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The Ocean Was My Temple

I lived to dive into your waters / To damage your canvas with my fins / To paint around your edges / To feel you push me around playfully, …


throwing stones into the brook / i noticed the far off lamb sounds, / felt the cold water creep up clothes / my brain told me tales of want…

Water Haiku

The water is light

The water 2009 02 14 poem

Vanduo atėjo ir išėjo / pieva nustebus žiūrėjo / atsipeikėt negalėjo… / The water ebbed and flowed / The lawn looked on, amazed / And…

My thoughts are lost . . .

My thoughts are lost… / Somewhere, deep in the human ocean / Have you found them??? / My thoughts are lost… / When I was thinki…

The Lady of the Lake ~ inspired by snapitnc’…

She will call to you with voice ghostly silent / Hypnotising you with the melody her soul sings, / Daring you to step into the freedom / Th…


She comes to water like a prairie road— / all open legs of journey yet to see, / her heart, a fish beneath a moonlit sea, / silently …

The Beloved.

She opened the Book of Ancients before him and shared with him the Greater Mysteries of Love’s Way.

Urban Princesses

The way the sun danced patterns on her shoulder length cherry red hair was like poetry, while her skirts twirled around her legs, hinting p…

Half Life

Half frozen at the bottom of the lake / Hair swaying with the movement of the waves

The Art of Balance

Standing in waters of turquoise hues / Firmly enmeshed in the sands below / Concentration centered / Slowly lift one foot / To balance like…

Melt with me…

Just stop awhile and melt with me…


Blue,night,murky twighlight dances across the lake,waves washing cool carvings in the sand. / Aqua,water pebbels moving under my feet, grat…

Natural gemstones of life

Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof …

Let the open of life wash you clean

Standing in the shower / immersed / in everlasting joy! / centering centers of centers; / soothing water / putting time to bed. / The show…

in the folds of the seasons.

shuffling through the speechless snowdrifts as evening falls. We are always in search of nothing and nothing is what we have found.


I am smooth, calm and cold inside / Look into my depths / And see your true reflection / My stony heart, hard and grey / Hides nothing

Watering Senses

try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember!

~ fresh water ~

And the hint of moisture shouts / through your mouth to your brain / There must be water somewhere near abouts


Droplets delicately adorn the skin / dressing it with nature’s diamonds of life. / How you seduce the mind, / your pearls pleasingly …

In Her Bloodstream

Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart…

Lost windy weather

Who knows where the wind blows / where it comes from / where it goes / where balloons and kites will drift ‘till gone / Planes will f…


Headless bodies treading water / on the ceiling / thump thump thump / blood in my ears / geometric shapes / fly at my eyes

singing by the water

fear skin like glass / over real skin / easily shattered / and it cuts so deep

Somehow yet, Unfinished

Breathing ether, floating landscapes…down streets that once occupied the darker moments of your childhood-

dance me

we twist and turn like waves in the sea

things they never told me.

your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo…

Midnight Water

Eclipsed by darkness / And breathing out of sight. / There is unmarked death / Hidden within the Savannah night.

Tidal sands. (Haiku)

Water rushes, sweeps. / Tide enfolds as ground moves round. / Feet engulfed. Swallowed.


*while below, many fathoms removed from my torment, / laughs Neptune, that impotent god of the sea, / his tail, long and glittering, thrash…

In Her Bloodstream

The first medicine, I bring forth life


Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t…

~ Soft the Water Flows ~

Where do these paths I take lead me / through bends and bush and plain

Like Swimming

catching rides on the backs / of dolphins in sharkskin suits

“Rain Poem” patterned after Haiku

Drought stresses nature / Lightning flashes in the sky / Refreshing rain falls / Drops revive flowers / The trees are singing softly / All …

Heart of All

Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished

~ Billabong Dreams ~

Choose your swimming hole!

Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W…

Wash away your woes in my healing embrace…

~ No swimming ~

Darren’s picture draws this cry from me / perhaps we will learn to be water wise eventually!

~ Brings the Water on Down ~

Majestic in the fall from upper to lower / refreshing the air all around / Mighty is the roar of the falling water / as the river brings it…

Word to the wise 2

Someone’s decided to make a plan to destroy our nice blue planet!


I am water, let me flow. / I need water, let me grow. / I am the cycle of life,

….Counter Point

the clouds go away in the form of rain / love does this in the form of pain

Water & Ice

Now my eyes are cooler / although the rest of me can’t feel it


Cascading heavens, / Gushing waters tumbling down, / effervescence clear.

