I did it I did it … / My mom … well she’s gone now / so the story can be told What a true friend consists of…. However… how many friends can you say you have at this very moment? / Maybe you have friends that are there for you during the reall… A Blank, Plain, White Sheet of Paper Though simply ordinary, / I am complex and unique— / An open book who is hard to read. / The story of my life is much the same as many are—… Others Art Of My Art! This writing is dedicated to the incredibly talented artists out there who have done a wonderful job recreating my art, with your own style. River of Deceit My demons still follow. / They stay to behold / The pain of my sadness, / The ache in my soul. The Secret Keepers Once upon a time, only yesterday / There was a secret only told / To those who could really keep it / Until they did grow old. The Mermaids Tale This may sound like loves one true goal / In reality future hopes is what they stole. / The falsehood offered up love and a happy life / Th… My Hearts a Mess Foolish me, I let you in. / I melted with just a kiss. / I fell so hard it hurt / But not as much as this. The Village Cat I wonder if he’s happy, / Does he love his carefree life? / Does he long to be a housecat? / With no struggles and no strife? Your Presence Thank you Heart of Ice Crystal heart of the frozen wastes / tempered by the vagaries of never-winter / moored in flakes of ice white beauty Selfish Longings (Art & Poetry) I learned happiness is just a word, / When other things come first. / When my hopes and expectations / Became a long forgotten thirst. Dirty Pretty Things So now I will pull the trigger / Feeling the pleasure that it brings. / Knowing that I tricked you / With my dirty, pretty things… Treacherous Encounters a story poem by RestLeSsD Was it really worth all this? / Could this pain be justified? / For a love so forbidden / By those who had never tried. You you are / a story within a story / a picture in someone’s mind / a song in someone’s heart / a light in someone’s soul I Love My Pink Shoes!! Every girl feels / She needs Pink heels / To complete her glory / Her womans’ story. . . Odd and Forget I walk crooked so I have found / My epiphany was this is the truth in me / I tried walking a rhythm that was not mine / That was lie in me … Dreams of Children Such a wond’rus way / God has given / For our Love / To be Shared. The Architecture of the Tortured Heart Rip it / Shred it / Slash it / Squash it / Tear it apart. Unique shiny things the poets and poetess are dying, / as is everyone and everything, / the rest of the world / seems to be alive and well, / (except for you a… Identity No moment of time is ever spent / In the same way. / No minute is exactly the same / As the last. / Something is always changing / Life i… The Masterpiece A sculptor made a sculpture / As lovely as he could / And as soon as he was finished / He proclaimed that it was good Death Breath There’s nothing on this road. / You’re away and you’re alone, / fast asleep while you’re at home. / I’m awake… How I Create the Worlds of Alienvisitor For anyone at all interested! / Some say why would you give away your secrets, I say, without my imagination the secrets will never be reve… The Feminine Unique This time is her time to be all that she can be / To fulfill and embrace that long fought legacy / She knows she could do anything that sh… Happiness If per chance / We find someone to share / Some part of our journey, / We may hope that they / Have chosen a similar destination. Spirals of Life Our understanding, is it limited / To only what we see? / Or do we seek a deeper knowledge / Beyond what we might be? Art & Poetry. And you listen to those words that make you sick / And gaze upon the art that makes you cry The Knighting of Sir Peanut From this day forward / All would know by this act / Daring, brave, old Peanut / Was a royal, and that’s a fact! Impressions of my secret life Impressions, sensations, and thoughts Jezebel Jezebel, / Eater of Hearts, / Demon goddess You Are Worthy You are worthy / Oh my child / You are loved I am… I am a walking paradox. / …uniformly unique. / …my own Rubik’s Cube living in the Sphere of Life. Without witness an eternal and infininte gift Younique You are unique, / Unlike the rest. / And only you, / Do “you” the best. Still feel the icy cold of the frost / hear the baby birds sing / touch the velvet petals of the rose / smell the sweet scent of apples ripening I am . . . . . . Daughter, / The first child in my family. / . . . Student, / Like children everywhere. / . . . Employee, / Looking for the right plac… Unique “There is a vitality , a life force , an energy , a quickening , that is translated through you into action , and beacause there is o… Substance *am i but / a clone / of a / species / yet unknown / forgotten / by my maker / to wonder / where / i came from / what were / the features… My Time With You is Forever Care for me and keep me safe / And I will do the same for you. / My time with you is forever, / All stands still with you. DIFFERENTLY My background is what makes the main engine of creation, and is not a background of art experience or schools, but rather of my personal st… The Network of Pure Knowledge..Has A Unique Code … I just finished watching a totally awesome documentary. Then I found it on the Web as ya do… I have included a link to it below. / F… Beautiful She won’t win beauty pageants, / She won’t win accolades; / there’ll be no booker prizes, / and no ships will launch in her nam… A Life is An Anagram My dog was_ ‘put to sleep’_ on June 15th 2013, at twenty years of age. / “A life” is an anagram of Alfie. Unique Everyone has talents / None of us the same…………… I Am What I Am (Mature) MARCEL DU Champ An Artist of ONE KIND …UNIQ… “IN HIS OWN WORDS” / [Video] / “ART BUYER V ART CRITIQUE”: / [Video] / pART ONE / [Video] / pART TWO / [Video] / FO… The Journey the palette is 3 times the size of Earth you are unique… …just like everyone else. To Race Past Jamaica To Race Past Jamaica. / Silver