On A Warm Night In Spring (Newcastle City Personi… On A Warm Night In Spring / Can you feel me watching over you / Can smell the fresh sea air / Do you feel the mellow heat / Yours to enjoy Moonlight Lovers Urban Hangout Tour The demoonification of The Moonlight Lover. “Living Graffiti” We are the dirt poor / 24/7 on the grind more than tony hawk kind / Trailer park trash kicking it / Drug infested / Project living / … Instincts As I walk the streets of night alone, I wonder. on Route 66 Come get your kicks / on Route 66 / You’ll be the center of the mix / Where big cars hit the sticks / on Route 66 see you hello / don’t I know you? / as you stare at me / eyes wide… NETHERLEY COMPREHENSIVE The late Monday light forsakes us / All, as if offended. / Here we sit, you and I, / Made brutal by mutual fear. / This is the way wars st… North Tower It was up to him to complete the mission. Failure was not an option. Urban Princesses The way the sun danced patterns on her shoulder length cherry red hair was like poetry, while her skirts twirled around her legs, hinting p… Sitting Who here can claim that driving is power? / Probably all you who call this rush hour. What Sort of World? In this world we bring our kids / This world of constant heaving / Life is just a series of bids / What sort of world are we leaving? Upon Urban Sunsets Night time settles / Upon urban sunsets / Calm and tranquility / Flushes the unending DAY & NIGHT It’s night, when one needs love like blood, / And a city is an iceberg of lights, / The air throbs, roars like a distant bear. / The finger… The Moon’s Children clans, much like the gangs that roamed … the counrty years before, … every single clan is willing to draw blood, deals in dark … Urban were intro (explicit language warning) It’s going to hurt like fuck, especially when the quickening hits, only a fully grown body can support Lycanthropy so your going to h… Urban moon release my soul fifty cents / in my pocket / a backwoods cigar / on my mind / for i am poor / not so fond of the refined / cultured / noses held high / all… Urban Life Beautiful, walking corpses / lived by a wind from outside in. To All Members Of The Urban Wildlife Group … “my back yard” in Australia or USA, might be 50 acres of unspoilt rural bliss, or even desert, whereas in England it co… Preternatural Bar “You’re brave.” She smiles again, a smile that says so much but so little. / “Maybe I just know what I want.” urban angels they’re in the world around us / look twice and you will see / a glint of incandescent wing / a feather on a sleeve… New Prize Challenge – Birds Win RedBubble Gift Certificates! Cleaning off I draw one Tanto and wipe the congealing blood from it, the other is stuck in its sheath so i fill the sink and let it soak in the sheath, … HIDDEN SANCTUARIES IN THE MIDST OF URBAN SPRAWL Yes, I am one who walks along a different path……but would have it no other way. CRIES OF LONDON You didn’t have much to do with doctors. / Not since that last one called you a / Psychopath. I needed to make more of an / Impression, … MOUSE I met a mouse the other night. / I was alone, as I generally am, / Typing by lamplight. / Clattering self-advancing words / And post-Mille… The Night Is For Hunting I limp back home to lick my wounds… literally. Future worlds The light from the city painted the fading night an almost welcoming orange, it was a full moon so the lurkers wouldn’t be out tonigh… The Red Cape He thought himself exceedingly grand as he strolled down Ninth Street. He passed the diner with it’s bread, the bank, the tower of bl… In the velvet warmth of urban light It is the third warm evening of the year. / I taste, for the first time, french fries dipped in hot mustard. / Around us, voices weave, cro… The Teens These are the great minds of the next decade who will rule the earth and lead the modern culture It waits (Image Project #2) _“Come here my little pretties,” Steve croaked and dragged his leg in the dust as he walked around the campfire. _ Future worlds (II) He launches a roundhouse, his least favourite kick and it connects solidly with my ribs, winding me, I fall flat onto my back. The Last Time I Saw You There you stand. Astoundingly gorgeous. A more perfect feminine geometry than this rigid rationalist feigns notice. But I noticed. Right