I AM THE CAPTAIN. So without hesitation and a heartbeat away / I unfurl the sails of my heart / To travel this earth with a love that I share / and can’t wa… There’s just something…. Dedicated to those who make “Just Something” into “Something Special”. You truly are amazing. Not Today Don’t whine to me about your petty woes, / the car that doesn’t start, the faucet’s incurable drip, / I can’t be bo… Slipping the Collar Freedom – liberation – to run free and be / the creature it was meant to be became / the single occupying thought. Bite The Bullet And the impulse of my strength,   / Is the hair in my length.  / That incontrollable nuisance  / Of unadulterated exuberance.  These Rhymes Three …. [NB Not all my work!] My mother smiled as she bounced me / up and down upon her knee / and as she sung these Rhymes three AS YOU STAND As you stand / We swirl around you / You stand strong, firm and with purpose / We yearn to cling to you / To be part of you / To be blessed… THE ROAD TO VALHALA Come travel with me down this dark lonely road / The is the road to Valhala / A road littered with 50 million corpse of young brave men / F… The verse of love written upon the soul The verse of love written upon the soul / To write upon the, / Parchment of the soul, / Yearning to seek, / The ink within my veins, / Blis… imprecation i pray for strength of purpose, / to be freed from the need of admiration / in men’s eyes Leap Day Alas for opportunity blessed with the smile / of approbation – cannot be done. / I’ll wait until I molder ere I / rend my heart and reach f… sun is where you find it drizzly day, / rainy gray. / wearing frowns / peeps feel down, / cowering together / out of the weather / having no fun, / angered no sun. … The Weight Let them…no…MAKE them / Plunder the secret underwear drawers / Of sexy lesbian harlots fingering each other / Let them drip with smooth a… Perfume (poetry) my old work: / Let the Perfume touch me / As it always wants to / But it’s my bare hand that holds it / A bottle filled with smelly l… still hot (pointless) i’ve just about closed the book on love / my rewrites are no good / no new juice High Octane In Poe’s creepy little corner  / There lies the mask of anarchy; / A fuel of high octane magic is woven  pearl forged of forked lightning / flung across barbed wire / your voice shattered the senses The Lovers Even the dusty butterflies and swaying tree had felt the need to pause and reflect on the power of love’s spell. snow apple it was a fresh reminder that a newness, / a different season comes, / one gentler and more welcoming than winter The Constant Lover I sleep every night with the same man. / When I drag my body to the bedroom, / stripping off the dusty clothing of the day, / he’s lying, … unravelling and in the same way, / i pulled the loose thread labelled “you” / and it’s all come undone. the hell of alone we are born alone / we die alone / there’s no reason / for us to live alone in between My Rough Imperfect Heart Here sits a wood and leather box / inside which lies a treasure. / I keep it there, for it’s not often needed. Cruel Dilemma Can I withstand the season’s cruel blows? / Will I survive a thousand winter snows? Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. the price of treasure would you have / a thornless rose? / i advise against it Nothing Ever Lasts No friends now do I have, alone am I so long. / My words are true and my strength is weak, this will be my very last song. scarlet sea for at the bottom of these stairs / there waits an ocean / scarlet sea born to be blue i have come to a / conclusion: / there is no doubt / some are born to be blue Window Dressing I’ve looked into enough eyes to know. / They’re often not windows to the soul. Elegy “Tomorrow, when you die, I / won’t be there.” Blank Verse Blank My dad was a master of rhyme / Up until he came down with Alzheim- Barney’s Stump! I’ll bet ya a shillin now on this … an I’ll bet ya a schooner too Waiting to meet my reason. When you are alone in the dark,…. there is a reason. / When you think that nobody loves you,…. there is a reason. My Last Canvas Photographs caught helpless in this maddened whirl fly past. / I recognize the smile of some old lover. Depression I tremble at the thought of living another day / and the memories that always lay ahead / So I lose myself in the imagination of my mind / … forsaking temptation it would be easy to undress for you / all washed in smoke and blue / just a little crazy / maybe slightly dangerous the silence of remorse silence, sometimes welcome respite from the world, / is never what I want from you. / it says too much in its emptiness Giving It To You Take it from me. / Oh Yes. / I will give it as hard and as long and as best I can… and in the end you will be fulfilled and I will be… Open Window There’s nothing here for just the taking; / you must prove yourself a worthy man. i scream sunday (one thirteen thirteen) i think i’m finally going crazy, / over the edge, / bananas and nuts. life interrupted there you are / half asleep / but mightily enjoying / that first hot cup of coffee i can give you nothing i can give you nothing – / my few gems are semi-precious, not to mention paste just another night in the bunker the big silver box / talks to me as i sit rose red i am a red rose – love triumphant lives! – / my velvet petals curl around your heart. fool’s confession dissembling is an art of mine / i do it often / i do it well Twenty-One Lines on Despair My voice is stilled; my words are strangled at birth. / My eyes are