astral travelling or a night in psych ward Spoke to me in riddles / With only half truths showing Hot Rod Heartbreak I shift down into despair Banner for Art With Scriptures for Calendars & cards  by aldona Psalm 139:14 by knightingail This Lucid Dreaming But you beamed in from much farther off / didn’t you? / Given that you’d died the day before. "My Beloved"   by Olive Denyer Happy is That People Whose God is the LORD! by aprilann Galatians 6:9 by mariatheresa He Believed in the Lord! by aprilann Hope by xPressiveImages What I Wanted Most For My Daughter Poster by Vickie Emms Psalm 19:1 by willgudgeon Verse Carrying Wind’s I Do Mad with you. / Sing to me for / an instant I was / alone afraid of being / free. / Circling many stones / void to cast my own. / Throwing … Is it in my head? They talk and talk REAL WOMEN (RESPONSE VERSE) Love that MAN, this is not a curse / Hold him dear; like you might lose him / Because if you don’t, you will lose him / Give your whole hea… Verse of longing Come hither. See; it is a lovely day / to sit in shade, enjoy the gentle breeze; / in thy sweet-lipped melodies to drown, sway / that bliss… Monthy Inspirations  by Maria Dryfhout Calendar MATTHEW I :18 by Ann Warrenton Haiku (3,5,3) Treacle tin / green and sticky tin / filled with glut / ---———————— Memories Of Familiar Times by Jacqueline Hill Serve the Lord with Gladness by aprilann Sunset Pier Painting with Scripture by AngelaBishop Ned The Red by judithtaylor Psalm 44: 7 & 8 by Susan van Zyl Auld Lang Syne A poem about sexual abuse as a child Meeting Fairie’s and Dreaming. For to dream without want, is to dream without love / To dream with a cause, is to fly like a dove. Wheel of Fate Shadows lurking / Instincts working Heavens by Carole Boudreau God's Glory by finsphotos Consider by Alana Kaiser Pray In The Spirit by Marie Sharp Tanka XXIV I’ve used up / this finite transience… / patiently waiting / for our Now to begin - / all that’s left you is verse For Melo-Daemon Corpuscled Cries / of ancient intelligence, / The hollowed eyes live in forever’s twilit mind. / Moved me in pieces, parts, and numbe… Pretend to be ! Pretension nobody wisdom somebody pretend "Everything Beautiful"  by Melissa Goza Butterfly Blooms by KazM Lift Up Your Heads by rhamm He Leadeth Me Beside the Still Waters by aprilann Daily in the Temple by aprilann Numbers 6:24 - Peace by JLOPhotography Peace and Strength by Shoshonan We give thanks... by Olga Bible Verse Isaiah 40:8 by DianaBozart Life by Eric Christopher Jackson The Heavens Declare ~ Psalm 19:1 by Robin Clifton Comfort One Another ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11 by Robin Clifton A Rambling Verse. like flavour on my tongue, / Longing and lasting, / Bitter and sweet, / Tasting that instant, / Of perfect delight, / Like morning’s … Love Found by LeftHandPrints purlingbrook falls by judithtaylor Winter Wonderverse by wytrab8 My kannablom by Antionette "WHAT REALLY MATTERS" by Toni Kane love life... by Vanessa Barklay Little Girls Are Precious Gifts Poster by Vickie Emms God's Word - Isaiah 55:11 by JLOPhotography And this is the Victory. . . by aprilann We Women T-Shirt by © Angela L Walker sweet mystery one glorious plosion / a flash in the void of eternity / and all that ever was / and ever will be was begun Open my eyes Ancients hear my soul filled cry Invasion (Mature) Welcome to our world… SONG… 1 verse …one way road, / for the son they told, / to go home but home is gone as his sanity folds, Ghosts Die This hole of spiral he lives is a mere reach at ending. / Burrow not within their refuse / Nor “ tween” the likes of black Hold Me Fast (sticker - black) by MiniMoose "In a Moment"  by Melissa Goza Pink Waterlily (Matthew 6:28-29) by Rose Santuci-Sofranko Jesus Savior, Pilot Thee by rchaversjr Ideas verse thoughts by freshairbaloon Matthew 9:28 - BELIEVE ye that I am able to do this? by aprilann Revelation 21 by Elise Phillips Clematis in basket. MESSAGE OF THE CREATOR. TEXT/BESPOKE by Shoshonan Psalm 5:3  by willgudgeon window of opportunity by judithtaylor How many years(verse 1) how many years and I tears are still fallin / Mama Africa yeah I still hear ya callin / Stallin I passage back home to I mama / And ya wond… THE BEGINNING OF OMEGA Thunderous groans stirred cushion clouds… / His wheezing gales weaved dead-leaf shrouds, Egg on my face Friday night in for a pounding / Saturday left barely standing / Sunday silence resounding / Black eye shining / Colour my world black and … Grateful Realization I see my friends / Looking back at me / Holding out their hands and hearts COGITO ERGO SUM by Alicia R. Bernal Teach Me To Do Thy Will by aprilann Happy Birthday - Card by Tracy Friesen Repentance by Olga Friends Stand Beside You T-Shirt by © Angela L Walker Poetry’s Fertilization into Being Paranormal ectoplasm of divinity / Stain whatever surface, with whatever imprinting instrument / To capture the moment on out of body posse… Dancer You dance careless in the sea, light feet / Scattering the waves. / Your mother stands a little off, watching. / Do you know you’re beauti… Oh’ To Be A Dragon Rider A Dragon’s heart is the purest in time / and the Unicorn also standing as tall. / But ‘tis the Dragon that makes my dreams become real / an… Then you walked in Then you walked in / While the entrance / To my heart was open self portrait by judithtaylor asylum for one *there is a place / my very own / concealed from sight / where i retreat^ Exactly What Is God? by aprilann Sing for me by George Hunter The sun will shine again by sarnia2 Faith holdin' on! by sarnia2 His word is Alive by Sabrina Thompson SNOWDROPS (text Psalm 23 v 1) by Shoshonan Ascending to Our Father and God ~ John 20:17 by Robin Clifton Philippians 4:23 Blessing by Robin Clifton But Be Transformed ~ Romans 12:2 by Robin Clifton
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