aw… What became of Billy Boy? He cut an incongrous figure in the hot afternoon summer sun, which sliced a forty five degree shadow of the lift tower on to the adjacent w… CHECK OUT MY NEW TEE SHIRTS new designs from ANNONYMOUSE uk , check them out and buy them please , coz this little mouse needs some CHEESE ! X Urban Harvest They came yesterday. The blinds were closed so I couldn’t see them. / I was once a forester, so the sound of a saw dissecting a tree is fam… A LOST FRIEND I saw you last night, friend. / (How long’s it been? Months? / And what ossified, what paralysed continents / Has your mind traversed in… Cheetah In The Urban Jungle This time round, the prize – / Is a blonde that caught my eye. Pan Daemon Aeon NSFW STRIKE IT LUCKY He fell, with a thud, into the abyss of another day. “Always darkest before the dawn” they’d said, but now the sun was high in the sky. H… Undertow. girl that seemed to waver as she walked, wisps of something dark and too thick to be smoke, a girl who shadows seemed to be drawn to, a lau… See me as I am….(a collaboration)   / Imagine finding a kiss afloat on the street. . . /   / It is said that we dwell in either of two places / . . . the Place of … urban myth you think your a rebel / huh you aint even a devil / you wear a label on your shoe / so you know what tribe you belong to / dont you see it… Eerie Afternoon fierce winds / roar / dust descends / until the eerie / afternoon / ends Urban Oasis amidst the urban / insanity / rushing, working / deadlines and such LAST BUS A vignette, perhaps, from Edward Hopper / Transplanted to an anaesthetic land. / An etherised face, staring and alone, beneath / The incand… Good to see you sharp as ever, Bruja. The weeds between the cracks in the paving reached up and entangled the mans feet. He went down in a heap and I piled on top of him moments… New Featured Work “Prague Charles Bridge with the… “Prague Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle” was featured in the group Oil Painting 17 02 2009 Urban Myths II. Amnesia Stealing another culture from another tribe / Who raped and murdered in cold blood / Selling and buying their sacred lands / We trade in st… Urban mamas Babies wake to no breakfast, no kiss, no milk, while their mommies sleep in sheets made of silk.. / still tryin to lose that maternal fat..… Urban Moon Misty, dark night / Awesome silver moon / Peeping through dense, black clouds / A spotlight on the town / A steeple, tall… stroking t… Urban myths. you are / hiding away for whatever reason / while / I am bleeding from the inside out. / I can’t open up anymore. / I have shut dow… Bump It happens to all of us. You wake up one night and in the pitch dark you are terrified. Urban Dino… Time to execute 30 minutes / Wages expended $200.00 / Images – Priceless.. I am thrilled to be a Top Ten Finalist in Urban C… Thank you so much Licking my wounds I pick up a tea towel and roll it into a cylinder, I put it between my teeth and bite down. A searing, stinging pain rips through my body&#… New Photo Book! Check It Out! Alright everybody, it’s ready! My first book is available for purchase. Urban art (graffiti) is the theme. Great images and very c… “DimmedEyes&TimeFissures” * I am looking… / spying from silence. / Heart beat… / spacing blood.. / along the throat… / mingled with throbs… … Skylar is a Morning Person. Skylar had been a morning person since the day she was born.. She had always felt wistful glee sitting in her garden as some of the days fi… Road Trip This sight and these feelings are a board game, once played, mostly now forgotten. / This plane of metropolitan stone and brick displays o… Yield to Pedestrians I now walk with my eyes wide open in order to view as much around me as I can-always looking around-always looking at the people who I pass… Collaborative paranormal story part 1 I shift my weight stopping an on coming cramp forming in my left leg, the creak is only very quiet, but to my straining Fey ears it sounds … A story Part1. i write the street slang / get off the train / travel on grain / its the same thing / brothers band together and hang / its the same talk … Urban Myths The music doesn’t take away the pain / Cutting through the crowded bar / So I found myself a place to sit / Outside in the cold / Even thou… Arch Angel