A Vision from the Ocean

Her voice called to me in the night, musical and haunting; calling from beyond the crash of the surf.

Finding the Fifth Element for My Party of Two

Will you swallow all my passion / my whole and damned heart? / all of it / and with pounding flesh and every morning hence

The Redwood and the Rain Goddess

But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way?

breathing under the water of myself

I am watching you; wave.

an old love letter

reflection on the surface of water was drowned / to go down into another substance through the surface / The little boat of love sank benea…

when it stops

because there’s no one else

The Beloved.

She opened the Book of Ancients before him and shared with him the Greater Mysteries of Love’s Way.

“the dreams in which I’m dying……

“The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” / The sky is black above me; there are no stars this night, an omen of what I w…

Melt with me…

Just stop awhile and melt with me…

From your mother with love

A happy moment in my life!


Your Love, / It trickles / Through my body / Like the water in a stream / Together we are a melody, / With you and I; the theme / The beaut…

Mother Nature

….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue….

The Love of My Life

She is my wanting. / She makes me want to fight.

The Sunset Blue

When the sky defines / The water of love’s mind … / I will enter you

Watering Senses

try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember!

The Love Light

Take me / tenderly / by the hand / and deliver me / to the edge

Cold Water

I leant against the wall / As the cold water / Soothes the white hot heat and scorching / Caused by your touch and tender moments shared …

i saw you rise slowly above the water

as i sat upon a swing over looking a small lake / listening to the notes of a piano with the beckoning / sounds of an orchestra of violin s…

To make you holy!

Not to make you straight or gay, / but to make you holy / to make you whole! / to make you holy!

singing by the water

fear skin like glass / over real skin / easily shattered / and it cuts so deep

Ti’s midday on another glorious day…&…

sunbeams dance upon the ripples / like that of a million angels pirouetting


Don’t hold me, / I want to close like the daisies at night.

Every Penny made on Redbubble

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep / http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/start.php

Single Solitary Second

In that same sun drenched moment / a love ends / a dance step begins…

dance me

we twist and turn like waves in the sea

the laundry of our love

I am soaking in desire and too wet to understand.

Jesus Generation

Raise a Jesus Generation / of prayers and prophets / tear the scabs off the heads of the nations / Heal the wounds that devour the land

come, fly with me

as the reflective sparkles / within flowing water droplets / of a cascading waterfall / transpires into our / thoughts, merging together /…

This Creek

I sit here blessed / bare, immersed

Reise van die Hart

Geen verweer, / geen omvattende gebeurlikheidsplan / sou dit kon keer / Die missiel was ’n posduif wat huis toe kom / Die stilte het verspl…

intoxicating purity of love

As our souls / are cleansed / with the spirituality / of pure love.


Riding the deluge of passion/into the whirlpool of ecstasy

I Threw My Dreams Into The Sea

I threw my dreams into the sea / Hoping they would rise into the clouds / And shower upon us like rain / Dripping with love, falling with h…

Water of Purity

unconditional / Love / is / the / key / to

Heart of All

Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished

Euphoric Breaths

Euphoric breaths / whip like canyon winds / through my hollow frame. / I feel free / at the top of an evergreen. / I grew up loving / the …

when you think

you send my mind adrift / lost in thought / from taking a step / feeling my thighs touch / to looking at the pillow / and reaching out to f…

Take me away, Love

There is this girl I know / with hair, golden, / in perfect hue / like a sunset over sand dreams / of easy east coast beaches / she sees in…

Waters of Her Mind

in the quiet depths of the night’s solitary shadows / do her emotions flood / pulling her under


Put your hand in mine and forever it will be / Won’t have to worry about no one just you and me

Love like water

Please God / Make my love / Like water

reflecting body of liquid love

refractions of our antimatter of dust from above ,the moon in a hazy light / reflecting before our very eye’s, taking us into a deeper

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Glory Heart Mountain

Away up high, apple of the sacred eye / Beat the true one, then away did fly / Over hill, over dale, down to bracken / So to battle with lo…


Earth / Wind / Fire / Water / The four elements / I call upon. / Heed my voice / Answer my call / Come to my aid / Lend me your Strengt…

My Love is like Water

my lines for all of u

….Counter Point

the clouds go away in the form of rain / love does this in the form of pain


The stream was splashing / And the water overflowed / I knew in my heart / To this place I must go / The love was so clear / With frolickin…

Love is Summer

The sun is still out, / but just barely. / It matches the mood / of the jazz groove grooving in my head; / as smooth as a lake surface from…

The Lady and the Rain


Escape the World

Her heart beats in my body. / Mine—always so distant from me—feels / It has no beat. / Maybe she feels mine equally close to her— / And her…

Your holy River

A holy river / Running in beween / water of life / sharp like a knif / healing my soul / turning my wood / to a branch so green / A sourc…

Road Ends in Water

So I can drift / Between the spaces of life

optimism (water of salvation)

so come and laugh, my friend, / it’s only fitting that / a fool should entertain you. / watch me blossom / in the water of salvation

Watching waves break

From the shoreside / deep on the horizon / an army approaches. / Whirling twirling unfurling / hidden depths rush forward / almost mechanic…

Revival ( translation of “Herlewing” )

“Come and hush with me / in the subtle tones of maturation”

Love Is Like Water

“Love is like water,” sighed Jen over lunch. “You can’t live without it, it’s refreshing at first but in the end it all becomes a bit bori…

Let The Sky’s Tears Blend With My Own In Th…

all i want to do is stand in the rain and let every tear in my body pour out as if it belonged with the sky’s tears.