Your holy River

A holy river / Running in beween / water of life / sharp like a knif / healing my soul / turning my wood / to a branch so green / A sourc…

optimism (water of salvation)

so come and laugh, my friend, / it’s only fitting that / a fool should entertain you. / watch me blossom / in the water of salvation

Watching waves break

From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic…

In a gush

Looking up from the valley / Is the tip of a rock / Its lying in a crevice / Where water does top / Near the edge of a cliff face / Is wher…

The Girl in the Bright Green Socks Saw Tomorrow i…

The diner was out of French toast / So pancakes had to do. / She drank some milk and let / The water sit. / Half way through the short stac…

Das Wasser fließt

Das Wasser fließt, / es fließt vorbei. / Es nimmt Dich mit, / es macht Dich frei. / Bringt Dich zum Ziel, / bringt Dich nach Haus. / Füllt …

Black Water

Nothing could penetrate / the calm peace of the lake

I Never Used To Mind The Rain

It rushes over me, encasing my body with it’s / Forceful grasp. It pounds into my chest, / My ribs struggling to defend and / I beco…

Willows on the Water

Gaze across the lake… the whispers of memory / Reflections and refractions / Of willows on the water.

I have a Key

When the air is sill as a lucid statue, / and the trees branches are bare / and the snow becomes / but a puddle on the road, / plashing / …


Acaulescent petals float to the ground, / Unbounded to the world around. / Oleaginous fills the air, / Water smears without a care.


waters of my womb / wash deep / waters of my womb / wash deep / waters of the Mothers womb / wash deep within me

Tantalising torrents

We swam exotic tide, / beneath waterfall froth a tumbling of turquoise-white. / A dizzy scented solace creating / chilled cascade, carrying…


Please try. Think back. / Twenty-five years. Our past. / Let go. No way. / Until I hear, my name.

Sensations of the Ocean

My ears give in to the relinquishing crash / Of waves in the tide that retreat in a flash… / I adore the splendours and the feeling i…

Heart Words

Flat, splat…

Golden sea

I ask me why I left the golden sea / Let human voices drown its roaring waves / Exchanged delightful little bubbles / Swirling round my an…

Fit For Water

The dessert drips, the desert strips / But for neither of them am I fit


Took him to the water / toes in first. / Took him to the water, / yet he died of thirst.


not / contented with the coin-like dapples / water spiders make I took / the bait

Cascading Blue

eyes the color of / water, spoke subtle whispers, / immortal secrets. / mysteries within / warm goosebump flesh, puddled in / spaces betwe…

Angst Jet Stream and Boiling Water.

She states and stumbles / Lines from poetry I haven’t written yet / I close my eye’s and pretend / I am asleep

Walking on Water

Wading out into the ocean of regret / I throw backward into the sea / And flail meaninglessly as the tide washes / Over rocks, sand and sal…

Mirror in the Water

The sirens of boats bellow across bay, / tumbling down sky and trampling earth, / my silhouette painted by metal monolith / eyes, waves co…


Not unlike a candle in a jar filled to brim with water, unable to burn and washed out, drowning in a cage. / Prevented from casting my ligh…

A water colour sliced

I did a poetry reading with this poem at the Royal Albert Arms on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


I drink and drink and drink, / thirst never quenched. / I will stick my head in the bathtub, / I will stick it in a gutter. / Plunge forth …

Rinse the Turret, This Façade

Gatling streams of withered thought / Catapult o’er her mighty façade / Release fell beasts and foul feasts

Missing Seattle

What I would give to be there / Back in that place…

No Clarity In Fire Water or Bitter Pills

We live in symmetry / Everything is nothing / Nothing is everything / Everything is real / Nothing truly exists / The past is the future /…

Lonely Dreams

Beautiful stars shine in the sky / Reflecting in cold streams. / Another peaceful day gone by- / He has only his dreams.

The Love Boat

Here’s a ship / to save my bacon. / Climb aboard! / Commence love makin’!


…Firespark droplets spraying, time-frozen / Rivulet reverie / Beauty…

A Lily in the mist

Towards me / The outstretched / Opened heart

Vodka in Your Navel

Even now I can’t blame nothing on anything but myself, with a clear mind I wander to that night, when I wanted to dive into your gore.

Dry eyes

So deep and viscous / Yet the pain inside is still


Shy and timid / Not allowing / Anyone to get close / Her eyes fixed on mine / I step forward / And she is gone / Flying away / As if in a …


Lets ascend the moonlight / And listen to the voices of the stars / Who whisper what’s to come / As we remember ourselves / And retur…

Porcelain Blood

As she enters, the rains emptiness / She surrenders / Her eyes are forced closed / Cascading from above / Dropping on her porcelain s skin …

The Dancers in the Sky

Are these god scented flavours willing to embellish a new form?

Held in Suspension

Rules of the cycle dictate/ it’s time to go back to the surface/ go back for air/ back to real time/ but cycles were made to be broken/ wer…


I ask you / To hide me / In your fluidity. / And drown me / In your bliss. / For in your gentle cleanse / I exist.

Three Sheets to the Wind

Dark dark night, / Wide wide water, / No matter how much / I push or I pull, / The oars won’t do / What they oughta.

a vanishing face

I would drown in a moment of fear every day~color my love with your smile and say~I love you today & yesterday too~only tomorrow will k…

The River’s Warning

I felt the Earth quiver, / As if a sudden shiver, / Rippled from the river, / To where I found my seat.


I don’t recall how the road was taken from us, the impact was lost on me; I shan’t forget sinking. Between the splendorous orna…

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