The Ocean Was My Temple I lived to dive into your waters / To damage your canvas with my fins / To paint around your edges / To feel you push me around playfully, … A Vision from the Ocean Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf. The Cliff and the Ocean The rough rugged cliff dwells with the soft flowing ocean. They are opposites but together always. Why did the chicken Cross the Road? That’s … Why did the chicken cross the road? / What came first the chicken or the egg? / The Evolution Versus the Creation Debate The IDC & Beyond (My Story As A Dive Pro)R… I had heard a lot about the rescue course so I arrived at the boat a little nervous. …………….. I found a pebble on the beach today… dark and silky smooth to the touch… / I pondered on the question… breathing under the water of myself I am watching you; wave. Free Fall You look down and see only darkness……………… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… Bed Of Jewels The sand cooled down / The sun’s rays reached from the endless sky / Colours blended with each other and covered the earth, / Orange,… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. S.C.U.B.A …their world not ours……………………….. Great White You’re misunderstood……………………… The Note He came from a place I’d never heard of / Summoning / Through a window held ajar with string / Bird song / To land on his strong olive hand… Body of Salt Within / Her deep blue breast / I drown / With all the rest In Her Bloodstream Liquid crystals reflecting Thought and Heart… All THINGS ANCIANT EGYPTIAN FEATURE Thankyou so very much to DAWN DAVIES & DAWNSKY for featuring ‘’ SPHINX ’’ this is truely a great honour. / So v… The Wonder of It All… A solitary wall of rocks juts into the water, / Guarding the beach from something unseen. / Protecting a turquoise pool from crashing waves… as vibration stills as vibration stills itself… to silent rocks and water / and slow motion secrets… reveal… what they could not tell you in words / and beg to… A soppy wet death in living waters: My spirit exi… Cold granite / under naked toes, gripping a stark cliff / in black-robed air that fills the pores of Your canvas / Her hair / long and tang… Manta You’re out there……….. Drift Wood 2 … I’ve decided / I don’t want / To be Water / He never gets to rest … The Sentinel Soaring the skies / On currents in motion / This way and that / Like the waves below / Wings rise and fall / Controlling his flight / Tacki… Only Daughter Of The Sun We are all just grains of sand in the ocean / We get caught in the white wash and tumble in motion CameraView Calendars are AVAILABLE NOW! CameraView Calendars Calendars are available. Wrecked At first nothing, just blue…………. Night! In to the inky darkness,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Master of Earth I have seen things you will never see. I have experienced sounds, tastes and sensations that you will never experience. I trace my ancestry… Inner Space Inner space is deep blues………….. Featured in ’’WAVES’’ Thanks ever so much to the moderaters of the group WAVES for featuring ‘’ Escape ’’ / This is great news and not ge… Alone A time to be free, a time to feel alive……………… things they never told me. your soft back turning over in the morning. the cold times huddled under january streetlamps. and the way your eyes made me lurch with a jo… dream diary -poem from another time and place looking back in all the years too far to know…. when and where / breathing in life to the grandest and all the fresh air / a sea goe… SeaLust *while below, many fathoms removed from my torment, / laughs Neptune, that impotent god of the sea, / his tail, long and glittering, thrash… The Blue and you The excitement, the expectation……… “Whisper” (reflections on a painting… “Enveloped in beauty and trust, it listens / Revealed by sight and sound, gently / In whispers of hushed tones, to us, this day…̶… In Her Bloodstream The first medicine, I bring forth life The River [Video] Run With Me I saw the white horses, / Play in the sand / They danced with the wind, / ’Til they saw me, and ran, / Fear of a stranger, / Terror o… Mermaid Oh, to be a mermaid / and live deep beneath / the sparkling water / in the inky depths / of Poseidon’s kingdom / dimly lit only by t… Broken Shells This is a short story revelation of the parallel describing sea shells and people. Reflecting a secret The watery depths held within the human body Memories of the Sea Glassy waters of azure / Transparent winds nudging gentle ripples / On the salty ocean surface / Tiny reflections caress birds / That stir … Sands of Time Not a soul around… / Quietness lays heavily in the salty air as birds float lazily in the sky… / Breathe in the beauty of the… Mermaid Remembering Water singing through your hair and drenching your skin Features This Last Week Love Note In The Sand ~ Homepage Feature (2-13-2010) / Right Down To The Core ~ Berries, Fruits, & Seeds / Be Mine ~ All The Colors Of… Featured in the SEA group My image of NEIL BOUCHER 2 was featured today in the sea group, so happy i am, and thanks so much to the sea group for featuring this image… also absolutely as if you, the wave / join with the other, the ocean Drift Wood I wish I were water / So I could evaporate Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a… Ocean waves;…water textures II… got a feature!