Unrequited Love TShirt by simpsonvisuals Unrequited Love.... by Carol Knudsen Mr.Bates is Innocent by Elliott Butler Young at heart by Rhoufi The hint of Love tastes like Tacos This pain begins in my shoulders / Snake like it travels down to the middle blade / ~ my right side. / it’s when I am too close / too invo… Unrequited love by Anton Oparin Unrequited Love by Tanya  Mayers Unrequited Love by Kaitlyn Bell Unrequited Love by Bec Schopen From one dream to the next until I find you In the dream, I fell in quicksand slowly sinking into a muddy abyss of not having you Goodbye Run - PenguiNation by ordinarypoet Unrequited by Zolton Unrequited Love by Mitchell Tillison A promised goobye is often the worst one Just when I finished stitching together my heart / And the memories of you faded into the background Trapped She was swallowed up and trapped in her lion hair and no amount of coaxing would get her to leave her harem of waves. Unrequited Love by Laurie Search Unrequited by Cameron Hampton UNREQUITED by Tammera Stillborn Rambles about old loves ;) VERY old. Story of the Unrequited Your expressions change frequently – I know them all. Your smiles and frowns, your laughs and all your tears. I know how you feel. Unrequited by duncandragon Cut Out My Heart and Stomp on It by Ryan Houston Unrequited verses Skin Debate Unrequited love is love supreme / Love that is always just out of reach / He knows he is beautiful but / is not sure yet what to do with th… Maybe She pushes through the throngs of people / rushing to make her train / rushing to see him. / She missed him this morning / only catching a … Unrequited Love The depth of love / The success of love is simplicity to measure I Must Go I must go to you / Where I know you will not be Too much is never enough It strikes like a virus / No warning or cure / A life spent without it / Is no life at all Sentimental Moment Take me to a place that I once knew / Where emotions burst sparks in my heart / There are times I doubt how I should feel / But you have ev… Unrequited Life Someone is living the life that I had dreamt / That someone is not me / Page desire back in my memory book / Pages of a different life it… I’ve never known not of love I say I know of love and all its forms / Of when its missed, happy or otherwise torn / When love is conjured — mixed with flesh / As … Unrequited Love by trash Unrequited Interest Psalms of Love I am Repeating, / Soulless Hearts that you Frequent. / Infatuation can be Fleeting, / Rarely Borrowed, Seldom Leant. / Compl… Unrequited Splendor by Ann Eldridge Something you should know tattoos, piercings, hair dye .. / all the things that bring brightness / and beguilement to your plumage Ghostly Love I know you, though we never met. / You are my sun, the glow that radiates through me; the hope, a thousand wishes I make to the fallen star… daffodil-unrequited love by xairoise Teddy Bear And Bunny - She Left Me by Brett Gilbert Unrequited Love by Richard Davis A Sonnet – Unrequited Love What can I do to tell you / Of the love so hurtfully held / When, of attempts by me to woo / All the world derides my folly. It's a Pleasure to be Sad (Francine 4) by Donna L. Faber Forest of Unrequited Love by VenusOak The Quad “Oh?” Dave fixed me with a stare that said “If you know anything about her, tell me now.” DEAD MAN’S CHEST I touched his parchment hands, cold as the Arctic, and slipped the note from his clutched hands, which suddenly opened and fluttered to my … you have written every poem in…my heart if I surrender completely to you…will you know? The Hidden Hand His eyes opened, then, and he smiled at her. 'Unrequited Love' - Loving Kathleen by Heather Brown Truman Stone-Heart still feeling the heat / from his touch / it lingers memory in reality / burning / but like the moth to the flame / she cannot keep herself… Annihilation She was herself, and I was in love. Ella You, / speak to me / and the rain, / tickles your cheek, / and kisses your lips. No Man An Island series 1B2345 by Adam Heffler / Foobix Design Used To Be I used to be inspired …. Unrequited  by Scott Mitchell A love poem: Misery Misery is loving you…; / and, just not knowing what on earth / I’m going to do about it; / Because you make me feel far too shy… Unrequited Love by est1979 Unrequited Love by Tom Newman The Girl in The Other Room by Ken Eccles Expectation’s. So we go on I see / and where do we go? How would you feel? How would you feel if you fell in love? / But the person you wanted ripped you apart? Unrequited  by Miles Moody unrequited love by clementinegold Morning Wished, Drawn and Coloured in. A Pastorale Dripping feelings from out of her breast best and lightest dress. She sends him a photograph of her hair I wish I wish that you were as ugly / as you make me feel, inside Bows and Arrows so silently / she could not hear / the arrow that struck his heart / burning with desire and wanting / of the undoing of her pretty pink bo… If eyes are the windows to the soul It explains why they grow weaker as we age, especially without caring for them well / His soul was brown and veiled, seemingly deep, but ly… Across the Table His skin cracks under pressure, / his pulse quickens under fear / that I won’t understand what he wants me to hear. Unrequited love -Does he? / -No. / -Shit! I do! Unrequited love by Dan Wilcox Unrequited. As I gaze, I long. / New depths unsought. / A net unwittingly cast. / Caught. Fluttering Veil Fluttering veil fell; tears slipped silently Unfathomable Weight of Heart by heavenriver Unrequited Love by Julie Shortridge unrequited love by JetsetAphrodite Burning Blankets I set fire to the tattered corner, / watched it eat its way to / the center, watched the few ashes / fall to a black pile on the floor. / … Eternal by pinkangel014 An ideal world Dressed in red, dressed in fear / Such anger I felt for you my dear Love On The Planet Of The Apes by robertemerald I wonder one more coat of veneer Sideways Glance This is a story about a young woman named Emma. This has got to stop ‘A searing, stretching, sadness / is pushing my insides, out: / It’s like I have no centre. / I gave that role to you / these p… My Foolish Heart wanting you / so bad, / a love that I / will never have… Unrequited Love by Nadya Johnson My Heart Now by Arletta Little Plots In barns of warming meadow straw / Beneath the heavy beams / Buried deep in hiding / In a gloam that covers nearly / The ungainly pad of te… Unrequited by Don McCunn just another uninvited guest with but another unrequited request 2 by mhkantor In My Heart  7 13 2008 by Arletta Danger - Unrequited Lover by Ron Marton On The Way and all of your seekers / have got lost on the way… This Song Are we just pretending? / Cause I feel as though we could be in tune here Oh to be a deviant Drinking in images which roll out my eyes / Wishing they wouldn’t stain my face Why Won't You Accept My Love?  by Weber Consulting A day is like a thousand years by Arletta "Unrequited" by truexposure Unrequited Love by Joy Rensch Turn Off The Sun You say / you shouldn’t feel this way – / but tell me / how do you plan to turn off the sun? You .. You make me want to die … take away my music.. / and my love wants to pour, dripping from my veins / Love is life, life is in the blo…
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