Pioneer Falls: Dedicated, Mad or just Plain Stupi… I spent twelve hours from 7:30pm to 7:30am bush-bashing up a steep overgrown slope to cover a mere 700metres. Machete in hand, working incr… Tempest in the Valley But I must watch from afar as the storm rages below / From this fight I shall not gain / yet I cannot protect them from the savage blow PAPER CUTS liberating the tattered pages / between leathered layers of denial / protecting paper thoughts / scrawled with Time’s fading ink; VALLEY OF SKULLS I graze / in the valley of skulls, / a naked boat / on a river of bones Rejuvenation & Hope – Victorian Bushfir… Rejuvenation spreads across the bushfire torn regions of Victoria Paper Cut Boy I mean I shelled out a lotta bucks for this suit. We are pleased to announce Spring wild horse phot… PLAN YOUR SUMMER OR FALL ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME~~~ WWW.NATIONSHORSEWORLD.COM Summer Nights in the River Valley I like it when it storms. The counting keeps me / from brooding on all that I’ve lost / and will never have. Snappy learns the meaning of thanksgiving My dear and wonderful friend Snappy Dave, asked what thanks giving is. I then sent him some information on the holiday, which for those of … Passion’s Valley Oh Passion’s Valley / Running mountain streams / With a wave of your hand / Blossoms fill the valley floor / Where butterflies float … Lay Rest Your Burden “For if I never had a problem, I wouldn’t know that He could solve them, I wouldn’t know what faith has brought me throug… In the Valley of Echoes In the Valley of Echoes / All the words are loud Ice Cream: Memories Of The Latrobe Valley Brisk evening turns to chilled night, and the brilliant hues of sunset are lost in ink black. The haze and clouds from the power stations m… eInquisitive We strive to provide questions as well as answers to real life questions and conditions. The proposition is that you, the reader, will thin… Valley #5 The boy closed his eyes before stepping into the forest. He knew what darkness awaited, and did not want it to seep beneath his lids. The w… Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death There were no signal fires to light the way, / I walk this dark and damned road / Day after day… And the fog rises Through the gums and creeks / I chase away / And the rain beats on my door / Through the hills and vines / I try to run / And the fog rises… WHEN THE TORNADO HIT THE DESERT —he found his wife with potato in one hand, peeler in the other, … His two kids were crying their eyes out… day 22 “I’ll go there,” he said to the sky and the empty land, “my last big journey over the salt.” THE VALLEY OF ANGELS with a mighty heart she travelled / through a world of inhumanity / at each mountaintop / through the valleys and the hills / she looked… Happy Valley What do you want me to do? Freeze to death in Lancashire so that somebody doesn’t die of hunger in Nigeria? Sing for Me Red poppies in a meadow / Glowing in the fading light i am Walking in the valley of the demon-possessed I am walking in the valley of the demon-possessed / to have stayed with Jesus in the tabernacle with Elijah and Moses / the strangulation, … Wildland Firefighter I am a wildland firefighter / thats who I am and what I do River Songs So, the next time you travel mighty waters, listen carefully for the songs of the river, for they shall whisper in your dreams of things ye… Valley of Darkness The Sun Merchant led me around the corner of a cliff where villages were tucked away, high above, and the walls of rocks were etched with p… Fro Zen in the Ottawa Valley (a Canadian meditati… It’s as if some primordial Canadian authority figure has pulled a gun and hollered, "Freeze!’… Featured !! Wow ………..honuored i am, to have 2 images featured in the Yarra Valley & Ranges group. As a moderator myself for this … Wonder Valley Wonder Valley isn’t a place where people live. There aren’t any proper houses there, at least none you can see from the highway… My Paradise Valley and you have painted for me the valley of my mind / and I shall be in paradise / yes you have painted paradise / so come and be in paradise… the valley of bones I walk the valley of bones / alone / the stars chart the lonely sea / of uncertainty The Valley: 1 Manfred shifted, sat up straighter on the couch. “How do you know if someone is broken?” / “The Keff come.” The valley of a thousand hills weeping willows waltz in rythym to the reeds along the river Oh My Beloved!!! His name is an ointment that so soothes my heart…altogether lovely is He… / Sweet Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley…My … Flying A Gasoline I returned home today from a wonderful weekend in this picturesque village and learned of the sale. ~ Valley of Hair ~ I dream of the valley each night when I sleep / and the gentleness of the body contained THE VALLEY OF LOVE YOUR HEARTS DESIRE Deep in the valley… Confront the beast A Walk In The Valley You wander down the long road / Marvelling in the curves and crevices / Glancing over imperfection / Leaving your mark upon the hills /… ~ death valley ~ Bleached in the heat / the relentless sun baking all around / only the hardiest of weeds defy / the blistering sun and the heartless sky / … The Valley Isle Mesmerized by her grace and style. . . Valley of Tears © 2006 your risk to put your heart out and to lay it in / anothers’ hands, have you examined those, / watched those, held those hands? Fort Bliss Foraging pockets depleted / From tenement foragers. VALLEY OF DEATH it all ends in one heartbeat / eyes closed / hands folded over your chest / soul fluttering / through the valley of death / there you meet… Valley Grasses Ahhh / Thats how the valley grasses see AS I WALK A JOURNEY THROUGH HELL TO HEAVEN Rainbow Valley and the Fairy Forest Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom called Rainbow Valley. A beautiful Fairy Princess named Dena lived in a grand palace and ruled… The Butterfly Valley In the floating lightness / of the butterfly valley / the flowers smell so wonderful / that it is impossible to leave Roses and Lilies “Thank you” you said smiling, / Not knowing with what guilt / I had picked the red rose / From the school’s gardens. / “But, I like lilies”… The Valley Below The foreman of the site stood beside the chief architect and they both looked skyward at the monumental structure that was the old dam. Th… heat in the california central valley!.