A Kiss Into The Waves The shore was beautiful today my love / Skies so blue and the water beckoned me / I sat down so the surf could feel I was there / The sun w… Brush Of Waves [Video] / Just a puff that settles on my cheek, as I awake / Each morning, bringing me a smile / Like the Sea and thee / But….. you… The Siren’s Song And what if she should sing her song / If beauty causes hell, by just her sigh / Do not attempt to listen for too long / The sailor must no… The Sound Of Heaven I’ve carried you this far, my Love, watched your colours fade… I lay you down upon the grass as seas below us rage. Your hand f… HERE I STAND Dreams / ride waves / across oceans, / emotions, / greet new beginnings / with aged thoughts 100 Waves I sat upon the sea wall dawn, / Watched the horizon where grey met blue / Somewhere beyond the Sun was coming, / Still yet to rise to meet … Gills She sways more visible in the breezes of new times to be had. I Found You Sheltered by the waters / Delivered by the waves / Who are you that has forced me to face myself? / So silent in the dapple-gray sleeping /… Reach (inspired by “inside current”, a photo… “winches whine, sheets stretch and bellow, “more” … “more” / spittle in the air, from men and sea, wet with excitement. / ready about… Trapped She was swallowed up and trapped in her lion hair and no amount of coaxing would get her to leave her harem of waves. war without end I’m having enough / then why that kind of perdition / I measured time without end / I collected dreams without fear / All I did and t… of dreams and nightmares: when monsters attack… this dream was something else, and the shark monsters were the last bit of tragedy in it… 1st there were massive earthquakes, followe… Shimmers glide the wanton waves the banquet of your skin / gleams / tasting like the sweet of brine / make me believe / slide lazy circles down my breath / ride gently d… The Headland She let the hair blow wild and free… / in anticipation of the warm embrace and love she would soon have… Blue Blue,night,murky twighlight dances across the lake,waves washing cool carvings in the sand. / Aqua,water pebbels moving under my feet, grat… The Solid Rock Have you ever truly thought about where your focus is? Over the Bounding Main I give over to the Sirens of the Sea / and trust Atropos to slice the cord swiftly / or to trade places with her talented sister / and w… Journey home to me, I will rise Been trapped in other people’s world / I got lost along the way pledge I just sat there, sunk in thought / we need to sink our differences / the full scale of the disaster has yet to sink in / can we carry out… Crystal Clear crystal clear aqua blue / in all its shades and hues / spray of the crashing wave, / the ocean, the beach, / the distant sea… / such a de… Intoxicating Waves The waves roll in in an intoxicating rhythm / As dreams float upon the ripples of the tide / Giving warmth unto the soul resting in slumber… You are There you are there / still, as a rock / traveling in the vast water of waves / proving eternity to the world… I’m a Mermaid! I encourage everyone to look at his profile, you’ll be amazed at what he can do! / Thank you so much for a lovely surprise Navybrat désirez-moi! you clench a fistful of my hair & wrench my head backward. / that rough handful expels a gasp from my mouth but it is stifled by yours&… Love at the Bottom of the Sea Love at the bottom of the sea / every glistening bubble a kiss / to touch my lips ever so gently / every surging wave a caress / dispatched… The waves Keep Crashing Down So much to lose, nothing to gain, / I gave you everything, all of me, / and now its all gone, / all in the blink of an eye, / a flash o… The Beach My feet walk on millions of years, hard as it maybe, soft on impact / Fine White boulders lay on land and in sea, minute to me, another gai… Wet Sand and Thoughts like dying Stars I find myself trailing my feet in the wet sand / not knowing who i am or who i want to be. Currents She said I’d find her in that room / where the lights make you look grey Featured in ’’WAVES’’ Thanks ever so much to the moderaters of the group WAVES for featuring ‘’ Escape ’’ / This is great news and not ge… things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… whoo hoo featured !!! Thanks so very much to The Mornington Peninsula Group and a special thanks to Rosina and Jacqueline Lamberti, The host of the group. / than… “Whisper” (reflections on a painting… “Enveloped in beauty and trust, it listens / Revealed by sight and sound, gently / In whispers of hushed tones, to us, this day…̶… Music Of The Wind And Waves Spice / To tantalize the tongue / Tempting / Lips open, tasting mist. / Eyelids low breath of waves echoing of seaswept air / a balm within my soul Blue Fire I met the most beautiful set of eyes this year… naturally I had to write about them :) Morning Overture as angels standing in the wings / per sounding from ancient spheres Waves Crash Turning surf / life unexpected / Battles of joy / so unprotected Mermaid Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t… Love Is the Seventh Wave Feel it sweeping over distances between us / Over the sea ,over the moutains , over the borders , / Over the frontiers / Million miles do… Broken Shells This is a short story revelation of the parallel describing sea shells and people. finding goodbyes i want to sleep in deep dreams / as deep as the ocean is blue / as deep as the sharks come sniffing to our shore from / their darting bodie… SOUL TIME As I lay here in the grass, arms spread out, / My soul sinks into the Earth. / Gaia connects me to the earthen field, land of flowing river… Lakeside Meditation I flood my world of stress with focused waves of clarity Battle Battered by stormy seas / and waves of black depression, / tendrils of cold despair / seeping into soft, warm flesh. ~ Not a Wave Crashing ~ Reach for the pebbles lining the shore / Which way is up I don’t know anymore Stormqueen She stands on a cliff / Head held high / The posture one of majesty / Towering above the still waters Dawns first light seeks out its Chosen Moonlight casts through fog, pi… The Danger of Collecting Shells 