sail / on silver sea / fleeing westward to be free / on storm tossed wave / past emerald isle / atop ragged … Dragons Wars Saga Dragon Wars Heavens’ Light As darkness turns to gray, and gray into light, / The world shall rise from the dark pits of hell, / To replinish herself, / In the Night o… Unique and Holy unto the Lord Knowing they will be Priests and Soldiers / unto the Most High God / a Holy Army unto Christ / every child not yet born already / a Preciou… Slee Dragon Wings slee dragon wings Lamps versus Lashes When under the ray of a single bulb / A stripe of light lays along her cheek Malignant Ignorance She expels the tricky reptillious purveyor of brooding consequences / To a darkness unrelenting / But the key is not a key, it is a scalpe… Starship “Limitless Journey” Klingons, trekies……. Dans ma tête, j’entends les mots Dans ma tête, j’entends les mots / Bien que je marche bien que l’ombre de la mort / Vous art avec moi … / J’entends… Someone Special There is someone special in my life, / to me she is unique, / she makes me smile and my days worth while, / because to me she loves to spe… Nothing I then began to wonder, I can think of anything to write at all, is this something I should be worried about? I love the mind of Bill Hicks Banality mediocrity superficiality Zorind Rakkmnn aka Alienvisitor /part the 3rd part the 3rd / Zorind looked at me almost like an elder, he said just after activation he happened to touch a withered root in the furrow, … Zorind Rakkmnn aka Alienvisitor /part the 2nd part the 2nd. / As I was saying Zorind was a bit of a rebel, always pushing, needing more than than hiss fellow seedlings. / One day while … A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn aka Alienvisitor A Short History of Zorind Rakkmnn. / Chapter 1. / My name is Dniroz Nmmkarr,I will try to compose this/these writingss in your speak/way wi… The Spirit of You The psychology I teach is only you, your belief, your truth; you are the expert of you. / The only healer is the sum total of you. Nature and God People are really alike, yet different from the other. Like the birds here, in this poem, if we could learn to communicate like them some… Edge of Fright This is the poem I did a few months ago for Rose Moxon’s image *"Darkness Falls":http://www.redbubble.com/people/rosemoxon/… Unique no longer unique / well maybe / i’d rather be me / so un-unique / apparently / a clone of / society / i’m not good enough / for… Roxanne’s Veil She could not go on, / her grief did swell. / She would spend her life / behind the veil. Within the Depths of Your Soul © WhiteOak (1996) / Deep within the depths of your soul- / Where mysteries linger and darkness holds; / The song which you carry within you… Unique The cool morning breeze blows softly through the street, / Passing cars honk as they speed down the narrow alley, / The smell of salt fil… Let’s make it a happy new year! Respect without religion. / Joy without Jehovah. / Peace without prayer. / Charity without church. Neon Porcelain Questions seem to follow me, / With answers just ahead. / I reach & try to grasp just one / Grabbing empty air instead. coockoo…or unique ‘cookoo’ / ‘nuts’ / ‘bonkers’ / ‘off ’er head’ / always…………&#… Every Flake let your eyes relax, / stare through the snow, / universes falling to earth, / shattered by the approach, / a land of much confusion, / whe… Unique artist to check out…… MIKE STIMPSON EnErGy… * * * The Divine Manifestation I gaze in wonder upon creation / Existence amazes me with its divine manifestation / The clockwork of reality woven by time / These complex… speak I use to hide from / the world like a little / girl hides from what / she thinks is monsters / in her closet. / I use to be the kid / who s… What I would change I would change / Smart to dumb / Unique to conformity / Loud to quiet / Independent to dependent / Myself for you. UNIQUE LOVE Who is to say that when we dream / Reality is not what is seen? / And that when consciously we rise, / The things done there are a disguise… Snowflakes could we really exist without stereotypes? Divinely Unique The house I know / As the body I live / Has inward / Outward faces; / People are like that—really!— / Structures of sorts; / Internal and e… Unique I’m tired of this talent and tired of feelings. / I really want to end this but afraid of hurting those around me, I wish I couldn… WHAT IS A MOTHER What is a mother you might say? / She’s a lot more than we give her credit for these days / A mother is wisdom and love in one great big ba… Skin Graft Hieroglyphics I am the altar / Watch as I shine / Baptized incantations / The pyre my shrine / I am the altar / Ignite from inside / Skin graft hieroglyp… Who am I I hear a cry for justice, I see a moonlit lake Nickname Gata / My nickname, created by the people that care for me, / It brings out my INNER LATINA. / It shows my multicultural DIVERSITY. / It is… Ununiquely Unique I don’t think I am unique / Each small part of me / Is duplicated / Somewhere / By someone / Or many / It’s still my idea / Exc… Featured Photo 16 December 2008 in Unique Buildin… Love Let love speak for itself. / Who knows what / will flow, transforming us all / in its wake, let love speak / and sing / through every / pl… My Jamaican King Derived from roots of Palm Trees / Birthed from beautiful sand; from beaches / Christened by the sparkling ocean / Skin; a lavish brown tak… Unique We are all unique in our own way, / and it’s not just by the look of our face. / Or the color of our skin. / We are all just … Maybe It’s a question in time / Interrogation of thought soon to be processed / He says it in a manner that nobody gets but me / When they all s… Unique Unique is Unique. If everyone was to be unique the world would be weird, wacky and amazing. Handmade Earrings Unique Bracelets For Birthday G… When we consider handmade jewelry collections as birthday gifts the main thing that seems common in unique jewelry is usually that of the n…
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