A Very Wet Dream (Mature) a visitor (warning – graphic) (Mature) an appetizer His monolithic cock was obvious as she urgently ground her crotch against it; writhing, needing to worship at its altar. Make me wet Fall upon me…make me wet with abandon / saturate my being and let me become. diversions (Mature) My thoughts are lost . . . My thoughts are lost… / Somewhere, deep in the human ocean / Have you found them??? / My thoughts are lost… / When I was thinki… Help Me Feel The Coolness On Your Skin / As You Set Beside Me / Close Your Eyes And Be Lost in Thought / As You Listen To My Murmurs / Be Chilled T… Secret… wet… Wet Patch Get your Shoes, Grab your Bag, / Caught you now, Rotten Slag. / Off you Piss, i’ve had enough, / ain’t my Fault you’re in… the club (Mature) Wet Dream II I approached her, ephemeral almost / Laying on a bed of leaves / Heard the catch of her breath, as I approached / I was bathed in her beaut… I Had a Wet Dream (Mature) labour intense she’s working hard. / arched neck, flexed toes. / rocking, writhing, grinding. Fantasy Fulfilled (Mature) beg x2 (M) he could feel her hot steamy breath against his neck. she bit it hard enough to hurt a little & eased off with a suck. Icey Passion (Mature) Yesterday was another day..continued (Mature) Where Is The Water? Where has all the water in Australia gone? / Where is the water, / that once flowed free? / “Turn off the tap” / they say to me… A soppy wet death in living waters: My spirit exi… Cold granite / under naked toes, gripping a stark cliff / in black-robed air that fills the pores of Your canvas / Her hair / long and tang… Bored shower fantasy (Mature) désirez-moi! you clench a fistful of my hair & wrench my head backward. / that rough handful expels a gasp from my mouth but it is stifled by yours&… Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion gourmet delights – a breakfast tale ® (Mature) Wet Sand and Thoughts like dying Stars I find myself trailing my feet in the wet sand / not knowing who i am or who i want to be. domestic ass his other hand searched & grappled her bosom firmly whilst he mouthed her tense slender neck. one hand strained rhythmically below whi… WILD WEST WET DREAM I was on cloud 9 / 24-7. / But all that changed / On 9-11. / Now there’s an endless war / Against terrorism. / And the spin doctors are oil… The Act Of Love (WARNING: Erotic) This drug you call love…. / This longing you call desire… / I feel your passion filling my veins. / Pumping lust through my swe… Wet Dream There she was in the meadow / naked and so bare / dreaming of him This Poet’s Purpose Heart and a pen must be set, / To catch thoughts on paper’s net. / Who knows whose needs be met? Wet Taxi at Midnight Breathe, / Like a refugee / Like a junky / Whore Oral Presentation (Mature) You’re All ‘Wet’… … believe in the / ‘creative juices’ / that flow within. / :) Beelzebub Doldrum eyes, dark and bottomless / Golden hair, pale freckled skin / Serious, tiresome, cold and frowning / Skin is painfully tight. / Thi… Hot & Wet He trailed his lips down her creamy throat into her naked breasts, kissing and licking her heated skin as if he wanted to eat her. Sandy Wet And Clam Happy Look at you / You make me laugh / Dance in your tides / Fall down and lie back / Smiling at the clouds / Get up and spin around / Gather t… kisses wet with salt when refuge is often not were it seems / kisses wet with salt / leaving you dry / it rips you apart White Plaster Mask Streaks of cold / Race through my face Where can you find my original artwork? I have a shop at Etsy… where I sell my fiber artworks. Please stop in! I’m not Crying, My face is just Wet It is a grey day. A girl sits on the farthest rock out in the ocean / I will gather / all of my tears / With an eyedropper / I am going to… Tingles and Smiles and Hot, Wet Lips For tingles and smiles and hot, wet lips, / Were surely never there. / Why lend time to false memory? / I’ll make sure I’ve none to spare. Our Mouths Meet Like Magnets Attracting (Mature) Wet Dream (Mature) all wet wanting only to dry in the sun / of a bright new day Questions on a wet tuesday night I know everything now, i know so much, / and yet: there’s no Wisdom,no Truth, no Beauty. …my mouth is dry no wet kisses… passion sweats creamy silky moisture…our bodies slide and glide so sticky wet…smeared honeyed ambergris dirty sex Caffeine Free (Mature) A Strange Mooshy And it moves like a leaf in a stream circling lazily but always moving forwards, flowing to a point. This point. under the wet blanket under the wet blanket. / by Alec Furgason Glory Heart Mountain Away up high, apple of the sacred eye / Beat the true one, then away did fly / Over hill, over dale, down to bracken / So to battle with lo… Shower Fresh as i slip it on over my head / i can almost feel your hands / caressing every part of me the shirt touches / it doesn’t miss much / i… my thoughts digress (Mature) Wet and Warm As I touch my lips to you, / your heat is there, / intoxicating, addicitve. Wet lips I felt her fingertips gently around the cup The wet season Lost love? The build up of the wet season and build up of tension in a