Sunilism : Valentines 6x Calenders 2014- Message … Message from Love Goddess Aphrodite and Saint Valentine – Lovers in Heaven : by Sunil Sharma . !* Every day will be as loving as a … Happy Valentines my love You teach me to be no longer wounded / by the scent of my past Cynical? (another angle) For love makes all men fools Valentine’s Kiss Down the path my love was led…. As Romantic As A Lettuce I’m single and have been for about 9 months now. Fortunately for my sex life, my place of employment is rather lax with monitoring their AA… L’amour: Transcend The Longest Night My love is a glance, my love is a look, A Dream of Connection on Valentines Day Close my eyes / and I can feel you near / all other voices and faces fade / and all distraction disappears / Your heart so magnificent so w… my stupid heart and love comes / on the breeze / and love leaves / with the storm Kiss Me Kiss me / Morning, / Day and Night / Lips touching / Limbs tangling / Minds entwining The Dance In my dreams I saw her – mythical / A Goddess of wishful visions. / Satin locks, honey in the sun, / Skin soft, fair eyes a mirage o… Card Sale! Be My Valentine! Thank you so much whoever bought my card “Be My Valentine”. I hope you will like it when it gets to you. Let me know how it l… I got you a Valentines Day Present… But I A… I love chocolate so much / That I eat it for breakfast. / I want it so badly / That I will do almost anything to get it. / I can be very ni… Valentine’s Vow Valentine’s vow / in every kiss, / in every moment / such as this. Vday and Love I woke this morning and had no idea it was Valentines Day. I was having a phone conversation with my mother and at the end of the conversat… Valentines Every Day – Another Dream! Blood Red encircles my heart / Brilliant brown of your eyes / warms me with your iridescent power / Rose bud opens to heat / of your stare … Somebody Loves You Are you feeling a little lonely/unloved these days? There’s somebody who loves you deeply, who knows everything you’re thinking… Valentines Day in the Early 1970s A boy at school loves me. Today he gave me a Valentines Day card… Happy Valentines Day Everyone was Featured in Tab… Thank you Tabby Time for the wonderful feature. I hope each and everyone had a wonderful day! Love Love pays attention / Love is present / Love is in the moment / Love can break your heart to pieces / Love can mend a shattered heart / Lov… Indeterminacy 334 (A Valentine’s Carol) …she moaned at me Indeterminacy 417 (A Valentine’s Day Legend) “We just turned 18,” Auburn stated. Valentines Day 1999 (Mature) A Matchbook Valentine just a little something I wrote… All cozy in our bed Roaring passions settled down / To warm and glowing embers The Valentines Day Massacre Kristin worked in a huge firm where interoffice dating was the norm. Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day… Every moment Touch A loving touch / So gentle and kind / A lyrical arch / Your body and mine / Transcending the present / A song without words / With tender … valentines day poem love might only come once in a lifetime / but love strikes everybody, Winter I breathe in the cool air, the cool crisp taste of the freezing cold air, a welcome change from the warm and muggy summer air which you hav… Dear Valentines Day, you can keep your dozen roses special for $9.99, your stale chocolates, your last minute dinner reservations & kindly go fuck yourself. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY KISSING ITS A VALENTINES DAY THING TO DO RIGHT? / HOLLYWOOD KISSING / What is Valentines Day? / From Wikepedia / Modern times / The reinven… Love Love is bloody murder and a sleeping pup. / It is my late father’s hands touching these keys. Upside Down Exit Sign (Valentine’s Day Spec… i like to try to picture her at work Fairy Tale Fantasy When I think about you, I think about me / And I see us together happily / In a home in the suburbs with a white picket fence / Picture per… Happy Valentines Day Everybody was Featured in My… Thank you Anna and all the the rest of My Child’s art for the feature. Very much appreciate it. Valentines Day Cards I am looking to buy a Valentines Day card for my husband and with the prices in the store, I would rather purchase one from an RB artist. … Winner of Valentines Day Contest I was going to do this later but I have to leave but first of all let me thank ALL of you for such beautiful cards to choose from!!!! I rea… Happy Valentines Day I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentie’s Day. / I hope you get your heart’s desires today. / Enjoy your day of days. “Love Is” A “Happy Valentines D… ‘Love is cradling arms when the world shuns your name, and it’s cheers,“you can do it” when you haven’t met f… Valentines Day great love poem Valentines Day With Valentine’s Day approaching fast I didn’t want to do nothing and wait till I was too old for the girls to come to me, so I came to the… More Than One Valentine February 14th is not really an ordinary day / It’s when affection is realized in the USA / The affection shared between you and I / It’s ti… Happy Valentines Day Baby love THE SAINT OF WARMING HEARTS. A short story for Va… I got out again and made sure there was a hole in the snow below the exhaust pipe, to let the exhaust fumes escape, this wasn’t a suicide p… Featured on Valentines Day Thank you so much for this wonderful honour of having my photo featured on Valentines Day much love to you all Valentines Day The day of love will soon fill the air. / Paper hearts adorned with Cupid will soon appear. / Chocolate treats packed in brightly colored b… Valentine’s Day Junkie! A rose is just a rose / Unless it’s given as a gift / Red soft petals gently caress your finger tips / She bats her eyelashes as she … Valentine’s Day 2011 What is this love / That we all talk about / Smile or snicker / Giggle or pout / Is it family or friends / Lovers or strangers / The girl a… a poem for my mother Galoshes and long underwear, / cod liver oil and Vicks; / mom forced it down me everyday, / her winter bag of tricks. valentines day The crackle of the fire is the backing track to our conversation and the dim light the embers throw off is the only lighting, whisky tumble… “My foolish heart” I would like to thank the person that bought “my foolish heart” … ;-) Chocolate Kisses Hershey and Nestle, what more could you want? Valentines Day It was a frost-riddled February night when, Ryan stiffly walked into a… Anti Valentines Day Poem Wake up wondering “What the blunt!” / conjuring crazy thoughts up / like “I’m paranoid / are clowns with mack 10s s… Valentines day Roses are red,vilolets are blue,baby girl i love you for staying true,ima stick to you like glue,you’re the only girl that im into My Valentine Cut flowers / from the shop, / just for you, / that survived, / just to show / that the way / that I feel / is alive. Valentines are Red, Aren’t they? – Pa… Valentinus, Valentine’s Day, Claudius II, Grackles, Mockingbirds Exhibition – Illawarra 2013 -Welcome to the… One of the most poignant and memorable exhibitions the Illawarra has seen in a while…..

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