The water 2009 02 14 poem Vanduo atėjo ir išėjo / pieva nustebus žiūrėjo / atsipeikėt negalėjo… / The water ebbed and flowed / The lawn looked on, amazed / And… My thoughts are lost . . . My thoughts are lost… / Somewhere, deep in the human ocean / Have you found them??? / My thoughts are lost… / When I was thinki… Goddess She comes to water like a prairie road— / all open legs of journey yet to see, / her heart, a fish beneath a moonlit sea, / silently … Waterfall They coat all that is touched, / and reflect all they see. / They drown what is not, Poem By My Son Mike Ashes to Ashes / Dust to Dust / Fire Burns / And Water Rusts Urban Princesses The way the sun danced patterns on her shoulder length cherry red hair was like poetry, while her skirts twirled around her legs, hinting p… Bed Of Jewels The sand cooled down / The sun’s rays reached from the endless sky / Colours blended with each other and covered the earth, / Orange,… Half Life Half frozen at the bottom of the lake / Hair swaying with the movement of the waves Melt with me… Just stop awhile and melt with me… Sunshine… Your Love, / It trickles / Through my body / Like the water in a stream / Together we are a melody, / With you and I; the theme / The beaut… in the folds of the seasons. shuffling through the speechless snowdrifts as evening falls. We are always in search of nothing and nothing is what we have found. Diving (poem of empowerment) I breathe differently The Note He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand… Heart and Soil Windy waters at times, stir petals in motion… / Nature’s breezy vulnerable momentary dance ensues. Pixie’s Daughter Inspired by the play of light on water. Body of Salt Within / Her deep blue breast / I drown / With all the rest In Her Bloodstream Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart… Lost windy weather Who knows where the wind blows / where it comes from / where it goes / where balloons and kites will drift ‘till gone / Planes will f… singing by the water fear skin like glass / over real skin / easily shattered / and it cuts so deep Whatever I am, I just accept The grains of sands I dare compare / To the stars above to which I stare / The mind assumes it comprehends / Although it only makes amend Single Solitary Second In that same sun drenched moment / a love ends / a dance step begins… driving home i should have kissed you. / warm and sweet like / honey and midnights. things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… SeaLust *while below, many fathoms removed from my torment, / laughs Neptune, that impotent god of the sea, / his tail, long and glittering, thrash… In Her Bloodstream The first medicine, I bring forth life Asian Sunset blood red sun runs / hide & seek goes the day / hard to find seek as I may / will the night kiss me the same / no not warm but cool … ~ Sun’s Dance ~ In moments the water is carrying dancers / flickering romances magical prancers Mermaid Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t… Like Swimming catching rides on the backs / of dolphins in sharkskin suits “Rain Poem” patterned after Haiku Drought stresses nature / Lightning flashes in the sky / Refreshing rain falls / Drops revive flowers / The trees are singing softly / All … Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Peace Time to spare and craving / peace, I walk the margins / of the wood, where / water wraps around the hill, / like dancing, liquid / light. Tranquility A gentle breeze makes waving reeds / almost complete the scene The Buddha Comes to China In Sichuan a traveller / On the way / To visit the birth / Of his granddaughter Voices from the Forest ~ Dreams of Moonlight on W… Wash away your woes in my healing embrace… Word to the wise 2 Someone’s decided to make a plan to destroy our nice blue planet! We All Sail Into Troubled Waters We all sail into troubled waters, / Once we have entered, / the idea now is to keep afloat, / Maintain the course, / and don’t be distracte… Sink or Swim what resides / inside vast spaces / where all our emptiness / could drown an ocean / are little, synchronized schools of sorrow Water Damage Tricky little yoghurt pot, cannot get my spoon in full, cannot reach the bottom part, haven’t yet managed a mouthful… / The condensation on… ….Counter Point the clouds go away in the form of rain / love does this in the form of pain salvage you clung for dear life / to the wreckage / of your history Leaves Going where, No-one can know dream fragment Now. / I heard knocking and thought it was the sea, / But it was the wind come calling / 10,800 of them all like coiled cobras poised to st… Liquid heaven for a price Liquid heaven for a price / Come on now, it tastes so nice moving waters still smooth green carpet sits / upon moving waters still / reaching for the light ELEMENTAL I feel wild, free, and unfettered. / The air breathes soft caresses, / Eternity’s kisses upon my skin. / The warmth is gentle and soft. / I… Lizard Swimming A rather rare sight for me, to see a lizard swimming, probably an Eastern Water Dragon. The poem is an expression of seeing this happen at… optimism (water of salvation) so come and laugh, my friend, / it’s only fitting that / a fool should entertain you. / watch me blossom / in the water of salvation Water Thinker Turning taps to fill your need / to hose down paths of concrete THE CLAM HAS A HUNDRED EYES Cockles and oysters, armed with a hundred eyes / Yet eyeless, limbless, apprehending nothing: / Clinging to the cusp