relationship can go hand in hand. Read on to find out if love suvive… IT CAME DOWN IN BUCKETS AND BARRELS YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE STAINS IN YOUR SHORTS AS THE CAR COMES TO A STOP. One very funny and wet afternoon in the forest. Funny, true story of one of our bush walks. She came and she came wet, (with a moist smile) t… It was a love that was lost / and now she is my compost. Lighting a Wet Wick If the only way to save a leaking boat / Is to scuttle it upon the pointed jagged rocks Wet Eyelashes but as i fall asleep / it gets farther and farther / until i am staring at my reality Submarines How could anything escape / this metallic cage? WET DREAM I gyrate on a light beam / From the shapely candle / Upon the buxom lounge / My lacquered body seems / So content to handle / The woman I p… FEATHERED FRIEND She comes to me in the night / Tapping lightly at the window / Tugging firmly at my heart / I know I shouldn’t let her in / She plays on my… Birds Feathers After Rain (nonnet) Having grabbed shelter in a tree-shade / When a bird flaps its soggy wings / Along with water droplets / Some remegies fall down / Scat… Satiated (Diatelle) Cast off inhibitions / Allow yourself to be consumed subtle impurities Exploration of her limb continued & those fingers were soon under her skirt & now resting on her thigh. Pleasure. (erotic) What pleasures await, / Between us. / What touch can do, / For us. / Your lips like blood, / That flows through my veins, / Your eyes like … Wet Wet Memories When Cruel wind drops & / Separate the yellow leafs to the Tree / Then I Miss our / Sepration Era / Very Much / . / .. / …. / … walking in the rain …we’ll stay up all night / in the morning we’ll fight / and play with trains… / …we’ll borrow love / fr… The build up A gentle breeze swirls past encouraging my body to sway left and right / Short wisps of hair tickle my ears and nose wet paper my life is like a wet paper / nobody writes and nobody burns / now a days i m so alone / nobody tease me and nobody die me / ohhhhh wanting to know more (Mature) with the flow water has flowed through and around her, her entire life. / Born in the first of the water signs, always seeking out the solace in a drip t… Wet soul Fat glistening fingers drum roofs / into a rhythmic lullaby / a sharp retort, a flash / sheen everything plastic Wet Cheeks e stepped in no puddles and the ground below was dry but still it rained on his face. And now the noise could be heard. The despair. Wet Paint Sometimes I feel like / I should slit my wrists / And paint the room, You’ll hurt someone You screech / You tear / You surge / You’ll hurt someone dew come with me, and we’ll dampen our shoes / with the first tears of morning / me and you. / we’ll pick our way through the long … Finger Tingle … cont’ wet dream He had not moved / and the dream began again…………………. / ………………… Wet Daisies Next let’s find a field of new white Daisies to lie down in. / We’ll inhale the clean air and smile at each other knowing the d… Wet Wishes, Dry Ashes (Mature) This terrible rain And stop the biting / Of those hard wet teeth Weave, Wet Feathered a tunnel through wet eucalyptus leaves. Winter Blues The trees are barren, in the winter’s chill. / They hold no resistance to the frost and snow. Rain Thank you, God, for all the rain / It’s filling up the dams / But it also blocks the drains / Creating traffic jams / The sound of ra… blurred vision openly – alone -wet / through my past / over my present / into my mind / out to sea-——————̵… Cherish. Your room is mine too, / and a cave of scents and softness, / lamb bleating like a baby, / in my hollow ribs, in my gentle breast. Wet Verb Conjugated verbs wrote in breath against the window, / watch people walking slow and sluggish through the rain. / Some guy is stomping out … A Shoulder To Cry On A million beasts dissolve in to darkness as I sit and swill my blood, with contemplative expressions, a harp for a hea… Naked and Wet I once had this dream / we were in a swimming pool / but we were still completely clothed / and it was night time / she had a blurred look… Allegiance (Wet Bare Toes) Perfect art in man, in woman / Ripped from tendrils attaching the sinew of muscle to every bone / Torn from life attached to each soul / Fo… You’re not in my wet dreams When I first met you / I barely knew who I was, I had not yet grown up / I blended in with the walls / So I had no idea that I was stuck wh… Watercolour Wet on Wet invisibly damp, moist, wet and swimming “The Mud Was Very Wet”. Josh returned to his seat by the window with the promised pint, sat and turned his quick bright eyes to me. ONE WET DAY. Jane and you stood / in the church porch / as rain fell / making large splashes / on the path / that led from the lane / to the church … Platinum Memories Grips of thickened swollen moundflesh / Wafts up a shared olfactory passion / Grasped tween wee hours of apparition / Erupts upon yon solit… The wet drive home I exit / the dragon’s mouth, / still puffing smoke / after all these years; / round the corners / square as possible—
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