Gaia, The Beloved There is magic in everyday life… / .. here, at The Waterfall, there are Water Nymphs. If we are very quiet and still, we will see th… Galilee “He steps inside my vessel, / and we are at shore.” Water Snakes When very hot / snakes come to the tank Lizard Swimming A rather rare sight for me, to see a lizard swimming, probably an Eastern Water Dragon. The poem is an expression of seeing this happen at… optimism (water of salvation) so come and laugh, my friend, / it’s only fitting that / a fool should entertain you. / watch me blossom / in the water of salvation Redbubble Walk Hope to do it again sometime soon. Lessons Learned Just the thought of the icy water below sent shivers of fears shooting along her nerves. Canal Road River ,got a feature… Canal Road River ,got a feature… Afternoon Ripples running wide / on the smooth and bluey deep / Noon has passed, I sleep. Water Thinker Turning taps to fill your need / to hose down paths of concrete His Little Water Lily Seduced, Slaked, Extinguished. In the flow And so we live beautifully haunted yet jacketed by thought THE CLAM HAS A HUNDRED EYES Cockles and oysters, armed with a hundred eyes / Yet eyeless, limbless, apprehending nothing: / Clinging to the cusp of the sea, / Sifting … Matted Print of “A River of Living Water&#… I have just received a bubblemail from Ingrid informing me that she has purchased a Matted Print of “A River of Living Water” … Fish (Evolving) Out of Water… … yes we are. / :) The Bath (reposted) Usually very much the water baby, Sarah had not stayed in her bath very long and Lea loathed to pull the plug to release the steaming water. Filter A bubble crawls / down the current, sister to the suspicious froth / that gathers in stony armpits. Harbored in a crevice, / it pushes thr… Rippleless waters – Mankinds ripple on the … Skeletal frames, once submerged litter / Lay side by side with previously organic opposites Musings now both watch / a world changing / rushing / super yachts passing / the still musings / on times gone / by Watching waves break From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic… Magic Mirror, On the Wall A mirror of light / On the water so bright / It beckons one to look / At the image in the water / Looking up from quivering / Yet serene wa… Revival ( translation of “Herlewing” ) “Come and hush with me / in the subtle tones of maturation” For all the Souls Lost to the Water The water calls to those who listen. Lady Godiva is Naked That girl on the horse is naked / Who cares what she’s saying “Quarter Please” My photo “Quarter Please” was featured in Funny Kritters. Thanks so much. MIND CLEANSING The pure water flows sunrise III while I was waiting for the sun to r… sunrise III while I was waiting for the sun to rise got the secund feature!… See me, my sea. Energy pushing and pulling / Uneasy with her lot as I with mine. Mill Cottage from severn weir / cross avon ham / the deluge laps / to walls of man / mill cottage sits / below church street high / on pump pavement / u… Top 10 100% (Professional work only) Challenge OH WOW WOW WOW!!!! / My Photo ‘Blue Diamonds’ placed 5th in the 100% (Professional work only) challenge in the group 100%! / A big THANK YO… Ripple No need for directions, no need to steer a course / The stars sprinkle over the bay, waters calm / A pool reflection of the night sky / The… Dark Long Bill Everyone comes to see me / Handsome is all they see / Look at the reddish brown / On my feathers all around / With green and white wings /… The Ripple Upon the gritty, stony shore I perched in earnest contemplation, / And lobbing a pebble amid the bluish green liquid serenity- / I marveled… Water to Wine… Water to lips, / Wine from eyes. Love Is Like Water “Love is like water,” sighed Jen over lunch. “You can’t live without it, it’s refreshing at first but in the end it all becomes a bit bori… The Lubiyanka Embankment Pavel shivered in the market on Bolshoi Prokovskaya street. In front of him on a folding table lay his potatoes. He had not sold a single p… You Can’t Just Jump Back In You can’t just jump back in / Back into the water / The water where you almost drowned / You almost drowned in the deep end / The deep end … Puddle Gazing Oh liquid light / You show / Me / The world / In reverse / Your beauty fleeting / Caressed / By winds / Your talent unrehearsed. Let The Sky’s Tears Blend With My Own In Th… all i want to do is stand in the rain and let every tear in my body pour out as if it belonged with the sky’s tears. Dreamy It is looking at me. I can feel its eyes upon me. They seem to bore into the back of my head. In a gush Looking up from the valley / Is the tip of a rock / Its lying in a crevice / Where water does top / Near the edge of a cliff face / Is wher… Deep Sea Diver I most long / For someone / Who will dive / Into these murky waters, / Swim / Beneath my sea of baggage— / A sea of kelp / And coral / Read… Thank You for the Feature! Thanks to Barnsis and all for featuring Chapel Bridge bw in the great group Stream Crossings! So much appreciated. Made my day! Blessing… Featured Work Thank you to the Host’s of the group “SEA” for the feature ‘Into the Blue Yonder’ Featured in ImageWriting What a pleasure it was this morning to see that my work / Serenity / was featured in ImageWriting today! / I’m really excited and it&… Summer Days i sit, life rushing past me / I feel the sun on my bare shoulders, warming my skin / A slight breeze moves around me, circling me / playing… What it’s like out back I felt the strange inhibition / lying in the desolate cold, / that the path was not quite / what I’d assumed it would be. / And yet, / the … Polar Kingdom He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice … The Girl in the Bright Green Socks Saw Tomorrow i… The diner was out of French toast / So pancakes had to do. / She drank some milk and let / The water sit. / Half way through the short stac… Das Wasser fließt Das Wasser fließt, / es fließt vorbei. / Es nimmt Dich mit, / es macht Dich frei. / Bringt Dich zum