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to the year of water off my back I saw written on my palm / One word The Redwood and the Rain Goddess But when will you understand, / my Forest Sovereign, / that they are crying because / you drink me in / but then send me on my way? Of Life and Water I have spilled / The memories of my wantings / In drops of nectar / Warm against tongues that thirst / And birds / Whose flight has kept th… Waterfall They coat all that is touched, / and reflect all they see. / They drown what is not, Half Life Half frozen at the bottom of the lake / Hair swaying with the movement of the waves Melt with me… Just stop awhile and melt with me… Natural gemstones of life Earth’s natural gemstones thunder down / Miriards of multi sized scattered diamonds tumbling / trained jewels, beads, roll down roof … The Art of Balance Standing in waters of turquoise hues / Firmly enmeshed in the sands below / Concentration centered / Slowly lift one foot / To balance like… Let the open of life wash you clean Standing in the shower / immersed / in everlasting joy! / centering centers of centers; / soothing water / putting time to bed. / The show… The Love of My Life She is my wanting. / She makes me want to fight. Watering Senses try and touch you, / I cannot say much more, / I shall always remember! Showering Droplets delicately adorn the skin / dressing it with nature’s diamonds of life. / How you seduce the mind, / your pearls pleasingly … Mother Sea I am broken: and so are we. Deep down in the depths, drowned in mother sea. Artist Statement, Publications and Exhibitions / To me, art is a spiritual experience where the skies opens up and pours down a vibration of energy that connect… One life Giver one provider ! The simplist of lifes gifts and yet the most taken for granted. We must appreciate and protect what is pecious for without it,we would not … The Smallest Life… He looked for it; lifted his feet and scanned the gleaming sidewalk. He spun, full circle, searching for the smallest life that could feel … singing by the water fear skin like glass / over real skin / easily shattered / and it cuts so deep Whatever I am, I just accept The grains of sands I dare compare / To the stars above to which I stare / The mind assumes it comprehends / Although it only makes amend Single Solitary Second In that same sun drenched moment / a love ends / a dance step begins… WATER OF LIFE The color of knowledge is, / The motion of a soul / Refers to a sound / In a drop / With the sense of peace / Inside of mankind / Sometimes… Reflections An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack… water Fascinating and magnetic. / Soothing. Meditational. Reflective. / Forceful. Running. Raging. Trickling, tranquil. / Frightening. Calming.… Flames of Hell The blade came closer and closer to her neck…It started cutting through her skin and blood started gushing out. She screamed in agony…Her f… Blue Rain The man pulled his coat collar up ineffectually against the sudden torrent of rain falling from a perfectly blue sky. He felt it stream ins… Unknown waters of life……. As I walk upon this journey alone in thought / Keeping alive in soul, all that life has taught. / The friends I’ve made, now gone to the gr… Life is like water! Life is like water flowing thru a river! / Some flow calmly! / Some have many rocks on their way! / Some flow by beautiful banks! / Some ge… RIVER OF LIFE Riding the deluge of passion/into the whirlpool of ecstasy Cascade Clear water falling down the mountainside / Meeting place of a thousand streams / Into the valley from where life springs / Mystical place… Broken Shells This is a short story revelation of the parallel describing sea shells and people. Heart of All Heart of All, blended in a witch’s cauldron / by the alchemy of time and a life cherished Euphoric Breaths Euphoric breaths / whip like canyon winds / through my hollow frame. / I feel free / at the top of an evergreen. / I grew up loving / the … The Rock Slug The rock slug and the sea ant Rumination When the rain hits my face / All I can feel is the warmth / It may be cold in touch / Internally its warming, for it knows / Reflections ca… Where The Water Was Her Sleep This is her life, where the water was her sleep. We All Sail Into Troubled Waters We all sail into troubled waters, / Once we have entered, / the idea now is to keep afloat, / Maintain the course, / and don’t be distracte… Sink or Swim what resides / inside vast spaces / where all our emptiness / could drown an ocean / are little, synchronized schools of sorrow The Watermaids The Watermaid could be any girl, at any time, in any emotional state. She stands at the water’s edge and watches it gently lap at the rim … Love is Summer The sun is still out, / but just barely. / It matches the mood / of the jazz groove grooving in my head; / as smooth as a lake surface from… Heat Illness Prevention Program- Summer Time Safe… “Heat Illness” body’s inability to cope with a particular heat load, and includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope and heat strok… Marriage is a cold bucket of water. Lets take a step / Get our feet wet / Yep / It is cold THE CLAM HAS A HUNDRED EYES Cockles and oysters, armed with a hundred eyes / Yet eyeless, limbless, apprehending nothing: / Clinging to the cusp of the sea, / Sifting … Polar Kingdom He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice … Water Rushes Through Water rushes through / Our hands / Cleansing us of / All the things we’ve / Done before / That we aren’t anymore. / The cats sl… Holy Rain The water streaming down my skin / A powerful embrace / The trees blowing in the wind / An invisible force, His face Natural Order Defined by the wind and clouds / The violent storm came upon the shore with the flow water has flowed through and around her, her entire life. / Born in the first of the water signs, always seeking out the solace in a drip t… The Sun Children may the will of your heart, your mind, and your soul / coincide with your body / and may your God bless you everyday / and as each breath i… I have a Key When the air is