Beware the hazards my friend! beautiful men and woman Beautiful men and woman. White horses gallop White horses gallop / wild currents / rush surf Wounded What should have been mortal / but not / maximum impact / body / torn / mind / twisted / turned / impossible to stop / or switch off My sleep comes easy. As always he was squinting at the horizon when I arrived at the rocks. Timbered Waves Timbered waves abound / Where war is raged in numbers / Death knows no master SENSITIVE AS SILK Sensitive as silk in a breeze / she loved the ocean’s / wild, brutal pounding on stones, / the hiss of spray, / and electricity spurting / … Dreaming I press my ear to a shell / and hear the voice of Dolphin. Catching Waves … “Here and there, and back again, catching waves as they roll in with a greeting. / Unfurl them selves with story” Sand In My Undies (Another Novel Idea Yeah… it was like wet stand against your skin. Rubbing away layers until it was embedded so deep it didn’t hurt anymore. Lethargia Soft, smothering waves / Gently lap against the shore / Dragging it away My errant heart… Memories of days gone by / flow over me in waves / life’s vagaries a restless current / keeping time with the beat of my errant heart… Calm Before the Storm Peacefully watching the storm slowly moving in…Listening to the thunder in the distance…a wall of rain falling on the distant horizon…I kno… Crushing waves your words are stolen / by the sound / of the crushing waves salvage you clung for dear life / to the wreckage / of your history Trying not to miss it in waves in waves in waves in waves Love In Abstract, Distractingly Detracted A flow of temperence, into mercy, through veils and vale, down to the heart, and falling into love / Dark tides pool and sway, sliding and … Shore Birds They walk the beaches day and night / Searching for food to be in sight / The waves bring in, the waves take out / The dinner for which the… ON THE SHORE I have been thinking of you / Your love is reflecting in my eyes / And reflecting the sun’s heat upon the waves / I’m walking with t… Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a… Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a feature!… Autumn The light is turning golden… / I’ll lock the door / and barricade the windows. / The days are drawing in… / I’ll b… Waves of Hate Waves of hate / Crash against my face / Soaking me / In agony Flotsam and Jetsom (sans Elroy) sans Elroy Waves …A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /… She waves at me A girl waved at me, / dazzling with light, / and warm blood filled my mouth, / reminding me of the yesterday, / I thought I had forgotten, … the light. I’ll no longer feel the grey / I’ll paint in colour / My skin will turn golden / I will fly away Sea waves Slaps upon the skin / The rain the wind the waves of complicity / Are making the sea today / And the sky offers shades of grey, emerald gre… Ocean Waves Ocean waves come crashing, on the shore, brought in with the tide / As I watch, I wonder… what mysteries do they hide. / Do they know… Shipwrecked Clinging to each other with clammy hands, / holding onto the wreckage of what-once-was. Watching waves break From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic… waveswept thought weaving through my spirit / peacing me whole Enlightenment Don’t speak of nothings / Let the waves bring you whispers The Surging Rush from Stormy Seas One hat, two hoods, my hand holds down, / as driving winds bombard me. / I reach the shore, I love these times; / with no one else around f… The Waves Breaking Sometimes, I would go down to the beach and stare out, almost hypnotized, at the waves breaking the shoreline. / This was my hide-out from … Wait For Me Hold me tight Jesus, / while the lions attack. / When they swipe from beneath, / and their claws hold me back. facing the ocean I stand on the edge / They rise and crash and swell in front of me / I can feel the power they exert, but I am as yet untouched / I take a … Waiting Wiped clean. Dragged out to sea. Gone. / Now, only the blank, level sand, as though nothing had ever marred it. As if feet had never walked… An Ocean Scene LISTEN: Can you hear the crash of the waves as they splash on the sand at the beach? Quiet Storm The sun set on a beach I had known so well / Ever since day broke over shore and plain. / Laying down on sands of my flat terrain / I watch… Nois serped lac inilc, Rojam Numb. Holding me in. All alone. Dark. Black. Blue. Natural Order Defined by the wind and clouds / The violent storm came upon the shore Riding the Waves The life of a drifter suits me fine most of the time. / There is a sharp sad beauty in constant motion, / in being untethered, to finding o… Loves Sail. Come with me, / to sail away, / on blue and frothy white. / Just you and me, / Across the waves, / enjoying days and nights. / Hold my hand… Waves I miss the warmth of you.  I miss the urgent way you kissed me once; like you were afraid I would vanish-vanish the way that every good thi… Kiss Darkness, like a kiss, descends / Day’s spurned lover begs amends. / Bloodied clouds and wind-rough’d waves: / Twilight’s… together against the waves of life only because i whispered it / only because i asked you The Horse Whisperer He was tall / Somewhat strong / Nearly beautiful / His stride like that of the wild king cat / I saw him taming the turbulant sea waves … Waves The wind whips up the placid water, forcing it up onto the shore like footsoldiers on a battlefield.
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