E Mail Of The Day

Q: Which direction is North in Australia ? ( USA ) / A: Face south and then turn 180 degrees. Contact us when you get here and we’ll send t…

the spider’s dance

i saw her last night / as the moon / cast its light by the barn / her long legs weaving / slowly carefully / designing her web / so typica…

Web of Collective Unconsciousness

The excesses begin to arise, / The seeds germinate at will. / This vegetative elasticity / Drains beyond the window sill.

Our web site

Fear of the Dark – Chapter One

Teeth and claws, nails and razors, fangs and beady glowing eyes.


how does a seed / know the plan / to grow so tall / the grand design / of things?…




I’m feeling scattered and lost / watching my broken spirit walk past

Tendril of web

We weave our lives like spiders…

A web of golden threads

invisible / golden threads / of not / so / perfect / lace intricate / thoughts of life / across my heart / and creep softly / into my / ver…

The Web We Weave

Hold compassion upon entangled mesh / And let not thy heart be dismayed / For great is the passion we hold so dear / That love shall surely…

Tangled Web

What a tangled web / Our mind weaves within, / Deep in the dark empty halls / Of the subconscious where / Screams and laughter / Echo off t…

my irregular tangle

the craft of containment versus freedom

Web of Temptation

your web is so inviting. / it glistens and glimmers, / revealing your beautiful soul. / if i get caught in it, / i will lose sight of my …

the written web . . . .

I agree. / the internet is sorely lacking . . . / in nuances that we need / the tongue in cheek symbol / a sarcasm indicator / a tender voi…

Jesus H Christ – Script, need some helpful …

EPISODE 1 – The curse of the fig tree / Scene Internal Jesus’ Bedroom / The phone rings continuously as a bearded, 29 year old man rolls ar…

Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving

My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of …

On Saving A Hummingbird

We saved a hummingbird, today. / Its heart was still beating / When Jim brought it to me. / The male Ruby Throat / Had flown into / A large…


they have thrown garlands over / the blackberry bushes / with spindrift wishes / they have enrobed the garden benches. / a night of work / …

fluttering folly

the truth, floats, down / flutters, falls, on my eyes / I see the real you, past your lies…

Me and Her

We lie in a web of love / Two flies that twitch / In this finely assembled stitch of love

Spider’s Web

Trapped in a spider’s web / Poisoned by her bite / Numb and unable to move / Unable to fight / Stuck to her sticky net / Hanging here…

Passion of Love, chapter 24 “Into the Spide…

“No Need” Logan informed as he gathered his gear , opened the helicopter’s door and jumped out without a parachute someth…


not my real story but / itried to show bad pplz like spiders / if u like then plz reply me / 9 july 2010

At the click

My head is slowly digitized / facts replaced / and filled with lies / vision blurred

No more I love you’s…

Saturday 9:30am it’s drizzling / but still I here the charming melodies / of garden birds calling away / From the window where I sit …

spindling down

i am trapped in your ever sticky world / your poison flowing through my veins,


Barbed silk strands, like / Deadly Ghent Lace, spun / To support an ugly / Bulbous body, poised

Dawn haiku


Web site up and running

This is a global announcement. / I have just launched my website: www.freewebs.com/coolat34 / View my art see my photos watch my videos lis…

shifts and shapes to reshape

shifts and shapes to reshape…the remains of the remains of the sum total

Mr. Browser

I’d be upset if you were dead…. / Now who will be bring me porn?

Spider Web

Here I sit in my web / Protected by the silk threads / that surround me / My web has taken me much / time to weave / I am tired now / I ca…

Diamonds In Her Web

Secrets Told She / Keeps Herself / She Paints On / Her Disguise

The Two-Faced Tango

Your lies dance around me; / A glittering web, well woven / By your silver-tinged tongue.

I fucking hate you

I fucking hate you / There’s no better way to say it / You used me / Rung me out / And left me for dead / I fucking hate you / You hurt me …

Auld yin tae the rescue.true story.

A spiders web apone a tree, / A butterfly caught fur me tae see.

Web Loss, None the Less

I have met alot of people throughout the cyber highway / Just because I know them through this venue…. / it doesnt mean I love them l…

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Bubble in the jungle

Bubble in the jungle / In the hustle and bustle of local government life, it’s easy to forget that most of the communication happening betw…

Web Site Help Needed

Hi Guys, / Have just updated my website to hopefully make it look a bit more professional. Please check it out and let me know what you thi…

Caught in a web!

I feel like crying, / cause I feel so sad. / I want to change. / But I take, / two step’s back. / I cant let go… / Though I nee…

Featured: Nature’s Perfection

I was having a really crappy day… Had to run errands (which I hate), come home and realized I forgotten the one thing my Mom asked f…

The Prey

This is our commune, / our kibbutz, / our ‘other’ address. / This is where we come, / to become. Exposed.

The edge of the enth

Caught in the web / That is boundless. / I spin / Ricocheting / From one idea / To the other. / Never do I have / The relief of the end.

Top 10 100% (Professional work only) Challenge

OH WOW WOW WOW!!!! / My Photo ‘Blue Diamonds’ placed 5th in the 100% (Professional work only) challenge in the group 100%! / A big THANK YO…

Any advice about a web host?

How and where can I build a website for my photos?

Orb-web Spiderling

Tue, 4 August 2015 / The spider’s touch, how exquisitely fine! / Feels at each thread, and lives along the line. / ~Alexander Pope / …

A Hole for Heaven’s Light

A blackened web / A close-knit shroud / Encompasses the Earth

A web of despair

We are willing players / In this play called Life



the Spider



From the corner of her eye she sees it stares. / She gathers her gumption as the creature glares.

