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Gaia – she is rising

Gaia – she is rising / they shovelled her screams into the pit of silence / and told her nothing was wrong / but she is waking / they…

the Key

You think you might have the answers to it all sometimes, but do you really know what the “Key” is?

Shai Agasi and Better Place project

Today I want to introduce to you a brilliant young Israeli and his electric car project called Better Place . / Shai Agasi was born in Ram…

Food… Not Fuel

Why biofuels, such as ethanol, are damaging to our environment, impede efforts to feed the world’s straving, and contribute to global…

She’s emotional at the moment….have y…

I have a hunch she’s getting sick of all our garbage

Warming Swarmed A Wasping Sting

Tonight on mossy branches waits / A Mockingbird singing it’s not too late / As when the Nightingale sang her tune / Gardens Springing…

Our garden

Come here, my love / lie down with me / molding your body / so closely into mine


Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit / if the least i can do is share then i would like to start here…please watch

Mother Nature

….They raped her land with disregard, once Oceans green and blue….

global warming and a broken chair

Thom Gunn, / I ask you why, / Did you bury Lazarus in a shallow grave? / He was, / So old, / So feeble, / So weak, / Oh yes, so naive, / T…

Polvo Soliloquy

God or gods tend the myths and humankind is unkind pretending that the trinity of body mind and soul lives each day the sanity….

Warming Moments

From spectral thoughts / colours pour a / Spring of life / Wake up a gleaming bolt / indulgence / a swig of wine imagined / Feast a dance…

Global Warming

what if we make some simple changes to our daily activity? / You too can help in some small way to save the Earth!

Nothing to Lose

…my sin is me.


so healthy / so happy / Unaware and Oblivious

The Chaos of the Seasons

It’s not the earth that’s dying, we are

The Ice Queen’s Last Stand

Over the Mountains, / Some where far away, / Something is happening, / Something that isn’t good / Neither bad. / Her long hair / Was as wh…

We Need More Global Warming…


Passing aeons

Six word story: Earth lives…

Hope Grows (Gaia’s Lament)

Plow and disk / They seem acts of futility on hopeless soil / Yet, hope grows when sown in even the most barren of places

Die onsinnigheid van ons mors

Die gemors wat mense op die planeet maak word baie maal aan besprekings oor aardverwarming gekoppel—inderdaad, alles word geblameer vir aar…

Sincerely, Your Earth

Why are you doing this to me? Please, save me, don’t let me die!

Warming Life

I sit and wait / Waiting for what I do not know / All I know is I must sit and wait / Patience is required / Why must I wait? / this I do n…

Sun-Ship Rising Star 12/6/2220

. . . the Rising Star offers every luxury and service imaginable.

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?

97% of climate scientists, and every major scientific institution in the world, say that global warming is quite real, and that humans are …


Her high heels made the usual clip clop noise as she paced back in forth. The wide hallway she was pacing between had somehow seemed to shr…

Understanding “Climate Change”

A warming Atmosphere causes a low or falling barometric or air pressure.

I Wonder if…

I wonder if anything lives down there, / maybe life’s started up again. / I wonder if something can breathe acid air, / or perhaps it…

The “Great Recession” takes the heat …

Young punk, punch drunk / Business man, grand plan

A Winter Love Song.



The cosmos falling down. / The singer’s voice is broken, / The song without it words. / The world falling is falling down.

his warming touch

his fingers slowly reach into the dark / and softly brush across her skin / gently she wakes / offers her valleys and her peaks / to the w…

Global Warming

Unfortunately, we do not yield to change very easily, but these simple solutions I offer will surely eliminate the problem of global warmin…

Anarctic OIl: What We Don’t Know Could Save…

Oh, Mother Earth! How sweet you have been as we humans have raped you again and again for your precious natural resources. We started off p…

On Osama finally listening…

Time and time again I’ve told Osama Bin Laden to tone things down a bit and change the bloody record.

Warming Smile

Her smile soft as feathered down / If only it would stick around

What Global warming?



The last nomadic tribesman gone.

THE SAINT OF WARMING HEARTS. A short story for Va…

I got out again and made sure there was a hole in the snow below the exhaust pipe, to let the exhaust fumes escape, this wasn’t a suicide p…

the warming of the trees

this warming is fleeting / even as you’re watching, already it is leaving / look away and it will be gone

Haiku 26

Lurking in shadows / Mountain lions watch in scorn- / Spring floods do not come.

my latest thoughts on global warming

there was a layered clasp / i met it in the storm drain / it was rounded & fair / bent along seaborn chains / close & shivering lik…


nothing left

Memoirs of a Star Child

Another three to four decades and Earth will be uninhabitable and only the sun will continue to shine on the remaining barren wastelands.


Citizens are also urged to help this process of “Global Cooling” by leaving their refrigerator doors open for three hours per d…


Forest of tall buildings and lands devoid of trees / Incandescent lighted skies of cement slat ceilings

Meme war

A poetic view of modern politics


It is estimated by the scientists that a man needs the oxygen emitted equivalent to three trees in his whole life. Try to plant the trees a…

My Dream (political rant)

So once a week when we pump petrol and whinge about the prices just think that 10,869 civilians have died. / … in my dream, the next …

When Vocal Shit Hits The Fan – Chapter 14: …

Would you consider a butterfly to be any more godly than the caterpillar and the pod that it burst from?

Global warming…


War Screams

as we poise on the brink / of another bruising / as the grave flowers bloom / I am hoping, surely, / some transformation is at hand

My Current State

Katrina, have you seen her? / The storm next door, / Chicanos, Wetbacks, and Beaners.

The Field

And as their laughter dies on the wind / They never see the man that grinned.

Warmer is Better

Today we are enjoying a warming trend as we recover from The Little Ice Age, and I thank God that I live in this era.

Thank you Capitalism

Dont thank us, Thank Capitalism!

Mother Earth

so much tragedy in recent years / so many storms as Earth rebels / the raping of her resources / the tapping her wells

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