Ziel, / bringt Dich nach Haus. / Füllt … everlasting motion wash / over me / reset me as i / move to your fluid / beat… of everlasting motion / © r.e.l. 11/6/10 / everlasting motion, photo by saltmot… Seeking Water~ The moments before she falls into sleep. / She brings her body close to thee, / Her, bare skin, tingles with such need. / His scents rav… Black Water Nothing could penetrate / the calm peace of the lake the water was slightly cooler and finally the sun, birthed slowly on the shimmering horizon / like an egg being released from a follicle of the earth itself. The Thirsty Ocean there’s a tall drink of water half full Sparkling Water… … the light in your eyes. / :) Nahm – The Last Water Dragon Having all the qualities and attributes of water, in her own element Nahm the last water dragon rules supreme. washed in blue Somedays it can take all my energy to fight the Blue / Whether it’s welcome or not, it surges in relentlessly / A torrential downpour… sunrising ( looking at the sun)….was featur… I’m soo pleased about this feature! God of Neon, Empress of Water There I stand, naked and / alone. / My figure amidst a colony of empty buildings. / All around me reel the indignant shadows of civilizati… “DEEP WATER” A Word Construct By Kirrill D’Kainn The Chase The creature turned on its slender heel exposing its face. The injurious— thing donned a maniac’s grin, of blood-stained teeth.… 1. Feature of the Day in – All about Water!… One of my untitled pieces was selected by the lovely Angel Warda as the #1 feature of the day in the wonderful – All about Water- gro… Water Rushes Through Water rushes through / Our hands / Cleansing us of / All the things we’ve / Done before / That we aren’t anymore. / The cats sl… Be Gentle, Kind… In Soft, Soft Waters / Gentle With Patience… / Be Gentle Kind… I Never Used To Mind The Rain It rushes over me, encasing my body with it’s / Forceful grasp. It pounds into my chest, / My ribs struggling to defend and / I beco… Featured: The 2008 Duckie Olympics Presents…… Wow! I would really like to thank the host of the Funny Kritters group for featuring my photo ‘The 2008 Duckie Olympics Presents̷… Water… Water / Stromend water….. / ….. zuiver……. / over je heen. / Was je schoon…. / … spetteren en lachen… Leaves Light-catchers flutter, soaking Sun and it’s rays. / Drinking Light, clean and bright, offered during the days Holy Rain The water streaming down my skin / A powerful embrace / The trees blowing in the wind / An invisible force, His face NO SERVILE TASK Jesus admonished His disciples, the very ones He now appoints to their ongoing destiny to “wash one another’s feet; a servile task that was… Adam’s week with Sydney & Astrid – A glimpse.… (Mature) “Today Was A Water-day” Today was a water-day— / My soul in longing / Seeking buoyancy; / Wanting to be lifted / And carried out, / Ride some fleeing crest / Head … Fall Measure The aspens / balance their glow in the full / appetite of autumn Nois serped lac inilc, Rojam Numb. Holding me in. All alone. Dark. Black. Blue. An Overture Of Business Whispers of grasses and breeze / Tinkles of water and drip drip drop / Croaking of frog ends with a plop / Buzzing of wings of flies wasps … water for the crickets slumber mouth Natural Order Defined by the wind and clouds / The violent storm came upon the shore Robe’s New Day In the dawning sky / Watching down / As life stirs once more / Upon the shores / And as the sleep slides / From my darkened eyes / The… human then and now and when earth by then was / air unblemished / waters pious / rivers clean / mountain / un visited / un polluted / animals free The Water Spirit “From the eyes of Mother Earth herself, from deep inside her soul / As Mother Earth does weep for the pain and suffering on her land… Willows on the Water Gaze across the lake… the whispers of memory / Reflections and refractions / Of willows on the water. My First work selected for 20th SoJie Awards MY WORK HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR SoJie 20! / / Three Posts / by timmburgess /   /   /    Join me at the Juried Inv… with the flow water has flowed through and around her, her entire life. / Born in the first of the water signs, always seeking out the solace in a drip t… The courageous Pandaw IV crew save the day As the Pandaw IV was hit by a powerful wind of up to 150 kph the vessel suddenly heeled at an angle of 35 to 40 degrees. It wasn’t a good … Childish dreams Think of being knee deep in a puddle with my cloths soaked through. The Sun Children may the will of your heart, your mind, and your soul / coincide with your body / and may your God bless you everyday / and as each breath i… Featured !!! This image Featured in the sea group , thanks so much to the moderators of this group, its fantastic to be featured once again . I have a Key When the air is sill as a lucid statue, / and the trees branches are bare / and the snow becomes / but a puddle on the road, / plashing / … A drop of water in the ocean Don’t skim a stone across my surface now, I’ve spent my life becoming still. / My cries for help are subtle, too insecure to let myself app… water drop Sitting outside in the quiet surroundings, / a single drop of water touched my head. / When a drop comes from the sky its either, / -going … “THE FISH” A true story about a little girl and the innocence of the love she had for her pet. I caught myself days later thinking about the scene tha… Water In Leaf Thrones of falsehoods, we lean on this crutch / Truth’s throne far off, but not too much / Just in sight, but gone from touch / Every… Connection Born deep in Earth / Be silent! Be still! / Rooted and grounded / In need to fulfill / Heard upon air, / The rush of the wind / To Know i… The Magic of Toads The tadpoles are aquatic and have gills for breathing in water. They pass through several stages of development, gradually assuming the adu… The Sisterhood Featured My Water Colored Snapdrag… Thank you so much The Sisterhood for the feature!
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