes it is your heart / Full of love. Ferris Wheel For that moment I belonged / to the circular city of lights / the colony of the ferris wheel / that made me king / every time I rose to … Squeaky Wheel Avoid your constant remonstrations / And before us simply kneel Drinking Coffee Randomly sitting there brewing a new pot. “You make it too strong just like your dad!” mom exclaims. “Well what can I s… Wagon wheel Rock me mama like a wagon wheel Spoke In The Wheel Set aside your head full of questions / Because the answers are in our lie / Get your head down and just keep working / Until the day your … It’s caning! By dinner time, experiments with bondage and requests for light caning and spanking NOW were going through the roof;

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