sill as a lucid statue, / and the trees branches are bare / and the snow becomes / but a puddle on the road, / plashing / … Water In Leaf Thrones of falsehoods, we lean on this crutch / Truth’s throne far off, but not too much / Just in sight, but gone from touch / Every… Capricornia… plucking the web in Perth That moment, the latticework of shadow fell across the pool just like a web. Without thought, I reached out under the surface of the water … Oh Send… High priests of spirits, stars and stone, yet truth is no where found. / Shake my foundations to the bone. Oh send Your stable ground. the mirror (Mature) WATER IS LIFE… Wasting your time / Makes you talking about / “The Old Days”…. / Wasting water / “Will Do the Same” / Erhan … Life is lived the water floats / like fighting crowds of people / ignorant of the law of reality / they dream of a fairytale-kingdom / where the stars tw… Drowning in Fate’s Sea Treading water is a losing proposition- / It’s the best metaphor for the human condition. We’re Drowning. warm rain and cool rain and soothing to the skin rain / Rain that washes away cuts and scrapes, even all the hates / Rain that washes brok… BETTER NOW Don’t try to deceive or refuse to believe / …You like to admit, you won’t let it fit… / …….Like fair to accept, lif… Fishy Wishy Fishy Wishy went to town riding on a Whale, / He stuck a feather in his hat and called snale male. Tiped salt water Parents collar a child / In turbulent disgrace / A quick enraged slap / To an immature face Farm talk – Life at my pond “Little froglet in the water, / don’tcha think you really aughta / save that croaking for tonight / when you’re safely outta sight? /… The Water of Life But then one day it finds a way and shuffles down the rocks / it pours o’er pebbles and slides ‘round boulders passing all its blocks. A LIGHT SHINES UPON HIS BODY IMMERSED IN FIERY WA… Please try. Think back. / Twenty-five years. Our past. / Let go. No way. / Until I hear, my name. Mind’s Ebb Tide I ponder the meaning / Love, life, happiness / Where has time gone? / Where is it going? Nameless I Remained Today. And I have no / destination. / Just / Where the wind / would like to / go. Cycle a single drop of life… tranquility in fractured light I bathe / dislocated from the hum-drum / the everyday… And It Will Never Change your a shallow water’s edge, i’m a deep water’s flow The water cure When you decided that you were indispensable, it was time to take The Water Cure. A Hard Place (flash fiction) I needed a drink of water to wash down this guilt. It was always the same things: broken promises, careless mistakes, innocent white lies,… The Fragile Being Are we really missed? Life is such a short journey Will you be remembered? Imagine That… Making just a ripple / That can somehow bend reality / When we all know that / There is no spoon a mind after matter And then I died. It was the most curious feeling. star on a distant paradise still… after all / you know you are / the one who saved me from a distant paradise / and you are true Smell What do you see? / What do you taste? / What do you hear? float, just float I know you better than you know, this is unlike you, whatever it was it in sometime took over all logical thinking, thus you ignored all wa… Untitled Part One The damp sand curled in between my toes, molding around them like plaster of Paris. This was the first time I’d been back to this bea… Washed Out He turns the hot tap off. His hand shakes, the skeleton beneath his skin strains, eager to escape its leathery prison. Deep from the Cove I happened to have control of the remote and was flicking channels the other night, something most women of the household rarely get an opp… Fish loves and only water Dark the night, my heart in darkest the grey, / Soothing a light, as the moon does she stay, / Bright the sun, with white a day, / Me the p… Almost Home She will just let go / Of the commerce-trap. / Come alive! / In the forest / By the water and garden / Around her tiny home / And seed Eart… Floating Life Flower petals floating on the water. / The ripples from each one / Propelling out into the lake / Like circles of life. / Spreading and ex… Fire and Water What can one say about liquids? / and solids? / What makes a rock / in the bowels of the Earth / turn to water when it should be stone? / … dear mountain stream dear mountain stream, / speak to me / as loud as you wish Microscopic pond life I’m growing microscopic pond creatures, / I wonder what they are / So I take some out of there / And put them in a jar / They are wiggling … Highschool drop out. people stare like someone should help me / but still they turn their backs. / i feel cold hands pushing me down / and the waiting hands of … You are everything to me You are everything to me, / You are, You are / You’re my source of living water / Fountain of life to me / You speak words of living truth … Clear Absense Slowly, she crouched into a pounce position. She took in two deep breaths, and eyed the rim of the pool. / Suddenly, she sprang up, racing … Missing you I miss you / Like the winter / Misses the sun’s / Blanket of warmth / I miss you / Like the flower / Misses the water’s / Spraying life / … Invent a Life… When I was born I was a king, / but years from now I’d know the sting / of being born a human being / and all that this would mean. Cascades …Firespark droplets spraying, time-frozen / Rivulet reverie / Beauty… Forgive Appease our darkest thoughts The River Of life Ripples waving It Time To Live Life..Today ! By Heidi Hi Here i sit in deep reflection within & around the World as i know..Here i am where i stand in time as i know to the journey belore me..… Vodka in Your Navel Even now I can’t blame nothing on anything but myself, with a clear mind I wander to that night, when I wanted to dive into your gore. Call of the Water He could not belong to this world. Oh, but he must! How else did he get to be here? Waterfall So refreshing the sight / sparkles my eye / lost in the moment / I start to cry / My own Waterfall / falls for you now / for you to see …
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