of the sea, / Sifting … Revival ( translation of “Herlewing” ) “Come and hush with me / in the subtle tones of maturation” See me, my sea. Energy pushing and pulling / Uneasy with her lot as I with mine. You Can’t Just Jump Back In You can’t just jump back in / Back into the water / The water where you almost drowned / You almost drowned in the deep end / The deep end … Puddle Gazing Oh liquid light / You show / Me / The world / In reverse / Your beauty fleeting / Caressed / By winds / Your talent unrehearsed. Summer Days i sit, life rushing past me / I feel the sun on my bare shoulders, warming my skin / A slight breeze moves around me, circling me / playing… Das Wasser fließt Das Wasser fließt, / es fließt vorbei. / Es nimmt Dich mit, / es macht Dich frei. / Bringt Dich zum Ziel, / bringt Dich nach Haus. / Füllt … I Never Used To Mind The Rain It rushes over me, encasing my body with it’s / Forceful grasp. It pounds into my chest, / My ribs struggling to defend and / I beco… An Overture Of Business Whispers of grasses and breeze / Tinkles of water and drip drip drop / Croaking of frog ends with a plop / Buzzing of wings of flies wasps … Talking Sand (haiku) This majestic grain! Oh Send… High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground. The Sea The waves roared at the stubborn reef / Diamonds sparkling on the waves / As they smash against the rocks / like sprays of shattered glass with apologies to drought areas raining, / still raining, / still bloody raining………… Tugboat Chaos I walked along the city harbor one day / When a bright red tugboat anchored ashore / The captain unloaded supplies from aboard / “Ahoy, Whe… Life is lived the water floats / like fighting crowds of people / ignorant of the law of reality / they dream of a fairytale-kingdom / where the stars tw… River Back to the heavens / I await your return Fishy Wishy Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male. Sweet Dreams Abide I dream of waking next to you.. / Pull the blankets up & dream with me… Our Very Special Place ’10 You took me too a special place Sunlight On Water a glimpse of Godness… Poem for Elena To brook, to stream / Then speeding current / Together they leap / Over waterfalls / And carve the rock / To gorges deep. Familiar Coma It’s kind of Comforting to sit / in this / Familiar Feeling / of / Helpless hope / and its / Steadfast, yet Unsure / Longsuffering. I love you too We stood in the shower last night / You naked / I clothed / I stood before you, face to face / And watched as the water / Washed you / Runn… Cycle a single drop of life… Poem: Down by the Ocean Down by the ocean, where my spirit’s set free, / Down by the ocean, where my heart’s filled with glee, / Where my heart leaps w… A Secrect to be Shared I know of a place not far from here, / No traffic lights, No noise pollution to hear, / No TV game shows, No shopping malls, / No mobile ph… Golden sea I ask me why I left the golden sea / Let human voices drown its roaring waves / Exchanged delightful little bubbles / Swirling round my an… Fit For Water The dessert drips, the desert strips / But for neither of them am I fit my sister types like falling water my sister types like falling water / and makes my stomach heave / a gurgling / like boiling cabbage / a perky, incessant bubbling / trippin… Calm As Dusk As dusk sets in / and the light sinks back to the sea, / / quiet feathers flutter. / The wind catches white, black. Oil and Water don’t mix Sometimes I sit here.. / Rewinding the years in my head. / To bleed out my thoughts and write them down on a paper plane. / Should I feel s… memoriam… a poem… called… memoriam History’s Seat Beside the flowless river’s side / Idle, still and quiet / The Oscar sits A Flaming Thirst Six-year-old Jamie was safely upstairs / while his gran watched TV in the lounge, unawares / But then Jamie came down, and asked for a drin… Rip Tide-Satarupa Thyme Look over there look at that Rip Tide………… / Oops false alarm. He, He, He!!! The Jetty wrenches my body from its supports Wednesday by Ozzy Skateboard Like water / motionless / cleared of play / quietly reflecting / on a Wednesday Lonely trip As my lips sink beneath the surface and water fills my lungs, / As my life flashes before my eyes and I realise I was wrong, Lake Eyes Deep set eyes immersed in deeper lake water hues / Let me float / And walk on to shore / Because I am without time / And without sturdy wa… Peeking Peeper In Spring Swamp Water (Not a Reci… Itty bitty frog / Steady on / Peeking out / From underneath Floating Life Flower petals floating on the water. / The ripples from each one / Propelling out into the lake / Like circles of life. / Spreading and ex… Fire and Water What can one say about liquids? / and solids? / What makes a rock / in the bowels of the Earth / turn to water when it should be stone? / … Walking on Water Wading out into the ocean of regret / I throw backward into the sea / And flail meaninglessly as the tide washes / Over rocks, sand and sal… Distant Birds weave in and out of each other. / The setting sun catches certain buildings, / Copper plating the sides / Of city tower blocks. Mirror in the Water The sirens of boats bellow across bay, / tumbling down sky and trampling earth, / my silhouette painted by metal monolith / eyes, waves co… Rinse the Turret, This Façade Gatling streams of withered thought / Catapult o’er her mighty façade / Release fell beasts and foul feasts
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