Deep Sea Diver

I most long / For someone / Who will dive / Into these murky waters, / Swim / Beneath my sea of baggage— / A sea of kelp / And coral / Read…

Polar Kingdom

He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice …

God of Neon, Empress of Water

There I stand, naked and / alone. / My figure amidst a colony of empty buildings. / All around me reel the indignant shadows of civilizati…

Be Gentle, Kind…

In Soft, Soft Waters / Gentle With Patience… / Be Gentle Kind…

water for the crickets

slumber mouth

Capricornia… plucking the web in Perth

That moment, the latticework of shadow fell across the pool just like a web. Without thought, I reached out under the surface of the water …

Oh Send…

High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground.

Love is like a River – the ultimate cliché?

Clichéd or otherwise, love is like a river. / Sometimes we drift with it, letting it take us to unknown destination. We begin perfectly co…

The Lake

Our reflections, / They shined, / Brilliant, / In the beautiful glassy surface of the lake.

Swim Meet

Today, our clan is once again huddled together, crouched down in our canvas folding chairs in a hallway of a recreational facility…

The Father

The greying father / Watches carefully / Over his children / Protecting them from harm / Nurturing with stories / That they learn from / …

Swim Meet Update: Hour 3

Half way through dining…I was reminded of a squirrel, squatting glass-eyed, gnawing on a nut.

Wow!! Swirled Water and Ice Was Just Featured In …

I just entered work and it got featured. Wow!! That was fast. Thank you so much Live, Love Dream. Just blown away! Jonice


lily,water lily,children,buds,offspring,river,love,devotion,nature,peace,quiet,calm


Sing to us Neil / Sing of the rain

Footprints in the sand

The summer of 2007 is one I’ll never forget. Walking along the beach, the sand and sun fusing as one in the distance. The summer wher…

Sweet Dreams Abide

I dream of waking next to you.. / Pull the blankets up & dream with me…

You Love the Ocean

Such a beautiful, tranquil scene today…I can see why you love the ocean….when she changes her mind and stirs herself up into a…

Water treads

The water treads / down / Glitering in the / Sun

Poem for Elena

To brook, to stream / Then speeding current / Together they leap / Over waterfalls / And carve the rock / To gorges deep.

I love you too

We stood in the shower last night / You naked / I clothed / I stood before you, face to face / And watched as the water / Washed you / Runn…


Please try. Think back. / Twenty-five years. Our past. / Let go. No way. / Until I hear, my name.


free no longer


Your room is mine too, / and a cave of scents and softness, / lamb bleating like a baby, / in my hollow ribs, in my gentle breast.


in fractured light I bathe / dislocated from the hum-drum / the everyday…

Red Water Love

I’m sitting on the living room floor, staring at the black screen. Mom is at work, and Troy, my brother, is at his girlfriend’…

star on a distant paradise

still… after all / you know you are / the one who saved me from a distant paradise / and you are true

Composing the end

My slow beating heart echoes though silence.

His Presence

even with blood dripping down / both kness / You saw a woman on her knees / a woman whose heart was / in the alabaster box / filled with Pr…

Love is the Mother of Invention

American war machine; / They’re rakin’ in the green… / Wall Street, / The Pentagon. / All around the world where / Our fl…

Fish loves and only water

Dark the night, my heart in darkest the grey, / Soothing a light, as the moon does she stay, / Bright the sun, with white a day, / Me the p…

Lake Eyes

Deep set eyes immersed in deeper lake water hues / Let me float / And walk on to shore / Because I am without time / And without sturdy wa…

[ a j’darwin re ’’If love is i…

yep! you are in another medium, then / they do try to save you from self harm, too / do withhold/distance being with / reaching you / . …

Highschool drop out.

people stare like someone should help me / but still they turn their backs. / i feel cold hands pushing me down / and the waiting hands of …

My Living Rock

Time inevitable / Life unthinkable / Silently / Unaware / God is moving

The Willow’s Water

Like all good adventures this one starts on a dark and stormy night.

these simple words

these word are written on my soul / these words that come to me / again and again…


Mud. / Earth she. / Water him. / Where she touched his skin he forgets where he begins. / Where is sin when her skin was wine where she en…
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