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I will remember Her It is true / She will sail again / Once she is gone Drown in Sorrow Water rises, eyes close / Try to breathe out your nose / Thinking of you, as I near the end / I don’t resist, I don’t defend “the dreams in which I’m dying…… “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” / The sky is black above me; there are no stars this night, an omen of what I w… Mother Nature ….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue…. A soppy wet death in living waters: My spirit exi… Cold granite / under naked toes, gripping a stark cliff / in black-robed air that fills the pores of Your canvas / Her hair / long and tang… Somehow yet, Unfinished Breathing ether, floating landscapes…down streets that once occupied the darker moments of your childhood- Flames of Hell The blade came closer and closer to her neck…It started cutting through her skin and blood started gushing out. She screamed in agony…Her f… Unknown waters of life……. As I walk upon this journey alone in thought / Keeping alive in soul, all that life has taught. / The friends I’ve made, now gone to the gr… somewhere somewhere / a drowned / man / walks along / the / shore, bemoaning the dry / land on which he / walks. The Scoffing Sun Analise was the youngest of her sisters. She never knew what that made her: the foolish one? The naïve one? The one with the heart of go… fish etc. For a while it tried and tried, / then it just gave up and died. the lake the trees / watch / slyly and in / silence / as the oars shake / off / the clinging / lake Itsy Bitsy I could see her struggling to climb back to her corner. The walls were slick. Heat Illness Prevention Program- Summer Time Safe… “Heat Illness” body’s inability to cope with a particular heat load, and includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope and heat strok… The Complete Wastefulness of an Educational Summer An English light of summer drifting towards a school holiday sunset. Rippleless waters – Mankinds ripple on the … Skeletal frames, once submerged litter / Lay side by side with previously organic opposites Polar Kingdom He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me…slightly breaking the ice … The Chase The creature turned on its slender heel exposing its face. The injurious— thing donned a maniac’s grin, of blood-stained teeth.… I Never Used To Mind The Rain It rushes over me, encasing my body with it’s / Forceful grasp. It pounds into my chest, / My ribs struggling to defend and / I beco… The Sun Children may the will of your heart, your mind, and your soul / coincide with your body / and may your God bless you everyday / and as each breath i… The Ripple Effect I watch as the shiny, black coffin slowly makes its way into the earth. / I hear versus being read out, / Memoirs that are filled with sent… the mirror (Mature) Drowning in Fate’s Sea Treading water is a losing proposition- / It’s the best metaphor for the human condition. Watery Grave I see your face peering, screaming at me, / It goes to no avail, my soul finds the sea. / Water surface breaks, ice on my skin… / My … A LIGHT SHINES UPON HIS BODY IMMERSED IN FIERY WA… Please try. Think back. / Twenty-five years. Our past. / Let go. No way. / Until I hear, my name. Imagine That… Making just a ripple / That can somehow bend reality / When we all know that / There is no spoon a mind after matter And then I died. It was the most curious feeling. Composing the end My slow beating heart echoes though silence. Lonely trip As my lips sink beneath the surface and water fills my lungs, / As my life flashes before my eyes and I realise I was wrong, Washed Out He turns the hot tap off. His hand shakes, the skeleton beneath his skin strains, eager to escape its leathery prison. Fire and Water What can one say about liquids? / and solids? / What makes a rock / in the bowels of the Earth / turn to water when it should be stone? / … tide. Each step closer to the water felt different than the other times. The ocean tickled his toes as a wave leapt forward, thrashed itself upon… Clear Absense Slowly, she crouched into a pounce position. She took in two deep breaths, and eyed the rim of the pool. / Suddenly, she sprang up, racing … THE DUST (chapter two) DOES THE DUST THINK? so alone that the tongue has been chewed off so alone / standing here in the ravine where / the water buried you under the dirt / where i buried your memory Stand Still / Mulberry Hawk Stand still, for a short while sweet river / Give me time, to whisper goodbye / Let my love melt away, to that place in my heart / Where I’… Ophelia’s Poems Ophelia’s Flowers Underlined / The flowers full of fragrance / Bloom for remembrance / And for thought, / For repentance, / And for d… Death by Moonlight She sees the attacker, she knows! / What to do she must think, as she sits there some more, her dress is now crumpled, but she cares none, … Vodka in Your Navel Even now I can’t blame nothing on anything but myself, with a clear mind I wander to that night, when I wanted to dive into your gore. Catharsis Lets ascend the moonlight / And listen to the voices of the stars / Who whisper what’s to come / As we remember ourselves / And retur… ‘Siren’ I don’t recall how the road was taken from us, the impact was lost on me; I shan’t forget sinking. Between the splendorous orna…

Hello! Please enjoy this delightful selection of water death writing created by independent artists from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

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