Capricornia… plucking the web in Perth

That moment, the latticework of shadow fell across the pool just like a web. Without thought, I reached out under the surface of the water …

The Web

The strongest links in your life / Are the positive streams of consciousness / That underlay the fabric of your thought….

The Spider & The Fly

Your furry legs they tickle me / Said the Fly to the spider / They won’t for long I’m very strong / Said the Spider to the fly

The web of life

My couch of comfort / My temple / My body / Had become my tomb… / With my last breath / I thanked the fly / And bid him adieu


I dreamed the internet was the beginning…the beginning of the human web that would ensnare all humankind in a web of fear and control.

Haiku(IV): Patient spider

Patient spider waits,


WEB OF TEARS, WEB OF PAIN / I need you back again / Memories fill my head / All that’s left fear and dread / Your picture on the wal…


. Now she would have to choose the garage in which to hatch her eggs..

Pedestrian Eyes: (Little Black Book)

at the speed of already been seen

Widow’s Web

Trick or treaty, New Year’s evenin’ has fallen from grace / Cinderella’s bill of rights just won’t fit / Facing the music, Nero is a…


Eerie phosphorescent man / Shows a depressed blue gray creature / A tour through seamless hallucinations of paradises / And snippets of oth…

The Internet

Are you in control, or are you being controlled?

The circle

…Each line brings her closer to closing another circle of her life. / She is happy now…

Caught In My Web

It looks like crystals, but in thin white strands glistening, glistening in the sun.

This Magic Screen

This crazy screen / is the truest in all the land / …like a scrolled papyrus, / …a magic wand / …intercepting rays of lig…

Dust & Folly

In the empty corners / of a dream / under silken web, / dust and folly / the / pale winter moon

I Miss You

Never with me / Always a click away

Saturnian web.

That Saturnian herd, cold as ice, learning to smile and how to appear nice, feeling nothing , but wanting the world.

The Tangled Web of Voices

Tell me your secrets, / O wise and valiant youth / tell me your secrets / whether or not they the truth / Identity is not necessary / for …

The web

My lies they broke me, / they tore me down. / Lies destroy.. / Wars inside / Forced me behind the shadows. / Now I hang my head in shame …

I let a spider catch my dreams

Even with the intoxication of time passed / my loose eyelash dreams of yesterweek / are spiderleg tingles compared to the / ensnarement of …

Blue Web of Fleeings

Questions flutter about from a source that seems so distance in my mind, a source concealing a mass of mental matter. Do you have a Blue We…

Through the Mist

through the mist / i taste your kiss / light like dew / upon my brow / just now / i imagined you there / do you care / our love vaporized /…

On The Devil’s Web- Excerpt…

I had promised not to reveal those events to anyone during my lifetime, I now feel compelled to write them down for the sake of my sanity.

Web of Hunger

He struggled to remember the last time he’d landed a fly and his digestive system groaned…

Now there’s an E in Stress

Well now I’m on Twitter / I’ve started to think / That in feeding the beast / I have started to sink

Fluidity of Consciousness

A fog enveloping the silent ‘scape / Upon a small fence sits a silver web / A silken gossamer of beauty / Like a perfect snowflake, / The w…

spider’s web

Glisten, rainbow fantasy.


My hungry eyes are watching / pet puppet on silky strings / sticky and clinging in the dark. / I choked your heart. / Chewed up your body-a…

Into the Web

Into the web / A spider creeps / Predator / Hungry / Enter the prey / Unsuspecting / Enticed / Innocent / First time / Caught / Bound / To …

Caught up in the Web

Hi all who are watching. Thought I would let you know that I have recently gone ‘live’ on the web with my new web site. I kno…

Caught in a Web

My retort to a friend who lambasted a spider outside my doorway for doing what she does best, prey upon insects….

Caught in a web

I’m caught in a web, / of confusion and dread. / I’m hanging by a thread, / like a spider in a web. / Tangled and stuck, / stuc…

Mud Skipping

Red Squirrel Midden / Bold Chatter but Hidden / Mittens of a Mole / Velvety Fur / (Given up the Ghost or / A Toast for her Acting!) / Slu…

Musings on a Spider’s Web

With just a few strands / of gossamer, woven silk, the spider / makes the frame of her web.

Spider’s web

We see them everywhere this time of year; spider’s webs. Find out what a lonely trucker does when he finds one in an usual place.

My Soul’s Web

Come and see me, feel my material; / One woven with / good, bad and okay thread- / Every piece on top of the other… / Each thread, differen…

Too Far Gone

I’m too far gone to recognize / The life that’s flashing before my eyes. / It’s not mine, but no surprise / I’m sti…

Web of Life

Smoke, hung from the ceiling, noise, was trapped in the room, / darting from side to side, like a caged animal, seeking a way out. / Green …

The Web on my Car

Concentric circles dripped intermittently / No spider in sight / Silver drops glistened on this work of art / The spider spun / Then into t…

The Web of my Heartache

Max was sat in his hotel room. He was sprawled on his king size bed with a few scraps of paper spread in front of him, thinking about his s…

Likely I was still alive.

The many arms of the spider give them direction.

Trapped Inside Your Devil Web Of Love

The gentle caring way we spoon / Is like a slow soft love tune / That invades my inner senses / Making me lose my defenses / Your my weakne…
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