“inf… I come to these conclusion central California is with major facts ,the south that was in America 51 years ago THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH WALK WITH THROUGH DARKNESS Valley of Poisoned Orchids In the arms of sleep I call for you, / feeling empty and lifeless.. The Valley I came upon the valley, in the midst of who-knows-where? / The beauty that bespoke this place, I could but stand and stare, Valley of the Shadow of Death The image of you is my comfort / Though that I am no Christian / Thy staff and thy rod assist me / You are no savior / You are here … with … Slow dance valley She takes his hand as the mist slowly rolls across their feet. / Still night air. The wet grass beneath their toes sparkled as bright as th… Poem for Elena To brook, to stream / Then speeding current / Together they leap / Over waterfalls / And carve the rock / To gorges deep. Killing Hummingbird Valley The property was beginning to be livable, but what was happening to their parcel / of land? Life a valley of tears This world is full of beautiful sights, / Yet life a valley of tears. In the valley were they once knew my name As I run through the valley where they once knew my name / I look up and see a sight so insane. / What’s before me is the greatest quarry … The storyteller I’m a desiccated teardrop / On a raft of solitude, / Heading out to woeful sea / Of melancholy and misery. / Deserted by all whom I’ve lo… ~ Step the Cautious Track ~ and gently ever gently step the cautious track / leave nothing in your wake but memories to give back The Valley spirituality A Summers Trail On ward climbed the two young explorers / To a place of good and blessed gifts, / This rich soil of Swiss escape can never drift, / For tom… Aside Blame me not for the echoes of my past / But rather walk with me into the valleys of tomorrow / Allowing today to be our combined effort Valley Forge Kitchen is featured in "A Place… Thank you for the feature! The Sheer Stupidity Of Valley People These ignorant, superficial, materialistic beings in which I have to associate myself with will only drive me to the brink of insanity. Th… Maitland Gaol by Su Walker Eyes that follow from within empty cells / Lifeless sight drawn upon a living hell / A portal glimpse of empty matter / Doors that close, v… “All-Hallows’-Eve in the Valley” Shadows creep / Across the valley floor; / Up the mountain sides / Darkly they explore; / And at golden peaks— / Holy candles snuffed— / Da… A Valley called Love I am a Poetic Word that fell to feed the hungry souls, do feast on my lines. Lost No More I fall. / Lying on a magic carpet / I see lands / Disappear beneath. / The starry night / Is my guide, / And my destination, / My past an… 4rensic valley for a honey veiled / fantasy / poured upon you / in a vineyard of seedless / photographic breezes / where / a blue-veined wonderbird / deco… Morning In The Okanagan Valley Memories of hazy early mornings / Feeling wet grass under my feet / Cold air hides the heat of the rising sun / Who is himself, just start… Valley The valley of souls / grips my being in both ways / so that I feel nothing. / Both fight hard / but neither accomplish. / No soul isn’… Love your lilly of the valley A girl with strawberry curls shining in the golden dawn / dripping with succulent sweetness / her violet eyes filled with reminders of daz… Hostel in the Valley The paper burns closer to our face and we rejoice in the high of not knowing what is outside for a selection of minutes. goodbye valley view this is the last time the moon hits my window / piercing the glass with its ancient eerie glow / lighting up my room with haunting lunar sp… Poet in the Valley The fresh flowers blooming in the spring / sway with the grass to the rhythm of the wind. / A little girl runs up the hill, / parting a pat… Hunter Valley Girl Sitting by the Ocean / My heart he feel so sad / I had a woman, she drive me mad / Hunter Valley Girl / Give me the Blues / Fine Gipsy woma… When in the Valley There we were, amidst the cavernous walls of the canyon. Deep within its gaping mouth we cowered, not alone, yet afraid. Eleven of us stood… i want to climb back inside of you no lush tropics or wet remorse / just arid valley / dry and invisible caverns IN THE VALLEY, RESTORE MY SOUL When down in the valley / Don’t be in despair, / Don’t look up but around you / To know why you are there. / Don’t bother yourself wonder… Maple Valley Maple Valley welcome me back / For I am in a land oh so fashionably dressed / Colors designed throughly to impress / My conscience; not qui… Abstract Valley- a story about a painting by Thom… Abstract Valley / A glacier approached the She Spirit as she stood admiring her creation, the gigantic Metal Flower. “I must do something … Second Valley directions Over the hill / past the ‘Peace be with you’ sign / and the reflex ‘with you’ / change down and right / at Leonards…

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