… ELEMENTAL I feel wild, free, and unfettered. / The air breathes soft caresses, / Eternity’s kisses upon my skin. / The warmth is gentle and soft. / I… Galilee “He steps inside my vessel, / and we are at shore.” See me, my sea. Energy pushing and pulling / Uneasy with her lot as I with mine. What it’s like out back I felt the strange inhibition / lying in the desolate cold, / that the path was not quite / what I’d assumed it would be. / And yet, / the … everlasting motion wash / over me / reset me as i / move to your fluid / beat… of everlasting motion / © r.e.l. 11/6/10 / everlasting motion, photo by saltmot… The Thirsty Ocean there’s a tall drink of water half full A drop of water in the ocean Don’t skim a stone across my surface now, I’ve spent my life becoming still. / My cries for help are subtle, too insecure to let myself app… Kangaroo Island Australias true gem Kangaroo Island Australias true gem / Do you dream of an Island were you can just escape the outside world and be yourself and forget all y… The Sea The waves roared at the stubborn reef / Diamonds sparkling on the waves / As they smash against the rocks / like sprays of shattered glass Sea Dreamscape The gentle sound of the sea…the warmth of the sun and breeze…encase me in my dream scape…a place I will remain until the … Pacific Beach Sunset is featured again! I am honored to learn that Pacific Beach Sunset is once again featured, this time in the California Sound group. Thanks to the moderators f… Fishy Wishy Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male. Footprints in the sand The summer of 2007 is one I’ll never forget. Walking along the beach, the sand and sun fusing as one in the distance. The summer wher… You Love the Ocean Such a beautiful, tranquil scene today…I can see why you love the ocean….when she changes her mind and stirs herself up into a… Poem for Elena To brook, to stream / Then speeding current / Together they leap / Over waterfalls / And carve the rock / To gorges deep. free free no longer Poem: Down by the Ocean Down by the ocean, where my spirit’s set free, / Down by the ocean, where my heart’s filled with glee, / Where my heart leaps w… A Secrect to be Shared I know of a place not far from here, / No traffic lights, No noise pollution to hear, / No TV game shows, No shopping malls, / No mobile ph… Sensations of the Ocean My ears give in to the relinquishing crash / Of waves in the tide that retreat in a flash… / I adore the splendours and the feeling i… Washed-Up Splashing into a whirlpool of worry / Pounding fists foreshadow storms of self-pity / Big gulps of bile, pointless gasps for air; mania Golden sea I ask me why I left the golden sea / Let human voices drown its roaring waves / Exchanged delightful little bubbles / Swirling round my an… Crab Eyes Staring back at you, / frozen in silent fear, / paralyzed by death. Rip Tide-Satarupa Thyme Look over there look at that Rip Tide………… / Oops false alarm. He, He, He!!! Half Day Sail The tide is full, the sun lies fair / Upon the straits;- on Cei Bach Bay the light / Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of New Quay stand, / Gl… Water Talk Dedicated To A Person I Will Never Know (please read the description) Viridian, unadulterated i want to suck you through my lips / and envelope you into my sorry self, / become neither you nor me / but something greater than individ… Dry eyes So deep and viscous / Yet the pain inside is still Harbor Seals In Sandy Hook By noon they slipped into the waves / feasting on mackerel and crill / taking turns through stormy nights / exhausted by day break / nature… Call of the Water He could not belong to this world. Oh, but he must! How else did he get to be here? Dancing Mermaid At night you seductively / Play with the moon; / Glistening with delight / Like a magical ballroom light; take me to the water clear skies for miles, / the map directs us, / beckons us, / pushes us / towards the blue 1001 Tales of the Deep (Part 1-5) Part 1: Oil Hurts the Innocent / Larry the Squid was on fire.

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