I come and I go 2008 12 20 Ateinu, išeinu / neatsisveikinu / Ir žinai kodėl / I come and I go / I do not say goodbye / And you know why Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk – Illawarra’s b… With two cantilevers hanging above the trees, visitors experience exhilaration or nervousness. Canberra – A Different View …Parliament House, National Gallery or the Australian War Memorial… unique and impressive buildings during daylight hours, but … A different point of view…. Faiza once lifted up her abayah and dress and showed me her little bosoms. Sweet and brown; like an over ripe persimmon. Eagle Eye View of Freycinet Peninsula Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula from the air. The wind 2009 01 15 Vėjas duris išlaužęs / atėjo išėjo neklausęs / šauksmas save išgirdęs / nutilo save išvydęs / The wind blew the doors in / And came in unbi… A view from the balcony Seeing eye to eye with the top of the cherry tree I touched 2008 06 23 (Mature) Julius’s Ocean View He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment – one with nature. Room With A View (Mature) I Wanted an Ocean View But all you seem to have given me is / A place to rest the night / I’d like to change my room Sir / I wonder if I might?.. The View From Beyond The Edge #1 Now fully encouraged, I continued, wanting to get the hardest part out of the way quickly:…" Ladders, employment and considerations. I don’t want to die in the arms of someone and be a nobody or hear that the ladder was short one rung… A BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF AMERICA a single seagull soars aloft, the sky / her sanctuary, / sole silhouette in Sol’s ascent / through this kingdom light and airy, / she w… the rational view does not work what is rational in my loving you? / not a moment speaks like math solutions-rational / but of problem that feels endless-irrational / pro… perception see Men Talk A sand fly, large and black, landed on Dylan’s red nose and stung him. He slapped his nose. ‘Ouch!’ He shook his white hair, the colour o… 10,000 views 10,000 views The cupboard was bare except for epiphany bites What she knew was clear on the day the epiphany opened her mind to this view A BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF AMERICA II a single seagull soars aloft, / blackened sky bleak sanctuary, / over oil slicks, detergents’ foam / sea tides shoreward drifting carry, / … A View In the Autumn Afternoon (Poetry) Through the narrow space between the leaves, / A tiny yellow butterfly can be seen / Dancing, flowing here and there casually / In the fore… my feminist view A woman’s influence is greater and more powerful than some may think or will ever know that XXX day… He was quite nervous, taking a deep breath first. Then he started to move in…he was so careful that he dared not to breath hard; 97th in the rear view mirror 97th in the rear view mirror / Going fishing, / driving through the city, / on a sunny day, / I see,I see,I see, / the world / is full of o… Room with a View Alternative View …(repost) But looking within holds great rewards, / bravery brings euphoric awakening. / Deep and abiding knowledge, testimony disillusion with the illusion of what is real / Can we refuse to give testimony? / In the end we found / a shattered illusion that comes to… MY VIEW Even unclear / I get to enjoy / Colors / Sights / And Sounds Sharing the view Fun to think of you on the other side of the world – / looking at the same view as mine. Here’s A View Orion’s belt / Loosening / And looking down / Seen across the / Way / He spotted / A distant star / No more radiant / Than al… Alternative View So much time, / with nose pressed to glass. / From babe to mature being, / looking out , through souls’ windows. / On hands and knees… Points of View See it all An Offering of Ashes After having a leisurely Saturday lunch, my husband and I headed back to our car in the restaurant parking lot. We had been out of state th… a view. run wild. / be angry. / resent. / yell at nothing, / because this is who you are. / redo and regret. / hope so that you can be shattered. /… ~ Contemplate the Gaze ~ And what of the greens of the luscious grass and moss / Can she tell the difference of the shade / Or is it all just grey-scale and scent i… I live in wonder… All its beauty / mystery / wonder / pain / joy / struggle / pleasure / …pick one please… Spinning it you force others to / live your reality / negating life, love, memory / and space / with a push of a button / and a finger in our face. / y… APARTMENT ONE (LAST VIEW OF FIRST WALK) DAVID YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR BIG BROTHER INTO A LITTLE BOY WHO CAN SEE. / YOU ARE WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR WHEN THIS ALL BEGAN. “Oak Leaf View” is featured. Good news for me! Redbubble featured my image, “Oak Leaf View,” on the home page today. And some very nice old and new friends … View From A Kitchen Window Baking in its / Reflected glory / A single water droplet / Hanging precariously / From the back garden / Deck / Sparkled / Along wit… NC Hywy 73 east: a walker’s view The same. / Blue sky floats white puffs of delicious wet thought-drops; / stone chimney’d houses front lakes of water that / swim in … coming down in descent we reclaim the reality / to which we are bound Suburbia in the rear view mirror Charcoal rooftops, / Camouflaged by the midnight blue, / Of a January sky, / Surreal darkened eyes, / Glimmering as life passes by, / Searc… RB picture review size RB picture review size TOO small. Lawless Society Lawless Society, / infrastructure is crumbling away, / victims have no rights today, / morels our rules of life, A Child’s Eye View… … a “choice” perspective. / :)… To the kind soul who bought a card of my photo above, very many thanks. I am thrilled. Peter View From a Lens View From a Lens / Through the view of a lens I