cow prods, planks of wood and fists beat down on the Angel. The angels draws his knees into himself tighter and lets the oblivion take him. Training. Another Were story, not sure who this one is…he has too many demons to be Chase Dec 4, 2008, featured in the groupAMERICAS ~ Rur… Flying petals was featured in the group / AMERICAS ~ Rural, Urban, Wild, Free – Expressions of Artists. / Sharon, many thanks for fe… Urban Gypsy I bought pants of many colours one day / inside out they were grey but cool / and as I entered the working o’clock / plied a joker… The Illusionist chapter 2 tronger and faster the a human, can bend the rules of reality around themselves, controls light and darkness, can alter the mind of those a… Star Stormswallower It was Friday night, I’d been in the front door five minutes before the fight started, this always happened, at least once a week. I storme… She, the menace She liked the idea of a tragic story but could not bear the thought of a tragic reality. !~NEW VINYL TOYS~! The new set of Vinyl Toys has been added to the Art of Chris Brett Fanpage / I’d love to hear what you all think of my first few atte… Fresh Blood The motha wit da blade aint no friend a mine / He aint no brov no blood no pal no friend no buddie / He just 1 more Jnr gangsta in a gang … Urban Myths Passion ,love, spirituality is the key…… Made in Ville Made in ville / I live in ville / Made in ville / I love that ville / Villefranche, Villeneuve an urban seaview your eyes are barely readable / lips no longer malleable The Things That Go Bump In The Night. The scene is a gothic mansion, I draw the tanto from behind my back and the other through the slit at the knee in my jeans from a leg sheat… An Afternoon’s Delight On weekdays I wake up to the sound of piss cascading upon porcelain as my morning melody… The Illusionist it wasn’t entirely the music scene that made me move over to The New Orleans, you see, the New Orleans is one of six states in Americ… Untitled pt1 Weed, booze, guns, rap music, dice, red kool-aid, all that was needed was fried chicken and food stamps and it would have been a straight g… My Home in the City As I stepped into my old claw foot tub for the first time, I looked around at the moldy gray walls. This is home. Urban Messiah An exercise in rhyme and meter. JADED FOXES Some jaded foxes live here. / They come in early morning / or when dark descends / but once in the middle day, / in that bold and braze… Life The brush looks odd in my hands. The way I hold it now makes it seem almost foreign. I stop my trembling fingers for a moment just to look… A WAY WITH THE FAIRIES A strange tale set in an Irish country village. A visitor’s encounter with the wee folk and a spooky twist in the tale. The tale of… Urban Haiku when the streetlights gleam / and soft stars reign the twilight / the world will transform Playing with the dead. (Poem) stay out say signs / let them peaceful lay / let them quiet sleep My Photo “FOLLOW ME” Has been feature… Thank you so much! I’m really honored and humbled! / This means so much to me!!! LOVE YOU ALL RB…. / ZeeZee state of urban decay i’’m tired, i’m cold – - – and i feel alone Urban Legends Urban legends: are they real tales, or just glorified ghost stories? / Having researched into a select few well known urban legends, I bega… Urban Night Faint echoes of cars / No / Not faint / Once I’m used to the silence, silence is no more. / Everything is buzzing and / Beeping and / The … Research on the socio-psychology of an … A unique approach to understanding the many systems, components and mechanisms that attribute to the structure of an Urban Subculture: / Th… Nostalgia These two men weren’t locals, / obviously, as violence was unknown / among the residents of our safe, friendly, law- / abiding neighborhoo… Old men. Traces of cobwebs on his brow in his bed of silt, , willow trees grow like Celtic art, in those tangled roots, light stays close. urban solitude I am under a light / everything I want is a cheap fake! / drugs sex power money miracles… / there’s a line for you… / kee… Featured Work in Americas~Rural, Urban, Wild, Fre… My image, “Chiricahua National Monument,” has been featured in this wonderful group. I thank the group hosts for featuring my…
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