blind; I see nothing in front of me. / My hand is numb; I cannot even f… Powder Tins of powder lined up in rows / In every hue and shade / Across the dresser top / Powder to cover the blemishes / The scars too deep to s… the hourglass dusk creeps in early now / i’m sitting in near darkness / even though the hour / has not struck five off-roading it ruts in a road / have never deterred me around the curve i stood, awash in moonbeams, / wondering about that curve / in a silent empty road A View In the Autumn Afternoon (Poetry) Through the narrow space between the leaves, / A tiny yellow butterfly can be seen / Dancing, flowing here and there casually / In the fore… desert bloom living in the desert / skin gets dry / gathering itself in fine striations / reminiscent of tissue paper Over the Bounding Main I give over to the Sirens of the Sea / and trust Atropos to slice the cord swiftly / or to trade places with her talented sister / and w… Cinderella Ever After Little girls of a certain time and place / invariably dreamed of being princesses – / always beautiful, always loved. Speaking Of… Why is it that one who so admires beauty cannot write about it / from the heart, / instead condemned to spew forth words of weak ungainly p… Dethroned Moods and perceptions seesaw, / cascading wildly back and forth, / and I’ve lost the reins Merlin’s Eyes Myth, magic truth, / Elevated through dragon’s breath, / Ruler of my darkest forest – giving meaning to chaotic… silence does not imply consent you’ve answered only half the question / i see only half the picture artist’s soul *but the artist has a restless soul – / at least this artist does. / i question and i fight the universe, / even when my mind says don’t –… fragment found in a dead woman’s pocket …for i’ve been running in the dark and i nearly gave it up / ‘til i remembered i was running home to you… Dreaming Awake (The Choice) A perfect storm of choices whirls tantalizingly through the air / as my head spins, making me dizzy, almost sick, / vainly trying to see e… Friction Field The wind, on this blue night, / is howling like a banshee, / sad voices carried on it. underneath i dress myself in the colors of bold / reds and purples and blues taming the wilderness how long we stood there / face to face / eyes searching each the other / i know not departure we all have a destination / that has not and will never be revealed / we take that final walk alone When Darkness Falls For my heart is lonely, and my eyes begin to sting / for regardless of all my crying, I still find the time to sing. read me i’d like to get lost in a book. / in fact i’d like to slip ‘tween / its covers and be the book – Grips sleep never comes sweetly A Slave to the Canvas “Drowning his ears / Into a world of silence / A world of delightful chaos.” Playing Hooky I am a truant from my own life. / I ran away to foreign fields / to escape the life that was looming large. / And in my explorations I lear… Empty Court How do I fill these hours, these days, / when no one’s here to listen and respond? stonemasonry life put me through / a colander of barbed wire / more times than i care to count High Octane High Octane.. short and sweet. Wisewoman’s World It’s not an easy gift, / this mantle of magick Love: A Working Definition It’s / Accidental and imperfect, struck by / Glimpses of heaven / Amid the cross-outs and blotches / And words that don’t quite fit. / It’s… Luxury I’ve found luxury in the scent of rain / Peace, to wash away the pain, / Life shall flourish over again / And poverty shall never sta… From 1909 to Stardom one thousand, nine hundred and nine / is the number of my views. on the difficulty of growing tulips the lure of tulips / is / however / apparently irresistible descent nothing about that room is right / it’s a cold crazyquilt of colors / that jangle and shift at the barre how ill-equipped am i / after decades of bought courage unvarnished i have learned to trust / in the perfidy of men. Disinfecting Is anything more brutal / than the thousand endless twinges / of desire? Reverting to Type Your care in felling game does not extend / to felling members of your species. / You brought me down with no straight shot; / no clean ki… Pas Seul And, although your presence permeates / the silence of the shadows / I see nothing. jazz-kitchen ginger cookies and slow-dance kisses Smell of ginger-chocolate-butter and your skin fills my head as your lips brush my shoulder how we love the old assiduously we worship the old / artifacts / antiques / vintage whatnot call me pandora i cling to life / on a slender thread / called hope from where i sit from where i sit everything’s / a little blued / a little skewed groping in the dark we cannot force reality, we cannot take the pain nor change what is / except by being there, to witness what is shown – / to care. enough already broken hearts! / they’re a drug on the market, / a cheap commodity nobody wants to buy gag order i’m keeping myself to myself / my words bring only heartache to the world Tectonics There is no other elsewhere – / I read that once, / and like an arrow straight and true / it pierced my understanding. Virtual Wife If pixels on a screen were pen on paper, / if words sent through the ether / were mailed in a letter, / I’d be a paper wife. For ? Does the beauty fade or does it just burn on inside both of us? Your touch will be on my skin until the earth removes it. Mother’s Day The apostrophe is deliberate; it is a poem about my mother’s day :^)
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