saw the world, / They were pictures of nature that I had missed. / It awoke my senses and i… The View from Olympus This poem points to an image “A View From Olympus.” The World Needs Poets We are as much bound to our art / As it is bound to us, within us, ingrained into us. My RB Beta Site (Piercey’s Point of View) I recently had the pleasure of creating one of RedBubble’s new Beta sites. / Here it is / Please feel free to leave comments… I… to watch is such a treat how they tease.when they are alone.through my window Welcome to the End- Lily’s View The world had changed since then. It had changed in the sense that it was going to end. dim view we hang on every word / every star, / the warmth of our love / was lost. / now we search the heavens / we see ancient fading bodies: / ther… A must to view and welcome… My dearest RB friends, / I am happy to introduce a most unique artist Ms Bronislava Loban from Minsk, Buelorussia. She has joined the foru… Sitting on my Back Step While Sitting on my back step / I watch the clouds float by on a sky so blue, / A bird’s call resonates through the air / and when I … Thank you to everyone that has view and bought my… I have had over 10,000 views on my art work and 7,800 on my t-shirts. I am appreciative of everyone that has made the efforts to view, make… Point of view You get to pass / Those bleak sign posts / And choose another / Way? / Or / Reframe / Look again / With loving eyes ENDANGERED SPECIES prin / WITHIN OR WITHOUT YOU / We were talking about the space between us all / And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusio… why sky you are so grey… view two minuts ago you / sky… / why so grey? view from a louisiana porch 10-1-11 @8:56am / a hot cuppa coffee / and a tasty smoke / on this chilly october morn / the grandson, tho fussy / from a slight tummy ach… HOMELESS POINT OF VIEW HELP THE HOMELESS Thumbnail Mishaps – The End is Near! Important! Vote now for adjustable thumbnail views! A New View It seemed I viewed the world by looking in the mirror. / The chains of weight that bound me kept my view so painfully narrow. / I was asham… The Sea Breeze upon my skin Gazing at the evening glory / I smell the breeze upon my skin proud tae be scottish ( a must read ) as i walked err the ochil hills, approaching the top.i sniffed, then i sniffed again / whits that smell,i recognise that. twas the smell of… From Above Ruffled green blanket / Seen far below / Where giant toes wander / And I desire to go. WOW! A Feature in “All Water in MotionR… Wow, how exciting to be featured in this new and awesome group “All Water In Motion” Group. Thank you so much to Jeffrey Palm … Deja View… Hindsight / in sight. To all who view my work Hi all. / I have come down with flu. Had it for the past 2 weeks. Its a bummer to get rid of! I have about 10 pages to go through. Please b… View from the kitchen window I stood by the window and watched as the silhouette of a body departed through a doorway… Changing My Internal View My whole life I have seen myself as something dark, something tinged by damnation. I’ve never known why. I can not and could never … A Womb With A View… … your aura! / :) A Different View The morning nurse wheeled Catherine to the central window of the common room as was the routine that had been firmly established during Cat… In your own words seeing life through different eyes Self life’s all but a kaleidoscope turn of the wheel / the right angle into the light Contemplating the new view… You told me you were white / I knew it and believed / So when you said you were black / I believed that too The View From Up Here Is Brilliant (part 2) a constant movement of souls intermingling but never acknowledging each others existence. A clearer view …. over view Leave your media driven assumptions at the door the last view overarching, way above / horizon to horizon, / lost my train of thought / looking at the stars. / again. / all things are one / all things … Vietnam, A Veterans Point of View Vietnam, A Veterans Point of View / By / Oscar Elizondo / (There are many untold stories about the war in Vietnam and mine is just another … Dementia Darkness falling lights going out / Not knowing what life’s about / Fear building all around / No longer hearing every sound / Rememb… Bird’s Eye View From way up on the pole he sits, / He wonders as he turns his head.. / A tasty treat if you just wait / Busy people just passing by. Train Of Thought “I can see the present, the past, / But no future. Is it there?” opposing view footprints have dried and become skeletons / in the dirt, that once living soil, / where we stood, now just fossils. / it was a long walk t… The Midas View… Everything I look at / turns to good. REFLECTIVE VIEW She stands on the bridge / With tears in her eyes / Thinking of her life / And trying to realize / How she can gain happiness / And how she… Living in Germany – a Personal View My wife and I came to Germany from England in June. We have come here to live with our daughter, and her family. I suppose you could call i… Junipers View Standing still out side the window / over the lake way below / where Herons wade and Pond Hawks soar / it’s all she’ll ever kno… In The Rear-View Mirror/Perhaps They Were Lavende… the sea and i.. to this day Babies (From A Father’s Point of View) Our precious little baby that brings us joy, / Before birth we loved you weather you were a girl or boy. / You pull on daddy’s shirt when I… The View From Up Here Is Brilliant (part 3) Day two of the major life changing holiday starts with the sounds of the city blaring through the hotel window which consisted of traffic n… The View From Up Here Is Brilliant (part 4) don’t eat yellow snow eclipsed looking clear through the wall / to the sky beyond View From Inside a Camera running / her fingers across faces / made of Braille.
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